RANT OF A DAY: Style vs Substance; OMG This candle is so cute!

I'm gonna preface this rant by saying this...if you think my last rant touched a couple nerves, this rant is gonna smush them to bits. Strap yourself in cuz it's about to get real! Shade in 5 4 3 2....

A candle buddy of mine left a comment on my last rant which brought up something that annoys me to no everluvin' end!

If you're on social media (especially Instagram) and follow/interact with other BBW addicts, then I'm positive you've heard someone at some point say something like....

"Omg...this candle is sooooo cute! I'm so in love with the packaging! That label is so gorgeous and omg, that lid is soooo pretty! And I am LOVE with the wax color! I don't care what the candle smells like, all care I care about is the packaging! I'm only buying this candle for the packaging!"

.... bitch, what?!

...you don't care what the candle smells like?!

...you're only buying this candle because the packaging?!

Jesus take the wheel?!!!

I sweartagawd, at least one person (almost always a lady) says this on Instagram on a daily basis...I just wanna reach into phone and grab one these tricks's throat and choke them til their eyes pop out! Part of me wants to make a shady comment but these types of comments appear so regularly and with such frequency, I'd run out of time and patience. All I can do is facepalm myself and hope my eyes don't roll out of their sockets.

I mean seriously...what is the point of buying a candle that you don't like? You don't care how it smells and you don't care if burns like crap or not and you don't care if it's a repackage  ...all you care about is the lid and label...


And to all of you Don't have a clue Sues and Don't really care Claires saying this stupid ish on social media...y'all are the reason BBW is the way it is now!

Back in the day, (pre-2013) things were a lot simpler - the labels were simple (some didn't even use pictures very early on), the tumbler glasses were clear and uncolored and the lids were silver or gold with no extreme adornment besides the WB or BBW name stamp. The only thing that truly mattered was the fragrance. And scent-wise, there was definitely an emphasis on creating new and unique blends and fans, particularly in fall and winter, looked forward to returning favs alongside completely new blends with very few repackages....my how things change!

Then in 2014 things started to change for the worse; we were starting to get more and more repackages and over time creativity and marketing seemed to focus less on the scents themselves and more on the packaging. And now the candles look so gimmicky - glitter and sparkles and embossment and colored glass and infantile cartoons to grab basic bitches' attentions. Meanwhile the scents are either repackages of scents no one asked for or they're cupcaked/marshmallowed/coconutted to death or they straight up stank or they're so light the scent is practically nonexistent! A definite case of gilding the lily!

And here's why I blame yall hoes....because of yall, no thought is put in their candles anymore!  Why should BBW care what their scents smell like since y'all basic asses don't care what they smell like? Why should BBW waste their time, energy and money making new scents or even bringing back old scents when y'all will buy anything as long as it looks cute? They rerelease basic scents, repackage basic scents and create basic scents continuing to play it safe only to make y'all happy! They cater to y'alls incessant borderline infantile need for their candles to be cute! And they raise the prices and offer craptastic sales because they know you tricks are gonna buy them anyway because they're cute!

I'm gonna say this now and I want it to be perfectly clear...


Take y'all cutesy-lovin happy asses over to Target or Marshalls or TJMaxx or Homegoods and buy cheap ass candles there and leave BBW to the true fragrance fans - people who actually gives a **** about how a candle smells or burns and not how it looks!

RANT OF THE DAY: Struggles of a Candle Addict; The Candle Commandments

So this post was inspired by a post on Instagram from a fellow BBW enthusiast Jennifer aka @theshow78. In her post she bemoaned the fact that her current candle collection was growing a little out of control and she found herself running out of storage space. She asked for tips from fellow enthusiasts on how to maintain said collection and stop it from getting too crazy.

BBW candles are very addicting! I think there is something in the wax that triggers something in our brains and makes us a get just a little cuckoo. Before you know it, what started as an occasional purchase here and there and burning candles with reckless abandon quickly becomes a full on hoarding addiction with your collection rivaling candles sold in the store.

I myself started years ago with maybe less than ten candles; I burned candles with reckless abandon without a single thought of whether a scent would return or if something was a repackaged. Now I'm obsessed and I rant and rave about candles on a blog and had to recently get a new storage unit to contain my collection which is now perilously close to 100.

It can become simply too much!

As I mentioned on @theshow78's post, I had rules for myself to keep my collection, spending habits and obsession/addiction under control. You may or may not find them useful...

Rule 1: Buy only during a sale

You would think that it's a given but you'd be shocked how many Desperate Daisies and Don't have a Clue Sues are out there buying candles at full price! Bodycare, soaps, pocketbacs, scentportables and maybe wf bulbs are ok (though even then you should always use a coupon) but a candle..that's a no no! Buying candles during a sale gives you a timeline to buy them and keeps you out of the store and off of the website otherwise. Also (most) candles sales allow you to get more bang for your buck. And always have coupons handy; I try to only buy online if I have free shipping coupon or a 3/40% off coupon and I always bring 10off30 coupons when I go to the store.

Rule 2: Set a budget limit of how much you should spend

The most I'm willing to spend is $40...though for the most part, I usually spend somewhere between $20-$30. With a set limit, I know exactly what I want to buy and how many of what I want to buy. The only time I spend more than $40 is during SAS/Black Friday/$8.50 day or if someone graciously gives me a gift card. Granted in hindsight it does sound like I'm being a little cheap, but buying a certain amount of stuff under a budget keeps me from just aimlessly buying things I don't need.

Rule 3: Know just how many candles you want to stock up on

I know folks who get 10+ of one particular candles.... all T all shade, that's a bit much! Even if that's the only candle you plan on getting for a really long time, it is a little excessive. Big ups to you for having the money and storage space to do that (though sometimes I wonder if they actually do have the money or space)..but most of us just aren't able. Just speaking for myself, the most I usually get of a candle I deem stockup-able is 5; either all at once or gradually. I can enjoy these every once in awhile and in the meantime I burn other ones less stockup-able.

Rule 4: Have a physical list of candles that you want to buy

It's happened to all of us, especially when a new collection of scents comes out. We go to BBW or especially WB and we go into what I call "candle madness"; you lose all sense of time and space and rationality, you got overwhelmed from all the candle options and you start reaching stuff and filling up your shopping bag. You leave the store still on a candle high. You come home with your senses restored and you start resniffing your bought candles...then buyer's remorse sets in and you have a "why the f*** did I buy this" moment.

Don't go into the store blindly or with a list based on memory! Watch or read reviews of new scents and write a physical list of the scents you're intrigued with and had straight to those. And if you're in the store simply to restock, again have a list of the candles you want to haul. That keeps you from just buying stuff willy-nilly and also keeps buyer's remorse at bay.

Rule 5: Decide what is the cutoff of how many candles you can store properly. If you're over the cutoff, don't buy anymore until you are under the cutoff point again

I know sooooo many people in the candleverse who have so many candles that they've run out of space and have been reduced to storing candles in various parts of their domicile. Allow me to break it down - if you can't store all of your candles in one place, you have too many! If they are in one space and they are filled to overflowing, you have too many!

I bought a storage bin back when my collection was pretty small and manageable but over time I had so many that I had candles on top of candles in the bins and it couldn't take all of the weight and I still had candles leftover that I placed in cardboard boxes..RACHETASTIC! Candles just don't deserve that! My bf, who was probably very sick and tired of seeing my ghettorific candle storage,  got me an upscale, sturdy and reasonably priced unit from IKEA.

Anyhoo the point is, I know my limit. And I've said this time and time again, my cutoff is 100; anything more than that is too much for me. Even 100 is a little cuckoo but let's be honest I'm never gonna go back the old days of having 20 or less candles but I know not to add more if my collection already feels overwhelming.

Set a limit as to how many candles you should have in your possession; if you are over the limit, do not buy any more! Start burning some or giving some away or do a trade. Once you're back under the cutoff point, then you can buy more.

Rule 6: Only buy candles that you enjoy

With the advent of social media, the candleverse has grown exponentially with everyone showing off what candles, test or otherwise, they recently bought. It's very easy to trip into the pitfall of buying a certain candle because sooooo many other people are going apeshit for it. Buying a candle because everyone else has it in their possession sounds like something straight out of junior high but believe it or not there are grown adults well over 30 that this is happening to.

This is also an issue that reviewers often face. Some of us have a tendency of buying candle for the sole reason of reviewing and not because we really wanted and are enjoying it. After their review is up and people have already watched and/or read it, they feel stuck with it in a bad way. Personally I have never done that, it's just not practical; real talk I just don't have the financial means to buy all these various candles from various collections for in depth reviews (and that is why I do my in store WALK N SNIFF reviews). And even if I did, I can think of so many other things I could buy instead of candles I don't like and know I won't burn.

Real talk...life is too short to spend your hard earned money on ish that you don't enjoy. Buy the candles YOU want and eff what anybody has to say about it. Don't buy candles to keep up with the virtual Joneses! And if it's a candle that everybody and their grandma is losing their shit over and you don't like it...DON'T BUY IT! It's ok not like a scent that everyone else likes. The candles in your collection should ALL be scents that you enjoy!

Rule 7: Don't fall into the hype of having a certain amount of candles in your collection in order to be a true candle lover

We all know of candle collectors/enthusiasts/connoisseurs in the candleverse with well over 100 candles and these individuals are almost borderline worshiped as candle gods on social media. Thus newer people to BBW feel the need to almost compete with these individuals and multiply their own candle numbers for the sole reason of being considered cool.

There's nothing wrong with collecting candles..as long as it's a maintainable hobby..emphasis on the word HOBBY!

We all jokingly refer to ourselves as "candle addicts" but there are some of us who are addicts in the real sense of the word - buying candles ad nauseam and posting  them on social media for fellow candle lovers to ohhh and ahhh over... a double whammy of addiction and narcissism. And then what happens to said candles...returned to store...sold on Evilbay..or worse, forgotten about and are collecting dust.

Don't feel the need to impress and be one of the cool kids! Buy candles to enjoy them not to resell them or forget about them! And again, there is nothing wrong with collecting and having a MAINTAINABLE amount of candles...as long as you are buying them for YOUR own satisfaction and pleasure!

Rule 8: Candles are for burning...so burn them

As I mentioned earlier, one of the problems with having a whole bunch of candles is sometimes you get neglectful and you forget about some of them...a cardinal sin! If you're like me, you keep an updated list of all the candles you currently own...but how many of us are quite that anal?!

There are special candle connoisseurs like myself who like to find rare and obscure candles as collector's items, particularly from the Slatkin era..and don't burn them. That's fine if you have a small handful but it becomes a matter of practicality or lack thereof to have a crapload of candles that you don't intend to burn.

Here's the thing... over time the frangrance oils in candles evaporate as does anything containing moisture. Granted, keeping lids on them and keeping them contained and covered slows the process but the process still continues nonetheless. As the oils evaporate, your candles are just getting weaker and weaker to the point of being nonexistent. Sure it's gonna take a long time for that happen and I can't give you an estimate... but it's still gonna be  that much lighter since the day you bought it or it arrived via UPS.

Speaking solely for myself, I currently have 10 candles of the rare and hard to find Slatkin era variety or test scents that have never been seen again...but that's it. Every other candle I have will at some point be burned from top to bottom. And those of you on IG know that I have a monthly rotation of a group of  candles that I plan to burn; I know what I'm gonna burn and I know I what I intend been after. And it keeps my collection from getting crazy.

If you have a couple of scents that are irreplaceable, you can't find them in stores and are only available on Evilbay, by all means keep them for sniffing purposes only. Anything else, burn them! If you have scents you don't like and they're just sitting there...exchange them if you can or give them as a gift or persuade someone to do an exchange with you or force yourself to burn them completely; with the rate candles burn now, you can finish a 3wick in 2 days. But it is absolutely criminal to have a candle just sitting around unburned because of your indifference or dislike or forgetfulness. Every candle (that's not rare) you don't burn is simply taking up the space for more candles to truly enjoy. And every candle just sitting around, whether you like them or not, is getting weaker and weaker and that is just a total waste. Love your candles...BURN YOUR CANDLES!!!!

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: White Barn Core Collection (and what I'd replace em with)


The new White Barn Core collection...hot hot MESS!!! It's just random ass scents thrown together haphazardly with absolutely thought or reason behind them. Seriously BBW/LBrand, did y'all really sit and think about these scents, truly think? Did you draw lots and picked random scents written on a piece of paper out of a fishbowl? Or did yall tack scents on a wall and play pin the tail on the candle? I refuse to believe that y'all with clear mind and conscious sat around and rationally thought of all these random scents in this collection. As usual, I have a better solution with LOGICAL choices that would've made this collection the bombdiggity!

Mahogany Coconut - This scent is surprisingly nice but kinda unnecessary. And it's already in the Destination collection, why does it have to be in the core collection as well?

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Lime Verbena - this scent hasn't been around in home fragrance form in ages! And seeing as though Key Lime Pie isn't going wide, we need a good lime scent - you'd be killing two birds with one stone

Coconut Sandalwood - Really bitches?! Two goddamn muthaeffin coconut and wood candles in the same damn collection?!!! Plus Mahogany Coconut already has sandalwood in it! Honestly what is the friggin point of this?!!!

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Water - again another coconut scent that hasn't seen the light of day in years. It's a perfect blend of coconut and tropical fruit. Release this and I guarantee y'all will have everyone going "coco"-nuts!

Georgia Peach: if this isn't one of the most basic and over-rated scents in the history of BBW, then I dunno what is! And adding "Georgia" doesn't make it any more enticing and it's an insult to Georgia

REPLACEMENT: Nectarine Green Tea - this was such a beautiful, juicy and refreshing scent. We hardly ever get green tea scents with BBW and to have it blended with with sweet and juicy nectarine was perfection. It's a perfect late spring/summer candle.

OR: Peachy Tea - for the scent wimps who are scared of green tea notes, here's a safer alternative. Most people (myself included) find the peach notes in MP too intense and it can get a little mushy and moldy smelling if not straightup chemical. The peach in PT is more fresh yet subdued and is blend with a nice Darjeeling black tea. For the peach lovers and London Calling/Southern Sweet Tea fans, this scent would be perfect!

Sweater Weather - Really BBW, REALLY?! Seriously, what made y'all think that SW would be a good choice for this collection? It's bad enough y'all brought it back for Christmas but now it's a friggin spring scent?!

REPLACEMENT: Renew & Refresh - DUH!!!!

Sundrenched Vineyard - Why, just why?! Justify and defend this scent all you want, it's a fall scent - Cranberry Woods 2.0

REPLACEMENT: Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade - this scent was wonderful. It's the ONLY strawberry that y'all have managed to get right so utilize it!

OR: Woodland Berries - if you guys are so hell bent on having a wine scent, at least have a scent actually SMELLS LIKE WINE!

Wine Cellar - Why all of a sudden are you guys are soooo obsessed with this scent?! First of all, it doesn't smell like wine at all and IT ISN'T A FRIGGIN SPRING SCENT!

REPLACEMENT: Cherry Blossom Sangria - come on, this scent was the bombdiggity!

OR Pink Sangria - come on, we haven't seen this scent in years! Besides what do people actually drink more in spring and summer, mulled wine or sangria?!

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - no comment

REPLACEMENT: Garden Party - come the eff on BBW, this was the best floral (rose) scents y'all ever made, second only to Flower Shop! People went nuts over it...why the hell have y'all not brought this back. I guarantee you more people like Garden Party than Japanese Cherry Blossoms..please get rid of that shit please and thanks!

Cashmere & Oak - I haven't smelled this yet and by all accounts it smells amazing but it just doesn't sound very springy/summery

REPLACEMENT: Boathouse Row - again, come the eff on BBW! This was one the best scent in the entire Lakeside collection and one of the best cologney scents in BBW history, second only to my bae Black Pepper Bergamot !

Midnight Blue Citrus - so it seems WB pulled another "The Original" on us; gave us a candle with a super intriguing and mysterious name only for it smell very unexpected and disappointing

REPLACEMENT: Verbena Waters - Instead of wasting your money and our time coming up with a crappy new scent, just bring back and old classic. Verbena Waters is A-mazing! Perfect for spring ad a good transitional into summer. This scent has everything - freshness, fruit, woods, musk..everything Midnight Blue Citrus should be like.

OR: Lemon Verbena - ya gotta have a lemon scent for spring and summer. Ya'll kept French Lavender, why not keep Lemon Verbena?

Suncrisp Apple - really, BBW, really? Again, you push Farmstand Apple in our faces in a season where it does't belong!

REPLACEMENT: Gingham Apple - you guys already had an apple scent for spring...friggin USE IT!!!

OR: Drenched Apple Blossom - this was spring in a jar! Fuji apples, pink lotus and rain-soaked leaves...tell me that doesn't both amazing and spring-ish!

Bergamot Waters - ugh, just ugh

REPLACEMENT: Turquoise Waters - this is a much more appropriate watery/oceany scent than BW

OR: Island Waters - another amazing and more appropriate watery/oceany scent

Newsflash BBW, this core collection should've be a group of spring or spring to summer transitional scents. There are sooooo many scent that y'all could've included....

Garden Freesia
Bloom/First Bloom
Fresh Picked Cherries
Cucumber Melon
White Citrus
Pineapple Orchid
Orchard Petal
Southern Magnolia
Tuscan Herbs
Garden Mint


WALK 'N' SNIFF: Spring 2016 candles *UPDATED*

Ok so let's start with the Taco Bell/Fiesta candles. Btw I'm only reviewing the new scents...

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - so this is straightup repackage of Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, the ORIGINAL Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts. So you newbies out there are probably familiar with White Barn Market version of CSD, which was a hot doughy mess. However we ol schoolers know the wonder, glory and splendor of the old CSD (2011-2014) which smelled like authentic cake doughnuts fresh from the grease (yes you could even smell the grease) and rolled in cinnamon sugar. And that is what CSV smells like; it smells like freshly made churros still warm from the grease and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

Guava PiƱa Colada - this is yet another repackage - this one is Mango Coconut Cooler; same generic BBWian mango and coconut notes. Why BBW choose this instead of Guava Colada from last spring is beyond me!

Baja Cactus Flower - this seems to be the runaway hit of this collection cuz everybody is going nuts over this one. Even I found myself liking it. You get an undertone of fresh and sweet coconut water with an added clean green note  a la aloe vera. Lastly you get a nosepunch of powdery white floral notes - definitely gardenia with possibly added jasmine and/or amaryllis. It's in the same summery feminine fresh/clean/powdery family as Beach Cabana, Rainforest Gardenia and Tahitian Island Blossom.

Pineapple Lily - PU!!!! WTF BBW?!!! First of all, if you're wondering what a pineapple lily actually smells - basically sulphur and/or rotting meat (it seems BBW thought the name sound interesting and exotic but didn't do the rest of their research) Luckily the candle doesn't smell anything like that however it's still very bizarre. It basically smells like Suntan/Poolside (for you newbies, it smelled exactly like Coppertone suntan lotion) with an added days old leftover wet cut grass and rotten green leaves. You get coconut meat, lots of citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, yuzu), a small minute hint of pineapple or the outside of the pineapple and a really unpleasant green note. Absolutely disgusting! Why this went wide and not Prixkly Pear Sugarcane is beyond me.

*Prickly Pear Sugarcane and Mayan Caramel  did not make the cut

And now let's rap about those floral/fruity bakery candles

Mocha Latte Swirl - This is the bombdiggity! So right off the bat, this is NOT a repackage of Espresso Bar/Harvest Coffee/Gourmet Espresso. In fact, I daresay MLS is better! The underlying coffee is similar to EB but isn't as bitter. And as the name suggest, there is a chocolate note but again, it isnt as bitter as EB; it's more balanced and sweet and smooth. And even though EB mentioned vanilla/cream, you didn't really smell it however you do in MLS. And lastly, there is caramel note that kinda smells more like burnt sugar to me. So yeah, think Starbucks Mocha Latte with halfandhalf cream sweetened with raw sugar crystals with whipped cream on top drizzled with caramel.

Blueberries & Cream - this is another one that everyone is going apeshit for. And it's a new scent! The scent itself is pretty straightforward/self explanatory; you get an authentic genuine (non Blueberry Pumpkin Patch) tart and juicy blueberry with an almost yogurt like cream note- think  Dannon or Oikos blueberry yogurt. So I do get the hype but on the other hand I don't; honestly I liked this one but I wasn't blown away by any means.

Lemon Mint Tea - So I grabbed this one to sniff totally expecting Lemon Mint Leaf which I hate. However I smelled something totally different and unexpected - I got Lime Granita Margarita! I smelled the same lime and mint combo that's in LGM with the smallest hint of London Calling-esque black tea notes...though even that I'm not sure I actually smell and might just be a trick.

*DISCLAIMER* There are two different batches of this candle - one smells like LGM and the other smells like Lemon Mint Leaf and your store could have either one

Sugared Peony Petals - Oh boy, what a disappointing waste of a scent this is! And if you're expecting this to smell like the beloved underground hit Pink Petal Teacake, you're gonna find yourself very disappointed. The floral "peony" notes is very similar to Tokyo Petals/Peony Petals and there's the slightest hint of a sugary vanilla icing note. It's a very weird blend, one part old lady perfume, one part fake bakery/frosting...again, such a waste!

*Key Lime Pie unfortunately did not make the cut

And now the White Barn Core collection

Pure White Cotton - You would think from the name and notes that this would be a completely new scent but nope. This is straightup Fresh Cotton from back in the day. For you newbies, there's a 2packer of wf bulbs of this scent online. There's not much to say about this scent - it's fresh clean laundry detergent/fabric softener/dryer sheet scent. You get a noseful of intensely powdery floral notes - jasmine, lily, gardenia and rose all wrapped in equally intense musk. No coconut whatsoever. Why BBW felt the need to change the name and notes of this scent is beyond me; it's a feeble attempt to make an old scent new.

UPDATE: I found an old Fresh Cotton wf bulb in my collection... the two are similar but not the same. I think this actually might be closer to another ol school cotton scent called Sea Island Cotton

Fresh Cut Lilacs - so contrary to the obvious, this is NOT Lilac Blossom... I daresay this is better (I always found Lilac Blossom way too powdery) What I think this might be a repackage of is Garden Freesia...if it's not then it's very very similar. There are definitely floral notes that BBW isn't mentioning - violets perhaps, some hyancinth, maybe a hint of freesia. And unlike the original LB, this version is very heavy on the musk and there's an added "green" note like freshly cut stems. Personally I'll take green notes and musk over powder any day.

Mahogany Coconut - Ive joked with my candle buddies on IG that because of BBW's obsession with Mahogany Teakwood and coconut that "Mahogany Coconut" was bound to happen...and sure enough it happened. I had no intention on entertaining this scent at all...that is until I sniffed and to my surprise, I found myself actually liking it. Even though I loathe coconut scents with a passion, I find this blend rather pleasant; it's along the lines of Tiki Beach or Copacabana Beach (it's more closer to Copacabana Beach). And the Mahogany Teakwood aspect isn't as cologney/Abercrombie &Fitch-ey as I thought; the woody notes smell more sweet and surprisingly blends well with the coconut. So yeah, its easy to write this off as Mahogany Teakwood with coconut but this actually smells better than you think it would.

Midnight Blue Citrus - so this badboi came outta nowehere and I was a little intrigued. Based on the name I thought it would be either a fresh cologney scent a la Beach Day or a watery scent like Turquoise Waters. It's neither; its a very unexpectedly sweet candy like scent. There's an undertone of ozone like freshness but on top of that is an overwhelmingly sweet sugary candied citrus notes very similar to Pomelo Paradise. I don't really understand this scent at all and what it's attempting to convey.

Bergamot Waters - so as y'all may or may not know, this scent was first known as Master Bath in the Home Atmosphere collection and this Christmas it was repackaged as Tahiti in the holiday Destination collection and now here it is. Having never smelled Tahiti or Master Bath I didn't know what to expect... I thought this would a watery blend like Beach Day or Turquoise Waters or Sea to Santorini. It is in fact a repackage of Lakeside Sunrise/Sapphire Sky. I definitely wasn't expecting that!

Black Pepper & Bergamot - TBA

Cashmere & Oak - TBA

Suncrisp Apple - TBA

Golden Grapefruit - TBA

Coconut Sandalwood - TBA

And finally the lone two new Destination scents...

Paris ~ Lavender Macaron - So this basically smells Lavender Marshmallow, almost exactly! For those of you unfortunate souls who never got to experience the majesty and splendor of LM, I feel like this is the next best thing! The only difference is there is a bakery-esque undertone...that doesn't smell like a macaron. To me, this smells less like macarons and more like petit-fours..more exactly, the icing of petit-fours. It almost reminds me of Pink Petal Teacake but with lavender instead rose/strawberries. And the lavender smells exactly like the lavender note in LM - not as potent as French Lavender but not as powdery as Lavender Vanilla. On the one hand I like this scent a lot but on the other hand it doesn't smell like what the name suggests; there should've been an almond note or something to make it more macaron-y.

Tahiti ~ Passionflower - Much like Fresh Cut Lilac, don't walk by this scent thinking it's the same scent you've already smelled in the past; despite the name, it isn't the same and is actually something totally different and for the most part new! While the old "Passionflower" smelled fruity and artificial, this smells more tropical and feminine. There's a definite undertone of coconut milk with powdery notes of jasmine and orange blossoms. BTW solar musk isn't a thing, it's basically a blanket term for fragrance notes used in tropical "sunny" scents ie tiare, frangipani, orchid, orange blossom, ylang-ylang etc. Anyhoo, if you like scents like Beach Cabana, Tahiti Island Blossom, Rainforest Gardenia and Endless Weekend, then you'll like this one.

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Ideas for next winter

Well gang, there's only a few days of SAS left and then wintertime (as far as BBW is concerned) will be over. Spring stuff has already been popping up in stores; soon we'll bombarded with an tsunami of bakery and mango and coconut. For the time being, I'd talk about next winter.

Ok BBW real talk..y'all have GOT to get y'alls shit together next winter cuz this winter was an absolute hot mess from top to bottom. Christmastime at BBW is a time that fragrance lovers look forward to cuz that (and fall) is when y'all really shine. This winter was the equivalent of dog turds made to look like coal in our stockings...we've been good, we don't deserve that! So for the sake of making next season merry and bright, here are some ideas just of the top of my head...

First of all, shame on y'all for having a holiday season with nary a bakery scent except Merry Cookie...and for me to say that is a big ass deal! It's just not the holidays without some sweet treats! Besides MC and Twisted Peppermint, y'all can bring back...

Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Gingerbread, Snickerdoodle, Eggnog Cheer, Gourmet Espresso (or Winter Latte/Creamy Nutmeg), Holiday Gumdrop, Pistachio Malted Truffle and Hot Chocolate

Also can we PLEASE not have whack ass Winter Candle Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel in candle form? NOBODY LIKES IT! Keep that crap as bodycare only!

Also I think a Christmas song/carol themed collection would be fun...

Dashing thru the Snow - Pinecone/Autumn Snow
Jingle all the Way - Spice
Winter Wonderland - Snow Day
Deck the Halls - Holly Wreath
Chestnuts Roasting - Chestnuts Roasting
Sleigh Ride - Sleigh Ride
Visions of Sugarplums - Candied Sugarplums
Home for the Holidays - Vanilla Spice or Creamy Nutmeg or Cinnamon Frosting
Tis the Season - Tis the Season
Oh Christmas Tree - Evergreen (or Noel or Frosted Tree)
Silent Night - Ski Lodge
Let it Snow - Fresh Sparkling Snow

I also would like to see an old-fashioned antique Victorian Christmas Carol collection with a more high end feel to them

Winter (or Orange Clove or Spice), Sleigh Ride, Chestnut & Clove, Cinnamon Tea, Holiday Pomander, Holly Wreath and most importantly...WINTER GARLAND! Please bring that one back! In fact I take it a step for further and suggest it being the official Christmas candle period!

And now wintertime at BBW wouldn't be complete without a cabin themed collection. For that I recommend...

Fresh Balsam, Winter, Snowed In (THE ORIGINAL SNOWED IN), Ski Lodge, Chestnut &Clove, Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone (NOT MAHOGANY BALSAM), Dark Chocolate Mint, Frosted Cranberry, Fireside, Sparkling Icicles, Vanilla Cedarwood..NO MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD!!!!

And lastly, the ever present New Years candles. For this you have to have the classics...

Champagne Toast, Cranberry Pear Bellini and Black Tie

But I also suggest bring back some other favs..

Peppermint Mocha, Merry Mistletoe, Winter White Petals (but call it Winter Poinsettias) and Holiday Pomander

And now Party Dress..I get where y'all were going with this scent but it's just too floral and springy. I suggest having a candle version of either Dark Kiss or Midnight Pomegranate.

Now for many people New Years isn't the end of winter celebrations. In some parts of the country there's a little get-together called MARDI GRAS! Why not have a New Orleans Carnival themed collection? The new Paris candle can be the official Mardi Gras candle since the holiday has French ancestry. You can bring back scents like Southern Magnolia (the flower of Louisiana), Verbena Waters (walkin along the Mississippi), Malibu Smash ( havin a drink on Bourbon Street), Tropical Spice (a nod to Nola's Caribbean roots), Twinkling Night (a hot female reveler at the parade), Be Daring (a sexy masked man in the French Quarter) and Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun (king cake..but please fix that stank chemical plasticyness). Its perfect, Mardi Gras is usually in February; by then people are sick of winter scents (and winter period) and this could a good transitional collection for spring.

And lastly, Valentine's Day I suggest having a trio with one name like the Thanksgiving and Winter White Barn collections..

LOVE - Garden Party or Majestic Rose
ROMANCE - Pinkpetal Teacake
CHERISH - Dark Kiss
JOY - Marshmallow Peppermint
CELEBRATE - Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria

Now with all that said, this doesn't give you carte blanche to just release re-releases and repackages left and right next winter (or ever for that matter). There are so many new wintery blends you guy can play around with...

mulled wine (AND NOT WINE CELLAR), sparkling apple cider (AND NOT GREEN APPLE CHAMPAGNE), Christmas punch, figgy pudding, clove studded oranges (AND NOT WINTER), sugared citrus (AND NOT SUGARED LEMONS)cold winter air, bayberry, spearmint, frankincense and myrrh, bread pudding, peppermint bark, truffles, rumballs, cinnamon coffee, warm blankets or mittens, cold winter air

In the words of one my idols Tim Gunn..MAKE IT WORK!!!

SHOP 'N' GO: January SAS '16 Haul

Well lets start at the very beginning...as it is a good place to start....

Haul 1: 12/26 BBW (Paramus Park)

My bf and I were heading to WB in GSP however the traffic was horrendous and backed up for miles so we opted to go to nearby Parasmus Park Mall instead. So we get to BBW and it was utter pandemonium. Little girls running all over place high on body lotion fumes, little boys playing with pocketbacs, housewives knocking down body spray displays...it was just too much. On top of all of that the store didn't have anything good. So what I wanted and hightailed it outta there. I bought...
  • 5 Coastal Sun wf bulbs
  • 3 Bowties & Bourbon wf bulbs
= $25.68

Haul 2: 12/27 White Barn (Rockaway Township)

Since GSP and surrounding stores are closed on Sundays, my bf decided to try out the newer WB in RT. Besides a few hidden (though not very exciting) gems and a couple of Taco Bell candles (at full price), there was nothing exciting to be seen. I left with a pretty desperate haul...
  • 1 Leaves wf bulb
  • 1 Winter 3wick
  • 1Coastal Sun 3wick
  • 1 Bowties & Bourbon 3wick
=  $25.15

Haul 3: 12/29 BBW (Newport Center)

I decided to check out the BBW nearest to me and see what they had....which was nothing. The store was picked over and very bare. It did have the infamous Snowed In candles aka White Winter Petals but it was so not interested. I didn't wanna leave empty-handed so I bought a few wf bulbs... 
  • 4 Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath wf bulbs
= $14.49

Haul 4 same day BBW (Park Ave)

Immediately after, I went to the BBW in the City. Again, nothing exciting - just leftover winter stuff. I was on the lookout for a specific and this was the only store in my area that wound up having it...
  • 1 Paris ~ Pink Champagne 3wick
= $12.25

Haul 5: 1/4 BBW (Lexington Ave)

So I was in the City to meet a friend for a drink and since I was in the area and had time to kill, I decided to check out the other BBW. Again, nothing exciting, just leftover winter stuff. I made an online order when the wf bulbs first went down to $3 but part of it was cancelled. That said, I was on the lookout for the wf bulbs that online store ran out of... 
  • 1 Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods wf bulb
  • 1 Cranberry Pear Bellini wf bulb
  • 3 Thankful ~ Chestnut &Clove 

Haul 6: 1/5 BBW (Park Ave)

Since I couldn't find the Peace candle anywhere I decided I'd buy some wf bulbs of it since I was in the area...
  • 2 Peace wf bulb

Haul 7: Online (arrival 1/5)

So the first week of SAS, I made this online order...
  • 1 Beach Cabana 2pack
  • 1 Island Colada 2pack
  • 1 Cedarwood & Sage Stress Relief Aromatherapy lotion

Haul 8: Online (arrival 1/6)

A day or so later, I made this order; this was the order I referenced to earlier where part of it was cancelled...
  • 5 Alpine Cheer wf bulbs
  • 2 Peace wf bulbs
  • 1 Welcome bulb
= $26.31


So I was chatting with a candle buddy of mine on IG and bemoaning the fact that none of my stores had any home fragrance for 75% off, particularly Pumpkin Gingerbread which so many people were finding but of course not me. He graciously sold me some for $4!
  • 2 Pumpkin Gingerbread 3wicks
  • 1 Tequila Lime Cupcake 3wick

Well ladies and gentlemen, that is it for me. No mas!!! I'm not gonna let FOMO get the best of me this week. I'm just gonna sit here and patiently wait for the Spring stuff to come out!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: New Years day - mid-February

Description: Enjoy a peaceful holiday with soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods and ice lavender

When I first heard about this badboi, I had high hopes and knew I had to have it. Based on the notes, I was really hoping it wouldn't be a repackage of the ever-present Lavender Vanilla..thankfully it wasn't.  It was truly love at first sniff; unlike all of the other new winter scents, this one certainly didn't disappoint and went above and beyond my expectations. It would be the ONLY scent this holiday/winter season I actually liked..nay, loved!

So performance-wise, this candle was BOSS!!! It's truly one of the few perfectly performing candles I've had all year! Beautiful high leaping flames, gorgeous deep and even waxpool. The wicks were kinda flimsy and there were times when the mushroom tops fell into the wax...that said, despite it being white, the wax surprisingly didn't turn cruddy and so far doesn't smell sooty. And the throw, oh man! That throw tho!!! It's strong; I can smell it in the living room with the door closed! It's strong without being headache inducing; it has what I like to call "warm blanket" throw. It just wraps you up in warm fragrant goodness! Even the wf bulb is super strong! I love walking into my bedroom; it's like jumped into pile of blankets fresh from the dryer or warm gooey marshmallow fluff!

Scent-wise, it kinda throws you for a loop cuz it's very hard to pinpoint. Prior to buying it, I had a lot of theories would it could be. Like I said, earlier I was hoping it wasn't LV but it has the same similar vibe. It's like a masculine version of LV; I would totally rock this if it was a body fragrance. Because of the lavender and woods combo, I thought for sure it would Oakmoss & Vetiver...alas it wasn't. And some people swore thatthey smelled a little mint so I theorized it may have a long forgotten Slatkin era scent called Peace aka Lavender Market which was a beautiful blend of lavender, spearmint and rosemary..again, alas it wasn't. The basenotes of Peace smell very similar to LV though Peace is not nearly as powdery and is more creamy. The lavender note isn't as astringent and and herbal as it usually is in home fragrance; it's very subtle and smooth and it's there just add a little ummph. I can see why people said they smelled mint however I don't think there actually is; I think perhaps it's the type of lavender they used as lavender is a member of the mint family. Then again, perhaps there is a small hint of it and that is what gives this scent that "iced" feel. There is some woodsy action in the background that keeps this from smelling confectionary a la LV  or Lavender Marshmallow. I got some undertones of possibly cedarwood/sandalwood and/or maybe oak. Perhaps even a tiny dash of vetiver. It's times like this I wish BBW were honest with the notes instead of giving us vague BS like "smoldering woods" Whatever the "smoldering wood" notes are, they do kinda give this scent a "cologney" vibe. When I first sniffed Peace in the store, it reminded me of "cologney" scents from years past. At first I thought OM&V, then Be Daring, then Bowties & Bourbon. Later I was talking to a candlebuddy (shoutout to whitebarncandle") and he said he smelled a little Oceanside..and I totally get it. Whatever wood notes they used alongside the vanilla and lavender does smell slightly Oceanside-ish.

So basically... Lavender Vanilla + Snow Day + Oakmoss&Vetiver + Oceanside = Peace

Strange but true and it totally works!

Peace is an absolutely beautiful scent, by far one of the best scents to come out of the holiday collections! And it's rightfully named - it does give you a "peaceful" feeling. It's not a Christmasy scent in my opinion but it is more of a post-New Years winter scent. It's perfect for afternoon naps, cuddling under the blanket, reading a book and/or an evening of Netflix and chill. It's very aromatherpay-ish I think; it's calming, it's cozy, it's relaxing! It's a cool scent yet has a surprising warmth to  it and it has a subtle elegance and sophistication to it; to me it's right up there with the equally elegant, sophisticated, cozy and hard to describe scents Winter and Chestnut & Clove; it's like having your pick between Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Radcliff. Peace is a total must-have and I hope and pray it remains a winter staple. In the meantime, stock up if you haven't already because Peace is already starting to disappear.


Winter has a very special place in my heart - it was the candle that my boyfriend was burning when we first started dating years ago.

So, let's go back go back in time to winter of 2012...

So after a few dates, it looked like he and I had something special that would lead into being both serious and exclusive. That said I started visiting his apartment more frequently. I marveled in the fact that it didn't smell like perpetual bachelorhood - sweaty feet, musty balls and frozen pizza. Definitely bonus in my eyes..and nose! However I did noticed that his apartment smelled strange and unnatural - it was something home fragrancey. Was it a room spray or something? It baffled and confounded me with each visited. Then one evening he invited me over dinner made by his expert hands. I'm seated and awaiting a scrumptious meal when he takes out a candle and lights it. It was the 2011 version of Winter. Then I look around and he had several wallflowers plugged in various outlets of the room. I finally solved the mystery of weird funk in my paramour's apartment. But then I found myself in a particularly awkward conundrum - do I patiently and politely put up with it or do I voice my dislike of this fragrance? I initially opted for patiently and politely putting up with; I am a gentleman after all and I didn't want to give off the impression that I was a bitch who thought his apartment smelled weird. Although after a couple weeks since that discovery, I simply couldn't take it anymore and I asked him as nicely and politely as I could if he could not burn the candle while I was around. He acquiesced that I could tell he was both stunned and hurt; I'd find sometime later that Winter was one of his all time favorite scents ever, if not his top favorite. Needless to say I did feel a little guilty after hearing that admission.

Fast forward to 2014. I decided to start the tradition of burning and plugging in Winter in honor of our anniversary around the same time that I first started going over to his apartment. Of course my bf was very happy about that not just because of his love for Winter but also he as just as much of a sentimental sap as I am.

It's now 2016 and I've just started burning Winter again thus continuing the tradition.

I grew from truly loathing this scent and to absolutely adoring and treasuring it. It's true, I do appreciate it's complexity and sophistication and most Slatkin era scents hold high esteem with me. But it's more than that. Winter for me is a very indulgently nostalgic scent; with every sniff, it takes me back years ago to those happy moments when my bf and I first started courting each other. Those are very special memories that I hold dear in my heart. It's remarkable and wonderful that something as simple as a candle can conjure and evoke mermories that special.