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RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: BBW Candle Inspired Aesthetic Moodboards

I've recently really gotten into aesthetic moodboards lately and have seen some really cool ones for fall, which is quite the popular season to make them for

(If you're into moodbaords, I highly recommend checking out Aesthetics Chaos on Tumblr, her moodboards are GORGEOUS)

Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to make my own inspired by fall candles. So I asked my followers on IG what were some scents they would like to be made into moodboards; the top5 most requested ones would.

After doing the finally tally, the top 5 most erquesed scents were...

1. Leaves 2. Cider Lane 3. Harvest Gathering 4. Autumn Day 5. Pumpkin Apple
So, without further ado, here they are...

Since I was having fun making them, I decided to make some more

RANT OF THE DAY: The Beguiling Bewilderment of Blackberry Tea Leaf

So this candle has caused much consternation throughout social media - the debate being whether not it's a repackage. Most (myself included) are in the no camp while there are a few who stauchly believe that it is. I want to take this time to break down and give my argument about this candle and its supposed origin.

Let's go back to the very beginning  and talk about this badboi.

So for those who don't know, Blueberry Pumpkin Patch was a failed test scent back in 2012. Thanks in part to mainly Tinadivlicious, Littleballadeer and Touchthefiretwice, it receive a cult status amonsgt the then burgeouning candle community who ordered it like crazy over the phone (back when you could call test stores for phone orders). Because of its popularity, it ended up going wide the following year.

Despite what the name suggested, it really didn't smell like blueberries and pumpkins. It smelled very bakery/gourmand, more so when you actually burned it.  Whatever blend they used to rep…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Blueberry Maple Pancakes

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: anytime, in the morning

Description: Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup

I just realized as I sat down to type this that I haven’t written an actual review of candle in ages!

So this candle is soooooooo out of my wheelhouse – as you already know I’m not a bakery fan, I’m not into maple/caramel/butterscotch scents and berry scents in home fragrance are always so hit or mess. Moreover, any scent that gets overhyped on social media makes me immediately suspicious and leery. However, in the spirit of being open-minded, I decided to give it a try and I have to say, I’m glad I did because I’m kinda digging it.

So the burn was less than stellar. The flames started off a little on the stubby side and it would take a few subsequent burns for the flames to act right and start dancing high. For the first 2 burns, it took FOREVER for the pool to finally pool out and there would still be a slight precipice of wax.


RANT OF THE DAY: The Everlasting Enigma of Evening Hearth

Remember awhile back, there was the blue dress/gold dress fiasco? Well Evening Hearth is the candle equivalent - everbody is smelling totally different things with little to NO agreement.

I've heard everything from Cinnamon to Chestnut & Clove to Pumpkin Fireside to Ski Lodge to a spicy version of Evergreen

And while those all sound random AF, I can kinda see where folks are coming from (Evening Hearth ISN'T any of those BTW)

So what can it be?!

Well there are 3 past candles that it's the closest to...

So Autumn Night was a one hit wonder from 2014. Essentially it was Acorn & Fig/Autumn Day with the birch removed and added cinnamon bark and heavy cardamom with a touch of smokiness.

I can tell you with no amount of uncertainty that EH is NOT Autumn Night. And I'm not going by scent memory; I actually have an AN wf bulb plugged in my bathroom so I get reacquainted with the scent everyime I showever or answer the call of nature. Now they are both wood based scent…