RANT OF THE DAY: New Notes. Same Candle

Gone are the days of long superfluous verbose narratives of BS disguised as note descriptions on the bottom of the candles. Starting this fall, the descriptions were whittled down to bare minimum. However, the notes given in some cases are still seemingly untrustworthy; BBW has always played very loosy-goosy with the notes and the simple notes we have now are no exception. Still for the most part there are small diamonds of truth buried in crap. Often times, especially with older Slatkin era scents, the notes seem at first glance inconsistent if not erroneous. Sometimes with these scents, BBW picks out notes that used to be mentioned or weren't ever mentioned at all to use in the new description which often leads folks (*cough cough newbies) to utter confusion. So many times I've seen people post on Instagram that they were confused about the new notes and wondered if it were a new or tweaked scent...


What you see on the bottom of candle is NOT all that is in the fragrance blend; there are lots of notes that aren't mentioned. Much like a perfume or cologne, there are top, middle and base notes. There is more to what you see and sniff

Let's say you're ordering spaghetti and meatballs at a restaurant - on the menu it says "spaghetti and meatballs" but you know you're not just getting noodles with unseasoned meat covered in tomatoes out of a can. There's a cooking process with all kinds of herbs and spices and oils and cheeses that all come together to a delicious meal.

Well, it's the same with candles!

So backintheday, Slatkin was a little more honest with his notes and if people were turned off by a certain note..oh well, f*** em! Since his departure, BBW has definitely playing the marketing game and picking out notes that sounds more appealing to your average customers with less discerning noses and fragrance knowledge...which leaves us true candle connoisseurs and especially reviewers at a major disadvantage. We can't rely or trust the over-elaborated or straight up made up notes that are given and we smell hidden notes that aren't at all mentioned.

For shits and giggles, I myself like to research old Slatkin era candles and find the original notes. As a fragrance nerd who is intrigued with notes and blends, I find it fascinating to read the old notes for scents and compare them to notes given now to the same scents that have returned. That said, here's a little list of some classic and popular returning scents and their now hidden notes...

Chestnut & Clove...or rather Winter Cabin's original notes were fir, cypress, clove bud, bitter orange, sweet black cedar and incense

Tis the Season..or rather Holiday Wreath used to mention added notes of brown sugar and walnuts

Winter used to also mention notes of cedarwood , fir balsam, bay leaf and cinnamon

The original notes for Fireisde were birch, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and amber   

Frosted Cranberry had notes of vanilla, pink currant, apples and strawberry 

Back when Autumn Day first appeared as Acorn & Fig, the notes were apricot, pear, fig, birchwood and sandalwood 

The Slatkin era notes for Pomegranate Lemonade were gorgeous - pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon zest, rose petals, sheer woods and citron

Did you know that Island Margarita had notes of blue iris, sandalwood, plum and tangelo in the mix?

The popular Coconut Leaves used to mention cocnut milk, papaya, tangerine and vanilla 

This fall Autumn's notes re-mention eucalyptus and fig and alternates between mentioning or leaving out cedarwood and fir balsam

Cranberry Woods routinely leaves out raspberry, cedarwood and amber

Spring leaves out tulips and daisies

Did you know that Fresh Balsam has apple in it? It seems to be the only note they leave out

Evergreen has lately re-mentioned the mint note but leave out the clove and white birch

The notes for Leaves tends to leave out mandarin and sometimes berries

Coastal Sun is a repackage of Citrus Flower and it's notes were meyer lemon, sparkling mandarin, orange flower, jasmine and verbena

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake is a repackage of Brown Butter Praline with notes of brown sugar caramel, praline, shortbread, fresh cream  

Back when it was still known as Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving used to mention butter

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: The Bronzeblogger Fallgasm Tag

Favorite part about fall?
Burning fall candles

Favorite fall month?
September, it is my birthday month after all

Favorite Starbucks drink?
PSL all the way...though I'm also partial their Caramel Apple Spice drink

Favorite fall treat?
Donuts, especially Cider donuts from farmer's markets. I also love Dunkin Donut's pumpkin donut and last year's Pumpkin Cheesecake Square

Favorite bbw candle?
Leaves all the way

Favorite Yankee candle?
It's a toss up between Autumn Leaves, Harvest and Nature's Paintbrush. I also like November Rain

Favorite fall soap?
I used to love Warm Apple Cider from backintheday. I also liked Weekend Apple Picking which is also gone and forgotten. Nowadays my jam is Crisp Morning Air

Favorite fall activity?
Going to farmer's markets and fall festivals

Fondest fall memory?
Going to my friend's farm in the woods in Pennsylvania
Going apple picking for the first time last year

Favorite fall tunes?
Origa's album from the 90s, Illusia
Sailor Moon live action musical soundtrack "The Forest of Transylvania"

Favorite Halloween costume?
Barack Obama the day before the election

Favorite Halloween movie?
Definitely Hocus Pocus. I've watched it religiously ever year since I was a kid

Favorite Halloween candy?
Milky Way Midnight

Hayride or haunted house?
I have never been on a hayride before. And I loathe haunted house

Cornmaze or pumpkin patch?
I hate getting lost, so cornmaze is out. Pumpkin patch by default

Halloween or Thanksgiving?
I do enjoy Thanksgiving but I'm gonna have to go with Halloween; any excuse to dress up in costume and drink

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Apple pie all the way. I like pumpkin pie, but only around Thanksgiving

Apple cider or hot cocoa?
Cider, preferably hard. I really only drink hot cocoa in winter after the holidays


Products: candle   
Area used in:  ?
Time Period: ?

Description: Sugared Spruce, Crisp Winter Mint, Green Pine, Frosted Lavender

So my gurl Jen S @theshow78 once again hooked me up again!

So, with the exception of Hot Cocoa and Cream, this was really the only new scent in the upcoming holiday lineup that I had my eyes on. I had been talking about it with her and Josh aka TouchtheFireTwice who both had it and loved it. Jen was worried that it might not go wide and she really wanted me to have it so she graciously and thoughtfully sent me.

So when most of us first saw this candle on social media and read the notes, we all assumed it was a repackage of that beloved one hit wonder Snow Day... NOPE!

Then there's that "frosted lavender" note..could it be a repackage of or similar to Peace ~ Iced Vanilla ? Again, big ol NOPE!

As far as I know, this could possibly be a new scent... *faints

So it's easy to write this off as just a piney scent but it's so much more complex than it sounds. You get a sweet blue spruce note that's very reminiscent to Snow Day. Add to that warm resinous Evergreen-esque pine notes. The mint is definitely a sweet spearmint variety that gives the blend an almost very Doublemint gum vibe. The lavender is very faint; you really have to huff to get it. The note is right in the middle of being astringent a la French Lavender and sweet and floral a la Paris ~ Lavender Macaron.

Now lets get really in depth. My nose is definitely picking up notes that aren't listed. There's a smooth creaminess to the blend...sandalwood maybe. And there are more herbal notes hanging out in the background other than spearmint and lavender. One note than I think might be in this is a rosemary; rosemary is often used in pine scents (Merry Mistletoe) and is combined with either mint or lavender scents (Lavender Linens). There's also a bright piquant herbal note lurking around. It could be a hint of bayleaf which, like rosemary, is often used to holiday piney scents (Winter). And/or it could also be a hint of thyme...which I'll talk about that in a sec. Lastly, TTFT mentioned in his review vid that he picked up a "frozen melon" note similar to Fresh Frozen Snow. I picked that up to; there is something fresh and wet that adds to the coolness of this blend besides the mint. That said, I wonder if this scent is a repackage with a twist of/similar to/shares basenotes with a now forgotten Slatkin era scent called Honeydew & Thyme..which most agreed backintheday that it smelled like Doublemint gum.

In conclusion, I'd be lying if I say I wouldn't be thrilled if WM&S were a repackage of Snow Day or a repackage with a twist of Peace. However, I am glad the scent turned out to be something different and I appreciate it for it's uniqueness and complexity. I like to think of this scent as a mature, sophisticated, higher end version of SD - SD for grownups. I think folks will like this one. It's of the same fresh cool day outdoors vibe as Fresh Balsam or Sweater Weather or Autumn. It's a decent scent for the holidays and you can keep burning it straight on past New Years thru the rest of wintertime. Fingers crossed this candle goes wide!

RANT OF THE DAY: A Candle for each Month

A fellow candle enthusiast made an interesting post in IG - what candles do you associate with the 12 months of the year? It made me think, "hmmm, what would I choose?" Most of what I picked were more based on attached memories or invoked moods as opposed to scents that are must have burns (of which there are only 3)

January - Winter 

I've talked about this before - this scent always reminds me of when my bf and I started dating after New Years. Well Winter is more of holiday scent in my opinion, because it is crisp and fresh, you can keep this scent going past mid-winter

New Year's - Champagne Toast

February - Merry Mistletoe

While this has always been marketed as a Christmas scent, MM always strike me as a late winter scent. I think its the combination of winter fruits with piney notes. MM does have an old-fashioned antique like festive feel to it which works perfectly in February as it's Carnival/Mardi Gras time back home in NOLA

Valentine's Day - Pink Petal Tea Cake

Mardi Gras - Paris ~ Pink Champagne

March - Spring
By time March arrives, I am sick of winter scents. Spring is a perfect scent to usher in...well, Spring. It's fresh and dewy and green and there's just a hint of floral that isn't powdery or perfumey

St Patrick's Day - Green Grass

April - Garden Party

This spring in full bloom in jar . Even though where I am, it's still cold and possibly snowing, this sniffing this candy makes me feel like I'm surrounded by bountiful lush roses

Easter - Paris ~ Lavender Macaron

May - Island Margarita

By May I'm over florals and am ready from summery tropical fruity goodness. Although at this point, I'm kinda over this scent, it still always puts me in the mood for a cocktail

Cinco de Mayo - Lime Granita Margarita

June - Coastal Sun
Truly summer in a jar. It's such fun bright and sunny scent. Always puts in the mood to b out in the sun on the beach. It's the perfect to start off summer

July - Southern Sweet Tea

This scent always makes me long for the hot humid summer days back home

Independence Day - Warm Apple Pie

August - Seaside Escape

Well it's the dog days of summer, which I hold onto greedily because before I know, it's gonna back to being cold again. This scent is so lush and refreshing and cools you down on those blisteringly hot end of summer days

September - Leaves
FALL IN A FRIGGIN JAR! It's not even up for debate, as soon it's September, whether it's still hot or sweater weathery , I have to have this scent around. This scent makes me want jump into the fall season like a kid jumping into a pile of...LEAVES

October -  Cranberry Woods

While most people are heavy into pumpkin scents around this part of fall, I'm all about cranberry. CW always struck me as perfectly capturing this time of fall - it's crisp, dark and mysterious like a walk in a spooky forest on dark autumn night

Halloween - Pumpkin Carving

November - Harvest Gathering

Let's be real..HG is a little on the basic and generic side...but there's no denying that it has a quintessential late fall vibe to it. It smells like the harvest..sprinkled with cinnamon. And it has the autumn trifecta in it - apple, cranberry and pumpkin..what more can you ask for?

Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Pie

December - Evergreen

If this scent doesn't put you in the mood to decorate your Christmas tree, I dunno what would?

Christmas - Tis the Season

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Future Fall Collections

OK BBW, it's painfully clear that you guys are in a slump. Never fear, the Bronze Blogger is here. Here are some ideas right off the type of my head...

Ok, so you need to a good summer to fall transitional collection. Th Cork & Vine collection in '15 was cute in theory, this year's Cider & Vine is just random and all over the place. Let's just let that collection die in peace. I've said it before and I'll say again, you guys need to have a summer fair collection to bridge the gap from summer to fall.

Let's call it... "Autumn County Fair" or "Fun Fall Festival"

There are so many scents that would work in this collection

  • Bring back Funnel Cake and actually have a candle for it
  • Cotton Candy
  • Apple Crumble
  • Apple Ale 
  • Summer Boardwalk
  • Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
  • Harvest Peach (but call it "Peach Cobbler)
  • Caramel Apple
  • Pumpkin Banana Muffin 
  • Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake

And speaking of pumpkin..can yall PLEASE stop with the all pumpkin collections? We've had 4 years back to friggin back of nothin but pumpkin..and most of the scents in this collection either don't smell like pumpkin or have actual pumpkin notes. This year was the worst offender of scents not having pumpkin in them - Pumpkin Woods...Pumpkin Fireside..really BBW? Let's give pumpkin a break and have instead of a collection inspired by pumpkin's overshadowed autumnal brethren..APPLE!

Let's call it..."An Apple a Day"

There are soooooo many applelicious scents to choose from...

  • Autumn Apple
  • Caramel Apple
  • Apple Crumble
  • Cider Lane/Warm Caramel Cider
  • Farm Apple Cookie
  • Pumpkin Apple
  • Cider Donuts
  • Apple Ale
  • Applewood Bonfire
  • Red Radiant Maple
  • Apple Pumpkin Pancakes
  • Warm Apple Pie

And notice that ALL of these have actual APPLE NOTES!

And there are so many other new apple scents that play around with..

Apple Butter, Apple Ginger Cupcake, Cran-apple Tart, Apple Crumbcake, Apple Peanut Butter Cookies, Apple Spice Tea, Apple Raisin Cinnamon Roll, Walnut Apple Cluster...

..which segues nicely to my next idea. Wouldn't it be nice to have an fall version of Sweet Shoppe?

Let's call it "Autumn Cafe"

Just a nice simple collection of autumnal gourmand scents you'd find in an upscale bakery

  • Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts
  • Apple Crumble
  • Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
  • Spiced Pumpkin Cider
  • Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Brandied Pear (Tart?)
  • Vanilla Chai (or Iced Almond Chai)
  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • Blueberry Pumpkin Patch (but call it "Spiced Blueberry Muffin)
  • Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding

Now you guys have been attempting to fancify your image with classy expensive hoity-toity collections, like the Marble collection..yet the scents you choose sort of defeat the purpose. That said, I'd like to see a collection of scents that on typically sees or rather smells in the fall but a little but more high-end. A fancier version of Fresh Picked. Fall scents for adults...

Let's call it "Elegant Harvest"

  • Spiced Cider
  • Brandied Pear
  • Cranberry Harvest
  • Plum Wine Amber
  • Blackberry Bramble Tea
  • Porchside Pumpkin
  • Kitchen Spice
  • Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort

Now finally, how about something for the fellas?! I know you're main demographic are women from teeny-boppers to grandmas but a good portion of us guys, both gay and straight, shop at BBW for OURSELVES! Can a brotha get a candle and body wash that doesn't smell like flowers and cupcakes?! Y'all have "cologney" scents, especially fall ones; why not have a mandle collection with accompanying bodywash and body spray?!

Let's call it ...Men's Signature Collection: "The Great Outdoors"

You've got plenty of options...

  • Black Pepper Bergamot
  • Boathouse Row
  • Flannel 
  • Autumn Sunshine
  • the original Tailgate
  • Mountain Leaves

All are outdoorsy..all are sexy as f***

And notice I did not mention Mahogany Stankwood! Or Bergamot Farters!

Just something to think about BBW..... 

NEWNESS UPDATE: Holiday '16 Test Scents *UPDATED*

Well gang, it's about that time again..test stores are getting in their holiday scents!

So first off, it looks we're getting another expensive fancy-schmancy lidless collection, this time with fall forest theme and wood panel -esque tumblers . Now I'm assuming this is gonna be a transitional collection from fall to winter, it may even be taking the place of last year's Thanksgiving collection but DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT

White Birch - Crisp Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Birchwood (according to my gurl Jenn aka @theshow78, this a total repackage of Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods)

Applewood Spice - Red Delicious Apple, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Stick (possibly a repackage of failed test scent from last winter, Merry ~ Mulled Holiday Cider  )

Golden Amber Oak - Golden Amber, Pink Peppercorn, Black Rose Petals (I got nuthin)

Sunkissed MapleGolden Maple, Smoked Caramel, Roasted Chestnuts, Teakwood (Enchanted Woods? Bonfire Maplewood?)

Returning scents include Woodland Forest and Sandalwood & Suede

Now let's get to the real deal, the holiday scents. So the first collection seems to be main collection and a mix of old and "new" scents; mainly gourmand scents with a few conceptual ones thrown

Spiced Gingerbread - Spiced Gingerbread, Vanilla Icing, Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar, Fresh Ground Nutmeg (I'm assuming this is Gingerbread/Frosted Gingerbread from the Slatkin days)

Hot Cocoa & Cream - Decadent Milk Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mini Marshmallow (updated refined version of Slatkin's Hot Chocolate candle)

Snowflakes & Citrus - Frozen Lemon Peel, Fresh Squeezed Tangerine, Winter White Mango, Sugared Snow Crystals (so based on the name, you would think this was Dashing thru the Snow from last winter but then these notes throw you for a loop. Give up? It's Midnight Blue Citrus! WTF BBW?! And wtf is winter white mango?! I just can't!)

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes  (I heard from the grapevine that this is a repackage of..wait for it...Pumpkin Caramel Latte!)

Returning scents include Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Marshmallow Fireside, Twisted Peppermint, Evergreen, Flannel, Tis the Season

The next collection is a group of more outdoorsy winter woodsy conceptual scents

Winter Mint & Spruce - Sugared Spruce, Crisp Mint, Green Pine, Frosted Lavender (soooo many of candlefans were hoping this would be the grand return of Snow Day  ... no such luck, It's a new scent that's very reminiscent of Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods

Chestnut & Birch - Roasted Chestnut, Caramel Sea Salt, Fireside Woods, Birch Bark (I thought maybe Caramel Woods but nope. Then maybe Pumpkin Fireside...again nope. The general consensus is that this a reworking of either Chestnuts Roasting.) 

Cinnamon Pinecone - Cinnamon Bark, Fresh Pine, Aromatic Cedar, Juniper  (Welcome ~ Spiced  Autumn Wreath/ Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone all the way)

Sparkling Woods - Amber Wood, Winter Pear, Sparkling Bergamot, White Patchouli (yyeaahh...I got nuthin! Sounds like a girlygirl signature bodycare scent)

Returning scents include Winter, Spiced Apple Toddy, Sweater Weather, Vanilla Snowflake, Fresh Balsam, Mahogany Balsam, Frosted Cranberry, Fresh Sparkling Snow)

And of course, there has to be New Years party collection

Winter Rose - Soft Rose Petal, Pink Peppercorn, White Cedarwood, Luxe Sandalwood (attention BBW, putting "winter" in the name DOES MAKE A CANDLE A WINTER SCENT! This also has the same notes as the aforementioned Golden Amber Oak..hmmm...possible repackage of Majestic Rose)

Berry Vanilla Bean - Winter Berries, Ruby Red Pomegranate, Lush Vanilla Bean, Twist of Mandarin (similar to Blueberry Twist but not a repackage. How is this a friggin holiday candle?!)

Holiday Sparkle - Bright Sparkling Water, Sugared Citrus, Wintertime Jasmine, Creamy Sandalwood (repackage of Bergamot Waters...I just CAN'T!)

Holly Berry Balsam - Winter Cranberry, Snow-kissed Citrus, Blue Spruce, Fir Balsam (repackage of Merry Mistletoe..why rename this?!)

Celebrate - Warm Mulled Cider, Cinnamon Stick, Clove Buds, Christmas Clementine (watered down version of Tis the Season but without pine )

Returning scents include Peach Bellini, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, Black Tie, Champagne Toast

Lastly the winter additions to the Core collection

Peach Meringue - Fresh Peach Nectar, Golden Apricot, Juicy Nectarine, Whipped Vanilla (straightup Market/Georgia Peach...facepalm)

Vanilla Balsam - Balsam Fir Branches, Frosted Vanilla, Snowcapped Pine, Freshcut Cedarwood (so this is not Snowflakes and Spruce from last year, thank gawd. This could possibly be a new scent)

Winter Cedar - Frosty White Cedarwood, Smoked Suede, Wintry Air (this could a renamed version of this fall's Sandalwood and Suede but this also could be a repackage of Vanilla Cedarwood from '13)

Returning scents include Silver Pine & Cedar, Fireside, Sparkling Icicles, Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Fresh Balsam, Merry Cookie, Peppermint Marshmallow, White Gardenia (wtf?!!!) 

I hate being a Negative Nancy, but goddamn this is a pretty awful lineup. I thought last winter was bad but this year takes the cake! Clearly BBW is out of ideas; so many headscratch facepalm inducing choices..Winter Rose, Maple Cinnamon Pancakes..dafuq?! Repackages of Bergamot Waters, Market Peach, and Midnight Blue Citrus...really BBW? Just too much wtf-ery going on! Flat out blatant laziness and pandering to the basic bitches of America! Obviously BBW doesn't want my money for Christmastime and I'm ok with that; my bank account will be breathing a huge sigh of relief this holiday season

For pics of all of these candles, check out @theshow78, @iambored24 and @duchessofwax on Instagram

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Leafy and Marbley Collection (and what I'd replace em with)

Ok, can we all agree that both of these collections are random as f***?! Seriously, what was the thought process of picking scents to put in these two collections? Was there a thought process at all cuz it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. Just random ass scents thrown together all higgledy-piggledy and helther skelter. Any sense of cohesiveness and flow was thrown completely out of the window. And to distract folks from realizing how basic the chosen scents were, they gilded the proverbial lily with mercury decopage and faux marble glass. And speaking of marble glass..to further add insult to injury, BBW has the sheer audacity and unmitigated gall to charge 29.50...


Let's talk about the leafy candles... So Heirloom Apple smells like pear candy, Caramel Woods is basically Salted Caramel without oak instead of salt, Leaves is already in another collection, Autumn Sky is lame as hell and Chestnut & Clove is lovely, it is not/never has been/never will be a fall scent. Here is what they should've done instead...

They should've taken these 5 scents out of their respective collections and put them together instead. It just makes sense; the collection is supposed to be classy scents that captures the very essence of fall..what better scents that does that than these?! These are all classic fall scents that everyone loves and adores - why not put them altogether in a package deal? This autumnal quintet could've served as a tribute to not just fall but to Slatkin's genius - some throwback nostalgia!

Or could've taken some one hit wonders from backintheday and given them all a second chance...

Applewood Bonfire instead of Heirloom Apple
Mountain Leaves instead of Autumn Sky
Lavender Caramel instead of Caramel Woods
Apple Garland instead of Leaves
Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath instead of Chestnut & Clove

They're all fall scents with an outdoorsy vibe that just fit better than the ones BBW chose

And now the marble collection...sigh

This is probably the most random boring underwhelming uninspired collection in the history of BBW. With the exception of Black Pepper Bergamot, BBW chose the most lamest overused oversaturated scents ever. This collection is supposed to be high-end and elegant and sophisticated..the scents they chose are anything but. And the one new scent in the bunch isn't all that great.  Here's what they've should've chosen instead...

Black Pepper Bergamot can stay, of course!
Porchside Pumpkin instead of Harvest Gathering
Forest Trail instead of Woodland Forest
Bonfire Maplewood inStead of Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow
Boathouse Row instead of Bergamot Waters
The original Tailgate instead of Mahogany Stankwood

Again, these just make more sense. They're all fall scents, they're all outdoorsy, they're all high-end, and they're all one hit wonders deserving of a second chance.

Come the eff on BBW, y'all have to get y'alls proverbial s*** together, like NOW!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: "Leafy" and "Marbley" Collections

I was out running errands and stopped by Starbucks to get my first PSL of the season (cuz in my mind fall has officially started) and BBW was right down the street so I decided to see if they had anything new. Sure enough they had all 5 of the mercury modpodge candles. And much to my surprise (and indifference) they had all of the marble candles as well...

Heirloom Apple - *said in my best Linda Richman Coffee Tawk voice "Heirloom Apple" is neither an heirloom or an apple, discuss!" I get straightup green pear...more to the point, I get a pear that is extremely similar to Prickly Pear Sugarcane. It's smells like PPSC with a basic generic marshmallow...which first of all, enough with the friggin marshmallow already! Secondly, wtf does marshmallow have to do with heirloom apples?! I guess in BBW's world, heirloom apples smell like Laffy Taffy-esque candy. Overall this scent is mediocre at best and totally misnamed

Caramel Woods - again..yet another candle with an overused oversaturated frangrance note to appease the basic bitches of America. Much in the same way I was indifferent to Heirloom Apple because
of that marshmallow note, I am indifferent to CW because of the caramel. Now everyone and their grandma has been saying that it's an unbashed straightup repackage of Salted/Salty Caramel..and I can definitely see why they would say that. However they are all WRONG! It is NOT Salted/Salty Caramel..at least not exactly. CW has the base notes of SC with extra stuff. Take SC, remove the salt and the nuttiness and add a slight hint of oak and possibly mahogany and you have CW. Very unnecessary scent!

Autumn Sky - ...... next!

Leaves - why is Leaves in two different collections? BBW has been doing that for years and I never understood why.

Chestnut & Clove - Attention BBW...Chestnut & Clove is not a fall scent. I repeat...CHESTNUT & CLOVE IS NOT A FALL SCENT!!!

Moving right along to the Marble collection..

Woodland Forest - when I heard there was a non basic bitchy non-bakery non-spiced outdoorsy woodsy grassy scent, I was ever so slightly intrigued...until I smelled it. Typically I tend to enjoy scents of this nature but I wasn't really feeling this one. It does smell woodsy and grassy and treebark-y with maybe a little bit of moss but underneath that is a distinct cologney bergamot note..which again, I typically like but the combination just didn't appeal to me. WF is a little bipolar - is it a cologney scent or it an outdoors scent? It doesn't know and neither do I.

Bergamot Waters - BBW has a really bad habit of desperately pushing scents into seasons where they don't belong. I admit, I fell for the hype when they repackaged this as "Lakeside Sunrise" last fall (though I ended up bring it back to the store to exchange). That said, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. BW IS NOT/NEVER HAS BEEN/NEVER WILL BE A FALL SCENT! Furthermore, please stop trying to make BW a thing, it ain't all that...let it die and fade into obscurity!

Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow - so you have a forest themed collection that's supposed to be high end and fancy with sophisticated woodsy blends...and that said, you decide to add Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow to the mix... Really BBW, really?!

Harvest Gathering smells the same, albeit a little sweeter. Mahogany Stankwood, like a cold sore, is back despite no one wanting it back. And my bae, Black Pepper Bergamot is back but smells as watered down as the spring WB core version.

As a whole, both collections are a bust and a completewaste of time and effort. Agin, here is BBW catering to basic bitches and putting more emphasis on the look of the candles instead of the scents themselves.

Just warning yall out there, for those of you interested in the leafy candles, they look much prettier online than they do in person. In real life, they look very cheap and borderline tacky.

And the marbley collection... the scents are random at best and don't fit the woodlandtheme at all, there are no lids despite everyone complaining about lidless candles, they have less wax and the burn time is still short as hell...yet they're priced at $29.50 for the sole reason that the tumblers are shrinkwrapped in marble casing, probably from images they searched for on Google. BBW..real talk..GTFOH with that nonsense!