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Products: candle
Area used in:  living room (weekends only)
Time Period: June - July

Description: Treat yourself to a fragrance that combines two of the best treats -a margarita and a cupcake - Freshly squeezed lime, tequila and a delicious cake topped with buttercream

So as soon as I heard about this bad boi, I was super intrigued as I LOVE lime scents. Sadly it was a White Barn exclusive with no sign of it going wide. I had to satisfy my growing curiousity. I made several bids on Evil-bay only to lose every single one. Eventually it take it as a sign that me obtaining this unicorn candle was not meant to be....until that is I got a heads up that a certain test store was once again doing phone orders. As soon as there's was a 2for24 sale, I ordered this as well as my first Bowties & Bourbon (when that too was a WB exclusive). I will admit, I wasn't entirely sold when I sniffed it for the first time but once I lit, I found myself really enjoying it.

Performance-wise, it was sh…