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NEWNESS UPDATE: Yay, More Tropical Candles...*UPDATED*

As if this spring couldn't get any more boring and unexciting, it seems we're getting another collection..a collection so lame and uninspired that it didn't even test. And yes, it's of course a yet another tropical beach themed collection. And no BBW is taking us to Hawaii or Fiji or Tahiti or another vaguely South Seas/Polynesian locale, nope it's just "Paradise". And just based on the chosen scents and the look of the collection as a whole, if that's "paradise", hunny I'll gladly stay in Jersey!

So first of all, the collection itself just looks sooooooo cheap and ugly. They all have painted on palm leaves in various colors and few of them have gold labels with the scent name scrawled across. The overall effect just comes across very TJMaxx/Marshalls/Homegoodes-ish.

Secondly, with the exception of one, the scents are kinda blah. At the moment, new scents include...

Sea Grass - Sweet Island Sugarcane, Rustling Sea Grass, Sparkling Clear W…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Upcoming Spring "Newness" *UPDATED*

I dunno about y'all but I've been very very bored with BBW lately. Besides bodycare crap, there has been no home fragrance buzz - a bitch needed news of newness. But lo and behold, newness started popping up on social media...which on the one hand is exciting cuz things have kinda stagnant at BBW but on the other stuff that's heading our way is kinda blah

So as you may (or may not know) there's gonna be an American inspired Destination collection with candle for each state with a WB store. At the moment there are 4...
New York ~ The Big Apple (I'm assuming this that stank boring Farmstand Apple, though it could be Autumn/Gingham Apple, no has said what it is yet)Texas ~ The Lonestar State (this is the 2nd version of Tailgate aka Mad About Madrid)California ~ The Golden State (this is Suntan aka Poolside)Ohio ~ The Buckeye State (straightup Hot Cocoa & Cream)
I dunno if there will be anymore; I'm sure Georgia and DC will probably get one though maybe not. And…

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Marshmallow Fireside (2012)

Products: candle  and wf bulb  
Area used in:  livingroom
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Celebrate the changing season with a warm blend of marshmallows, smoldering woods and creamy vanilla reminiscent of a cozy evening 'round the bonfire

So everyone and their grandma is OBSESSED with this candle and I've never understood why. Anytime I express my indifference for this candle and say anything remotely negative about it, the Marshmallow Fireside mob comes after me with torches and pitchforks. So this year I decided that I was gonna do things differently, be open-minded and try new things. In the spirit of being open-minded, I decided I was gonna force myself try certain scents that everyone loves but I don't. That said I decided that I'd give MF a try and see what I all the hype was about. I went on Ebay and bought the "cheapest" ol school version I could find.

You may be wondering.."hmm, well Bronzeblogger, MF was available in stores in …

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Winter Mint & Spruce and Hot Cocoa & Cream

I do realize it is super late to be reviewing these two as a) neither scent are available in stores and b)some folks aren't burning winter stuff anymore. However I really didn't start burning these two til very recently and this "better late than never" edition is for those folks who haven't gotten around to burning it yet

Products: candle
Area used in:  bathroom and occasionally living room
Time Period: December thru February

Description: Sugared Spruce, Crisp Winter Mint, Green Pine, Frosted Lavender

I won't go too much in depth as I've already written a cold sniff review

The performance for this badboi has been outstanding; tall dancing flames every burn and a deep and even pool. And as you can see from the picture, it is absolutely gorgeous to burn - ambience out the friggin wazoo! The wax melts into this brilliant teal/mint green/aquamarine color and the flames makes glitter on the label sparkle and shimmer - just gorgeous.

My only issue is the thro…

RANT OF THE DAY: In the Beginning ~ Bronzeblogger's Origin Story

I was chatting with my gurl Jenn/@theshow78 about the early days of our BBW obsession and reminiscing about how clueless and naive were back then.

So I first became aware of BBW/Slatkin/White Barn candles back in 2011..probably the very beginning of the BBW candle craze and the genesis of soooooo many amazing scents which sadly only a small handful have stuck around. That said, I didn't buy any...I was strictly a Yankee gurl back then..not that I bought that many of their candles either. Fast forward to 2012 and I have started dating my now partner and he's a Slatkin fan of more normal and sane degree.  He brings me kicking and screaming in a BBW store; I've always resisted as that miasma of fragrance seeping out of the store an into the mall always repelled me. But for the sake of love, I go in and for the first time, I really pay attention to the candles and I'm amazed at the sheer variety of scents; I have an Annie-esque revelation - "I think I'm gonna like…