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RANT OF A DAY: Style vs Substance; OMG This candle is so cute!

I'm gonna preface this rant by saying this...if you think my last rant touched a couple nerves, this rant is gonna smush them to bits. Strap yourself in cuz it's about to get real! Shade in 5 4 3 2....

A candle buddy of mine left a comment on my last rant which brought up something that annoys me to no everluvin' end!

If you're on social media (especially Instagram) and follow/interact with other BBW addicts, then I'm positive you've heard someone at some point say something like....

"Omg...this candle is sooooo cute! I'm so in love with the packaging! That label is so gorgeous and omg, that lid is soooo pretty! And I am LOVE with the wax color! I don't care what the candle smells like, all care I care about is the packaging! I'm only buying this candle for the packaging!"

.... bitch, what?! don't care what the candle smells like?!'re only buying this candle because the packaging?!

Jesus take the wheel?!!!

I sweartaga…

RANT OF THE DAY: Struggles of a Candle Addict; The Candle Commandments

So this post was inspired by a post on Instagram from a fellow BBW enthusiast Jennifer aka @theshow78. In her post she bemoaned the fact that her current candle collection was growing a little out of control and she found herself running out of storage space. She asked for tips from fellow enthusiasts on how to maintain said collection and stop it from getting too crazy.

BBW candles are very addicting! I think there is something in the wax that triggers something in our brains and makes us a get just a little cuckoo. Before you know it, what started as an occasional purchase here and there and burning candles with reckless abandon quickly becomes a full on hoarding addiction with your collection rivaling candles sold in the store.

I myself started years ago with maybe less than ten candles; I burned candles with reckless abandon without a single thought of whether a scent would return or if something was a repackaged. Now I'm obsessed and I rant and rave about candles on a blog an…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: White Barn Core Collection (and what I'd replace em with)


The new White Barn Core hot MESS!!! It's just random ass scents thrown together haphazardly with absolutely thought or reason behind them. Seriously BBW/LBrand, did y'all really sit and think about these scents, truly think? Did you draw lots and picked random scents written on a piece of paper out of a fishbowl? Or did yall tack scents on a wall and play pin the tail on the candle? I refuse to believe that y'all with clear mind and conscious sat around and rationally thought of all these random scents in this collection. As usual, I have a better solution with LOGICAL choices that would've made this collection the bombdiggity!

Mahogany Coconut - This scent is surprisingly nice but kinda unnecessary. And it's already in the Destination collection, why does it have to be in the core collection as well?

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Lime Verbena - this scent hasn't been around in home fragrance form in ages! And seeing as though Key Lime Pie isn&#…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Spring 2016 candles *UPDATED*

Ok so let's start with the Taco Bell/Fiesta candles. Btw I'm only reviewing the new scents...

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - so this is straightup repackage of Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, the ORIGINAL Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts. So you newbies out there are probably familiar with White Barn Market version of CSD, which was a hot doughy mess. However we ol schoolers know the wonder, glory and splendor of the old CSD (2011-2014) which smelled like authentic cake doughnuts fresh from the grease (yes you could even smell the grease) and rolled in cinnamon sugar. And that is what CSV smells like; it smells like freshly made churros still warm from the grease and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

Guava PiƱa Colada - this is yet another repackage - this one is Mango Coconut Cooler; same generic BBWian mango and coconut notes. Why BBW choose this instead of Guava Colada from last spring is beyond me!

Baja Cactus Flower - this seems to be the runaway hit of this collection cuz everybody is going nu…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Ideas for next winter

Well gang, there's only a few days of SAS left and then wintertime (as far as BBW is concerned) will be over. Spring stuff has already been popping up in stores; soon we'll bombarded with an tsunami of bakery and mango and coconut. For the time being, I'd talk about next winter.

Ok BBW real talk..y'all have GOT to get y'alls shit together next winter cuz this winter was an absolute hot mess from top to bottom. Christmastime at BBW is a time that fragrance lovers look forward to cuz that (and fall) is when y'all really shine. This winter was the equivalent of dog turds made to look like coal in our stockings...we've been good, we don't deserve that! So for the sake of making next season merry and bright, here are some ideas just of the top of my head...

First of all, shame on y'all for having a holiday season with nary a bakery scent except Merry Cookie...and for me to say that is a big ass deal! It's just not the holidays without some sweet trea…

SHOP 'N' GO: January SAS '16 Haul

Well lets start at the very it is a good place to start....

Haul 1: 12/26 BBW (Paramus Park)

My bf and I were heading to WB in GSP however the traffic was horrendous and backed up for miles so we opted to go to nearby Parasmus Park Mall instead. So we get to BBW and it was utter pandemonium. Little girls running all over place high on body lotion fumes, little boys playing with pocketbacs, housewives knocking down body spray was just too much. On top of all of that the store didn't have anything good. So what I wanted and hightailed it outta there. I bought...
5 Coastal Sun wf bulbs3 Bowties & Bourbon wf bulbs= $25.68

Haul 2: 12/27 White Barn (Rockaway Township)

Since GSP and surrounding stores are closed on Sundays, my bf decided to try out the newer WB in RT. Besides a few hidden (though not very exciting) gems and a couple of Taco Bell candles (at full price), there was nothing exciting to be seen. I left with a pretty desperate haul... 1 Leaves wf …

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: New Years day - mid-February

Description: Enjoy a peaceful holiday with soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods and ice lavender

When I first heard about this badboi, I had high hopes and knew I had to have it. Based on the notes, I was really hoping it wouldn't be a repackage of the ever-present Lavender Vanilla..thankfully it wasn't.  It was truly love at first sniff; unlike all of the other new winter scents, this one certainly didn't disappoint and went above and beyond my expectations. It would be the ONLY scent this holiday/winter season I actually liked..nay, loved!

So performance-wise, this candle was BOSS!!! It's truly one of the few perfectly performing candles I've had all year! Beautiful high leaping flames, gorgeous deep and even waxpool. The wicks were kinda flimsy and there were times when the mushroom tops fell into the wax...that said, despite it being white, the wax surprisingly…


Winter has a very special place in my heart - it was the candle that my boyfriend was burning when we first started dating years ago.

So, let's go back go back in time to winter of 2012...

So after a few dates, it looked like he and I had something special that would lead into being both serious and exclusive. That said I started visiting his apartment more frequently. I marveled in the fact that it didn't smell like perpetual bachelorhood - sweaty feet, musty balls and frozen pizza. Definitely bonus in my eyes..and nose! However I did noticed that his apartment smelled strange and unnatural - it was something home fragrancey. Was it a room spray or something? It baffled and confounded me with each visited. Then one evening he invited me over dinner made by his expert hands. I'm seated and awaiting a scrumptious meal when he takes out a candle and lights it. It was the 2011 version of Winter. Then I look around and he had several wallflowers plugged in various outlets of …