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NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer 2018 Test Candles

So this past weekend, the latest round of summer scents appeared in test stores (cuz apparently "testing" is happening again). While I'm not a summer scent kinda guy, I must admit some of these look and sound kinda interesting.

So the first group of summer scents have a trip to the pier/walking along the boardwalk vibe. They have a wrap around label with a picture of summer beach scents and the names are typewriter font (yay, BBW must've learned their lesson due to last summer's Time New Roman debacle). At the moment, there are 2 new scents...

Sweet Summer Days ~ Watermelon Ice - Pink Watermelon, Crushed Ice, Watery Cucumber, Sugar Crystals (contrary to what the name and notes may suggest, this actually is NOT Watermelon Lemonade)

Sunkissed ~ Bronze Goddess - Shimmering Sands, Coastal Amber, Rose Gold Wood, Acacia Flower(Black Tea Rose/Golden Amber Oak?! Black Sands?)

Returning scents include Tiki Beach (Eat.Beach.Sleep.Repeat), Suntan (Bikini Weather) White Garden…

NEWNESS UPDATE: The Hawaiian Collection ~ New Latecomers

So normally, I wouldn't really waste any more of your time or mine talking about saying anything more about BBW's ubiquitous Hawaiian collection but I that this was interesting enough to write a post about.

So recently, 2 "new" candles that look like they belong in the Hawaiian collection have been spotted on social media
IG user @t_osu
However very few have seen these two in person and those few could neither describe the scents in detail or confirm if they are repackages
The 2 latecomers are...
Coastal Citrus - Sparkling Bergamot, Sea Salt Crystals, Pink Grapefruit (this could be Coastal Sun aka Citrus Flower which would be fine with me cuz that's my summer jam. It could also be the now forgotten one hit wonder Pomelo Paradise. But knowing BBW's track record of repackaging mildly popular but still underwhelming scents, chances are this is probably a repackage of Capri Citron/Pomelo Citron
Island Chai - Sunwashed Cinnamon, Coconut Milk, Clove Buds & Cardamo…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Test Lab Candles and Hawaiian Candles

So I have recently felt a sensation that I haven't experienced in a very long time - curiousity.

In the past maybe 2-3 years, I sorta went thru the motions with BBW; my visits to the store went down dramatically with the only motivation for said visits was to sniff things for the sake of a review; usually leaving underwhelmed and, more often than not, empty-handed.

But today, for the first time in years, I genuinely and sincerely wanted to step inside a store because there were new creative and unique scents that were worth sniffing.

I decided that I would travel to new WB store that I never knew even existed until recently and even on the long arduous subway ride there, I could feel myself getting more and more giddy with anticipation. I made it safely to my destination and as I stood outside the store, I could feel it almost beckoning to come inside and sniff its scented treasures thus sending me on an olfactoral journey. I was ready to sniff...THE TEST LAB CANDLES!!!

This parti…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Spring 2018 Candles *UPDATED

Ok so have a seat and relax cuz there's a lot to discuss...

Well y'all, it's that time again... every year around this time, we get a beachy, tropical, island getaway, vaguely Hawaiian-ish collection...and this year is no exception.

A First Look mailer was sent out a few nights ago introducing this upcoming tropical floorset with a slew of basic bitchy bodycare, new handsoap with monoi oil  and a set of island getaway inspired candles...which for whatever reason they were making a huge deal about the graphics/labels which honestly weren't just ok but nothing groundbreaking or exciting

So there's 2 new scents in this collection...
Pineapple Sunrise - Juicy Island Pineapple, Crisp Persian Lime, Warm Coconut Musk(from what I've heard, not only is it nice but it's actually new)
Salt Flower - Salt Ocean Air, Coastal Orchids, Golden Sea Rays (Beach Orchid from last summer?)
And there's one "new" scent in wf bulb only..
Island Reef - Eucalyptus Waves, T…