RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Winter Candle Inspired Holiday Cocktails

I was going thru my blog recently and I realized that I had done a cocktail post in awhile; anybody who watches my videos know how much I love cocktails. And with New Years right around the corner and then Twelfth Night and eventually Carnival/Mardi Gras for my Louisianian readers, there are plenty of opportunities to make some festive cocktails. That said, I thought of some quick and easy cocktails inspired my some of my favorite winter scents.

Tis the Season (old fashioned,on the rocks)

apple cider
brown sugar
red food coloring

Muddle your rosemary with brown sugar and a splash of lemon. Add ice then pour a splash of Calvados, apple cider then a drop of coloring. Shake and pour on ice. Your can garnish with either a cinnamon stick or a spring of rosemary or both.

*You can also serve topped with Martinelli sparkling cider 

Winter Garland (bellini)
Martinelli Sparkling Apple Cranberry
cranberry juice
blood orange juice
dry champance

Pour blood orange juice first then cranberry juice then Martinelli and finally top with champagne

Vanilla Spice (Irish coffee mug)
Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Eggnog
vanilla extract

Pour in your eggnog. Add one drop of vanilla extract and stir. Pour a splash of amaretto (preferably Amaretto di Amore) and pour 2 splashes of whiskey (preferably Makers Mark) and stir. Can be served eith hot or cold.

Sleigh Ride (margarita saucer glass or martini glass)
rosemary, rosemary syrup
lemon juice

Muddle rosemary with sugar and a squirt of lemon juice. Pour in your gin (preferably Bombay Sapphire). Pour 2-3 tablespoons of syrup (I use homemade syrup since rosemary flavored ones is hard to find but you don't have to use it, muddling is fine) then top with a splash of vermouth then some ice. Shake and pour. Garnish with a sprinkle of rosemary leaves.

Twisted Peppermint (shot)
Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka
Peppermint Schnapps

Pour Rumchata into shaker with ice first, then the vodka and finally a small splash of Schnapps. Shake and pour.

*If you wanna be fancy, line the rim of your shot glass with lemon and roll it around in crushed peppermints or candy cane

Frosted Cranberry (cosmo)

White Cran-Peach juice
Cran-Raspberry juice
Peach Schnapps
Absolut Cherry-kran
Triple Sec
lime juice

Go half and half with both cranberry juices over ice. Then pour in your vodka. Top with a small splash of  schnapps and a smaller splash of Triple Sec then a small squirt of lime. Shake, pour and serve

*To be fancy, you can add drop in frozen cranberries or a skewered cranberries and/or raspberries on a cocktail stick

Cranberry Pear Bellini (bellini)
Absolut Pear (La Poire Grey Goose)

Pour in vodka and juice over ice in shaker. Shake and pour into glass. Top with Prosecco

*You can add fresh black currant juice instead or with cranberry juice; it's available at any Whole Foods. You can also add frozen cranberries or currrants to bottom of glass before pouring.

Mint Chocolate (shot)
Baileys (preferably Mint Chocolate flavor)
Godiva chocolate liqueur
Pinnacle Peppermint Bark

Pour in Baileys', then a splash of Godiva and then a smaller splash of Pinnacle over ice in shaker. Shake, pour and serve

Winter (old fashioned glass or cocktail glass)
Dom de Canton ginger liqueur
orange juice

Muddle rosemary with a splash of orange juice in shaker, then add ice. Pour in a splash of DDC. Add one dash of cinnamon and one of clove. Shake and pour into glass. Top with with Lillet

*You can also add marmalade to concoction for sweeter thicker consistency

Chestnut & Clove (high ball or Irish coffee mug)
Vanilla vodka (Pinnacle, Smirnoff, or Absolut)
chestnut syrup (Torani or Monin)
pumpkin pie spice

Pour Bailey's into shaker (with or without ice). Pour in splash of vodka then about 3 tablespoons of syrup. Add a dash of spice then stir and pour in glass.

*You can add whipped cream with/without dash of nutmeg

Merry Mistletoe (cosmo)
Cran-Pomegranate juice
Absolut Pear
Grand Marrnier (or Triple Sec)

Muddle rosemary with sugar and GM. Add ice and pour in juice. Add a splash of Absolut and a smaller splash of GM. Shake, pour and serve.

Joy (martini)
Pinnacle Marshmallow vodka
Pinnacle Peppermint Bark vodka
Peppermint Mocha creamer

Pour Rumchata over ice in shaker. Then add creamer, then half and half of both vodkas. Shake and pour.

*You can garnish with mini marshmallows on cockatil stick, whipped cream with a dash of cocoa power and line the rim with crushed Hersheys chocolate candy canes

Pumpkin Gingerbread (shot)
Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie vodka
Dom de Canton ginger liqueur
pumpkin pie spice

Pour Rumchata over ice in shaker. Then add a splash of Pinnacle and a small splash of DDC. Add a dash of spice then shake.

*You can top shot with whipped cream showered in either pumpkin pie spice or gingerbread crumbles

Champagne Toast (mimosa)
black currant juice
orange juice

Pour a very small amount of black currant juice. Then pour in orange juice. Top with champagne

Holiday Pomander (punch glass or grande wine glass)
Cran-Pomegranate juice
Pama liqueur
Grand Marnier

Pour about half of CP juice in either pitcher or pot. Pour in a substantial splash of Pama and a small splash of GM. Add a dash of cinnamon and two dashes of clove. Stir and let sit.

*can be served hot or cold. For presentation in punch bowl, you can add orange slices with/without cinnamon sticks and rosemary leaves


TALK TO Y'ALL IN 2016!!!

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: My Favorite Scents of 2015

Ok so let's be real..2015 SUCKED!!! The whole year from spring til winter was a hot shitty mess! This was the year of the most random and nonsensical decisions. In spring they decided not to offer not a single floral scent besides tired ass Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle. Instead they gave us tropical collection after tropical collection after tropical collection with every single one offering something coconutty. There was the lackluster White Barn Market collection and Screen Door and Sweet Tea collection. And this was the year of "White Barn exclusives" so the scents that people really wanted, they couldn't get! We got a little reprieve and a taste of newness in the summer with the Sunset Summer  and Poptails collections...not much though. Then the fall was an utter dissapointment; very few classics came back, we got a bunch of repackages and candles came out at totally random times. Usually fall is when BBW truly shines...not so much this year. And then finally winter..YIKES! This winter was just all kinds of underwhelming. Now you would think that they would try to end the year on a high note...yeah no. Not a single bakery item save for Merry Cookie, BBW went on a major balsam kick and put it everything, and there were just the most weird and uninspired blends. And throughout this whole year were plagued with issues - scents (ie the new Aromatherapy candles) appearing and disappearing, never knowing if something was an "exclusive" or not, "production issues", scents being switched with something else with either the wrong wax or the wrong label, different batches of scents with it smelling one way in one store and totally different in another store, the most shitty sales ($15 candles).  Just bad all the way around from start to finish.

Anyway, so I usually do a list of my favorite new scents of the year..as you can see, this years list is very small. We got very little newness this year, most of which I was by and large quite unimpressed with. But there were a few that left an impression...    

Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade
You know BBW doesn't have a good track record with strawberry scents so when I first heard about SRM, I was a little leery. But then I smelled and I loved it. It's by far the ONLY authentic strawberry scent that BBW has ever come out with.

Cherry Blossom Sangria 
This one really surprised me; I did not think I would like this one at all. It initially wrote CBS off as a pink girly-girly fruity sugar candy scent and it wasn't remotely interested..that is until I smelled it and found myself really diggin it. It was a Shirley Temple in wax form!

Tequila Lime Cupcake

People either really liked this or really hated it...I personally really liked it! TLC wasn't the most authentic lime scent on the market but that didn't turn me off. And it was totally misnamed - it smelled like a key lime pie and should've been that. It's really a shame that this was an exclusive, such a wasted opportunity

Bowties & Bourbon
I have been waiting for a patiently a cologney scent to give me life..and this bad boi definitely did and then some. I wasn't sure of BT&B when I first saw the notes but when I smelled it...NOSEGASM! This is the first candle in an EXTREMELY long time to give me a nosegasm. In the absence of my two baes, Black Pepper Bergamot and Boathouse Row, this filled in nicely.

Southern Sweet Tea
I have never really cared for London Calling and in my personal opinion, this scent was London Calling made better. I liked that SST was more tart and astringent, it made LC more palatable to me. Now granted, with a name like "Southern Sweet Tea" it should've been syrupy diabetes inducing sweet but honestly I'm glad it wasn't cuz I don't think I would've like it as much

Summer Bonfire
SB was/is such a strange strange STRANGE scent! I took me a long time to get onboard with this candle. I have come to truly appreciate this scent..though it could just be the newness factor of it...and if that's the case, I still appreciate it.

Lime Granita Margarita
Finally...a real legit authentic LIME SCENT!!! LGM was the closest thing the amazing but sadly now forgotten Sparkling Mojito. And it was sooooo stupid that BBW decided to go mainstream and release basic ass Island Margarita instead.

Porchside Pumpkin
It's a shame that this candle got the poor marketing it did cuz it t smelled soooooo good! I loved the fact that it was a pumpkin scent but it wasn't bakery! WB totally swept that one under the rug and let it be overshadowed by more basic scents.

Cranberry Pumpkin 
CP really surprised me; I did not think I would like it as much as I did. It was just a perfect classic autumnal scent. It was a little annoyed that BBW called it a "pumpkin" scent despite it not smelling like pumpkin then the ruined the illusion by repackaging it as a pumpkin-less wintery confectionary but whatevs it was still a really good scent that deserves to stick around.

Pumpkin Pie

Finally after ALLLLLLLLLLLL these years, we finally had a pumpkin pie candle! After ALLLLLLLLL these years that we had to put up with Shit Cinnamon Pumpkin, we had a better and more legit option! I really really hope PP stays around and becomes a fall staple.


I know..technically it's not new but still I'm glad C&C came back this year; out of all the scents on this list, Thankful was the candle I was most excited about. I don't care that it was marketing as a fall scent, all I cared about was that it was there!


The one lone new candle this winter that I truly enjoyed! I've been wanting a good cologney scent for winter and now I've got it. And it combines my two loves - cologney scents and lavender notes! It's like a masculine version of Lavender Vanilla and I love it!

So what NEW scents did you enjoy this year?

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Tis the Season ~ Christmas in a jar

Ah, Tis the Season...such a quintessential Christmas scent! It still remains a favorite and a holiday must have for me.

So this scent has been around for quite some time. It was originally called "Holiday Garland" and sported pine green wax. Thankfully the year after they changed to "Tis the Season" and it's been that ever since...make sense as it was much more of a conceptual scent and didn't have enough pineyness to be considered a "garland" scent. The following year it became the more appropriate holiday crimson that we've come to associate with this scent.

I fell in love with this scent I first sniffed it years ago and it has remained a Christmas staple. For such a simple scent, it made a deep impression on me. To this the day, whenever I sniff TIS it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy; it conjures so many great Christmas memories from my childhood - going into the attic to take down box after box of Christmas decorations, decorating the tree with my Mom as we sang Christmas carols, opening one gift on Christmas Eve night in anticipation for all the other gifts I'd get to open the next morning, making homemade egg nog with my Grandma. You gotta love a scent that does that to you!

Now some naysayers to this scent make the usual arguments...what does this scent have to do with Christmas? Why is an apple scent considered not just a winter scent but a holiday scent? Shouldn't this be a fall/fall transitional scent?

I have my theories....

I think Slatkin chose the notes for this scent as they are the traditional colors of Christmas..

RED apples
GREEN pine
GOLD cinnamon and cider

Also apples have always been apart of the Christmas tradition for centuries. What do you think the original Christmas bulbs were? APPLES! Candles, trinkets and apples. Even before "Christmas" existed, apples were used to decorated fir trees for Winter Solstice. The Vikings would also decorate evergreen trees with gilded apples in honor of the god Odin and his son Balder (a very Jesus-like deity pre-Christianity). Wiccans still decorate with evergreen, mistletoe, holly and apples for Yule. In the Middle Ages, Christmas Eve was considered "Adam and Eve Day" with a "tree of life" paraded through town which was decorated with...you guessed it, APPLES! The tradition of using apples as Christmas decorations continues to this day; you can still find wreaths and garlands decorated with red apples. My mom had red shiny fake red apples as well as white iridescent apples that we still decorate the tree with. In China, a tradition has started where people give each other apples on Christmas Eve with the Chinese word for apple ("ping guo") sounds similar to the Chinese name for Christmas Eve ("Ping An Ye" which means "Silent Night")

So there ya go!



So I know we all have been on a major spring scent kick lately and I dunno about yall but despite the Winter Solstice and Christmas fastly approaching in a few more days, its been hard getting into the spirit. I'm sure this El Niño induced warm spell hasn't helped things. Perhaps the fact that this winter at BBW has been a hot mess so most of us are over it and are looking forward to some newness. However there is still some time left to garner some holiday mirth and good cheer. That said in the spirit of getting us back on the winter holiday track  I thought I'd do a special post about my top ten must have favorite winter scents of all time!

10. Snowed In (2012)  This was an interesting scent to say the least...definitely not for pussies. It was an unabashed outdoorsy scent and it really smelled like you were out in the snow. Think Sweater Weather without the eucalyptus with a hint of Flannel. It did have a weird cod fish oil like aroma after the midway point, but before and after it was heavenly.

9. Fireside (200?): What can you say about good ol Fireside. It's warm, inviting, cozy and I daresay a little sensual. You can start burning this bad boi anywhere from late autumn thru Christmas/New Years and on to the end of winter.

8. Merry Mistletoe (2011): OMG, friggin Merry Mistletoe; it's one of those classic and complex Slatkin era scents that I absolutely love. It had a very vintage ol school old fashioned vibe to it and was a perfect combo of winter fruits and piney notes. While this was marketed as a Christmastime scent, I preferred to burn this post New Years particularly around Carnival/Mardi Gras. MM is a nice compromise between the intense pine scents we get around Christmas and the dark winter fruits popular late winter in anticipation for spring scents. It's a damn shame BBW didnt release MM this year, especially since it was quite popular last year.

7. Snow Day (2013) - Ah Snow Day, what a wasted opportunity that was; so poorly marketed and despite people (myself included obviously) genuinely digging it, they never brought it back. It was a very simple scent - 70% Twisted Peppermint and 30% Fresh Balsam, both way toned down and the combo just smelled gorgeous! And you with as balsam crazy as BBW has been lately, you would think that they would've brought this back but nope. It's really a shame!

6. Mint Chocolate (2010?) I didn't use to like chocolate in home fragrance and I loathed mint chocolate anything but this candle (the 2013 version) made me change my mind. There was something different about that version; while past version smelled more creamy like ice cream, that version smelled like a delicious mint chocolate cookie..think the peppermint Oreos. Soooooo good!

5. Winter (200?) - Slatkin at his best! Winter is soooo beautiful and sophisticated; it's perfect not just for Christmas but for the rest of wintertime. I used to hate this scent and thought it very overrated and gagworthy but I've really come to appreciate it over the years. I can't imagine wintertime without it!

4. Winter Garland (2010) - another Slatkin classic! This is probably one of the best Christmas scents in BBW history, if not THE best! Sadly it has not been seen since '11 and despite ol schoolers practically begging for BBW to bring this back, WG has yet to make an appearance!

3. Chestnut & Clove (2010) - yet another Slatkin (you'll notice so many of these favs except Snow Day are Slatkin era scents). For years, this scent was completely ignored. Finally this year it got the attention it rightfully deserved. Try describing this scent without using the word elegant, sophisticated and luxurious..ya can't!

2. Evergreen (200?) - for years, I was very anti-pine scents; I could only take pine scents if it were blended with other notes. Last Christmas, my bf asked if we could try a pine scent so I sniffed/bought/burned both Evergreen and Fresh Balsam and found myself liking both..thought I definitely prefer Evergreen of Fresh Balsam. Evergreen is just perfection; it really smells like a Christmas tree ready for decorating. Now I can't imagine Christmastime with it!

1. Tis the Season (2009?) - This has been my all time favorite Christmas scent for years! It's such a special and nostalgic scent for me and always makes me think of childhood Christmases. Ya gotta love a scent that conjures such warm and special memories.

Honorary mentions include.. Pumpkin Gingerbread (so much better than Frosted Gingerbread), Holly Wreath (Christmas version of Sweater Weather), Sleigh Ride (old fashioned Christmas tree/wreath), Holiday Pomander (mulled wine/Christmas punch), Champagne Toast and Peace.

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY:Those fruity/bakery candles (And what I'd replace em with)

Well gang, here is yet another collection with very little thought behind; just a bunch of scents that BBW "thinks" are fan favorites thrown together willy-nilly. As with many of their collections lately, they're right on the cusp of having a really interesting collection but somehow it just misses the mark. You would think with last year's dismal White Barn Market collection, they would've learned their lesson but NOPE! With just a little more thought and less assumptions and pandering, this collection could've rivaled the infamous Sweet Shoppe collection and as of yet they haven't had a success like that since. At any rate, as usual, I thought of better replacements that would make this collection more interesting

Sugared Peony Petals - So in my scent list post, I was corrected by a reader that "sugared peonies" are indeed a thing. Despite being hip to culinary/gourmet fads, I never heard of that. So yeah it is a thing but that doesn't make it any less strange.

REPLACEMENT: Pink Petal Teacake - This just makes more sense! More people are familiar with rose flavored bakery items than friggin peonies. And unlike SPP, PPTC actual smells like a bakery item. PPTC was insanely popular, definitely an underground hit and even to this day, people are still clamoring for it; GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT..WHAT THEY REALLY REALLY WANT! I will never understand BBW's reasoning for getting rid of true fan favorites with no intention of re-releasing them and instead created new but weird blends that remain on the shelves.

Key Lime Pie - *facepalm first of all, like Pumpkin Pie, why did it take BBW so long to create a key lime scent. Yankee has had one for years and so have many others. BBW finally does release one..and they completely f*** it up in a way only BBW could accomplish.

REPLACEMENT:Tequila Lime Cupcake - despite what the name suggested, it actually smelled like an actual key lime. And because it was WB exclusive, not a lot of people got to experience. I was fortunate to have been able to buy and burn it and I really ended up enjoying it. Instead of letting it disappear, re-release that sucker and call it what it really was - KEY LIME PIE! Again, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

Lemon Mint Tea - Why oh why do y'all insist on making this scent a thing?! For years, yall have slipped this toothpasty/dentist office smelling bastard any way y'all could...Newsflash...NOBODY LIKES THIS MESS! And then y'all have the audacity to call this mess "tea" to throw people off. Sorry, we're on to you!

REPLACEMENT: Southern Sweet Tea - can we please have an actual iced tea scent please and thanks?! I guarantee you, more people would buy SST than that LML crap!


REPLACEMENT: Nectarine Green Tea - by far one of the most beautiful and relaxing scents ever. And it truly smelled like green tea

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow - OMG..*deep calming breaths. The Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow/Vanilla Bean Marshmallow/Vanilla Bean obsession needs to stop like NOW! You guys have a very VERY bad habit of taking a somewhat popular scent and running it into the ground! Ok we get, y'all are cuckoo for this scent; put this in the WB core collection and sell it year round but please I beg you..STOP PUTTING THIS F***ING CANDLE IN EVERY COLLECTION AND PUT IN EITHER SOMETHING NEW OR SOMETHING EVERYBODY ACTUALLY WANTS!

REPLACEMENT: Lavender Marshmallow - OMG HELLO!!! The Unicorn scent to end all Unicorn scents! The Queen of test scents! LM just makes more sense; you have a spring themed collection floral/fruity gourmand scents...that said which sounds more fitting - Lavender Marshmallow or Vanilla Bean Marshmallow? I'm gonna go with LM. Plus, unlike VBM, LM actually smells like friggin marshmallows! Y'all seem to have casually forgotten the kerfluffle y'all caused not releasing this candle and were perfectly with people (myself included) buy it on Evilbay. People are still wanting and are looking for this gem...again, and this bears repeating..GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts - If this was the past version of CSD, I'd be more excited. Sadly it's the basic jar of cakey disappointment from the White Barn Market. Why do ya'll keep on releasing this version knowing people prefer the original version. *sigh, I just don't understand the things y'all do!

REPLACEMENT: Apple Crumble - ok, hear me out... Granted this is more of a fall scent but then again so was CSD. With the right marketing and packaging, it could werk! Also I think AC fits this collection more; it's a fruit based bakery scent. It hasn't been in an actual collection since 2012. And y'all already know everybody, newbies and ol schoolers alike, we're lovin this scent when it appeared online during last summer's SAS. Say it with me folks...GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

 Georgia Peach - I feel like y'all just throw this scent in here for no reason; it's in this collection just to be in it - no rhyme or reason! Now y'all have a collection of either bakery items or drinks, what the HELL do you have just a random ass fruit in here..and not even a good one!

REPLACEMENT: Raspberry Peach Macaron - here we go again..another INSANELY popular scent from Sweet Shoppe that everyone went apeshit over and instead re-releasing it for olschoolers and newbies both to enjoy, y'all just let it fade into memory. And again, (and ongoing theme for this post), it just makes more sense! It's fruity bakery scent for a fruity bakery themed collection..HELLO!

Watermelon Lemonade - I Am SOOOOOOOO sick and damned tired of Watermelon Pissade! It is truly the herpes of BBW scents! It's already in the WB core line..why the f*** does it need to be in TWO collections?! It's like a canker sores on both sides of your mouth, one is not not any less unappealing than the other! Since 2013, it has been seen at least 10 times in 10 different collections..enough is enough!!!

REPLACEMENT: Summertime Soda - This scent has gotta be the biggest wasted opportunity in BBW history! It was the most authentic bubbly effervescent scent ever and it genuinely smelled like legit cherry lemon-lime soda. Only a few people got to experience this rare gem and like all amazing scents, it disappeared and hasn't been seen since. Instead of bringing back ML, bring back this hidden treasure so more people could experience it's bubbly goodness. One last time...GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!


REPLACEMENT: Cherry Blossom Sangria - this scent was the bomb diggity, a cherrylicious Shirley Temple in wax form! And again it, it fits the theme of this collection - fruits and flowers!

Mocha Latte Swirl , Praline Pecan Cobbler and Blueberries and Cream can stay

NEW RANT & IDEA OF THE DAY: The Mexican candles (and what I'd replace em with)

As most of yall know, I posted about the upcoming Spring candles and one of the collections has a "Mexican" theme...*sigh. As exciting as it may sound, sadly many of the scents in this collection are the most basic and un-Mexican things you could think of...almost to the point of being insulting. Y'know BBW has never been the most culturally savvy bunch...I'm lookin at you Electric Tokyo/Tokyo Petals. I just imagine a bunch of palefaces sitting the table throwing out the most mainstream basic scents they could think of and trying to spin them into something international and exotic. But with this collection in particular, they're really diggin deep; this collection is as Mexican as Taco Bell! Now I would never claim myself to be the authority on Mexican culture (although during my childhood living in Houston with all Mexican friends, I was made an honorary Mexicano), I could think of better scents for this collection.

The only scent in this entire collection that makes any amount of sense is Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla, which by all accounts is a repackage of the original Sweet Shoppe/pre-2013 version of Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts...which one could argue smells like the delicious cinnamony Mexican treat churros. But ay dios mios, that name though! Could you get more whitebread that that?! Cinnamon Sugared Churros too ethnic? Again, here is a prime example of BBW catering to the mainstream by offering a scent with a name that doesn't sound too exotic and ethnic...ethnic scary!

Guava Piña Colada - ok, so BBW obviously didn't do their research. While guavas are native to Mexico and Central America in general, piña coladas are not; its the national drink of Puerto Rico!!! This scent could stay but that name should be changed; it should marketed as a frozen treat...a "paleta" perhaps if you will

Prickly Pear and Sugarcane - ok, this kinda makes sense too; cacti/prickly pear is a part of the Mexican culture - hell it's on Mexican flag! However I dont think that BBW knows that they're is a difference between prickly pear and PEAR - THEY DO NOT SMELL ALIKE!!!

REPLACEMENTRainforest Sugarcane - This was a nice scent, weird but nice; it WAS little earthy, a little green, a little bit of sweetness. It was a nice change from all of the pineapple and mango and coconut scents we're usually assaulted with in spring/summer.


REPLACEMENT: Provence Garden: This was a nice fresh, dewy, green scent with vaguely cucumber-y/pear-y undernote and could possibly pass as a cactus type scent

Pineapple Lily - ok, so every single one of these exotic (non-European) locale themed collections, there is always a "pineapple" scent and this collection is no exception. Here's the thing...a) I don't think pineapple lilies actually smell like pineapples...or suntan lotion (Jennifer aka theshow78 said it smelled like Poolside mixed with pineapple) and b)pineapple lilies are indigenous to AFRICA; I found very little evidence of them growing wild and indigenously in Mexico. 

REPLACEMENT: Hawaiian Hibiscus - ok hear me out...hibiscus tea aka aqua de jamaica is really popular in Mexico and this is, so far, the only decent hibiscus scent in the BBW vaults! 

Mayan Caramel: Really BBW, REALLY?! Any friggin excuse to have a damn caramel scent around! And to add "MAYAN" to it for authenticity and exoticness..again, really?! Now granted, the Mexicans do have cajeta and the better known dulce de leches (both being caramel-esque desserts made from condensed milk) but I doubt anyone from BBW's marketing department know what either of those were. And there's certainly nothing "Mayan" about either treat. ¡Tu sabes que, no puedo!

REPLACEMENT: Cayenne Caramel - out of ALLLLLL of the caramel scents that has been on the market, this one makes more sense. One thing that this collection is laughably lacking in is SPICE! 


REPLACEMENT: Dolce/Vanilla Bean Noel - just call it "Dulce"

Island Margarita - again, any excuse to have a basic crowd-pleaser in the bunch. I used to really like good ol IG but after awhile I just got really bored with it. We've seen it year after year after from even before I was into BBW; its in every summer/tropical/beach collection. And now to toss into this collection, it's just lazy!

REPLACEMENT: Lime Margarita Granita - again,this scent just makes more sense. This scent smelled more like an actual margarita ...although one can argue that with that unementioned unexplained mint note that it smells more like a mojito but whatever..still the point is, it smells more like an authentic drink that IG ever will. Tequila Lime Margarita..BAM! *cue the Mexican shout

Mango Dragonfruit - again, yet another excuse to have a basic crowd-pleaser in the collection. And dragonfruit, although eventually brought to Mexico where where it became popular, originated in Asia!

REPLACEMENT: Mango Cilantro - come on, this scent was fan-effing-tastic!!! Sooooo much better and fresher and juicier than MD. It was a fiesta in a friggin jar!

Black Teakwood...... no comment

REPLACEMENT: Havana Heat/Ski Den - a nice sexy tobacco based mandle. They do grow tobacco in Mexico, there's even evidence that the ancient Mayan smoked a little of it back in the day. Makes me think a hot sexy vaquero smoking a fresh cigar to unwind after a day of cow wrangling on his stallion on the ranch

Vanilla Coconut: why are yall putas over there in BBWland so obsessed with not only this scent but coconut scents in general?! Vanilla Coconut is STANK!!!

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Water - come on BBW! First of all this scent has been seen since since spring '12, bring back the classics! And look at the notes; coconut water, sheer vanilla, pineapple and sparkling citrus..tell me that doesn't sound friggin amazing! And hello, coconut water is a thing in Mexico; Goya sells it in a can!

And there are so many other Mexican flavors to experiment with and make new fascinating and truly exotic blends... horchata, flan, hibiscus tea/aqua de jamaica, tamarind and chili candies/jarritas, marzipan candy, cinnamon flavored coffee, chili spiked hot chocolate, arroz con leche...the possibilities are endorse. But no, as always you stuck to the basics. Instead of giving us a taste of Mexico, you gave us straight up Montezuma's revenge!

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2016 Test Scents *UPDATED*

Well ladies and gents, it's about that time again..test stores have started releasing spring scents. My homegurls theshow78 and tinybubblesfloating has set social media on fire with their pics of the latest candles at their local test store. That said, with their permission of course, the following info comes straight from them. It looks like we're getting 4 collections, though nobody at the moment knows what the names of any of them though.

So every spring, BBW releases a collection based on certain international locale; we've been all up and thru France, we've been to Italy, we've been to Hawaii, last year we were taken to the Amazon and now this year BBW is bringing us to..MEXICO!!! Si mis amigos, this collection has an "exotic" Spanish/Mexican/Mayan/Aztec-y theme. New scents include...

Prickly Pear and Sugarcane - Bring home a luscious prickly pear fruit and sugarcane inspired by the exotic flavors of Mexico (Hmm, this could be anything - Heirloom Pear, Pear or even Provence Garden which had a pear-like flavor..which brings up the question "does BBW know the difference between a pear and prickly pear?")

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - The delicious fragrance of rich vanilla beans sprinkled with sugar crystals and fresh ground Mexican cinnamon (So at first I thought this could be Vanilla Spice from back in the day or  Vanilla Cinnamon or Sugar and Spice but word on the street it smells like, wait for it... Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, the original one from '11-'13)

Pineapple Lily - Fresh pineapple combines with delicate lily petals and crisp greens to create the prettiest spring fragrance (according to Jennifer, this smells like Suntan/Poolside)

Mayan Caramel - A mouthwatering mix of luscious caramel swirls, creamy vanilla and tonka (Umm vanilla AND tonka, essentially two similar scents...ooookay. If this isn't Salted Caramel or Cinnamon Caramel Swirl or any of the millions of caramel/butterscotch/taffy scents we're accosted with yearly, I'll be very surprised)

Guava Piña Colada - The perfect answer to a hot sunny day, the fragarnce of freshly picked guava, creamy coconut milk and orange flower (safe to assume its probably Guava Colada from last spring)

Baja Cactus Flower - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sunkissed coconut (ugh I am sooooo tired of BBW putting coconut in EVERYTHING!!!)

Returning scents include Island Margarita, Black Teakwood, Mango Dragonfruit, Vanilla Coconut. What these scent have to do with Mexico is anyone's guess

 Continuing the locale theme, we'll be getting a new Destination collection....thankfully without the stupid insipid cartoony labels we had last summer. Many returning scents have been revamped as "new" repackages of old scents

New York =  Beautiful Day (cuz it has apple in it, get it? Big Apple *eyeroll)
Hawaii = Oahu Coconut Sunset (BBW has really been pushing this scent hard lately)
Paris = Lavender Macaron (I thought at first this might be the infamous and much sought after Lavender Marshmallow but Jennifer said that the SA told that smelled like Stovetop stuffing so that means only one thing, it's the original Lavender Macaron (aka Lavender Caramel) from way back in the day)
Amsterdam = Spring Tulips (I'm assuming it's still Flower Shop but they may have switched gears and repackaged Pink Tulips instead)
Capri = Freshwater and Sea Salt (obviously the same FW&SS aka Sea to Santorini)
Venice = Peach Bellini (ooooookay?!)
Savannah = Bowties and Bourbon (omg YASSSSSS)
Brazil = Coconut Teakwood (so my IG buddies and I were joking that because BBW puts coconut in EVERYTHING and that they are obsessed with Mahogany Teakwood, that eventually they'll create a Coconut Teakwood scent...sure enough it happened! I..just...CANT!!!)

So far the remaining old scents include London and Tahiti/Passionflower

The next collection is kinda strange. They all seem to be floral inspired bakery scents with an old timey country look to them; think a mix of White Barn Market and Screen Doors and Sweet Tea with labels almost like '14's Mother's Day candle

Sugared Peony Petals - Treat yourself to the sweet scent of sugared peony petals atop swirls of rich vanilla buttercream (Uuuummmm...WTF are sugared peony petals?! Is that really a thing?! Anyhoo Im gonna go with Pink Petal Teacake?)

Key Lime Pie - Freshly squeezed lime mixes with lush vanilla cream and a hint of coconut in a fragrance in a fragrance inspired by the classic all-American key lime pie (first of all, who the HELL puts coconut in key lime pie?! Secondly I asked Jennifer if this a repackage of the yummy Tequila Lime Cupcake and she said it wasn't. TBF said she thought it smelled like Sparkling Limeade)

Blueberries and Cream - Sweet vanilla cream, garden blueberries and a hint of sugar combine in this mouthwatering fragrance (So it isn't Garden Berries, Blackberry Spice or Blueberry Pumpkin Patch. Jennifer said it smelled like creme Livesavers.)

Mocha Latte Swirl Recharge with the scent of a wonderfully rich concoction of espresso and creamy caramel topped with whipped cream (Espresso Bar/Gourmet Espresso or Cafe Italia or Twisted Caramel Gelato)

Lemon Mint Tea - (Straightup repackage of Lemon Mint Leaf)

Returning scents include Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts (sadly the effed up White Barn Market version), Georgia Peach , Praline Pecan Cobbler and the scent that wont die, the Nene Leakes of BBW candles..Watermelon Lemonade...ughhhhhhh

Lastly it's not spring/summer at BBW without some beachy/tropical scents. This collection has a very upscale spa resort feel to them, like something a masseuse would have burning. They have colored frosted tumblers a la Coastal Cool with beach themed abstract artsy labels

Indigo Sky - Nothing but indigo skies from now on with the fragrance of deep blue air, sun-dappled orange blossoms and soft amber (Hmm, maybe Orange Sapphire from a looooong ass time ago? Or something basic like Turquoise Waters/Bergamot Waters)

Sand and Sea - Go where the weather is warm and the worries are few with the seductive blend of fresh sea breezes, soft sage and warm golden sand (Yeah, I got nuthin! Summer Bonfire? Black Sands?)

Mediterranean Melon - Escape to the sunny Mediterranean with the tantalizing fragrance of juicy melon, creamy vanilla topped with sparkling sugar (first of all, shouldn't it be "juicy melon AND creamy vanilla". Secondly there have been a few "melon" scents back in the Slatkin days but none to my knowledge with notes like these. Back in '13 there was a Mediterranean themed failed test scent in the Destination collection called The Greek Isle with notes of melon, fig and cypress..who knows)

Seaside Citrus - Tall seaside cliffs covered in sun-soaked lemon verbena, sea lavender and lily of the valley come to life in this citrusy blend (I'm not sure about this one - on the one hand, it sounds like the failed test scent from '13 Destinations Fleur de Provence which I loved but it also sounds like Lemon Verbena, which I also love. You gotta laugh at the marketing; either way you have a scent originally marketed as flowers in the countryside of France to now as flowery cliffs overlooking the sea at the beach...Oh, BBW what are we gonna do with you?!)

White Gardenia - (Rainforest Gardenia I assume?)

Returning scents include Turquoise Waters, Fresh Bamboo, White Sand Beaches,  Endless Weekend and Tiki Beach

So there ya go! Kinda strange that there are no true florals again this year, not a sign of Lilac Blossom or Honeysuckle though I'm sure BBW will sneak em in somehow as usual. And another year without Spring..awfully strange!

Anyhoo, these are all sound pretty interesting. Because this fall and especially winter has been incredibly shitty, perhaps BBW has learned from their mistakes; this upcoming spring could be a breath of fresh air blowing away the fetid stench of disappointment and failure that was 2015. We could actually see some new scents next year...though at the risk of being a Pessimistic Peggy, I'm not holding my breath and shall reserve any judgment until I can smell these suckers for myself!

If you're on IG, check out @theshow78, @tinybubblesfloating and @hisdoctorwatson for pictures

HOT MESS AWARD: Joy ~ Peppermint Marshmallow

Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room (weekends)
Time Period:Black Friday til New Years Day

Description: Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, which are full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy

So I wanted to a good minty holiday scent other than Twisted Peppermint. Not too long ago I bought the absolutely delicious Mint Chocolate from '13 from Ebay at a reasonable price but I couldnt make myself burn cuz I wouldn't be able to get another one so easily and cheaply. That said I decided to give Joy a try instead. So I eventually brought back my The Original and exchanged it with Joy.

So E'RYBODY on social media has been complaining about this candle's dreadful performance. Unfortunately I must join the multitudes and complain about the craptasticness of this here candle. Look at this bullshittery!

This is by far one of these WORSE burning in BBW history; it's right up there with the infamous Blackberry Grapefruit and Mahogany Teakwood of '12. Puny stubby weak ass flames that leaves canyons of wax on the side. Finally after about 2-3 hours, it pooled out completely. And it does this without every single burn, very annoying! And there's no sense of bringing it back for another one becasue they all burn like crap. I do kinda enjoy the scent otherwise I would've brought it back to exchange for something else. The throw is just ok; it does manage to fill my living room eventually and lingers once blown out however this is one of those scents that wish could chokehold and knock me out.

So just based on name everybody (myself included) naturally and rightfully assumed that this would be a repackage of Marshmallow Peppermint from '11 . Alas it seems BBW decided to play a practical joke on all of us and instead created this blend of minty confusion. Why they decided to waste time, effort and money to create a new (sub-par) scent instead of bringing back a fan favorite that actually smells like what its supposed to is beyond me. It doesn't make sense to you nor to me but that's BBW for ya! First of all, it doesn't smell like marshmallow at all but more like a creamy vanilla frosting. It has the same generic vanilla frosting vibe as Frosted Cupcake/Buttercream Frosting/Vanilla Bean/Vanilla Bean Marshmallow. The mint is neither cool or fresh or menthol-y but very sweet - almost borderline Twisted Peppermint-ish. And lastly there is undertone of unexplained unmentioned cocoa that just decided to crash the party and hang out in the back like a wallflower. Altogether, the combo as a whole smells less like a peppermint flavored marshmallow and more like chocolate cupcake with an overwhelming dollop of mint flavored vanilla frosting. Think Buttercream Mint with Vanilla Bean and a dash of Mint Mocha Bark.

As a whole, it's not bad scent by any means; it's just not very exciting and wrongly named. It should not  have been called "a marshmallow" scent at all; it smells like friggin frosting!  Why release this instead of the original Marshmallow Peppermint?! And why throw random ass chocolate in the blend; in that case why not just release Mint Chocolate/Mint Mocha Bark or Peppermint Mocha or Dark Chocolate Mint instead? The scent just doesn't make sense; this is definitely a case of BBW catering to the mainstream shoppers and newbies who just don't know any better and bakery lovers who love anything sweet. For us hardcore BBWers, this is yet another wasted opportunity and one of many facepalm-worthy hot messes. At any rate, unless you're a diehard mint fan or bakery lover, leave this crap on the shelf. Otherwise buy at your own risk!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Holiday Edition Destination Collection

So while I was in the City, I decided to drop by BBW and see if they had the Destinations collection and sure enough they did


I was over this collection when I first heard about em and having finally seen and sniffed them in person, I'm even more over this collection! This is the most strangest, weirdest and random collection in the history of BBW! And yet people are losin their proverbial shit over these bastards and I don't understand why! And if one more basic bitch says on social media that they're buying these candles just for lids, I'm going to muthaeffin SCREAM!!! That's the goddamn muthaeffin problem; we got crappy scents with absolutely no thought or reason put behind them cuz all ya'll care about are the damn lid! And they're not even that damn cute! People are acting like these lids are made of pure platinum with gold flakes and diamond studs! THEY'RE CHEAP LAMINATED GLITTER!!!! GGGG - GURL GET A GODDAMN GRIP!

RANT OVER! On to the review. So as y'all know...

New York is Spiced Apple Toddy..which is basically a watered down Leaves
Hawaii is Honolulu Sun..which is a generic sweet shampoo/conditioner cococnutty scent
Swiss Alps is Ski Lodge..smoky woodsy incensey slightly cocoa-y type scent

These two aren't online but are in stores..
Istanbul is Sensual Amber... which smells like old lady
Caribbean is Pineapple Mango...the most basic tropical scent EVER

No Amsterdam/Flower Shop or Tahiti/Bergamot Waters

These make my roll eyes so much that I can barely type! The only one that makes any amount of sense is Swiss Alps..barely. Now on to the "new" stuff..

Italy ~ Tuscan Lemon Tart - So this isn't Limocello or Lemon Drops or Sugared Lemon or Lemon Gelato or Kitchen Lemon. I do believe this might be new..though that said don't get too excited cuz it's not that great of a scent new or otherwise. It's a very generic borderline cleaner lemon scent with a creamy frothy vanilla-ish merigue note. Sounds amazing..that is until you smell it and realize that it's more basic than you realized. And by all accounts it's smells like gasoline once lit..that is if you're lucky enough to get a throw in the first place.

Paris ~ Pink Champagne - Funny story about this one...so when this collection first came out, I wrote a post about em and wrote what I thought would make better and more sensible replacements . In it I said that they should get rid of Tahiti (cuz who goes to Tahiti for Christmas?!) and replace it with Paris and make a "Champagne Toast" scent. Sure enough, Tahiti gets the boot and out from nowhere comes Paris ~ Pink Champagne. Coincidence?

Anyhoo, on cold throw it appears to be a blend of BBW's popular alcoholy scents. The base notes smell EXACTLY like Champagne Toast. Some people get a hint of Cranberry Pear Bellini however I personally get Wine Down. There's another dark berry note besides the blackcurrant that smells like the "pomegranate" from WD not as tart or as musky. So yeah Champagne Toast + Wine Down = Paris which is equal to BORING!

I just can't with this collection and BBW in general..I can not nor will not!

SHOP 'N' GO: $8.50 Candle Haul

So I did indeed take part in the $8.50 candle sale. My bf and I got up bright and early and made our way to GSP. White Barn was open early; we got there a little after 9:30 and the joint was already jumpin. I knew I had no time to lose before it got even more crowded so I took out my candle wishlist and made a beeline to the candles I wanted and swiftly put them in my basket. By the time I made it to the cashier, the line had grown exponentially; it curved serpentine like throughout the remainder of the store ending outside. My poor bf who wasn't so quick with his purchases who to go begrudgingly to the end of the line. And speaking of cashier, there were only 3 cashiers working only on the WB with not a single soul on the BBW side. Did they not know how crazy it was gonna get, why weren't there a full number of cashiers workin both sides?! Very stupid! Anyhoo my bf and I got what needed to get and hauled ass outta there!

I had a $50 gift card that my mom got my for my birthday and I wited patiently for tis sale to use it. And I also used a $15off40 coupon. So I ended up getting...

Not NEARLY as many as got last year; I think I got 12 or 13. Honestly there weren't that many candles that I wanted this go round cuz quite frankly, the holiday collections SUCKED and these were honestly the only scents in the whole shebang that remotely interested me.

My bf ended up getting as gifts...

Candle-wise, I am so good; I do intend on buying anymore anytime soon. I have absolutely NO interest in the holiday edition Destination candles. And most likely, I'm gonna pass on SAS altogether as it has been becoming more and more disappointing. I'm just gonna sit here and wait patiently for tropical mango coconutty shitshow that the spring is gonna be!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Thankful ~ Chestnut & Clove

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period:Black Friday til New Years Day

Description: This luxurious blend of rich chestnut, aromatic cedar and freshly ground cloves evokes happy Thanksgiving memories with family and friends

This candle is a testament to how the right marketing and new look/name can turn a candle into an instant hit. For years, this candle could not get a break - back in day when it was called Winter Cabin people were kinda intrigued but in the end it was completely overlooked by the overabundance of holiday bakery scents. Then in 2012 and again in 2013, it came out with a generic new name and the most boring and basic label ever and it was completely ignored. When I tried it for the first time in 2013, I was blown away and kicked myself for looking past it. When I wrote my review of it, I emphatically implored people to give this candle a try but people weren't listening. And much to my dismay and disappointment, it disappeared. Fast forward to 2015, I had already my remaining C&C last year and bought a 2012 version from a friend but refused to burn and had gone on Evilbay to find more only to see a few being sold for $50+ when all over a sudden it miraculously appeared in the Thanksgiving collection. I couldn't believe my eyes! Despite it being released as a fall scent, I was refused to complain! They finally appeared online and popped up in stores and I for one could not be happier. Suddenly this forgotten and overlooked scent was not blowing up on social media and both ol'schoolers and newbies alike were going apeshit for it! Again, it's all about the marketing!

Now a quite a substantial number of people were complaining about the burn. Lately I've been burning mine in a candle sleeve and it's been burning like a champ. Right before I wrote this review, I burned the candle so I could take a picture. Sure enough, it was tunneling! I did the good ol aluminum foil trick and TADA, there was a full and deep pool. That said, if your Thankful candle is acting up, put it in a sleeve or warp it in foil. The throw has been great - it has what I call a "warm blanket" throw; it would be too overwhelming if it had a strong knockout throw.

Scent-wise, this is kinduva hard sell and very difficult to describe. You would think with the combination of chestnut and spices that it would smell very gourmand and bakery but NOPE! The blend smells more aromatherapy-ish than bakery. Then there's the addition of both cedar and pine (not mentioned in the notes) that gives it a woodsy/outdoorsy feel which further adds to the aromatherapy-ishness of this scent. It kinda reminds me of Winter (another Slatkin era holiday classic that is super hard to describe) in the sense that you have a gourmand note that's not used as a gourmand scent with spices but it doesn't smell bakery and it has added wood/piney notes that makes it smell outdoorsy. They're both conceptual scents that conjure a scene/environment with notes that you don't think would go together but they totally do. 

I can not hype this scent enough and I love that so many people are diggin this scent so much; it's finally gettin it's due! It's such a sophisticated, elegant and luxurious scent that's just so perfect for the holidays. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that ya'll stock up cuz it's starting to disappear from stores and eventually from online as well 


Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: the week of Thanksgiving (official Thanksgiving day candle)

Description: Save room for this delicious autumnal blend of creamy pumpkin, whipped vanilla and flaky pie crust that's as sweet as your favorite pumpkin pie

I've always wondered why BBW NEVER had a pumpkin pie scent and why they preferred for us BBWers to settle for Shit Cinnamon Poopkin instead. Every candle company on the face of the planet had a pumpkin pie scent except for BBW. So when they finally came out with one this past fall, I was very excited. I know a lot of folks were burning their PP (and other autumnal) candles as early as August but I waited patiently to burn mine til the week of Thanksgiving cuz it just seemed more apropos.

I almost gave this candle my patented "BOMB.COM" moniker but alas, I had some wick issues that made me change my mind. The candle had the dreaded curly wicks that BBW has been using this year. Not only did they curl but they leaned over to the right so the wax didn't completely pool out and there was a plateau of unmelted wax on the left side.

Dopey me didn't realize until shortly before I wrote this review that the leaning wicks were easily remedied; After taking the above picture, I blew out the flames and while there was still a wax pool, I gentle moved the wicks into the proper alignment with a chopstick. After that, the candle burned like a dream (the first pic was taken after I fixed the wicks).

Now when I first heard about this candle, I thought for sure it would be some hybrid variant of SCP and when I sniffed it in the store, for a second I thought it was SCP. But after smelling the two side by side, I knew it definitely wasn't. And it smells absolutely nothing like SCP once lit. It's actually more closer to Pumpkin Carving with elements of Pumpkin Cupcake. You get a creamy pumpkin note with the earthiness toned down, a little bit of vanilla, some fall spices (not so much cinnamon but definitely nutmeg and possibly ginger and allpspice). And you do get a flaky bakery note though with the spices it almost smells like graham cracker crust.

How does it compare to SCP? Not nearly as cinnamon heavy and as burnt; it smells like a warm pumpkin pie fresh from the oven

How does it compare to PC? Not as earthy and not waxy. PP is definitely a gourmand bakery type pumpkin scent as opposed to conceptual autumnal pumpkin scent. It also doesn't have that brown sugar/nutmeg blend that PC has 

How does it compare to Pumpkin Cupcake? Not nearly as obnoxiously sweet and obviously doesn't have the vanilla/buttercream aspect. Also the fall spices are way toned down and balanced in PP than PCC; PCC is very heavy on the ginger

I think PP was a welcome addition to this year's fall lineup. Hopefully BBW keeps it as a fall staple although lately fan favorites tend to disappear in favor for the sameold-sameolds or random "new" blends. If BBW was smart, they would keep this scent around as a replacement for SCP...I'm not holdin my breath though. That said, if any of y'all really liked this scent, then hopefully y'all stocked up cuz who knows if we'll see it again!

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Ideas for next fall

Well with Thanksgiving right around the corner, fall is pretty much over. That said I wanted to make one last fall themed post; I'm gonna throw some ideas for next fall since this fall was a hot mess!

So this year as a precursor to the upcoming fall candles, y'all had the Cork & Vine collection which was...uuummmmm....yeah

How about next ya'll have a..wait for...Country Fair collection, with blue ribbons on the labels. Y'all can have scents like... Apple Crumble, Caramel Apple, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Cider Lane, Summertime Soda, Toffee Glazed Popcorn, Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade, Market Peach...savory scents that'll sort of wet everybody's appetites for fall

For the main fall collection, I'd love to see a more metropolitan themed collection - fall in the city; long walks in the park in your favorite sweater, sipping a PSL while watching leaves fall..y'know basic bitchy. Of course in this collection there be the classics like Leaves, Autumn, Sweater Weather, Flannel, Marshmallow Fireside but y'all can also throw in scents like Tailgate (the original Tailgate, not that crap we got in '14), Autumn Night. AND NO MAHOGANY FRIGGIN TEAKWOOD!  

Now then...can we talk?! Let's talk about..pumpkins! These all pumpkin collections we've seen for the past 3 years have been down to DEATH! BBW has beaten that dead horse into a fine bloody pulp! And newsflash BBW...we're on to your lil game...throwin a whole bunch of cinnmaon into a scent does not a pumpkin scent make. Furthermore we are all TIRED of scents that supposedly have pumpkin in it but smells more like bakery like Cranberry Pumpkin. I suggest going back to 2011-2012 and having a fall inspired bakery line. Better yet, a coffeehouse theme collection. Of course, you'll have the ol tried and true pumpkiny favs like Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts  and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow but you can also throw in Vanilla Chai or Iced Almond Chai, Gourmet Espresso, Cinnamon Tea, Warm Caramel Cider (if Cider Lane isn't used). And this collection is practically screaming for some Slatkin era classics - Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Sticky Toffee Pudding, S'mores. And as for the usual "pumpkin" scents that would normally go into a "pumpkin" collection, I suggest playing around with the names. For example

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch = Spiced Blueberry Muffin

You don't have to put "pumpkin" onto labels to get people *cough *cough basic bitches on board. I promise these scents are gonna have them creamin their leggings!

Next I would like to see an actual harvest collection a la Fresh Picked with sort of a farm fresh feel -
Harvest Gathering, Autumn Apple, Pear, Porchside Pumpkin, Autumn Day, Cranberry Harvest, Pumpkin Apple, Spiced Pumpkin Cider, Pumpkin Carving, Fresh Picked Berries, Pumpkin Hayride, Butternut Squash. Notice I didn't mention of Farmstand Apple and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin; FA is disgusting and tired and so is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin; that mess should only be in body care. With Pumpkin Carving/Heirloom Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie available, there is absolutely NO need for a SCP candle!

Lastly I'd like a more conceptual sophisticated high end comfy-cozy White Barn collection like the ombre glass collection from this year but with scents that are actually good, make sense (Beautiful Day, really?!) and aren't in other collections. For this collection I nominate the following - Cranberry Woods, Nutmeg & Spice, Brandied Pear, Plum Wine Amber, Kitchen Spice, Cedarwood Oak, Lavender Caramel and my bae Black Pepper Bergamot!

Speakin of which, how about some bodycare for us guys?! Yes BBW, believe or not guys actually shop there and not to get gifts for their moms and girlfriends. And there are a few of us regardless of orientation who don't particularly wanna smell like fruits, flowers and cupcakes but are tired of Noir, Ocean and Twilight Woods. How about a shower gel, pocketbac, body spray AND candle of ... Black Pepper Bergamot!!! Maybe Oakmoss & Vetiver or the original Tailgate or Boathouse Row? NO MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD!!!

And now Halloween... Can I say that this year's Spooky Vanilla and last year's Trick or Treat were both lazy and unispired BS? Pumpkin Carving needs to be the official Halloween candle. Maybe have a candy corn candle or a 3layer to look like candy corn with Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cupcake and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow? Or how about a Vampire Blood candle? You guys have been into a soap/pocketbac into candle kick lately, I think that would make a fun candle.

Similarly Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving collection was cute was still lacking. Next year, lets have scents that actually make sense - Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Pumpkin, Cranberry Harvest, Gourmet Espresso, Spiced Cider, French Baguette etc

And last but not least, here are some new scents that I would love to see...
a candle version of Crisp Morning Air or Fall Lakeside Breeze
apple pie (and not Apple Crumble or Apple Pumpkin Pancakes)
blackberry pie
apple butter
hazelnut coffee
sweet potatoes/yams (and not Thankgiving from '12)
a tea scent like Earl Grey
corn or a conceptual corn maze scent

And there you have it! Get it together BBW!!!!


CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Pumpkin Carving vs Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

With autumn pretty much drawing to a close, I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about a very undervalued autumn scent - Pumpkin Carving.

Now as y'all already know, due to a past encounter with Shit Cinnamon Poopkin, I developed a strong and intense pumpkin scent phobia which I've only just recently gotten over. Despite hearing from other fellow candle connoisseurs of how superior Pumpkin Carving was to SCP, I just couldnt get down with PC. I tried experimenting with a PC wf bulb and though I enjoyed the scent, I just couldn't commit to a candle. Finally this fall I took the plunge and I bought/burned a 3wick; I could kick myself for ignoring for so long.

Now I do believe PC predates SCP (someone correct me if I'm wrong). It first came on the scene in the mid 2000 as "The Perfect Autumn Pumpkin" - very fitting name. The name was eventually changed to "Pumpkin Patch". Then in fall '12 it appeared (4oz only) as " Pumpkin Carving" and was released in a free gift with purchase deal. It was fully released in various forms the following year.

In fall 2014, we saw Heirloom Pumpkin which had the same notes as PC (it also appeared randomly online this fall). Call me and my nose crazy but Heirloom Pumpkin smelled different to me. It was super heavy on the nutmeg; PC was blended better I think.

I've never fully understood BBW's obsession with SCP and why they continue to push it despite knowing that PC was/is a legitimately better and superior pumpkin scent? Why do folks *cough cough basic bitches clamor over SCP?

To me, PC is like watching an old Shirley Temple movie - sweet, wholesome and unassuming. Whereas SCP is like watching Honey Boo Boo - common, annoying, offensive and lacking in depth, tact and class.

BBW, do yourself a favor and retire SCP! No one likes the body care nor the candle! Stop playing it safe and hiding behind its presumed popularity. If you were to retire SCP and instead pushed PC (and her sexy lumbersexual brother Porchside Pumpkin), I promise you that not a single soul will miss it.

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: The History of "Mandles"

So this post was inspired by a video I made several months ago and forgot to post on Youtube; it was about my favorite type of fragrance from BBW - "cologney" scents or "mandles" as I like to call them. Cologney scents tend to get a lot of hate-ration from BBW community...mainly from the cupcake frosting caramel candy sticky sweet ooey goeey lovers whose brains short circuit at the very mention of a non-bakery conceptual scent. It also doesn't help when people with a basic sense of smell describe scents as "cologney" or "blah blah mixed with cologne" as if a) smelling like cologne is a bad thing and b)all colognes are cheap smelling and offensive. I always found calling something "cologney" or "mixed with cologne" (btw hat the hell does that mean?!) as very lazy. Anyway I digress... If, like me, you much prefer deep high end manly woodsy/herbal blends, then this bud's for you!

Fireside (200?)
smells like: a DILF butt-naked on bear-skinned rug in front of the fireplace

I'm including this one cuz a lot of people describe this as cologney due to that sexy leather note. Now this bad boi has been around for YEARS, waaaay before I became an avid BBW connoisseur. This to me is the epitome of a manly scent; woods and leather - it doesn't get more manly than that. Yet it's warm and indulgent and sensual. And it's a nice departure from all the pine and spice and mint and bakery scents that we're usually assaulted with during the holidays.

Mahogany Teakwood (2011)
similar to: A&F's Fierce
smells like: a shirtless twink at an A&F store

This is, in BBW's opinion, the most popular cologney scent ever. It's certainly one of the oldest. In 2011, BBW was testing a collection called the "Passport" collection, a higher end precursor to the Destinations. In it, there was Indian Mahogany and Bergamot..then it was changed Mahogany and Bergamot...then Mahogany Leather and then finally Mahogany Teakwood. It became a fall scent in 2012, a summer scent in 2013 and now we unfortunately see it every single season. It became Black Teakwood in the Brazil collection last spring, it was given a beach/oceany feel as Ocean Driftwood summer of '14 and now for the holidays we have an unholy blend of MT and Fresh Balsam - Mahogany Balsam. Can you say Mahogany Teakwood overload? Sadly I don't see this scent disappearing anytime soon.

Black Pepper Bergamot (2011)
similar to: there is a cologne that smells exactly like this but I don't know the name of it
smells like: how you would imagine George Clooney to smell

In the same collection marked the birth of my bae! Back then it was known as "Peruvian" Black Pepper Bergamot. The Peruvian aspect seemed to be a little too exotic for the average consumer so that was removed and was called simply Black Pepper Bergamot and eventually it would be marketed as a fall scent (there was also a version of BPB blended with rose called Passion). I have gushed over this candle for years and the fact that it hasn't returned is absolute a crime and travesty. This was one of THE BEST scents EVER - sleek, indulgent, sophisticated, sensual, inviting, warm, sexy. Simply orgasmic! *sighs

Mountain Leaves (2011)
smells like: a sexy Canadian Mountie leading you down a wooded trail..eh

This was a fall failed test scent that has completely disappeared and I don't know why..well I do know why - it's a fall scent that isn't bakery and has no cinnamon, apple or pumpkin. The closest scent that I could compare this to is The Original but this is soooooo much better and sexier. It's a brisk outdoor scent like Sweater Weather and Autumn; a little bit of earthy vetiver, some pine and just a splash of citrus. I was really hoping that Autumn Sky was this but nope. BBW really should revive this and give it a second chance.

Acorn & Figs (2011)
smells like: a farmhand ravaging you on a haystack in the stable

This was a suprisingly high end fall scent back in the day amongst all the cinnamony appley pumpkiny scents. The name was later changed to Autumn Day, was given different (and way off) notes and for awhile was a fall staple. I never cared for this one to be honest but I kept saying that I would give it a try..then it disappeared only to reappear as the newly remixed/revamped Autumn Night with added woods and smoky notes. I actually prefer Autumn Night to Autumn Day

Paris Daydream (2012)
similar to: Hugo Boss's Boss
smells like: Jean Dujardin or Maurice Chevalier in the rain

PD was part of French themed trio alongside French Garden (lavender and peach) and Lavender Market (lavender and spearmint). PD is a scent that you wanna love cuz the notes (which are always different with each appearance) sound rather lovely but after awhile you just get bored with it. It for awhile it seemed that it would never disappear. When we did get a break from, it reared its French face again as Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies in the Happy Home collection. And if PD wasn't bad enough, we get two other PD clones including...

Oceanside (2012)
smells like: a lifeguard with too much body spray on

Oceanside is like finding a hot guy on Grindr; the picture looks good, he seems to have the qualifications of a good time but you discover all too late he's a big douchebag. The notes for (the original) Oceanside sound refreshing as hell and on cold sniff, it smells pretty darn nice. Then you light it..and you get straightup Paris Daydream. It's never been proven that one is a repackage of the other, but there's no denying the similarities. I never understood the appeal of this candle; it's not summery, it's not fresh, it's not oceany, it's not beachy.

Oakmoss & Vetiver (2012)
smells like: a guy with a faceful of lathery shaving cream in an ol school barbershop

This was part of a quartet of cologney test scents. I randomly found a 4oz of one and completely burned it down and eventually throw it away like an idiot. And now it's near impossible to find and I can't see BBW bringing it back anytime soon. This scent reminds me of Suntan/Poolside in the sense that like Suntan/Poolside smelled EXACTLY like suntan lotion, O&V smelled EXACTLY like shaving cream. And it's awkward cuz the name didn't quite match the name. It should've been called "Barbershop" or "Fresh Shave"

Whitewater Birch (2012)
similar to: Cool Waters

This was another candle in that cologney quartet. Like O&V, it would completely disappear. By all accounts, it smelled exactly like Cool Waters

Sandalwood Citrus (2012)
smells like: a butler using lemon Pledge to clean dusty wooden furniture

The third member of the quartet. It felt like for awhile BBW was really trying hard to push this scent but it just wasn't happening; it's just not that great of a scent! Even when it was given a new French makeover as Citron Cedarwood, it still wasn't flying off the shelves.

 courtesy of Littleballadeer
Sage & Cedar (2012)
smells like Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Great Gatsby"

This was the one true success of this quartet; the Justin Timberlake of this candle boyband. And like JT, it revamped it's image and became a hit. This is a true a testament to the power of marketing and renaming. As S&C, it was pretty much ignored. Then in Winter '13 it was given a new look, new wax color and more importantly a new name - Black Tie. It's been a hit ever since.

Sparkling Icicles (2012)
similar to: Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gio
smells like: a cologne Snow Miser would use

The second Paris Daydream clone...although candle guru TTFT theorized that it was a repackage of Flirt from the Good Life aromatherapy collection back in '11 or 12(?). On the one hand, it's a nice departure from all of the stereotypical holiday scents - pine and mint etc. But there's nothing very holiday-ish about this scent at all. Yet we've seen year after year every wintertime

Villa Bergamot (2013)
similar to: Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy
smells like: a bronze hairy chested Italian man singing opera in a gandolier

This was a bit of dark horse; it (and Dolce) slipped in under the cover of night well after the other Italian Piazza scents came out. I remember hoping and praying that it would go wide nationwide and that my stores would have em. They did and I was very happy. I liked VB but didn't fall quite in love with it as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, it was a really nice scent but it lacked a certain uumph. BBW tried to breath it new live and marketed it as a fall scent like it's brother Black Pepper Bergamot and called it Bergamot Woods. I think that name change marked its doom cuz it hasn't been seen since.

Boathouse Row (2013)
similar to: Burberry London
smells like : Benedict Cumberbatch

With the absence of BPB, I needed a new cologney scent to give me much needed life. And the candle gods blessed me with this bad boi. I remember I (and my bf) were listening to TTFT's review of this and we both said that we had to get this candle. (when TTFT said it smelled like Burberry London, my bf eventually bought that cologne and it's been one of his fav scents to wear ever since) Despite it being marketed a summer vacation by the lake in the woods scent, it was far too classy of a scent for this collection (hello Watermelon Lemonade, I'm lookin at you!) It was gave off an English vibe, it always made me think of the guards around Buckingham Palace or something equally as British) Alas, I naively thought it would come back so I didn't stock up nearly enough and, like most undercover hits, disappeared.
Flannel (2013)
smells like: Paul Bunyan

When this came out fall of 2013, no one could've convinced me that it would not only become a fan fav but a fall staple. But sure enough, that was the case - 3 consecutive years in a row. The funny thing about Flannel is that it's the only cologney scent that EVERYBODY seems to love. Most other cologney scents get a lot of hate but not Flannel. The ladies LOVE it. Personally I found Flannel odd; a weird mix of Mahogany Teakwood and Villa Bergamot with a hint of Snowed In. Meh, to each their own I guess.

courtesy of Littleballadeer

Tailgate (2013)
smells like: hot sweaty guys playing tackle football on a crisp autumn afternoon

Tailgate has the dubious honor of being my first and last test store phone order and I still kick myself for not buying more. It wasn't the best cologney scent on the market but it was definitely unique. And any scent with leather makes me tingle in the dingle. This also would've made a sexy body spray and shower gel for men cuz this scent had "DUDE" written all over. For some strange and unexplained reason, BBW brought Tailgate back in the fall '13 but it wasn't the same scent. Instead it was a repackage of Mad about Madrid which had nothing to do about guys playin football. Very LAME!

Vanilla Cedarwood (2013)
smells like: Hugh Hefner's bedroom

VC was interesting; I remember both me and my bf really liking this one though for some reason, neither of us ended up buying it. Looking back I should've at least for the sake of collecting cuz now you can't find this scent anywhere. It was a very mature old-smelling scent; it smelled like a masculine (and less pukey) smelling version of Cashmere

Great Room ~ Fireside Pine (2014)
similar to: Molton Brown's Black Peppercorn

This was part of the hoity-toity ski lodge themed Prestige Collection that many people did not get to experience. It was later repacaked as Golden Woods in the equally expensive and hoity-toity Intrigue and Opulence collection. It has recently been repackaged as the less expensive and extremely mysterious The Original. 

Havana Heat (2014)
smells like: hot Cuban guy smokin a cigar in a bar in a leather chair

Tobacco is one of those fragrance notes that is super hard to sell, especially to the ladies. Immediately when you think of tobacco, you think of a stinky stogie thus having tobacco in the notes can turn people off. This was later repackaged as Ski Den ~ Leather and Sweet Tobacco and eventually just Den in the Atmosphere collection and again people weren't havin it (well that and the fact it was $30). It has recently been repackaged and is testing as Leather & Agarwood so let's see how that goes.

Mad about Madrid (2014)
smells like: what you'd imagine Zorro (or Antonio Banderas as Zorro) to smell like

This was one of many scents that I was able to order thru customer service, back when you could actually do that. I wanted to like this one but I just wasn't feeling it. My biggest issue was that the notes were so vague and I had problems trying to describe this scent. Think Villa Bergamot mixed with Black Pepper Bergamot. Sounds sexy, but it wasn't. MAM would eventually be repackaged as Tailgate, why I don't know!

Black Sands (2014)
smells like: a hot male hula dancer on the beach with waves crashing behind him

This was the token cologney scent in the Aloha Hawaii collection. There's really not much to say about it; it smells like Eucalyptus Mint & Rain with a hint of Black Tie. With it reappearance last summer, it seems destined to continue being the token cologney scent in any tropical island themed collection

Beach Day (2014)
similar to: Azzaro's Chrome
smells like: a Jersey Shore guido fratboy in swimming trunks and pooka shells fistbumpin on the beach

This was my jam and has become one of my alltime must have summer scents. There's something quintessentially beachy about this scent without a hint of mango, pineapple or coconut. To me this was so much better than Oceanside and totally could/should have replaced but it ended up falling off the face the planet. 

courtesy of Kelley Wilson

Pacific Coast Highway
smells like: freshly applied deodorant on the armpit of a sweaty surfer

This was one of two failed test scents in the Coastal Cool collection; I really was hoping on the loving this one cuz the notes were right up my alley but nope! For those who never got to smell this one, fear not! It has recently been repackaged as...Winter Sun!
Autumn Sky (2014)

If this isn't one of the lamest and most forgettable scents ever, I dunno what it is! When it first came out, I was really hoping it was Mountain Leaves but nope noppitynope! 

Ski Lodge (2014)
smells like: what you'd expect the inside of Genie's lamp to smell like

This was a pretty interesting fragrance that even now I don't what I think of it. I'm not a huge of fan of incense-like scents although this one wasn't so bad. I think what made me slightly unsure was almost chocolately/cocoa-like note lurking in the background. Anyhoo, we have a dramatically watered down repackage of SL as Cozy Cabin and it'll also be back as "Swiss Alps" in the Holiday Destination candles

Baltic Black Pearl (2014)

Honestly yall, I don't remember what this smells like. Despite it being a sexy sounding cologney scent, I paid little to no attention to it due to the price

Sapphire Sky (2014)
similar to: Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue

Again, I ignored this scent because of the price. It was repackaged this fall as Lakeside Sunrise.

Be Daring (2015)
similar to: Gucci Made to Measure pour homme

I really really wanted to like this one but it was kinduva hot mess. First of all it was one of the worst performing candles ever. It would've been worthwhile if the scent blowed you away...it didn't. To me it smelled like pencil shavings and Craisins

White Sand Beaches
smells like: a white guy in Hawaii for the first time wearing linen and leis the whole time and says aloha to every Hawaiian chick he meets

This is one of those scents that sounds interesting but isn't so much once you've lit it. Totally forgettable.

Bowties & Bourbon (2015)
smells like: a seersuckered Southern gentlemen drinking a mint julep

Not since BPP and Boathouse Row have I sniffed a cologney scent that totally gave me nosegasm. I had my doubts at first but they were unfounded and it was love at first sniff. Yet again here was surprisingly high end and sophisticated manly scent amongst not very classy scents (I'm lookin at you again Watermelon Lemonade) I made sure to stock up on this one lest it doesn't come back. I hope it does; please BBW, call this whatever y'all want but bring it back!
Nantucket Sails (2015)
smells like: Leonardo diCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street on a yacht

This was a very unexciting and forgettable scent; it was essentially Black Tie with a hint of grapefruit and salt. It's"like a hot guy..wearing a black tie..eating a grapefruit...with sea salt...on a boat...in Nantucket"  

Porchside Pumpkin (2015)
smells like: a hot hipster carving a pumpkin on his front porch

This was a very sophisticated and understated but unfortunately overlooked fall scent. While everybody else and their grandma was goin apeshit over Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, Shit Cinnamon Poopkin, etc, I was losin my shit about this badboi. Unfortunately it's downfall was that it was a pumpkin scent that wasn't bakery...and the basic bitches of America wasn't havin it! It was ever so slightly Michael's craft store-ish but a little more high end. It was like a manly version of Pumpkin Carving and I loved it. Alas it has pretty much disappeared from stores and the few that are on Evilbay are super expensive. I've a feeling we are never going to see this scent again. 
Peace (2015)
smell likes: how you'd hope Frosty the Snowman smelled if he hugged you

I'm gonna include this one cuz there is a manly woodsy element to it. If this was a body spray or shower gel, I would totally rock it during the winter. It's like a masculine version of Lavender Vanilla/Snow Day and I absolutely love it! Definitely a stock up/hoard scent. And everybody, men and women alike, seem to be diggin it. Will its popularity make it a winter staple and save it from being a one hit wonder (like it's brother Snow Day) and disappearing, who knows...