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THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts

Product: candle Area used in: living room, bedroom, guest bedroom Time Period: February
Description: Share the delight of a freshly-baked vanilla cake doughnut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon OMG y'all....OM-f***ingG!!! I LOVE THIS SCENT SOOOOO FRIGGIN MUCH!!! WHERE DO I BEGIN?!!! So even though this scent has been awhile for awhile (2010 or 2011?) I didn't find out about CSD until fall 2012..the "arial font" version. For some reason, I didn't buy it; I may have been still stuck in my anti-bakery scent phase. However so many people were goin apeshit for this candle (as well Sweater Weather) that year that I started to become a little intrigued. Because of it's popularity, many thought that we'd see it the following fall. Alas, instead we got the poor man's Apple Crumble,Cider Donut to everyone's dismay and dissatisfaction. But this year, BBW came to their senses and released it in the Spring Sweet Shop line. Now as all y'all know, I&…

WALK N' SNIFF: Sweet Shoppe and Freshed Picked

So this past weekend, I stepped inside a BBW store for the first time since SAS. I wanted to sniff what there was to sniff and possibly take advantage of the 2for22 sale...which can I just say



Ok, that's out of my system...

Sweet Shoppe
The scent line that has been making every bakery lover cream their panties! I admit, there were some pretty interesting scents in this line though with said, BBW made some strange choices as to what would be released wide as well as what would only be released in certain sizes.

Pink Bubblegum
Smells like legit ol school bubblegum, like Bazooka Joe or Big League Chew. This should've been released as a 3wick.

Lemon Drops
Once again, smells like legit lemon drops or Lemonheads. And, once again, should've been released as a 3wick

Pink Lemonade Poundcake
I was very excited about this one as I love anything lemon-y but when I smell…


Products: candles and bulb
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid February - mid March

Description: Bubbly and delicious - a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious blackcurrant - Cheers!

Missing note: nectarines

This scent has been a post - winter holidays staple as well as a fan favorite for years and yet, I've never really given it much attention....that is at least until this year. First of all, I wanted something different; something that wasn't too wintery yet not quite spring-y. Moreover I wanted a fun and vibrant scent that I could use thru Carnival season til Mardi Gras. So I thought I'd give this bad boy a try.

So the was kinduva a mixed blessing. The flames started off nice and high but, like a drunk tourist on Bourbon Street, they went down! The wicks/flames remained stubby to the very end. However, it never tunneled/canyoned and there was always a deep and even wax pool. And the throw is super strong (for both the ca…

RANT OF THE DAY: What's in my candle collection?

So today I got super bored. I was wondering how many candles I had in my collection so far so I took all of the candles that I currently own out of my Wally World plastic container bin and stocked them all up nice and neat.

And here it is....

The grand total is 42. Well actually, 46..I had some minis that I didn't take it

That's it.. These are all of the candles that I've bought since SAS. I know it's not a lot compared to many other people's collections and honestly I'm ok with that. I'm happy with what I have. Most of these will burned and gone in the upcoming months and more will be added in their place. I'm good!

SHOP 'N' GO: Spring 2014 Haul/Test Scent Extravaganza

So for the past couple weeks I've been some sporadic ordering of various Spring scents. I've been holdin out on doin a post about em as I was waiting patiently for various packages to arrive. But now finally, I hav all of them in my hands *maniacal laughter And now without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I would like to present.... MY SPRING HAUL/TEST SCENT EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! 

So the first three candles I bought online on the very first day of the 2/$25 sale. I had a code for 20% off + free shipping for $25. I bought...

Spring - this is one of my all time top favorites and an absolutely must have every spring. Everytime I smell it, it reminds me of Easter.
Island Margarita - another one of my all time top favorites. I usually burn this around Cinco de Mayo. It's just a perfect summer time scent - it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tart, it's refreshing, just like an actual Margarita ht…