NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Fruity Summer Test Scents (and what I'd replace em with)

Oh BBW, seriously what are we gonna do with you? I dont understand y'all's decisions. Why are y'all so afraid of being creative?

You guys already proved you guys could be creative with the southwest/desert collection. New locale, intriguing names, cohesive theme, interesting conceptual blends... no Watermelon Lemonade, no Mahogany Teakwood, no Rainforest Gardenia...NO FRIGGIN COCONUT!

It's like y'all blew a fuse and mentally exhausted yallselves and when it came to coming up with this fruity collection and y'all just said f*** it and threw in every basic fruit drink blend y'all could think of.

First of what is this collection supposed to be, what is it conveying? Are these fruit smoothies like Summer Sips or frozen alcoholic drinks like Poptails? Do y'all even know?

And what was the decision process of choosing these scents? Was there a process? Did y'all just pick names out of a hat or something?

Newsflash BBW, y'all choose wrong! Not a single candle fan is excited about this collection because it is BEYOND  basic and lame!

As usual, I have better alternatives that would've made this collection the bomb diggity!

Sangria Berry Freeze - Champagne Toast 2.0...NEXT!!!
REPLACEMENT: Cherry Blossom Sangria - this ish was the BOMB! Why not capitalize on that?!

Pink Apple Punch - worst "apple" scent in BBW history. Interestingly enough, this is a repackage of a scent with nary any actual apple in the notes - Passionflower (passionfruit, pear, casaba melon)
REPLACEMENT: Pineapple Punch - what's more summer, pineapple or apple? I'm gonna go with pineapple? Yall saw how popular Golden Pineapple Luau was and prior to that Pineapple Palm Leaf. Bring back a Slatkin era pineapple drink scent and I promise you, people will be clamoring

OR: Pineapple Lychee Smoothie - forever reason this scent failed so give it another try

Mango Coconut Cooler - BASIC! And it smells more like hair conditioner than a frozen summer drink
REPLACEMENT: Mango Cilantro/Peach Cilantro Twist - best scent EVER!!! Come on BBW!!!

Watermelon Lemonade - no comment
REPLACEMENT:  Pomegranate Lemonade - this was quite possible one of the most popular summer scents ever. It's a travesty this was never brought back. And it is far superior to Watermelon Pissade!

Limoncello - I don't really understand y'all's obsession with this scent. Why do y'all insist on making Limoncello a thing?
REPLACEMENT: Summertime Soda - come the f*** on BBW!!! This scent was AH-MAZING!!! It failed for whatever reason and in all these years y'all never thought to give it another try despite people begging and clamoring for it? Not smart BBW. FYI SS is waaaayyyyy better than Limoncello!

Island Margarita - dont get me wrong, I actually enjoy this scent but its been done to death! And we already saw it in the Taco Bell collection!
REPLACEMENT: Lime Granita Margarita or Sparkling Mojito - can a bitch get a lime scent that actually smells like lime?! I don't think that's asking for much!

Raspberry Citrus Swirl - ah, the one lone new scent in the collection... and it's lame..go figure
REPLACEMENT: Paradise Daiquiri - hello, a daiquiri...the most popular frozen drink ever!!! A this was one of the few strawberry scents in BBW history that actually smelled good!

OR: Blackberry Grapefruit - this was quite possibly the most popular sought after scent in the entire '12 Fresh Picked collection. Do y'all know how ol school Slatkineers y'all would make deliriously happen if this scent was brought back. BG could be y'all's salvation! BG that actually burned correctly...that would make ol schoolers' heads all explode!

Blueberry Twist - A tweaked Blueberries and Creme? Really BBW? And y'all had the audacity and gall to add coconut to notes just to cater to the basic bitches of America...REALLY BBW, REALLY?!
REPLACEMENT: Sugarberry Spritzer - this scent had potential, it just needed to be tweaked. Just tone down the elderflower, add blueberry or grape, maybe a splash of lemon and amp up the effervescence

And there are sooooo many forgotten past scents that would excellent contenders for thia collection...

Bahama Fizz...Malibu Smash...Coconut Water...Island Colada... Nectarine Green Tea...Melon...Starfruit Crush...Peachy Tea...Pomelo Paradise

And there's soooo many fruit/herb/alcohol combinations to play with...

Purple Grapes and Lemon...Strawberry Lemonade... Strawberry Banana...Banana and chocolate...Cherry and Almond/Amaretto...Blackberry and Mint and/or Whiskey...Peach and Bourbon...Lemon and Cucumber and Gin...Kiwi and Pear...Apricot and Plum...Watermelon and Basil

BBW yall can do better than this sad pitiful lame collection! Now get to werk!!!


  1. I would buy any of these- Purple Grapes and Lemon...Strawberry Lemonade... Strawberry Banana...Banana and chocolate...Cherry and Almond/Amaretto...Blackberry and Mint and/or Whiskey...Peach and Bourbon...Lemon and Cucumber and Gin...Kiwi and Pear...Apricot and Plum...Watermelon and Basil. They should hire you!!

    1. Right?!

      I couldn't do much with their bodycare, but their candles would be the bomb!

  2. Pink Apple punch is a repackage of wasabi green apple. They smell pretty identical on cold.

    1. Actually you're wrong!

      Wasabi green apple is a repackage of pink apple punch because pink apple punch came first... BOTH are a repackage of Slatkin's Passionflower


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