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NEWNESS UPDATE: Fall 2014 Test Scents

So Ciapinkpumpkin got everybody whipped into a frenzy when she posted a list of upcoming fall test scents this past weekend. I gotta say, despite it being an incomplete list, the ones that were mentioned sound pretty damn tantalizing. No word on notes/descriptions or names of collections just yet.

So first of all, it looks like we'll be seeing many old and new fall favorites...

Cranberry Harvest
Pumpkin Apple
Sweater Weather (YAY!!!!!)
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Tailgate (*FAINTS)
Harvest Gathering mention of Cranberry Woods, Autumn Day, Pumpkin Carving or Pumpkin Cupcake..interesting...

There are other autumn inspired conceptual scents such as..

Autumn Sky
Golden Autumn Citrus
Green Apple Orchard
Crisp Morning Air
Walk in the Woods
Weekend Apple Picking
Autumn Night

Unfortunately, without notes I can't tell or guess if these are repackages of or completely new scents. Furthermore, no one knows which collections these will be in. Will they be in the usu…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Fresh Picked/Fresh Market

So yesterday evening my bf and I went to the movies (btw go see Xmen: Days of Future Past if you haven't already, so good!) Antyhoo, to waste some time we stopped in the BBW store just to see what it had this go-round and I immediately got mesmerized by all of the half off ol school wf bulbs. I greedily bought several that I really didn't need and afterwards I felt a bit guilty. So today I decided to go to the BBW in The City to return them.

So I was just moseyin around and surveyin the stock when unexpectedly I saw this....


The store had all of the Summer Sip candles (as y'all already know Pomegranate Spritzer, Clementine Crush and Pineapple Lychee Smoothie didn't make the cut). No wf bulbs though (although the outlet BBW store that I went to the night before had them hidden from view). It also had the same fall White Barn Candles that mysteriously appeared online today - Leaves, Cranberry Woods, Fresh Balsam, Bergamot Woods and Sandalwood Citrus. The stor…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Summer Country Fair Collection

So you know how in the spring/summer there is summer themed home fragrance line. In the past there has been a beach line, a summer boardwalk line and a summer lake line. Well next time how about a country fair line, inspired by y'know, being at fair. Like something out of Charlotte's Web. Call it "The Blue Ribbon County Fair"...or something like that. Hear me out...

So BBW could bring back scents like...
Caramel Apple (but do something with that nutmeg note so that it actually smells like a caramel apple)
Or even Winter Candy Apple (I never really understood why that was considered a winter scent in the first place)
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts
Cotton Candy
Lime Ice
Summer Watermelon
Market Peach

There are so many scents to play around with...
A nice simple bakery scent....Funnel Cake! Tell me that would not be good!

Or a warm fruity flaky pie scent. Maybe apple (and not a repackage of Apple Crumble or Cider Donuts) or blackberry (and not Blackberry Spice)

A lemonade scent would b…

RANT OF THE DAY: Fallgasmic News, Predictions and Wishes

I dunno about y'all, but I'm ready for fall!

I have never been a big fan of summer...the heat, the mosquitoes, the summer storms/hurricanes, the tourists..

Moreover, home fragrance wise, summertime is a bust! I can only take so much coconut and mango and pineapple and orange... and friggin watermelon lemonade! I much prefer the scents of autumn; give me apple, give me pumpkin, give me cranberries, give me deep heavy woods and autumn spices!

I never really looked forward to spring or summertime scent-wise at BBW. Granted I get to burn favorites like Lilac Blossom, Spring and Island Margarita but I don't get nearly excited as I do when I get to burn Leaves or Cranberry Woods or Apple Crumble or Sweater Weather. Moreover this spring/summer was beyond a hot mess, just nothing really exciting. With a few notable exceptions, everything was either a repackage or the scent throw was borderin on nonexistent. And this SAS was just the cherry on the hot mess cake!

I need a...FALLGASM…

RANT OF THE DAY: First Day of Summer: My Summer Picks

Well it is officially summer!!!

Time to head to the beach!

Today is also the first day of Pride up here in NYC and various other cities!

So I usually start with my summer scents in May when the temperature and humidity starts rising. My top summertime candles are

I love Verbena Waters so friggin much - it's a nice transitional scent from spring to summer. It's so fresh and intense as hell! It had something to offer for everybody - peach for the sweet lovers, verbena for the floral lovers, musk for cologne lovers and a watery dewiness for the fresh lovers. It's a shame BBW never brought this sucker back..although they did repackage it as Lakeside..and it was super weak and watered down. I miss White Citrus. For me, it was a nice early summer scent. It was quite refreshing and zesty - I think the notes were something like lemon zest, grapefruit, ginger, freesia and lily, something like that. This really should a summer staple scent.Island Margarita is my jam!!! It's defi…

SHOP 'N' GO: June '14 SAS Haul

So SAS this time around was..well..a hot mess! No surprise there. If last year's SAS was any indication, I knew it was only gonna get worse...and it did. No good deals or bargains, home fragrance only being half off, random DODs, little no hidden gems or MESS! However, I decided not to be a Negative Nancy and go in being optimistic that I'll some goodies..and I did


Haul 1
So on the very first day of SAS, my bf and I went to the test store in Paramus/Garden State Plaza. Now you would think this place more than any other would have the hookup and chockfull of goodies...yeah no, not so much. There were no other test scents besides the failed test scents from this spring. There were little to no old fall/winter scents; the store only had winter version Red Velvet Cupcake (seems like several stores across the country had surplus of this one, not surprising), Pumpkin Hayride, Harvest Coffee and lone pathetic Applewood Bonfire.  Needless to say I was quite…

MULTIPLE CANDLE SPOTLIGHTS: Rainforest Sugarcane, Island Waters, Black Sands

So I bought these candles back in February or March (I think March) and I just got around to burning them recently. You're probably wonderin why I started burnin them so late? Well at the time I just wasn't ready to start burnin what I consider very tropical summery scents; I was just getting over that whole polar vortex craziness and was ready for some spring action. Plus the move from Luziana to Joisee pushed me back a bit scent wise. Needless to say, I was long overdue to start burnin these candles.

So why these three? They're all the types of scents that I gravitate to - lush/green - Rainforest Sugarcane, fresh/watery - Island Waters, woodsy/manly - Black Sands. The other ones were just too fruity and sugary sweet for my taste. So let's get into the reviews shall we...

Rainforest Sugarcane
Product: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: June - July 

Description: Venture into Hawaii's rainforest with an intriguing mixture of fresh lime, raw sugarcane and rare …

WALK 'N' SNIFF: American Boardwalk SAS Edition

Initially when I first heard that BBW was bringing back the American Boardwalk collection for SAS, I thought it was a good idea. Back in the day, people really seemed to enjoy it and there were a mix of scents for everybody to enjoy - clean crisp watery scents for the fresh/outdoors lovers and sugary sweet dessert scents for sweet lovers. Truth be told, I vaguely remember this collection - the period of time when this collection was released was a bit of a blur for me. I really had my eyes on Beach Grass and White Sands as I didn't really remember what those two smelled like and I tend to gravitate to fresh, clean watery scents. So with that said, yesterday when I went to Garden State Plaza to get my SAS shoppin on, I took some time reacquaint myself those candles.

Honestly, I wasn't feelin any of them...

Summer Boardwalk
Ah, Summer Boardwalk..E'RYBODYS FAVORITE!!! Everybody goes absolutely nuts for this candle!

I have a confession to make.... I HATE SUMMER BOARDWALK!!!! *r…