RANT OF THE DAY: Farewell to Spring: Wishlist for next Spring

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone and SAS is just around the corner, for me spring is pretty much over and "summertime" has officially begun. With that said, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about this past spring scent-wise at BBW.

This spring season at BBW was kinduva hot mess, very helter-skelter. We had all of these various lines of scents thrown at us randomly since February and most of us are just now started to catch our breath. Soooo many collections - Destination, Sweet Shoppe, Fresh Picked, Aloha Hawaii, Provence Garden, Garden Party, Coastal Cool. Then on top of that you had the standard Spring edition White Barn candles (Spring, Lilac Blossom, Honeysuckle, Renew&Refresh, etc) as well as the tropical/beach scents (Beach Cabana, Oceanside, Island Margarita, etc) which were totally overshadowed and fell thru the cracks. Over all that's a lot of crap! I don't think BBW has ever released so many collections in such a short span of time! And what makes it so frustrating as that there were more than a bunch of scents that were either not very exciting or new.

With all that said, I'm hoping that next spring we'll see more consistency and cohesion. Bring back some old classics that we haven't seen and smelled in awhile. And of course give us some newness for piss'sakes! So here are some things I would like to see next spring

So every season, BBW has a set of familiar seasonal favorites with a mix of new stuff; in fall we had the Sweater Weather/Silver Leaf collection (Leaves, Cider Lane, Autumn, Sweater Weather, etc) and in winter we had Snow Day (Snow Day, Winter, Fresh Balsam, etc) Well next spring, I'd like to see a cohesive collection of floral favorites. Call it the Flower Bouquet or Flower Shop collection

Keep the classics like Spring, Honeysuckle, Lilac Blossom, Renew&Refresh (though I think this one can definitely be retired) as well as this spring's surprise hits Garden Party, French Lavender (or Fleur de Provence) or Lemon Verbena

Bring back some ol school favorites...
Flower Shop
Garden Bouquet
Verbena Waters
Southern Magnolia
Garden Freesia
Green Grass

Now BBW, real talk...can y'all please retire the tropical/beach scents?! You've had these same scents for over 3 years..it's been done to friggin death! Instead of those tired scents, bring back the old tropical drinks collection. It could be like a cocktail version of Sweet Shoppe. And release it sometime in May when the weather is getting more summery and people are more inclined to burn more tropical inspired candles.

Let's call it Summertime Cocktails

Of course keep the fan favs, Island Margarita and Peach Bellini. Maybe even Limoncello.

Again bring back some classics
Island Colada
Sparkling Mojito (please please PLEASE bring this back por favor!)
Paradise Daiquiri
Malibu Smash
Bahama Fizz

Of course we gotta have Fresh Picked. But it can be revamped a bit. First of all, can we get back to basics and not have any floral scents like back in the day?! No more Honeysuckle, no more Lilac Blossom, no Garden Bouquet, no Majestic Rose, or Freesia or Sunflower. Just fresh juicy fruit blends, I don't think that's too much to ask!

Of course, keep the fan favs - Strawberry and Market Peach. Also keep Pink Passionfruit and Pomelo Grapefruit..NO SNAP PEAS! Even bring back the failed test scent Lemon Cucumber, we need a good lemon scent for spring

And yes, bring back some oldies-but-goodies...
Mango Cilantro (aka Peach Cilantro Twist)
Wild Berries or Fresh Picked Cherries
Blackberry Grapefruit (but fix the burn!)
Summer Watermelon (a melon scent always tests but never goes wide, we need a good watermelon scent!)

And give us some new blends - lime (with mint or basil), a fresh juicy straight (pear-less) green apple, maybe grapes (not Cranberry Woods aka Sundrenched Vineyard), or pomegranate (not Pomegranate Spritzer/Pomegranate Lemonade)

Finally, as you know every spring there's a international locale inspired collection of scents - we've been to France, then Italy, then Hawaii and then back to France. Next spring, let's go somewhere different, let's do ASIA! China, Japan, India, Mongolia! Years ago, there was a line of Asian inspired scents (Passport collection?) but it didn't go wide. Bring it back and revamp it!

Of course bring back the standard Asian-esque scents like Fresh Bamboo and Japanese Cherry Blossoms or Tokyo Petals

Add some other Asian inspired scents...
Plum Wine Amber
Himalayan Chai
White Tea and Pear
Green Tea Nectarine
Orange Ginger

And there are so many notes that y'all can play with - lotus, jasmine, lime, basil, lemongrass, cilantro, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, tea, plum, mango, cinnamon, etc

That's all I can think of. So yeah, next spring..GET IT TOGETHER!


Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid February -

Description: Tea for two becomes even sweeter with the fragrance of a perfect pink petal tea cake made from garden rose petals, freshly baked cake and vanilla glaze.

I bought this candle back when it was still testing; it was one of the many test scents that I bought thru Customer Relations months ago. This was definitely a case of curiosity killing the cake - I'm not a fan of floral scents, especially rose and I can't stand bakery scents...so why the hell did I buy it?! Curiousity and intrigue, plain simple. A combo of rose and cake... how would that smell?! Frosted Cupcake and Flower Shop or Garden Freesia?! I had no clue! The prospect of this one going wide was uncertain for the longest time and there were lots of rumors about it...it failed and wasn't going wide, it was indeed going to wide, it was going to go wide around Mother's Day, it was going to be the actual Mother's Day candle instead of Tokyo Petals...and so on and so forth. It did finally go wide and I could kick myself for being so impatient and not just waiting til it hit stores. Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with this one; I've only burned it a handful of times. Had I bought in the store, I would've brought it back and exchanged it for something else.

Performance-wise, it's just ok. The flames were never really high and the pool was unpredictable - sometimes it pooled out after awhile, sometimes it canyoned. And throw is sooooooo weak. While in my living room, I would have stood over the candle, nostrils over the flames, to smell anything. I burned it once in my bedroom, I got a hint of fragrance wafting around the room.

Scent-wise, again was a bit of disappointment; to me, it just didn't smell like what it was supposed to. Honestly, I don't get much rose action. Instead of rose, I kept getting strawberry but not a fresh strawberry but rather an artificially sweetened bakery strawberry. At first, the scent kinda reminded me a frozen treat my mom used to buy me as a treat; it was frozen strawberry cream yogurt in a plastic tube, like Gogurt. Then after a several sniffs, it finally dawned it what it smelled like - Strawberry CremeSavers Lifesaver candy! Almost exactly!!! And it was driving me nuts cuz most folks that I talked with about this candle swore that they smelled rose and only a few agreed that they smelled strawberries as well. Then a Facebook buddy of mine (shout-out to Mehrab!) pointed out that on the website it pointed out the "wild strawberry" was one of the key notes. So it turns out my nose wasn't playin tricks on me! I was right!

Now granted, I much prefer the smell of strawberries over roses, but again the name of the candle is "Pink Petal Tea Cake" so I expect to smell petals! With that said, there is a small hint of floral chillin the background, like tea rose and freesia. But the floral is not like a garden/floral shop floral but more of sweetened bakery floral....think "rosewater/rosewater syrup" , both of which are used to flavor confections. And speakin of cake, the cake note is very faint. To me as a whole, PPTC smells more like a strawberry shortcake with cut artificially sweetened cut strawberries on top in a sweetened rosewater glaze.

Personally, PPTC is kinduva a fail. First off, the throw is just too light. Secondly, it doesn't smell like what the name suggests; it should've just been called Strawberry Shortcake. If this blend was more balanced and the throw was 10x stronger, I could've gotten behind this. This had the potential of bein a runaway hit this spring but instead it's mediocre and forgettable at best. Honestly folks, don't waste your time!

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Lavender Marshmallow

Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: April -

Description: The merging of two unexpected flavors - lavender and marshmallow - make this mouthwatering blend a special treat

As y'all already, I LOOOOOOOVE lavender. Anything with lavender in it makes me a happy homo! So when BBW was testing a candle that smelled like lavender marshmallows, I was allllll over it! And I was not the only the one, folks were losin their proverbial shit over this candle. Unfortunately much to everybody's dismay and frustration, Lavender Marshmallow didn't go wide...nobody knows why! After awhile, LM was getting more and more elusive. I tried getting it thru Customer Relations but they didn't have any left in their warehouse. In utter desperation, I searched throughout Evil-bay and several sellers had them but they were just too expensive. I finally found one by sheer chance that was reasonably priced and no one was bidding on it. Taking that as a sign, I bidded on it and for a whole week, I was the only bidder. Then towards the last da of the bid, some random asshole started bidding against me; we got into a bidding war for days. Finally the day before the last day, the asshole wasn't upping the price so I thought I was good. Right before I went to bed, something told me to look at my phone so I did..and I was friggin outbidded! And by this point, the price was raised way too high so I relented and gave up. Again, just by sheer luck, I found another seller with a LM at a cheaper price so I just bought it on the spot. When it arrived I could no be happier! I burned it right then and there...one word..NOSEGASM!!!

There have only been 7 candles from BBW that have given me a certified nosegasm at first sniff - Black Pepper Bergamot, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, French Lavender, Leaves , Apple Crumble, Boathoue Row and now Lavender Marshmallow

Performance-wise, this is the bomb.com!!! It burns like a friggin boss! Big plump mushroom tops, tall highsteppin flames, deep DEEP even pool. And omg, the pool. The wax melts into this absolutely GORGEOUS lavender/lilac/orchid color. And the throw...*shudders in sheer orgasmic pleasure...the throw is out of this friggin world!!! The throw on this SOB is how ALL BBW candles should have. It is knock you out STRONG! However, it doesn't kick your ass but rather wraps you in warm tender embrace, a "warm blanket throw" as I like to call it. PERFECTION!!!

The scent is very meat&potatoes, what you see is what you get. It smells like a straightup lavender flavored marshmallow, period! The lavender note is SPOT ON - herbal, astringent and calming. The marshmallow note is again SPOT ON - warm, fluffy, whipped, creamy and just oh so sweet! Now you would think that with "marshmallow" in the notes that this would smell sickeningly sweet.. lord knows, I've railed against ooey gooey candy sweet BBW scents; I'm so not a fan of the uber sweet bakery/gourmand candles. But no, this is not sickeningly sweet, you won't drop into a diabetic coma after one sniff. The two notes are very evenly balanced - the lavender isn't too herbal/astringent and the marshmallow isn't intensely nauseatingly sweet and the two just blend together perfectly!

This candle is just utter PERFECTION in every way!!! Why this didn't go wide is beyond me, very stupid on BBW's part cuz this could've been a runaway hit! Maybe this will make a surprise appearance during SAS. I rarely ever advise this but LM is worth looking for on Evilbay,it's that damn good!

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Lemon Cucumber

Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: March -

Description: Clean, crisp cucumber and zesty lemon create a refreshing fragrance perfect for spring

This was one of many failed test scents that I ordered from Customer Relations awhile back. I love lemony scents as well as cucumber scents so when I heard BBW was releasing a lemon cucumber combo, I had to get my hands on it. I knew almost immediately that it would not go wide cuz it wasn't mainstream..in other words, super sweet. And I was right, it didn't go wide...although I still say that it could've and should've replaced that Snap Peas mess.

Performance-wise, LC was at first a lil bit iffy. It tunneled and canyoned and took for forever to completely pool out, even after quite a few burns.

Exhibit A...

But then magically, it managed to correct itself and it's been burnin and poolin out just fine ever since. Throw-wise, it's very pleasant; I'd say it's medium strong. The scent filled the entire living room, even back home in Nola.
Now let's rap a taste about the scent..it's very straightfoward, it's lemon and cucumber. But it's the authenticity that made me really like this scent; it literally smells like straightup fresh cut unpeeled cucumber with a splash of lemon. Now BBW has done two cucumber in the past, Cucumber Melon and Sage Cucumber...neither of which smelled anything like cucumber. This on the other hand is perfection - the cucumber note is so authentic; it really does smell like you just cut into a fresh cucumber you just bought at the market and it still has the rind on it. It blends so well with the lemon note..which let's take a minute and talk about that. I dunno what's goin with BBW and their lemony scents but they all smell like and remind me of yellow and green Fruity Pebbles. Not so much Limoncello or Sugared Lemons but Lemon Drops a tiny little bit and especially  Fleur de Provence and Lemon Verbena....Fruity Pebbles! Now add ol LC to the list. Not that I'm complainin cuz I love me some Fruity Pebbles, especially the yellow and green ones but still, it's strange.
Anyhoo, I do really like this one although not enough to burn it all the time. This is one of those scents that I'll bring out once in awhile to mix and freshen things up. It's bright, it's refreshing, it's juicy and zesty; it's a nice candle to burn while you're doin some cleanin or to cool and refresh you on a hot spring or summer afternoon. If like me you like lemon and/or cucumber scents or typically are drawn to fresh un-sickeningly-sweet scents, try finding it on Evil-bay and place a bid..if  the price is reasonable of course. But real talk, don't beat yourself that you missed out on this back when it was testing, it's a nice scent but nothing too special. Just go with Lemon Verbena for the time being. 

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Mad About Madrid ~ Under the Spanish Moon

Product: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: May - June

Description: A lively blend of dark cedarwood and soft musk gives way to the perfect hint of Spanish pepper. Olé!

Mad about Madrid was the failed and forgotten test scents in the Destination line back in the early part of spring. It was one of many test tests scents that I purchased thru Customer Relations in my big and juicy spring test scent haul. I was particularly intrigued with this one as it sounded very much like it would be a "mandle"...which it is. So months passed and it finally came time to burn it (with Island Margarita and Tiki Beach, which smells like a piña colada, I had a lil Latin theme goin for May/Cinco de Mayo). I found myself kinda unimpressed and disappointed; I'm at the point now that I'm really bored with it and can't wait for it to burn completely down.

Performance-wise, it's aiight. The flames were high and there was a deep and even wax pool. With the flames dancing behind the label, it's a very pretty candle to burn at night. The throw was a bit on the weak side although with that said, the scent lingered for a really like time, which would be fine if it was a scent that I really enjoyed but that's not the case. As much as I like a strong kick ass knock you out throw, I'm glad this one is kinda weak.

Now let's talk about the scent. Now originally in my Youtube haul review, I wrote this off as bein a mix between Villa Bergamot and Black Pepper Bergamot. I dunno if this candle was just playin tricks on me or if BBW was, as usual, omitting a note, I totally smelled the same cologne-y bergamot note that BBW uses in many of their mandles. But after I lit, it smelled different...it smelled my like VB and BPB with a hint of Flannel; it had the same strangely sweet resinous sap note that Flannel (coincidentally Flannel also contained cologne-y bergamot as well as musk). Furthermore, once you blow it out, it leaves an after-smell that's very similar to Flannel. Anyhoo, MaM is very woody (think inside of a cedar chest) and resinous smelling with a hint of something musky with just a small hint of warm and spicy pepper that hits you nose last. With all that said, si  señors y señoritas, this does smell like a cologne; in fact, it smells like the type of cologne that my bf wears - he likes woody and spicy fragrances.

As far as I know, the testing Destination candles did not come with matching wf bulbs so I had to mix and match. Since I was positive that it smelled like Villa Bergamot, I paired MaM with a VB wf bulb.

So yeah, MaM is kinda blah. It definitely smelled better if not a little sexier on cold throw..once lit, no so much. I don't blame BBW for not releasing this wide. I could definitely see where they going with this scent - something sexy and spicy and old world smelling to capture the vibrancy of Madrid, but it just didn't work. Honestly, for those of you who were at some point intrigued, don't be! I don't regret buying it by any means but I definitely not in love with it and am ready to move on. Adiós y vaya con Dios!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM : Island Margarita (part deux)

Product: candle and wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: May - June

The scent of a classic poolside cocktail - notes of mandarin, sweet mango and plum with a freshly salted rim

I'm not gonna say much about this one as I already did a review about it last year...


It's the same IM that we know and love...it's one of my all time favs and well as a staple late spring/early summer scent. It doesn't so much smell like a margarita as it does a premade margarita mix/syrup. It also smells like tropical green Starburts.

There's not much to report. The flames were high, it gave a good throw and the wax pool was always deep and even, so there ya go!

The wf bulbs this year were a little strange. As y'all probably know wf bulbs after various lengths in time go stale, this either lessens the strength of the throw or changes the scent entirely. The latter happened with my IM bulbs. After it scent smelled even less than a margarita and more like green tea with mango. It doesn't stink but still kinda strange.

Anyhoo, if you like your scents super sweet and not a slime-y or tangy, go with this. But if you want a more authentic lime margarita scent (and I never thought I'd ever say this) but go with Yankee's version, Margarita Time.

WALK N' SNIFF: Coastal Cool

So I got tempted by the recent Mother's Day inspired 2for22 sale and made a trip with my bf to GSP. I wanted to stock up on some Peach Cilantro Twist candles but alas there were non to be bought. So I decided to take the opportunity to resniff and reassess the Coastal Cool candles. I'll go from most liked to least liked.

Coastal Sun
This was honestly without a doubt the ONLY CC candle that my bf and I actually liked. It's very citrusy, like a very sweet candy like orange-lemony blend..think Starburst. It also kinda reminds me of Sunny Delight. It's a very bright and happy scent for the summer.

* Touchthefiretwice said that this is a repackage of an old summer scent called Citrus Flower.

Beach Day
This one was a little interesting. Everybody that has reviewed this candle all have the same thing to say about it (and I have to agree)...it smells like a specific and familiar men's cologne but I don't know exactly which one. It's one of the more watery aqua type scents - think something along the lines of Cool Waters or Azzaro's Chrome (one of my favorite colognes). It's watery with a lemony kick and just a hint of musk. It's a nice scent for the bathroom or bedroom.

Turquoise Waters
I'm 99.9% sure that this is a repackage of an old spring/summer scent from '12 called Sea Spray. Like Beach Day, it's fresh watery scent..more so than Beach Day. It has that aqua-like melon\cucumber kick mimicking the wateriness/freshness/saltiness of the sea, a little bit of citrus to perk it and sandalwood/musk round it up and even it out. It's like Oceanside but a 100% times better!

Palm Leaves
This is yet another repackage of a scent from the same line as Sea Spray called White Palm. Again, it's another fresh scent although one is more lush and green. The aloe note hits your nose immediately followed by the palm note. And the agave kind of sweetens the blend up a bit. It kinda makes me think of being some place like Miami and walking past someone's palm tree garden. It's nice but nothing exciting.

Sunset Beach
For all y'all sweetie lovers out there who are anti-fresh, this is as good as it's gonna get. It's very fruity in candy-like way, like Bubbalicious bubblegum. It kinda reminds me of Rio Glow from the Destination line...it may even be a repackage/repackage with a twist. It kinda has a fruity popsicle/slushie/snowcone/snowball vibe to it. The problem s that cold throw is soooooooo light to the point of being almost non-existent. You have to take a huge wick inhaling whiff to get any semblance of a scent.

Endless Weekend
BBW threw e’rybody a curve ball by releasing this candle based on the upcoming body care of the same name, which from a marketing standpoint is a smart move. I wanted to like it just for that reason but honestly I was unimpressed. At the risk of sounding a little misogynistic, I'm not a big fan of feminine smelling scents which this definitely is. With that said I could see how it could be really popular. Does it smell like the actual body care? I can't answer that; honestly I tend to ignore body care when I'm in the store so I dunno.

Eucalyptus Mint & Waves
Really BBW, REALLY?! WTF?! First you tell us it's supposed to smell like rain then y'all bring it back in the summer saying it's supposed to remind us of a sunny day then you bring it back this spring again saying it's supposed to smell like rain and now it's back like a cold sore only this time it's supposed to smell a tidal wave. On top of all that you change the name from Perfect Wave to this generic sounding name further proving y'alls laziness. Come on...a) we're not stupid or desperate and b)y'all can do better than this. Plus there's already two watery smelling scents, did we need another?! Totally unnecessary!


Ocean Driftwood
Again, REALLY?! This is just Mahogany Teakwood renamed or as I like to say, it has been "Black Tie'd". It's not even worth talking about. Again, unnecessary!

The store also had the two scents that didn't go wide...

You would think that this would be a repackage of the old Suntan aka Poolside but it is not. According to TTFT, this is a repackage of an ol school scent called Beachside. Honestly, I like this more than Poolside. Even though it was a hit in the past, I was in the minority of folks that didn't like it; it just smelled too much like an actual legit suntan lotion. This Suntan smells less suntany and more beachy and spa-like if that makes sense. Its almost like jazzed up, slightly citrusier version of White Sands from the old Boardwalk line. Why this didn't go wide is beyond me!

Pacific Coast Highway
When I first heard about this one, I was excited cuz it sounded like it would be a cologney mandle (which it is) And TTFT described it ad a mix of Oakmoss & Vetiver and Verbena Waters, two favorite scents of mine. With that said, I was super intrigued. Then I smelled it awhile back in the store and resmelled it again this time. *sigh. It honestly smells like a man's hairy sweaty armpit that he just rolled deodorant on. There's something sharp and off putting that's very similar to man funk and I can't say I like it.

All T all shade, as a whole I'm a little unimpressed with this line. As a concept, it's cute in theory but in execution it leaves much to be desired. I love the frosted colored jars but hate the flimsy awkward plastic lids. And the scents, while nice, are nothing exciting or new. Furthermore, they're all sooooooo friggin light on cold throw that I can only assume they'll have  light warm throws once lit. Methinks I'm gonna pass on these candles (I don't really burn candles a whole lot in the summer anyway) although here are a few scents I that I may consider purchasing in wf bulb form. All I can say to sum everything up is....I'm ready for fall!

NEWNESS UPDATE: June Semi Annual Sale "Blasts from the Past"

First off, let me apologize for being MIA. With the move, and getting my apartment together and job searching...I've been super busy. Plus besides my Summer Sips and a few other, I haven't burned any other candles nor have I bought any; I decided to abstain and not buy anything til SAS...

With that said, as y'all know SAS is right around the corner, in about 3-4 weeks to be exact. Also as y'all know, BBW releases special sets of old school blas from the past candles, ie last summer BBW released old fall bakery candles, ie Caramel Apple, Apple Crumble, Homemade Cookie etc. And this summer's SAS is no different.

So this coming SAS, BBW will be releasing....

I'm kinda excited! This was really fun line of scents. However I highly doubt that people begged for this particular line to reappear for SAS but rather BBW simply wanted to get rid of them from their warehouse but whatevs. A few scents from this line has made the rounds, ie Beach Cabana, Oceanside and Summer Boardwalk..oh, and Seashore aka Renew&Frefresh. But the others have faded into obscurity...until now!

So the candles that we will be seeing....

Summer Boardwalk ...E'RYBODY'S FAVORITE!
Ice Cream Shop - vanilla, cherry, toffee, almond (sugarcane and peach?)
Beach Grass - dewy greens, palmetto grass, white freesia
White Sands - grapefruit, sandalwood, coconut milk, jasmine
Saltwater Taffy - vanilla cream, strawberries, cherries
Suntan - (aka Poolside/Sunny St Tropez) orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk

No Rootbeer Float (which I never got to smell but I heard that it's kinda funky, not in a good way)
And Beach Cabana and Oceanside are still available in the Tropical/Beach line and Seashore aka Renew&Refresh I believe is only available in wf bulb and roomspray form only

I'm sure the sweetie lovers out there will go nuts for Salt Water Taffy and Ice Cream Shop. And Summer Boardwalk will fly off the shelves. As for me, I personally have my eyes of Beach Grass and White Sands as I love me some fresh scents.

Oh and of course BBW will be bringing back ol school fragrances, including one of the few FFMs that I actually like, Dark Kiss.

So yeah, get excited!!!