NEWNESS UPDATE: Upcoming Spring "Newness" *UPDATED*

I dunno about y'all but I've been very very bored with BBW lately. Besides bodycare crap, there has been no home fragrance buzz - a bitch needed news of newness. But lo and behold, newness started popping up on social media...which on the one hand is exciting cuz things have kinda stagnant at BBW but on the other stuff that's heading our way is kinda blah

So as you may (or may not know) there's gonna be an American inspired Destination collection with candle for each state with a WB store. At the moment there are 4...

  • New York ~ The Big Apple (I'm assuming this that stank boring Farmstand Apple, though it could be Autumn/Gingham Apple, no has said what it is yet)
  • Texas ~ The Lonestar State (this is the 2nd version of Tailgate aka Mad About Madrid)
  • California ~ The Golden State (this is Suntan aka Poolside)
  • Ohio ~ The Buckeye State (straightup Hot Cocoa & Cream)

I dunno if there will be anymore; I'm sure Georgia and DC will probably get one though maybe not. And I'm assuming these will only be in WB stores

Also there will be new wf refill additions to the Lattice collection. All of the candles except for Lemon Mint Leaf, Strawberry Mimosa, Watermelon Lemonade, Fresh Cut Lilacs and Sunlit Garden are getting one. Two new candle-less additions are...

Mahogany Cotton (which I've already ranted and raved about this mess)

Rosewater & Ivy (if Garden Party and Winter Rose had a baby, it would be RS&I. It's a new scent and it does smell like intense feminine rosewater with a hint of cooling greens. No word if there will be a candle as well)

Both of these are now online

The next collection we'll see is a vaguely tropical spa day inspired collection with the infamous "ribbed  for your pleasure" tumblers, some of which have already appeared online. This collection will include Coconut Sandalwood, Black Pepper Bergamot, Fresh Bamboo, Rainforest Gardenia and Cotton & Eucalyptus aka Frosty Air...lame. There are 2 "new" scent

  • Sweet Peach & Nectarine - Juicy Peach, Sun-Ripened Nectarine, Sweet Orange (this is a repackage of last year's Malibu ~ Citrus Glow which was itself a repackage of Peach Bellini)
  • Palm Leaves & Mango - Paradise Mango, Palm Fronds, Creamy Coconut Milk, Warm Island Woods (I'm REEEEAAALLLLLLLY  hoping this is Mango Beachwood from back in the day)

In addition to that, there is a relaxing at the beach themed collection and it's kinda beautiful - colored nonfrosted chrome-like glass tumblers, paper lids (grrrr) with nice pretty beach scenes and the (very corny) names of the candles in glittery iridescent letters. As pretty as they look, the scents themselves are really boring and lacklaster. They include pretty much all re-releases
  • The Ocean is Calling ~ Indigo Sky
  • I Need Vitamin Sea ~ Salted White Mango (aka Sundrenched Mango)
  • Beach Daze Always ~ Fresh Bamboo
  • eat.beach.sleep.repeat ~ Coconut Sandalwood
  • Mermaid Vibes ~ Blue Ocean Waves
  • Chase the Sun ~ Tiki Dragonfruit (aka Mango Dragonfruit

There only "new" scent is...
  • Make a Splash ~ Water Lily & Palm - Water Lily Blossom, Banana Flower, Palm Fronds, Orange Neroli (word on the street is this may be a repackage of Cactus Lily from the doomed desert/southwest collection but don't quote me on that)
Finally, as you know every single blessed spring season, BBW takes us on an European vacation to either Italy or France alternating every year. Last year we were in Italy with the incredibly lame Ciao Italy collection so this year we're off to France and gay Paree with "Viva la France" collection! "New" scents are...
  • Merci Paris - Creamy Vanilla, Rich Blackcurrant, Soft Jasmine (it sounds suspiciously like the Black Currant Vanilla aromatherapy scent.  People have been saying that get blackberry instead of blackcurrant so I wonder if it's Slatkin's Black Raspberry Vanilla. It could also be Twinkling Night)
  • Paris Cafe - Rich Roasted Coffee, Sugared Brioche, Vanilla Creme (this may be a repackage of Cafe au Lait from the Slatkin Days)
  • Blushing Pink Rose Petals - Soft Rose Petals, White Cedarwood, Luxe Sandalwood (repackage of Winter Rose)
  • White Peach - Luscious White Peach, French Vanilla, Dewy Ivy (first of all, I dunno what "white peaches" have to do with France but ok. Also it isn't Georgia/Market Peach or French Garden or Springtime in Provence; by all accounts it's a new scent that has a white grape/white wine vibe to it)

Returning scents include French Lavender and Citron Cedarwood

Well I dunno about yall, but I am incredibly underwhelmed though I'm sure my bank account is letting out a huge sigh of relief

For pictures, check out @theshow78, @duchessofwax and @_scentsgalore on IG


  1. THANK YOU! I looooved winter rose and was just searching trying to find out if it was repackaged with another name.


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