NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2016 Test Scents *UPDATED*

Well ladies and gents, it's about that time again..test stores have started releasing spring scents. My homegurls theshow78 and tinybubblesfloating has set social media on fire with their pics of the latest candles at their local test store. That said, with their permission of course, the following info comes straight from them. It looks like we're getting 4 collections, though nobody at the moment knows what the names of any of them though.

So every spring, BBW releases a collection based on certain international locale; we've been all up and thru France, we've been to Italy, we've been to Hawaii, last year we were taken to the Amazon and now this year BBW is bringing us to..MEXICO!!! Si mis amigos, this collection has an "exotic" Spanish/Mexican/Mayan/Aztec-y theme. New scents include...

Prickly Pear and Sugarcane - Bring home a luscious prickly pear fruit and sugarcane inspired by the exotic flavors of Mexico (Hmm, this could be anything - Heirloom Pear, Pear or even Provence Garden which had a pear-like flavor..which brings up the question "does BBW know the difference between a pear and prickly pear?")

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - The delicious fragrance of rich vanilla beans sprinkled with sugar crystals and fresh ground Mexican cinnamon (So at first I thought this could be Vanilla Spice from back in the day or  Vanilla Cinnamon or Sugar and Spice but word on the street it smells like, wait for it... Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, the original one from '11-'13)

Pineapple Lily - Fresh pineapple combines with delicate lily petals and crisp greens to create the prettiest spring fragrance (according to Jennifer, this smells like Suntan/Poolside)

Mayan Caramel - A mouthwatering mix of luscious caramel swirls, creamy vanilla and tonka (Umm vanilla AND tonka, essentially two similar scents...ooookay. If this isn't Salted Caramel or Cinnamon Caramel Swirl or any of the millions of caramel/butterscotch/taffy scents we're accosted with yearly, I'll be very surprised)

Guava Piña Colada - The perfect answer to a hot sunny day, the fragarnce of freshly picked guava, creamy coconut milk and orange flower (safe to assume its probably Guava Colada from last spring)

Baja Cactus Flower - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sunkissed coconut (ugh I am sooooo tired of BBW putting coconut in EVERYTHING!!!)

Returning scents include Island Margarita, Black Teakwood, Mango Dragonfruit, Vanilla Coconut. What these scent have to do with Mexico is anyone's guess

 Continuing the locale theme, we'll be getting a new Destination collection....thankfully without the stupid insipid cartoony labels we had last summer. Many returning scents have been revamped as "new" repackages of old scents

New York =  Beautiful Day (cuz it has apple in it, get it? Big Apple *eyeroll)
Hawaii = Oahu Coconut Sunset (BBW has really been pushing this scent hard lately)
Paris = Lavender Macaron (I thought at first this might be the infamous and much sought after Lavender Marshmallow but Jennifer said that the SA told that smelled like Stovetop stuffing so that means only one thing, it's the original Lavender Macaron (aka Lavender Caramel) from way back in the day)
Amsterdam = Spring Tulips (I'm assuming it's still Flower Shop but they may have switched gears and repackaged Pink Tulips instead)
Capri = Freshwater and Sea Salt (obviously the same FW&SS aka Sea to Santorini)
Venice = Peach Bellini (ooooookay?!)
Savannah = Bowties and Bourbon (omg YASSSSSS)
Brazil = Coconut Teakwood (so my IG buddies and I were joking that because BBW puts coconut in EVERYTHING and that they are obsessed with Mahogany Teakwood, that eventually they'll create a Coconut Teakwood scent...sure enough it happened! I..just...CANT!!!)

So far the remaining old scents include London and Tahiti/Passionflower

The next collection is kinda strange. They all seem to be floral inspired bakery scents with an old timey country look to them; think a mix of White Barn Market and Screen Doors and Sweet Tea with labels almost like '14's Mother's Day candle

Sugared Peony Petals - Treat yourself to the sweet scent of sugared peony petals atop swirls of rich vanilla buttercream (Uuuummmm...WTF are sugared peony petals?! Is that really a thing?! Anyhoo Im gonna go with Pink Petal Teacake?)

Key Lime Pie - Freshly squeezed lime mixes with lush vanilla cream and a hint of coconut in a fragrance in a fragrance inspired by the classic all-American key lime pie (first of all, who the HELL puts coconut in key lime pie?! Secondly I asked Jennifer if this a repackage of the yummy Tequila Lime Cupcake and she said it wasn't. TBF said she thought it smelled like Sparkling Limeade)

Blueberries and Cream - Sweet vanilla cream, garden blueberries and a hint of sugar combine in this mouthwatering fragrance (So it isn't Garden Berries, Blackberry Spice or Blueberry Pumpkin Patch. Jennifer said it smelled like creme Livesavers.)

Mocha Latte Swirl Recharge with the scent of a wonderfully rich concoction of espresso and creamy caramel topped with whipped cream (Espresso Bar/Gourmet Espresso or Cafe Italia or Twisted Caramel Gelato)

Lemon Mint Tea - (Straightup repackage of Lemon Mint Leaf)

Returning scents include Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts (sadly the effed up White Barn Market version), Georgia Peach , Praline Pecan Cobbler and the scent that wont die, the Nene Leakes of BBW candles..Watermelon Lemonade...ughhhhhhh

Lastly it's not spring/summer at BBW without some beachy/tropical scents. This collection has a very upscale spa resort feel to them, like something a masseuse would have burning. They have colored frosted tumblers a la Coastal Cool with beach themed abstract artsy labels

Indigo Sky - Nothing but indigo skies from now on with the fragrance of deep blue air, sun-dappled orange blossoms and soft amber (Hmm, maybe Orange Sapphire from a looooong ass time ago? Or something basic like Turquoise Waters/Bergamot Waters)

Sand and Sea - Go where the weather is warm and the worries are few with the seductive blend of fresh sea breezes, soft sage and warm golden sand (Yeah, I got nuthin! Summer Bonfire? Black Sands?)

Mediterranean Melon - Escape to the sunny Mediterranean with the tantalizing fragrance of juicy melon, creamy vanilla topped with sparkling sugar (first of all, shouldn't it be "juicy melon AND creamy vanilla". Secondly there have been a few "melon" scents back in the Slatkin days but none to my knowledge with notes like these. Back in '13 there was a Mediterranean themed failed test scent in the Destination collection called The Greek Isle with notes of melon, fig and cypress..who knows)

Seaside Citrus - Tall seaside cliffs covered in sun-soaked lemon verbena, sea lavender and lily of the valley come to life in this citrusy blend (I'm not sure about this one - on the one hand, it sounds like the failed test scent from '13 Destinations Fleur de Provence which I loved but it also sounds like Lemon Verbena, which I also love. You gotta laugh at the marketing; either way you have a scent originally marketed as flowers in the countryside of France to now as flowery cliffs overlooking the sea at the beach...Oh, BBW what are we gonna do with you?!)

White Gardenia - (Rainforest Gardenia I assume?)

Returning scents include Turquoise Waters, Fresh Bamboo, White Sand Beaches,  Endless Weekend and Tiki Beach

So there ya go! Kinda strange that there are no true florals again this year, not a sign of Lilac Blossom or Honeysuckle though I'm sure BBW will sneak em in somehow as usual. And another year without Spring..awfully strange!

Anyhoo, these are all sound pretty interesting. Because this fall and especially winter has been incredibly shitty, perhaps BBW has learned from their mistakes; this upcoming spring could be a breath of fresh air blowing away the fetid stench of disappointment and failure that was 2015. We could actually see some new scents next year...though at the risk of being a Pessimistic Peggy, I'm not holding my breath and shall reserve any judgment until I can smell these suckers for myself!

If you're on IG, check out @theshow78, @tinybubblesfloating and @hisdoctorwatson for pictures


  1. i'm such a candle noob but I love your blogs. Sugared Peony Petals sounds yummy. I'll wait for your walk n sniff before purchasing. I trust your judgment, you made me fall in love with the Thankful candle!!!

    1. Awww, comments like this makes me really happy

      It'll be awhile before I'll be able to write a WALK N SNIFF on these suckers but I must say for the first in a really long time, Im actually to sniff and write about these candles

  2. Good job boo. The pineapple one smells like pineapple mixed with suntan and I'm not totally positive on key lime cuz I'm going on memory and mine ain't that good... I ain't got your scent memory. Sad but true!!

    1. Thank you. And thanks for the hookup, I couldnt do this without you! And I trust your sense of smell

  3. I hate to disappoint but sugared peony petals actually are a thing:). Often used to decorate fine desserts, but also totally edible, small flowers or petals -peony or otherwise - are coated in sugar giving them an almost frosted appearance & turning them into (in some cases) sugared peony petals!! They're pretty cool & quite the delicate thing to make. You should be able to find pics by searching; if sugared peony doesn't bring something up try a more generic sugared flowers. Thanks for all of the info!!!

  4. Sad about CSD, the complexity of the sweet shop version is what made it special. Fingers crossed on Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla! This lineup doesn't seem as bad as I thought it could be, though it is not great either. Can't wait to hear how they burn.

    1. Fingers crossed we dont get the same craptastic wicks from fall and winter

  5. The melon scent sounds like it could be fresh sparkling snow repackaged.

    1. Good guess but no. From what I've heard from folks lucky enough to smell and burn that one, its a completely new scent and it smells like melon flavored bubblegum


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