THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts

Product: candle
Area used in: living room, bedroom, guest bedroom
Time Period: February

Description: Share the delight of a freshly-baked vanilla cake doughnut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon
So even though this scent has been awhile for awhile (2010 or 2011?) I didn't find out about CSD until fall 2012..the "arial font" version. For some reason, I didn't buy it; I may have been still stuck in my anti-bakery scent phase. However so many people were goin apeshit for this candle (as well Sweater Weather) that year that I started to become a little intrigued. Because of it's popularity, many thought that we'd see it the following fall. Alas, instead we got the poor man's Apple Crumble, Cider Donut to everyone's dismay and dissatisfaction. But this year, BBW came to their senses and released it in the Spring Sweet Shop line.
Now as all y'all know, I'm not a big fan of bakery scents (although I have been coming around in recent months). Most bakery scents just smell too sweet for me to handle and more often than not they smell more artificial than genuine. Moreover if I wanted to smell a bakery item, I would simply buy said bakery item and actually eat it. However, I've seen the light! This candle has completely rocked my world enough to make me change my mind about bakery scents forever!!!
Performance wise this candle burned like a friggin champ! The flames stayed consistently high from top to bottom! No tunneling, no canyoning...just a perfect deep and even wax pool. Here's the problem...the throw! E'RYBODY has been complaining about how weak the throw is! This is not a candle to burn in a large room cuz the throw will get completely lost. I burned in the middle of my living room and I could barely smell a thing! But when I burned it in my bedroom and in the guest bedroom, it completely filled the entire room. Didn't knock me out but rather wrapped and enveloped me like a warm blanket, which I love! And the scent lingered for several HOURS after I blew the candle out!
The scent...OMG..the scent! It smells like a legit hot cinnamon sugared doughnut - a doughnut fresh out of the grease (you can even smell the grease) and rolled around in cinnamon sugar. When I was younger, my mom would make cinnamon sugar doughnuts from biscuits in a can (much like the doughnuts in the picture above). This candle totally brought me back to my childhood. The first day I burned this candle, I got inspired to make doughnuts like my mom used to make (same doughnuts in pic). Kid y'all not, the doughnuts and candle smelled just alike, I literally couldn't tell the difference. The scent is sooooo authentic, it's ridiculous! You smell everything - the dough, the grease, the cinnamon sugar! It's so crazy how amazing and legit CSD smells!

So in conclusion..BUY THIS CANDLE!!!! STOCK THE EFF UP!!! The 3wick disappears online a lot cuz sooooo many people buy it. So if it appears again and you see it, GET IT!!! If you see it in your store, BUY IT!!! This candle is that damn good!!!!  

WALK N' SNIFF: Sweet Shoppe and Freshed Picked

So this past weekend, I stepped inside a BBW store for the first time since SAS. I wanted to sniff what there was to sniff and possibly take advantage of the 2for22 sale...which can I just say



Ok, that's out of my system...

Sweet Shoppe
The scent line that has been making every bakery lover cream their panties! I admit, there were some pretty interesting scents in this line though with said, BBW made some strange choices as to what would be released wide as well as what would only be released in certain sizes.

Pink Bubblegum
Smells like legit ol school bubblegum, like Bazooka Joe or Big League Chew. This should've been released as a 3wick.

Lemon Drops
Once again, smells like legit lemon drops or Lemonheads. And, once again, should've been released as a 3wick

Pink Lemonade Poundcake
I was very excited about this one as I love anything lemon-y but when I smelled it in the store, I was a little disappointed. First of all, cold throw was soooooo light to me but then again, I was sniffing the mason jar. Also, it could've been my nose playing games on me, but I smelled more poundcake than pink lemonade. This should've been called Angel's Food Cake or something like that. Then again, maybe the pink lemonade aspect was a bit stronger in the 3wick. Alas, most of us will never.

Strawberry Sorbet
Just Strawberry Picnic all over again. Fake, artificial and waxy, like strawberry flavored lip balm

Watermelon Lemonade
Same Watermelon Lemonade from last year. As much as love both watermelon and lemon scents, I'm just not a fan of this one. It just smells like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. And this year, and it could be nose playing tricks, but it smells even more artificial and light. And I absolutely hate the wax color, why couldn't it have just stayed light pink like it was last year?

Raspberry Peach Macaron
Everybody has been going absolutely apeshit over this candle..and honestly, I don't know why. Eh, I just wasn't very impressed. I will say that I was surprised that it didn't smell like Gelato as I assumed it was a repackage/repackage with a twist of that. I really wanted to like this one but there was something about that turned me off. I think it may have been the bakery "almond" note that rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not a fan of this one though with that said, soooo many love RPM and have been buyin it in bulk so that should stand for something

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts
My absolute fav and truly the winner in this line in my opinion. It smells like a straightup legit genuine 100% cinnamon sugared doughnuts, fresh from the grease and rolled around in cinnamon sugar. OMG, it is soooo friggin good!!!

I'm completely ignored and will continue to ignore Frosted Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcake

And I'm just gonna throw this out there... Why, oh why was Lavender Marshmallow not released wide?!!!

Fresh Picked
This year's FP line seems to harken back to the original FP line back in 2012 with really unique blends. There's a next mix of old favorites and new unique scents. It seems to be continuing last year's trend of adding floral scents with fruity ones.

There's no need for me to talk about Lemon Mint Leaf, Market Peach or Lilac Blossom cuz everyone knows what those smell like.

Honeysuckle Bouquet is the same Honeysuckle that everyone loves and Garden Strawberry is simply last year's Strawberry

Pomelo Grapefruit
I dunno, for some reason I was not particularly very interested in this candle...that is until I sniffed in the store. It's so spot on, it really smells like a juicy grapefruit. It's tart and crisp it's juicy. I love this one; I personally think this scent is the star of this line

Pink Passionfruit
Again, I wasn't very interested in this one and remained so even after I sniffed it. I dunno, this one just didn't appeal to me as much as PG. It's nice though, not nearly as tropical smelling as I thought it would be. It's sweet and fruity; y'all sweety/candy/fruity lovers would love this one.

Snap Peas
Snap Peas has been getting some major hate in the BBW community. And because as a habit I root and cheer for the underdog, I defended it; I was quite happy that BBW was being experimental and different. Plus I love anything that smells green and fresh. Then I smelled it...and I HATED it!!! But I just couldn't be done with it. I kept going back to it and reniffing and resniffing and resniffing. I really really wanted to like it. And sur enough, after sever preliminary sniffs, I grew to like it. It's like Spring and Green Grass though waaaay toned down on the sweetness and waaaaay more earthier. It smells like fresh snap peas in the garden, complete with dirt/soil and dew. Y'all sweety/candy/fruity/baker lovers, don't even bother sniffing SP cuz y'all will hate it.

Y'all are probably wondering if I bought anything. I did indeed; I bought Pomelo Grapefruit, Snap Peas and Mahogany Teakwood (for my bf).


Products: candles and bulb
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid February - mid March

Description: Bubbly and delicious - a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious blackcurrant - Cheers!

Missing note: nectarines

This scent has been a post - winter holidays staple as well as a fan favorite for years and yet, I've never really given it much attention....that is at least until this year. First of all, I wanted something different; something that wasn't too wintery yet not quite spring-y. Moreover I wanted a fun and vibrant scent that I could use thru Carnival season til Mardi Gras. So I thought I'd give this bad boy a try.

So the was kinduva a mixed blessing. The flames started off nice and high but, like a drunk tourist on Bourbon Street, they went down! The wicks/flames remained stubby to the very end. However, it never tunneled/canyoned and there was always a deep and even wax pool. And the throw is super strong (for both the candles and bulbs) - it would knock me out as soon as I walked into in the living room. Thank goodness I enjoy the scent!

I can see why people totally go nuts for CPB. It's such a perfect transitional scent from winter to spring; a nice departure from the minty, pine tree-ish winter scents and not a floral or tropical fruit scent that we see in spring. There are sooo many words you can use to describe CPB - fresh, fruity, juicy, tart, crisp, vibrant, zesty, effervescent, bubbly, etc. It's like a winter time version of Pink Sangria. I love the fizzy nose-tingliness in the blend, not as intense as Summertime Soda but still really nice. You get a nice crisp and tart cranberry note, though not as intense as Cranberry Woods or Cranberry Harvest (which I think I would've liked); the other notes kind of calm it down a bit. Then there's sweet and succulent pear note, definitely more of a pear syrup or liquor than an actual fruit. At finally, there's that blackcurrant note...

Let me rant for a second.

BBW tends to use black currant a lot in their "alcohol-ey" scents - this one, Champagne Toast, Peach Bellini, Bellini CafĂ© and I think maybe Pink Sangria too. For reason, to me the blackcurrant note that BBW uses always reminds me of cough syrup or Luden's Cough Drops and it turns me off a bit. and I smell it more in the wallflowers bulbs. When I sniffed the CBP bulbs before plugging them in, they immediately made me think of cough syrup.

*sigh I like CPB but I'm not in love with it

a) I can't get past the blackcurrant/cough syrup note
b) the wicks and flames were too stubby
c) when the candle gets near the bottom, the scent gets more and more sooty and burnt smelling..which I've noticed that that is a shared issue I've had with other "alcohol-ey" candles. Dunno why though.

I have one more candle left and I'll be burning that with reckless abandon throughout Carnival so that I can be rid of it and be able to move on to something else. It is not a bad scent by any means and like I said before, I can see why soooo many people love it. I'm not 100% sold on it; for me it's not buy-in-bulk worthy nor is it can I can see myself getting again. However for the moment I'm content with it. Don't let what I say deter you; if you're interested, try it!

RANT OF THE DAY: What's in my candle collection?

So today I got super bored. I was wondering how many candles I had in my collection so far so I took all of the candles that I currently own out of my Wally World plastic container bin and stocked them all up nice and neat.

And here it is....

The grand total is 42. Well actually, 46..I had some minis that I didn't take it

That's it.. These are all of the candles that I've bought since SAS. I know it's not a lot compared to many other people's collections and honestly I'm ok with that. I'm happy with what I have. Most of these will burned and gone in the upcoming months and more will be added in their place. I'm good!

SHOP 'N' GO: Spring 2014 Haul/Test Scent Extravaganza

So for the past couple weeks I've been some sporadic ordering of various Spring scents. I've been holdin out on doin a post about em as I was waiting patiently for various packages to arrive. But now finally, I hav all of them in my hands *maniacal laughter
And now without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I would like to present....

So the first three candles I bought online on the very first day of the 2/$25 sale. I had a code for 20% off + free shipping for $25. I bought...

  • Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts - OMG, THIS SMELLS SOOOOOOO FRIGGIN GOOD!!! It's smells like an actual doughnut fresh out of the grease and rolled around in cinnamon sugar. It's so spot on that it's ridiculous. So far it's one of two candles that I have burned so far...and it's burns like a friggin champ! The throw could be several notches stronger though. Now, for some reason the 3wick has disappeared online and someone mentioned it on Facebook and BBW basically denied ever having one....WTF?!! They need to bring this bitch back now!

The next four I bought via Customers Relations; it was my first order/purchase with them so I was a little nervous. However the sales associate that I spoke with could not be nicer (it was this sweet Texan lady). I ordered them on a Wednesday afternoon nad I got em all Friday morning. I got...

  • Mad About Madrid - I had my eye on this "mandle" for awhile and was so disaapointed that it didn't go wide. As y'all know I love my cologne-y scents and this one is very cologne-y. However the scent was a little unexpected - it smells like a mix of Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods and Black Pepper Bergamot..despite not having bergamot anywhere in the far as we know. I still like it though.

  • Fleur de Provence - when I heard that BBW had a candle with two of my favorite scents, lavender and verbena, I was all over it and had to get it. Now on first sniff, to me it kinda smelled like Fruity Pebbles but after smelling it again, I could get the lavender and verbena notes. And there's a strange unlisted but pleasant lime note chillin in the background. Again, like Mad about Madrid, I was very disappointed that it didn't go wide; this honestly could've replaced Paris Nightmare....I mean Paris Daydream

  • Lemon Cucumber - I knew as soon as I heard about this scent that it wouldn't go wide; the swwety/candy/bakery lovers would have nothing to do with it and it was far too much of an out there scent by play-it-safe BBW's standards. With that said, I knew I had to get on the good foot and grab this one while I still could. Plus I LOVE cucumber scnets! This smells like a straightup legit true to form fresh unpeeled cucumber. The lemon note, much like Fleur de Provence, reminds me of Fruity Pebbles. But once you get past that, the lemon note is very zesty and refreshing

  • Pink Petal Tea Cake - now I know what some of y'all out there are thinkin...Bronzeblogger, you don't like bakery scents and you hate floral scents...why the **** did you get this candle?! Honestly, I was super intrigued..first of all, it's all new unrepackaged scent and it's a scent combo that I don't think BBW has ever done before. With all that said, my curiosity caused me to go out of my safety zone. Now you would think considering the name and notes, that this would smell super floral. I thought for sure this would be a mix of Frosted Cupcake with Garden Freesia or Flower Shop, super sweet and super powdery. Sweet, yes. Powdery and floral, no. The "rose" note smells more like sweet rosewater syrup. And I get strawberry..and not like a fresh strawberry but super sweet super red cut strawberries on top of a shortcake with that red glaze. In fact that's what this smells like - a strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and sweet strawberries with a pink sweet rosewater glaze. Will this go wide? That remains to be seen. On the one hand, bakery lovers will probably nuts over a scent like this. On the other hand, it may be too much of an experimental and out there scent.

The last two were separate bids/purchases on Evil-bay. I originally planned on getting these two scents thru Customer Relations but they didn't have these in their warehouse. So in an act of utter desperation, I went on Evil-bay to see they had them ther and they did..and here they are...

  • Sugarberry Spritzer - much like Pink Petal Tea, I was super intrigued. Again, it was an all new unrepackaged scent. Moreover it had notes that I don't believe BBW has ever used before. I was mostly intrigued with the elderflower note...I LOVE elderflower liquer in cocktails or white wine and champagne. Anyhoo, this one I kinda wound up be kinda disappointed and let down with. I've no idea what a sugarberry is supposed to smell or taste like (fact: sugarberries are also known as hackberries and the wood is used for furniture). There's a definite berry note, similar to blueberries. Not much elderflower, which is super disappointing. And to say it's called a "spritzer", there's little to no bubbliness/effervescent. This doesn't so much comes across like a drink of any kind, but like a bowl of berry flavored potpourri. My main issue, besides the lack of elderflower and effervescence, is that the scent as a whole is soooooo light. Honestly, if I had bought this in the store, I would take it back and exchange with something else   

  • Lavender Marshmallow - definitely savin the best for last. OMG...O..M..G...this candle is soooooo friggin good...sooo worth the hastle I went thru to get this candle...long story. Anyhoo, this candle is amazeballs, I can't hype it enough! I was so excited when this arrived in the mail that I burned it as soon as I took it out of the box. It burns like a dream, the wax pool was dep and gorgeous and throw...OMG the friggin and around the around..knocked my ass out and loved it! WHY BBW WHY?!!! WHY DIDN'T YALL RELEASE THIS CANDLE?!!!!!
And my dears, that is the end! I probably won't buy anymore candles for awhile..but then again, you never know...

Here's a special bonus treat. I made a Youtube vid which goes more in depth. It's a little longer,longer than I anticipated. So get comfortable, grab a snack and  pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine!