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CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: My "Sniff Only" Candle Collection

When I first started getting into BBW candles circa 2012, I burned everything I bought with reckless abandon with little to thought as to whether a scent came back or not. My how things have changed. Within the past 2 years, I've started actively collecting old scents - one hit wonders, failed testers and Slatkin era gems. Some I burn if I know I can easily get another but if I can't, they immediately go into my "sniff only" collection.

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake (Fall 2012) Savory farmhouse bacon meets dark cocoa, creamy buttermilk and rich caramel in this uncommonly delicious combination of sweet and salty scents Bought: on Amazon Worth buying: Totally! It's worth getting just for its rarity and exclusivity alone. And it's such a unique scent unlike anything that we've seen from either Slatkin or BBW in general. And it truly smells like a chocolate bacon cupcake!  Should BBW bring this back: Absolutely! With all the pumpkin and marshmallow and frosting scents we…

RANT OF THE DAY: Reselling BBW candles ~ Greedy Bastards

Let's say there's a past scent that's no longer in rotation and you didn't stock/hoard as much as you should've and you figure it would come back the following year and of course it didn't. Or you have a candle that you absolutely love but you're down to your very last one. Or you read or saw a review for a candle that you either just heard about or never heard of. Or you're a collector and that there is a now forgotten scent from back in the day that you want to get your hands on. Or you don't live near a White Barn or a test store and you absolutely have to have a certain exclusive.

What is a candle whoreder to do?!!
Why, buy from a third party off the black market of course!
There's Amazon...although the prices are beyond ridiculous; you'll rarely find an old candle under $50. I did manage to find a Chocolate Bacon Cupcake awhile back for only $20, but that was sheer unadulaterated luck 
The most popular choice is of course Evil-bay where…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Fruity Summer Test Scents (and what I'd replace em with)

Oh BBW, seriously what are we gonna do with you? I dont understand y'all's decisions. Why are y'all so afraid of being creative?

You guys already proved you guys could be creative with the southwest/desert collection. New locale, intriguing names, cohesive theme, interesting conceptual blends... no Watermelon Lemonade, no Mahogany Teakwood, no Rainforest Gardenia...NO FRIGGIN COCONUT!

It's like y'all blew a fuse and mentally exhausted yallselves and when it came to coming up with this fruity collection and y'all just said f*** it and threw in every basic fruit drink blend y'all could think of.

First of what is this collection supposed to be, what is it conveying? Are these fruit smoothies like Summer Sips or frozen alcoholic drinks like Poptails? Do y'all even know?

And what was the decision process of choosing these scents? Was there a process? Did y'all just pick names out of a hat or something?

Newsflash BBW, y'all choose wrong! Not a single …

NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer Test Candles

Well guys and gals, it has finally happened..we're getting some newness!!! Thank GAWD!

In a couple of weeks, we should be seeing the beachy candles in stores; kinda meh but hey, something is better than nothing, amirite?! And currently there are two collections testing and will probably hit stores nationwide around June (don't quote me on that, that's simply conjecture)

So the first collection is a Summer Sips/Poptail-esque collection - a bunch of sweet fruity beverage inspired scents. At the risk of being a Negative Nancy, this collection is kinda underwhelming. Compared to Summer Sips and Poptails, this is probably the worst incarnation. The look of this collection comes across as extremely cheap but even that I would be willing to overlook if the scents themselves were ah-mazing...they're not. Of course BBW choose the most basic and over-released vaguely beverage-y scents with only two "new" scents that aren't really new.  

Returning scents include Sa…


Products: candle  
Area used in:  bedroom and bathroom
Time Period: whenever

Description: Orange and Ginger Essential Oils are uplifting to release tension and sharpen the senses

So my bf LOVES Orange Ginger, he's NUTS about it! He's been using the lotion and shower gel for years now and still does. But he has been complaining that there was no candle. He had 1wick from years ago (2010 or 11) but there hasn't been one since. 

It's become an ongoing joke everytime we go to BBW that he would complain about no OG candle that there should be a petition for it to be brought back. So throughout the time he and I have been together, I've searched for OG ginger on Amazon or Evilbay..or rather a cheap one cuz the ones I saw $40-50, even $100! Luckily the new Aromatherapy candles appeared online (he was quite upset when they disappeared) but to his excitement, I surprised him with one for his birthday!

This candle is SUPERB! Like Eucalyptus Tea, it has deceptively flimsy wicks but…

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Eucalyptus Tea

Products: candle
Area used in:  bathroom 
Time Period: whenever (mainly for bubble bath time) 

Description: Soothing Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea help calm feelings of stress and uncertainty

*DISCLAIMER* I had this post in my drafts for months and totally forgot about it lol

Let me start off by saying that I friggin LOVE the ET aromatherapy bodycare. I've used the lotion and shower gel for years now; it's pretty much the only bodycare from BBW that I use. So when the candle version randomly appeared in the newly revamped Aromatherapy collection over the summer, I lost my proverbial shit! I'm sure y'all remember the drama over these candles appearing, disappearing and reappearing under the guise of"testing". Luckily before they disappeared forever, I bought this and Orange Ginger online during a 2/24 sale.

The performance on this bad boy has been great. The wicks are deceptively flimsy looking but once lit, there are nice plump mushroom tops. The flames so far h…

CANDLE SPOTIGHT: Paris ~ Lavender Macaron

Products: candle (official Easter candle)
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: Easter

Description: A truly French treat that combines the fragrance of lavender blossoms with a delicate patisserie cookie

So as y'all may or may not know, I LOVE lavender; it's by far my all time favorite fragrance note. That said, any BBW scent with lavender in the notes, I'm all about it. So when this sucker came along I had to try it.

Before it made its nationwide release, there was some debate as to what this candle was going to be a repackage..cuz 9xoutta10 it wasn't gonna be a completely new scent. So back in the good ol Slatkin days there was an actual Lavender Macaron ( misspelled as "macaroon") also known as Lavender Caramel (and yes lavender caramel is an actual thing). It was marketed as fall scent and then as a French dessert (or vice versa, I get confused which came first). In both cases, the scent didn't end up being popular as it had an odd unmentioned and mispla…

RANT & NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Spring/Summer Candles

I just can't with you BBW! I'm really trying to understand your randomness lately; there has to be some method behind the madness but frankly y'all a throwing for loop. I was really hoping that this spring you guys would redeem yourselves and give us some goodness..and at first it certainly looked that way. Then y'all effed up by releasing a deluge of summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents. And after about a month of silence, you release even more summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents and more goddamn muthaeffin coconut. I mean seriously, wtf BBW?! And it would be one thing if you guys were releasing new scents or re-releases of old forgotten scents but nope, you give basic repackages.

Ok so let's start with this first collection...

Sunny Coconut - y'all are already releasing Tiki Beach, why the f*** do we need yet another coconut scent. REPLACEMENT: Coastal Sun - this is the sunniest scent ever, hell "sun" is in the name! It's summ…