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RANDOM POST: My Candle Collection

Here is the candle collection that my bf and I currently own. As you can see it's nothing spectacular or extraordinary. We have a grand total of 22 candles....

1 2011 Winter
2 2012 Tis the Season
1 SAS Apple Crumble
1 SAS Caramel Apple
2 Tuscan Herbs
4 Espresso Bars
1 Lakeside (currently burning in living room)
1 Lakeside Summer vers. of Mahogany Teakwood
2 Boathouse  Row (1 currently burning in bedroom)
1 Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearamint
1 core version of Lavender Vanilla

1 aromatherapy Orange Ginger (my bf ADORES this and is sad that it is no longer being sold)
1 Summertime Soda
1 Oakmoss Vetiver
1 2012 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
1 2012 Spiced Cider

not shown 1.3 oz 1wicks
2 Tis the Season
1 Winter

We're probably not gonna buy candles for awhile. We might get Sea to Santorini or stick with Lakeside as our last scent for the summer. And with fall (and our birthdays) approaching, we gotta save it!

Here is a youtube video talking in depth about this collection. Enjoy!…

BBW RANT OF THE DAY: Fall Scents part deux

BBW is sho nuff bringin their A game this fall! In addition to the usual fan favorites (Leaves, Cranberry Woods, Cider Lane) there is cornucopia of new scents and lines that are going to be tested and hopefully released wide.

First of all it seems that there will be a fall themed Fresh Picked line...which I think is GENIUS!!! And it totally fits, what with the autumn harvest and orchards, etc.

BBW will be bringing back...

Pear - brilliant idea!!! I know when I think of pears, I think of fall not spring. And the scent, with its vanilla sweetness and creaminess, screams autumn!And it seems that we'll be seeing 3 new scents...

Freshed Picked Apple - is this the elusive apple that supposedly supposed to be released in the spring? I'm guessing this is "Gingham Apple"? I don't understand why this is being released since Farmstand Apple is in the release lineup...*sigh I dunnoFresh Picked Blackberry Spice - I'm thinkin blackberry jam or pie fillingFreshed Picked Harvest…


Even though I'm enjoying summertime, I really can't wait for fall. Autumn is truly my favorite season for so many reasons...cooler weather, leaves changing colors, my birthday, my bf's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I also love fall themed fragrances; give me a spicy cinnamon-y apple-y type scent and I'm a happy homo! With that said, fall is when BBW scent-wise really shines!

* sigh Y'know...I think BBW tries a little too hard or sometimes not hard enough during spring and summer...what with all the tropical and fruity stuff. And this year in particular was pretty lackluster

Tropical line - nothing exciting, just the usual fan favorites
Spring line - once again nothing exciting, only two new scents once of which was a hot mess (Lily Pond)
Fresh Picked line- snoresville; not nearly as good as last year
Italian line - kinda interesting but most of the scents were hit and misses
Lakeside Summer line - a lot of hype but wound up bein a bit of a let down


I just want to send a quick thank you to some folks that have been quite supportive in my BBW themed endeavors...

First of all, to Cia from She sent me a very nice email today with all kinds of helpful info for my blog better. She mentioned me on her blog today in a list of both old well known BBW bloggers and newer upcoming ones that she liked. I thought that was all very sweet and I truly appreciated it!

I also wanna thank my three favorite YouTubers...Littleballadeer, Touchthefiretwice and Tinadivalicious. First of all, they totally kickstarted my obsession/addiction to BBW candles with their awesome videos. Also they were very supportive with me starting this blog and encouraged me to start making videos of my own!

And of course my bf for all his support!!!

Once again, thank you all!!!!


I decided to finally make a Youtube video, my very first! Not surprising, Littleballadeer and Touchthefiretwice persuaded me to start making some, so I decided what the heck!

This vid is about my recent SAS haul, nothing too exciting! I have another video about all the candles I have so far so I'll be posting that real soon.

So enjoy!!!

DOUBLE CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Summertime Soda and Oakmoss Vetiver

Summertime Soda Product: candle Area used in: living room Time Period: June – Description: Quench your thirst with a crisp, bubbly fragrance that features a blend of citrus and vanilla topped off with a hint of cherry
So this is one of the few hidden gems that I found during SAS. At first sniff, I didn’t like it. Some people complained that it had a generic lemon cleaner smell and I totally got that.You know how BBW is with lemon scents- it’s either sugary sweet or cleaning product-ish.Then I smelled it again and it smelled different. I found myself really liking it! I got the soda aspect of it; a bubbly fizzy effervescence that kinda tickled my nose. I’ve heard SS compared to like a generic 7-up/Sprite; to me, it smells like Mountain Dew…to be more exact, the cherry flavored Code Red Mountain Dew. The “hint of cherry” is exactly that..a hint. I don’t get vanilla…thank god! (I really don’t know why BBW likes to throw vanilla in EVERYTHING!!!)

*sigh tunneled..Tunneled...TUNNELED! The wick wa…

BBW RANT OF THE DAY: Semi Annual Sadness

Before I say anything, I just wanna say VERY disappointed I was with the sale! And apparently I was far from the only one. Once again, BBW got everybody's hopes up only to let everyone down! It just was not worth it! there weren't too many really good bargains. Okay so 3wick candles were $10-11...whoopdy-friggin-doo!!! That's just a glorified 2 for $22 sale. And I 'm just speakin for myself, but the most of the candles that were discounted were not candles I had any intention on buying! And in my area, there was NOTHING 75% or 90% OFF, not candle-wise! No rare hidden gems, no oldie but goodies but just the same shit that is on the website. I was really hoping to find a Seaspray or Verbena Waters or any discontinued scents for that matter...but no, no such luck. Back to the complaint at hand. The bargains were just shitty... $3 wallflowers, $6 duo packs...once again whoop-dee-doo! And yeah it was cool that BBW brought back old school body care like Juniper Breeze (which…

RANT OF THE DAY: Semi Annual Sale Wishlist

So as everyone knows, BBW's Semi Annual Sale is right around the corner! I for one am very very excited. BBW products at 50-75% off....hell yeah!!! And BBW seems to have sweetened the deal be releasing old school fall-ish bakery scents to further entice us!

There are some things I wanna stock up on.. I want...

As many Espresso Bar candles as I can get (hopefully the Italian line will be on sale)

One Eucalyptus Tea shower gel (if that's not discounted, I'll get a Lemon Zest)

One Midnight Pomegranate spray (as it is getting discontinued)

I also wanna get my hands on....

A Lime Basil anti-bac deep washing hand soap

An Ocean Citrus anti-bac deep washing hand soap

An Ocean Pearl anti-bac deep washing hand soap (even though it's not discounted)

One Apple Crumble candle (even though it tunnels/canyons like crazy)

One Caramel Apple candle

And here is my wish list of things that I hope that I see...

A Black Pepper Bergamot candle

A Seaspray candle and bulb

A Verbena Waters candle

A Cucumber M…

BBW SPOTLIGHT : Pink Sangria

image source: Bath & Body Works

Product: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: June

Description: Hello Pink Cocktail! Enjoy this pretty and refreshing mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple, watery pear and sugared berries

I totally ignored this scent for the longest time; it was just one of those candles that did not jump out at me at all. Because of the rosy pink wax color and sugary sweet fruity notes, I kinda just shrugged this off as a girly girl smell. One day my bf mentioned this candle in passing so I thought I'd give it a sniff. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised so I decided to give it a try.

First of all, before I say anything, this candle is TOTALLY misnamed! This is PINK LEMONADE!!! There's nothing remotely sangria/wine-ish about this at all! It smells like true legit straightup tangy lemonade with crushed berries. Perhaps its the mandarin note that gives this a lemonade-y smell and there's a definite sugared muddled raspberry/blueberry/strawberry note…

RANT OF THE DAY : Double Releases

So BBW has a strange habit of releasing two different versions of the same candle at the same time in different collection...for no reason! Sometimes it's a popular scent, sometimes it's a not so popular scent. Sometimes one candle performs better than the other or they're both equally as disappointing. More often than not, one candle might look and burn better but the throw winds up being much weaker. What's the point of this craziness?! I guess I kinda get the method to their madness from a marketing strategy standpoint; basically it's a contest to see which one customers will gravitate to. However, shouldn't that sort of thing be happening in test stores first? Shouldn't there have a discussion of preference before these candles are released nationwide? It makes absolutely no sense!

Why were there two "Leaves"? Why I ask you, why? It makes no sense. Some said the "white wax" version burned better but the scent was lighter while others …