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HOT MESS AWARD: Applewood Bonfire

Products: candle
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: mid-October - December

Description: Warm up to the cozy scent of an autumn bonfire - apples, crackling barks and fresh cut wood

...oy vey!!!

*sigh. Y'know...I'm a sucker for the underdog and Applewood Bonfire was definitely the underdog of the fall line. Not many people were talkin about it and the few who were seemed generally unimpressed and underwhelmed. Applewood Bonfire was the skinny dorky unpopular kid sitting all by himself in the lunchroom or the awkward country bumpkin Amish guy leaving his community for the big city. I felt genuinely sorry for it and despite the underwhelming and indifferent reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Twas a bad decision on my part

On a positive note, AB gave a fabulous burn. It had nice sturdy wicks, nice sized mushroom tops, the flames danced consistently high and the wax pool was always deep and even. Sounds like a dream candle, right? So what was the problem?


NEWNESS UPDATE: New Florida Candle Line (UPDATED)

Much like the Windy City inspired WE ♥ CHICAGO line of test scents a few months back, BBW now has a line inspired by Florida....

The Keys - Go on a perfect getaway in the Florida Keys with a blend of juicy melon, seawater notes and hint of mint           Hmmm...sounds like Seashore/Renew & Refresh to me.

           It's the second time that BBW has used this scent for these localized line of candles     and I'm sure we'll see again for another city.

Though it seems to me that Sea to Santorini would make more since it has notes of seawater or orange/neroli which sounds more Florida-ish

Palm Beach - The ultimate Florida resort town is captured in a rich blend of juicy mandarin, purple orchid and the perfect hint of toasted coconutI'm gonna go with Tiki Beach

The Sunshine State - This citrusy blend of Florida oranges, pineapple and sweet tangerine celebrates the beauty of the Sunshine State from sunrise to sunset (layin it on a lil thick aren't ya BBW? )          I…


So this is new segment that I've created to discuss/voice my opinion about candles that I got a chance to sniff in the store and may or may not purchase in the future.

So last weekend, I went to two different stores. Both only hand a handful of the fall candles - a few of the Sweater Weather ones, all of the Pumpkin ones and hardly any of the White Barn ones. All good though cuz I had my eyes set one the Winter candles.

So without further ado, here is what I saw....

Harvest Gathering
I know it's not a winter candle but it's still something new and kinda worth talkin about. This as well as the elusive Pumpkin Woods candle were both dark horses; no one knew if either would see the light of day. Then out of the blue and very late to the game comes Harvest Gathering. Now when I first heard about it, I wondered how close it would be to Leaves as the notes are quite similar. It is like a very very light version of Leaves, like a cheap knockoff version. Harvest Gathering is to Leaves…


Well, my hiatus is officially over!  I just couldn't stay away!

And I love that people have still been checkin out the blog and reading old OLD posts from when I first started this biotch. I really thought that was sweet and's swawesome! Now that I'm back, get ready for some new posts!

Well let's start from the beginning....

First off, there was the so called Tropical Storm Karen which was just a joke. A lot of media hype all for naught.  It weakened to the intensity of a fart. No rain, no wind, no nothing!

Then there was my bf's birthday. I surprised  him with a dinner I cooked myself; roasted chicken marinated in white wine and stuffed with fruits, seared scallops with bacon and a red velvet birthday cake and his favorite red wine. I also bought him the newest edition of Harry Potter - he's kinduva Harry Potter nerd.

Then his parents came from Scotland to visit us; they stayed with us for about a week and a half. We literally took them alllll over th…


I just wanted to give everybody a little heads up...I'm not gonna posting anything for little while. Starting today, the next couple of weeks are gonna be pretty busy for me. I have my boyfriend's birthday today and we're gonna try and celebrate it as best we can considering there's a friggin tropical storm in the gulf.

No worries, I've dealt with tropical storms before...not a big deal. Plus it doesn't look like Miss Thang is coming straight so we'll be just getting lots of rain and wind from the outerbands. We're ready; we have food, batteries, water, liquor and candles!

Also, my bf's parents are coming down to visit us..thank god this storm is hitting before they came down. Anyhoo, they're stayin with us for a week and a half. Then after that, I gotta start getting ready for Halloween.

Lastly...honestly, I don't know what else to talk about here. I have nothing to review til I start burnin my candles for November/Thanksgiving time or my …

MULTIPLE SPOTLIGHT: Fall Deep Cleansing Soaps

I'm gonna take a departure from rantin about candles and talk about something I don't really talk much about - soaps. I've only recently..well at least for the past year, gotta interested in BBW soaps. I typically go with the deep cleansing soap rather than the foaming soap; I think the deep cleansing soaps are gentler on your hands and to me, they have a stronger scent. Much like I do with candles, I like my soaps to match the season. Moreover I like my soaps to correspond with whatever candle/bulb I have in the room. 

This fall I was particularly intrigued with the Made in America theme. I think the American theme was cute and it just seemed to have more interesting and less typical autumn-y scents than the others. With that said, here are the soaps I chose.

Montana Mountain Air
Area used in: main bathroom
Time Period: mid September - mid October

Description: Fresh Montana pine berries and crisp spearmint leaves warmed by frosted cedar

I really really like this one. It's …


Ok ladies and gents, let's talk about some bulbs shall we.

There were some scents this fall that I just wasn't a fan of in candle form but I figured I try them in bulb form...and as it turns out, I much prefer the bulbs!

Area used in: main and guest bathrooms
Time Period: mid-September - November

Description: A crisp fall fragrance that blends dark pomegranate with red delicious apple and juicy fig, with notes of fir balsam and rich cedarwood.

I really really want to like the Autumn candle, I really do but I'm just not feelin it! It never fails, every single time I smell it in the store, it sets off my sinuses almost immediately. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! I still needed a nice fresh scent for my bathroom; I really wanted Sweater Weather bulbs for whatever reason they weren't available at the time of my fall haul. So I decided to bite the bullet and try the Autumn bulbs...and ya know what, I really like it! It's super fresh and crisp and STROOONG! You to…


Products: candle
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: mid-September - November

Description: Capture all the fun of tailgating on a fall afternoon in a blend of rich hickory, football leather and a touch of moss

When I heard about this candle months ago, I knew that I had to have it. I hoped/wished/prayed that it would go wide, but I had a sneaky suspicion that it wouldn't; it was far too unique and Sure enough, it didn't go wide and it disappeared into obscurity...and no one was more disappointed than I. But I still wanted it so badly! So one day I decided to steel my nerves and call around to a couple of test stores to see if any of them had it. Sure enough, Paramus still had it in stock. With that said, Tailgate has the honor of being my very first (and probably last) test store phone order.

After sniffing it, I did really like it. However I could understand why it didn't go wide. It's not funky or anything but it's far from breathtaking. It's very d…


Yep, believe or not there are few new candles and bulbs available on the website from the Snow Day and Good Natured Christmas/Harvest Gathering lines.

See for yourself....


Wallflower bulbs

Just select "newest" at the sort by dropbox