NEWNESS UPDATE: Ribbed (for your Pleasure) Winter Candles

So as you may or may not know, there is a new collection of winter scents coming to stores soon and it looks like it contains a substantial amount of newness. They're lidless (ugh) and come in colored "ribbed for you pleasure) tumblers

Juniper berry & Pine - Fresh Juniper, Holiday Cranberry, Snowcapped Pine, Peppermint (So I've racked my brain on what this could be a repackage of...I got nuthin. This actually appears to be a completely new scent...faints. According to Tinadivalicious's review , he said this (well the wallflower refill) is as close to the beloved Winter Garland as we're ever gonna get. He also the candle and wf bulb smell slightly different)

Smoked Vanilla - Smoked Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood, Leather, Southern Bourbon (so this is NOT Ski Lodge/Cozy Cabin or Bowties & Bourbon . By all accounts, this smells like straightup.
 smoke...which makes me think it might be a repackage of a failed test scent from summer 2013 called Campfire Cookout, which smelled like staightup smoke. Or, just lookin at the could also be Ski Den aka Havana Heat)

Roasted Chestnut & Cherries - Salted Chestnut, Cherry Bourbon, Roasted Pistachio, Sweet Cream (so this scent has been throwing people for a loop as everyone has described it slightly different. So this could be Toasted Pistachio Delight from 2011 which had notes of pistachios, almonds and cream. It could also be this fall's weird cherry/amaretto version of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. Some people has said that the salted chestnut notes comes off as more like popcorn which made me think of 2012's Toffee Glazed Popcorn which had a strange creamy almond/amaretto vibe to it)

Frosty Air - Frosty Winter Air, Crisp White Cotton, Eucalyptus, Icy Vanilla (so this is a weird recently BBW created a new "Eucalyptus Mint &..." scent called Eucalyptus & Cotton..the wf bulb just appeared online today. Essentially it's Eucalyptus Mint mixed with Fresh Cotton/Pure White Cotton. And for whatever reason, BBW decided to repackage this as Frosty Air...dafuq?!) 

Returning scents include Mahogany Stakwood *eyeroll and Iced Vanilla Woods aka Peace... yay

Just a headsup, these are being sold for 26.50..which annoys the hell outta me. The candles are lidless, which means the more they stand out, the more the fragrance oils are evaporating and making the throw slightly weaker over's 13 oz of wax, which means the burn time is gonna be even less than usual...and the scents aren't all that exciting...but that glasses are ribbed for your pleasure and that in itself more than makes up for it (sarcasm)

Hopefully for anyone who is interested, these will be placed on sale

Some stores have been getting this candles early but for the for most part, they're gonna be released at the next floorset the week of Halloween

RANT/NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Give Thanks (more like No Thanks) Candle

So as you may or may not know, BBW has released a "new" Thanksgiving themed candle...

Looks cute and festive right?

But it looks like BBW is up to their sneaky shenanigans again. So first of all, the scent is supposed to be a trio layered candle..but as you can see, this is not a trio layered candle. It seems that the trio will only be sold in stores to get people off of their asses to buy it in's all about the numbers people!

Then there's the scent selections that make up this trio - Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Apple and Shit Cinnamon Poopkin aka the "We Love Fall" candle from 2014...really BBW?! First of all, we've seen this trio before? And secondly, what about this combination says Thanksgiving?!

There are soooooo many scent combos y'all could've played with...

Cranberry Pumpkin + Pumpkin Apple + Heirloom Pumpkin

Pumpkin Apple + Cranberry Pumpkin + Harvest Gathering

Cranberry Woods + Cranberry Pumpkin + Harvest Gathering

Berry Pumpkin Strudel + Warm Apple Pie (or Apple Crumble) + Pumpkin Pie

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow + Pumpkin Caramel Latte + Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Woods + Pumpkin Fireside + Porchside Pumpkin

Or here's a crazy about some..oh, I dunno...NEWNESS?!!!

Hear me out...

And actual sweet potato/yam scent with brown sugar, butter, marshmallows and spices (and not that stank Thanksgiving candle from backintheday)


a sweet cranberry dressing scent ( and no, not Cranberry Woods or Frosted Cranberry)


good ol Pumpkin Pie

If that doesn't scream Thankgsiving, I don't what does...surely not this Give Thanks mess you have it out

Get it to-damn-gether BBW!


Products: candle  and wf bulb  
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Fall Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Smoky Cinnamon

So this was one of many "pumpkin" scents that I bought during the fall preview back in the summer. I went back and forth with this one; I'd sniff it, put it back, sniff it again and then put it right back. At the last minute, I totally YOLO'ed  and put it in my basket to buy. Once I got home, I kinda did get a case of buyer's remorse with some of my purchases, including this bad boy so I decided to do the boyfriend sniff test; any scent that he didn't like would go back to the store. I thought for sure he wouldn't like this one but to my surprise, he did like it; in fact it was his favorite out of the bunch. So I decided to keep and I am soooooo glad I did cuz it is AH-MAZING!!!

The performance on this SOB is DIVINE...STELLAR...FABULOUS! This is by far the most perfect performing I've had so far this month. Nice sturdy wicks with perfect mushroom tops, not too small and not too big. The flames danced like crazy with instant wax pools. And talk about gorgeous - the wax melts into this deep pool of beautiful rusty/brick redness. If the look of this lit candle doesn't give you a fallgasm then I dunno what would. And the throw..OMG..the friggin throw... it has the infamous "warm blanket" throw that I absolutely love! It filled my bedroom with instant frgrance that lingered for hours after I blow it out. Even the wf bulb is strong...which is rare nowadays. It completely fills the room and I could smell on the other side of the door when closed.

And now the scent...the scent threw me for a loop at first. I initially wrote it off as a repackage with a twist of last year's Toasted Vanilla Caramel , which was a weird Fireside-ish burnt wood/burnt sugar/burnt vanilla scent. Then some folks said that it was a repackage of Vanilla Fireside...though I remember that scent smelling like straightup barbeque sauce. There was also a third and more obscure scent that it was compared to - Enchanted Woods from the doomed Forest Collection. I had a wf bulb of that...PF definitely was not that.

So the verdict? I have no clue. I admit defeat, this is the first candle that has totally stumped me!

So right off the bat, there's no surprise there. There is a hint of spice but it's not "pumpkin spice" but rather cinnamon stick/bark and fresh ungrounded nutmeg, both of which add a depth and extra woodsiness to the blend. I thought I would have a problem with the vanilla as me and vanilla blended scents typically don't get along. I had committed myself to the notion that this would be a spicier "autumnal" version of Marshmallow Fireside and that I would dislike PF for the same reason I disliked MF - that damn vanilla! But PF really surprised me. The vanilla in it is not nearly as obnoxious and intrusive as it usually is in home fragrance. It's creamy and smooth almost aromatherapy-ish vanilla bean that just make the scent smell and feel really mellow. And there's a surprisingly soft smoldering wood note, not too burnt. And there are some notes that BBW is definitely not telling us. So I was talking with my gurl Jenn/@theshow78 and both agreed that there's a lil something extra hidding out in the back, something sweet and earthy but not pumpkin and we both surmised that it might be chestnut.  I also think there might be some sandalwood action as well. Now a lot of folks complained that PF to them smelled meat cooking on the fire...and I could see that and totally understood where they were coming from. However you do NOT get that after you light it - just smoldering wood with a hint of sweetness and a touch of spice. 

I am in love with this candle and now I regret only picking up one cuz now they're getting harder to find. It's such a beautiful scent and it's perfect candle for a crisp autumn night; it just makes your room feel so cozy. Out of all of Fireside/Firewood/Bonfire scents over the years, this might be my fav! I highly recommend getting your hands on one of these! If you live near a WB store or have a candlebuddy or family member who lives near one, see if the store has some to snag...during a sale of course! It's NOT worth spending a crapload of money to buy on Evilbay or Mercari but if you see a cheap (under $25) get it, don't think about it, just get it! Also the wf bulb is still available online! 

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Blueberry Pumpkin Strudel

Product: candle   
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Sweet Blueberry, Baked Apple, Blackberry, Pumpkin Spice, Puff Pastry

So I saw (and obviously bought) this waayyy back in the summer during the Fall Preview. I was immediately drawn to that beautiful blue wax and label (blue is my favorite color btw) and while I'm not usually a big fan of berry scents, I was intrigued. I was really hoping that it would Blueberry Pumpkin Patch...which would make total absolute sense. It wasn't unfortunately but it did smell like another fall candle from the past and I couldn't put my finger on it til I got home..I'll talk about that later.

So this had the makings of being a champ. The cold throw just after taking off the lid is a uppercut of fragrance but once knockout. It has that "warm blanket" throw that I love. It filled my entire living room with fragrance and lingered for hours after I blew it. It might have lingered longer had I not opened the window. Everything is all to good...except the burn. Behold... 

Hot tunneling mess!!!

TOTAL SADNESS! Stubby wicks with the white crap on top, pitiful low flames and the worst tunneling I've seen in years. This like Blueberry Pumpkin Patch, original Mahogany Teakwood, Spring 2012 type burn. I did the cotton ball trick, first time I've had to do that in ages..didn't work. The flames left huge plateaus of wax on the side; this was like the Grand Canyons of wax. I may end up having to the dreaded..dare I say it...ALUMINIUM FOIL TRICK!!!

Normally if a candle has that craptastic of a burn, back to the store it goes with no f*** given buuuttt I do really like the scent...

So scent-wise this candle is kinds of confusing. Like I said earlier, I couldn't figure what BPS smelled like. First of all, I didn't smell like what the name and notes suggested and it smelled like something I burned before. And then it hit once I got home - SPICED PUMPKIN CIDER! I ran to my candle collection and took out SPC to compare...totally the same! It had the exact same warm mulled/spiced apple cider base and that very tricky pumpkin note that comes off very bakery. Puff pastry my bronze ass!

Then I burned it...and it totally flipped the script on me! First of all, I was getting more of the berry. It smelled like super sweet berry syrup or the berry gunk inside of Poptart - very similar to Blueberry Pumpkin Patch. The spices along with the baked apple give me Harvest Gathering type vibe. And that damn pumpkin once again come across as bakery but not puff pastry; more doughy and buttery like Warm Apple Pie.

So in nutshell... Spiced Pumpkin Cider + Blueberry Pumpkin Patch = Blueberry Pumpkin Strudel

I feel like BPS was kinduva missed opportunity, it's a bit of a fail in some aspects. Like so many of the "pumpkin" scents in this collection, the word "pumpkin" should NOT be in the name. If BBW would've called it something "Warm Berry Cider" or "Apple Berry Tart" or "Blueberry Crumble" or "Berry Jelly Donut" and it was in the "Cork & Vine" collection or some kinda fall bakery treats/coffeehouse collection, it would've worked. But to call it a "pumpkin" scent and put in it a "pumpkin" collection..yeah, no! And there's the matter of the craptastic burn which there is just absolutely no excuse! At any rate, this is an awesome scent. Granted I would've preferred either Spiced Pumpkin Cider or Blueberry Pumpkin Patch instead but beggars can't be choosers. I do think this is worth trying out, but know you run risk of getting a dud!

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: The Pumpkincredible History of Pumpkin Scents

Well it's the time of fall where basic bitches are at their basic bitchiest and everyone and their grandma has a case of pumpkin-mania - everything you see pumpkin spiced to within an inch of their lives and there is a pumpkin scented candle goin in very blesssed room.

For the longest time, I had a virulent case of pumpkin-phobia due to my unfortunate run in with Shit Cinnamon Poopkin years ago. That said, I'm coming around and I'm not nearly as anti-pumpkin as I used to be... though my hatred for SCP remains burning with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

I thought for shits and giggles, I'd look back at all the pumpkin scents or in some cases pumpkin-ish scents we've seen (or not seen) over the years. So for all of you pumpkin spice fans out there, this bud's for you...

So let's start with these two from waayyyyy backintheday years before my time...

I got nuthin....

Pumpkin Patch (mid-2000s)
Level of Pumpkiness - through the friggin roof

Pumpkin Patch aka Perfect Pumpkin aka Perfect Autumn Pumpkin aka Pumpkin Carving aka Heirloom Pumpkin is the  ULTIMATE pumpkin scent. It's the closest thing scent-wise to an actual pumpkin that BBW has ever released. You get the waxiness of the shell, the meat inside without smelling too earthy and gourdy and just the right amount of pumpkin spice
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  (2009?)
Level of Pumpkiness - sweetness, yes...cinnamon, hell yes..pumpkin, not so much

Shit Cinnamon Poopkin seems to be the fan fav and BBW's preferred pumpkin scent...and I never quite understood why. The cinnamon in the title is spot on cuz that's really all you smell - intense sharp almost burnt smelling cinnamon. I often describe this scent as "frozen overly cinnamon'ed pumpkin pie burnt to a black crisp in the oven"
Creamy Pumpkin  (2010)
Level of Pumpkiness - more cream than pumpkin

CP never seemed to match it's older siblings' popularity and kinda lingered in their shadows. It went from fall staple to failed test scent (twice) and now has faded from from existence completely forgotten. There were two problems with CP - the name was misleading in the sense that it didn't smell so much like a pumpkin scent as it did a pumpkin spiced bakery treat. Also with it's notes of pumpkin and caramel, it was way too similar to the new fan fav Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Pumpkin Caramel Latte (2011)
Level of Pumpkiness - none whatsoever

PCL became an instant overnight sensation and was, until recently, a fall staple. However despite it's popularity, there was a teeny tiny didn't smell like the name suggested. It didn't smell like pumpkin or pumpkin spice nor was there any coffee aspect to it; no pumpkin, no latte, just all caramel

Pumpkin Cupcake (2012)
Level of Pumpkiness - tons of spice but no pumpkin

PC was the scent that kinda start BBW's trend has having a cinnamon heavy spice scent and slapping "pumpkin" as well as BBW's brief obsession with cupcakes and frosting. Unlike most "pumpkin" scents (with the exception  SCP) it's still consistently sold every fall and remains popular to this day.

Roasted Pumpkin Butter (2012)
Level of Pumpkiness - not so much pumpkin but rather peanuts

This poor scent never got a chance to shine amongst it's pumpkin brethren; it tested twice and failed both times. I never got to smell this one unfortunately but amongst the lucky soandso's who did, the general consensus was that it smelled less like pumpkin butter and more like peanut butter..which I assume was the problem. If it was marketed as a peanut better bakery treat it might've stood a better chance

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch (2012)
Level of Pumpkiness - half-....ish?

So this failed at first but due to hype from test scent gurus like Tinadivalicious and Touchthefiretwice, it received a groundswell of underground popularity so much so that it was released wide the following year. And despite it's success, it was not and still has not been brought back. BPP is tricky cuz tp "pumpkin" note  didnt smell like actual pumpkin or pumpkin spice but rather more as bread/bakery; it smelled less like blueberries and pumpkin meat and more like a blueberry muffin/bread/cereal.

Pumpkin Apple (2013)
Level of Pumpkiness - even splitsies

PA wasn't/isn't a very exciting scent; it's not that much of a genius move to take two fall's most popular autumnal notes and smoosh em together; plus every every candle company on the planet has a pumpkin-apple scent. And compared to BBW's other pumpkin scents, it just never really stood. However, unlike most pumpkin scents, PA has the distinction of having an earthy gourdy actual factual pumpkin note which fought for supremacy with the apple and spice notes.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (2013)
Level of Pumpkiness - ...bye Felicia

This scent annoys me. It's obvious that it's whole existence is based on pumpkin appeal despite not having any pumpkiness or even pumpkin spiciness. There's no pumpkin, no pecan, no waffles; just creamy batter with enough diabetes inducing maple to make a Canadian say "Au revoir Felicie" and yet it remains to this the day a top seller.

Pumpkin Hayride (2013)
Level of Pumpkiness - all hayride, no pumpkin

This one kinda threw people for a loop for it was  a pumpkin scent but it wasn't bakery; apparently it's a rule that pumpkin scents must be bakery. It was sorta revolutionary and unorthodox that a pumpkin scent can be conceptual. Unfortunately, the scent itself was too strange and out there even for those of us who enjoy strange and out there scents. It was very craft store-ish with its hay and wood notes and intense cardamom..and absolutely no pumpkin. Sometimes adding to pumpkin to the name doesn't always guarantee success

Pumpkin Carrot Cake (2013)
Level of Pumpkiness - below zero, negative pumpkin

2013 was the year with a fall season of pumpkin rejects, PCC was one of many. You can see where BBW was going - carrot cake is usually spicy, spice equals pumpkin, let's call it "pumpkin carrot cake". Not too many people were talking about it; I only remember TTFT's review in which it said it smelled like straightup wax with no spicy and  cake aspect at all

Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut (2014)
Level of Pumpkiness - pumpkin spice all the way..and smelly feet

This was a scent that was a long time in the making - take the much beloved Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut and add pumpkin pie spices to it! Of course everyone went nuts over it..except for me. To this day, people still think I'm nuts for saying this but to me, PSD smelled like sweaty cheesy man feet and I just couldn't get down. If it wasn't for that, I might've liked or even loved PSD but alas. 2014 was the year of pumpkin with everyone on a pumpkin spice high however many pumpkin scents ended up being one hit wonders; despite the popularity, PSD has yet to return.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (2014)
Level of Pumpkiness - bakery masquerading as pumpkin

Like Pumpkin Pecan Waffle, I never quite understood this scent's longstanding popularity. Like BPP, the pumpkin in this comes across more bakery/cerealy; to me, this smells like a Lil Debbie oatmeal pie. Nowadays we scent this in spring as "Vanilla Bean Marshmallow" which makes me wonder if BBW has been bamboozling us all and fooling us into thinking there was a pumpkin element to this scent at all

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl (2014)
Level of Pumpkiness -  not a damn bit

So started as a winter scent in 2013 as Caramel CINNAMON Swirl - what this scent had to do with Christmas is beyond me. Then it appeared the following year in the fall as Caramel Pumpkin Swirl. Granted I do think this makes a better fall scent; to me, I think of cinnamon and caramel as more autumnal notes. But it's obvious that there is no pumpkin in this. Cinnamon does NOT a pumpkin scent make!

Spiced Pumpkin Cider (2014)
Level of Pumpkiness - a dollop

This was the scent that changed my anti-pumpkin stance. And was a delightful overhaul of that Slatkin fall staple, Spiced Cider. Though, like BPP, it had a pumpkin note that come off as bakery which made some folks claim that it was a repackage of a bakery scent from the year before, Cider wasn't 

Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun (2014)
Level of Pumpkiness - straightup cinnamon

I was intrigued with this one as I love cinnamon buns and a cinnamon bun scent was long overdue. Though once again it was a cinnamon scent masquerading as a pumpkin scent; the pumpkin in the name was totally unnecessary. On cold sniff, it smelled like you died and walked into Cinnabon heaven. After the first burn, it was more like Cinnabon hell. A sad pathetic burnt to a crisp cinnamon bun in a dirty oven. It's a shame since the cold throw was so amazing. It's back this year as a WB exclusive but no one has really said anything about it.

Pumpkin Gingerbread (2014)
Level of Pumpkin - a hint

PG was interesting that a)it was the first pumpkin scent (that I know of) for winter as opposed to fall and b)it was a upgrade from the original Frosted Gingerbread candle from backintheday; I actually prefer PG to FG. You got a hint freshly baked spiced pumpkin which deepened and enhanced the gingerbread spice notes.  As awesome as this scent was, it unfortunately became a one hit wonder.

Pumpkin Pie (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - a healthy heapin helpin

Finally, after years of putting up with SCP, we finally had an actual pumpkin pie scent...and it was actually good! Granted, it's not the most groundbreaking scent on the market - it's essentially Pumpkin Carving with a crusty pastry note but still it was long overdue. And it's just nice to have a pumpkin scent that actually smells like it has pumpkin in it.

Apple Pumpkin Pancakes (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - pumpkin in name only

In theory, the concept of this scent worked; the actual execution, not so much. In a nutshell, this was just a watered Apple Crumble with an intense maple syrup note. Again this is another scent where the "pumpkin" was just their to grab people's attention. It should've just been called "Spiced Apple Pancakes"

Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - zip, nada, zilch

Perfect marketing example of the name getting you. So this a repackage of old non-pumpkin related scent from the Slatkin days called "Brown Butter Praline" (also called "French Caramel Cake") BBW took it, revamped it, slapped on a label with pumpkin in the new name and people went nuts. BBW flimflammed everyone, myself included at first. Thank goodness for TTFT for spilling the T about this scent

Cranberry Pumpkin (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - halfsies..maybe?

This is a tricky one - like BPP and SPC, it has a "pumpkin" that comes across oddly bakery/cerealy. Months later for Christmas it was released with the new name "Cranberry Sugar Cookie" ...which makes me think, is there actually pumpkin in these 3 scents and is it really some bakery note variant that is being called "pumpkin" Tis a mystery

Pumpkin Coconut (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - 0.00000

Anytime I see coconut, especially outside of summer, my eyes roll to the point of almost popping out. So this is a repackage of Brown Butter Praline's cohort in crime, Toasted Coconut (also called Spiced Madeleine Cake) which had no spice notes whatsoever. But again, BBW brought it back and slapped pumpkin on the label and folks went nuts..why I don't know. If was marketed as a bakery treat.."Sweet Coconut Macaroons" I'd be ok with that. But to call it PUMPKIN Coconut..really?!

Pumpkin Milkshake (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - .......really?!

Straightup Vanilla Snowflake. This isn't even worth talkin about...NEXT!

Porchside Pumpkin (2015)
Level of Pumpkiness - a substantial amount

This seems to be a cue and nod to PH as this was also a pumpkin based conceptual scent. Alas, yet again people were not ready for a pumpkin scent that wasn't a bakery  and it languished in near obscurity in WB  stores (one of 2 scents that didn't go wide) and now it's pretty much forgotten.

BananaPumpkin Muffin (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - gurl, really?!

No need to talk about this one at all

Berry Pumpkin Strudel (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - not quite sure

So this a repackage with a berry twist of SPC..which as I stated earlier had a pumpkin note that came off as bakery. Like BPP and CP, is this an actual bakery note in the guise of a pumpkin note? Not sure. One thing is for sure, pumpkin should not be anywhere in the name

Pumpkin French Toast (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - yet another sneaky bakery note

Yet another candle with that "is it pumpkin or is it bakery" note. And of course there's a touch of cinnamon...need I say it?

Pumpkin Woods (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - *eyeroll

FALL 2016 holds the record for having the most un-pumpkiny pumpkin scents. Once again, and this bears repeating, cinnamon does NOT a pumpkin scent make

Pumpkin Fireside (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness -  cinnamon, whole cinnamon and nuthin but the cinnamon

Another conceptual scent claiming to have pumpkin but just has cinnamon. I think if this had actual pumpkin notes in it - Pumpkin Carving/Pumpkin Pie mixed with Fireside, it could've been awesome. And don't get me wrong, this is a nice scent but just named and marketed wrong.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - not even a pinch

Like her older sister, PCL, there's no pumpkin or latte. This and bodycare it was inspired by should've been called "Ginger Vanilla" "Vanilla Ginger Cream" "Marshmallow Ginger"
Pumpkin Spice (2016)
Level of Pumpkiness - ehhh, that depends...

As you know, there are two batches - one smells like Pumpkin Pie without the technically that could be considered pumpkin spicy. The other is a repackage of Nutmeg & Spice, which is spicy but not pumpkin spicy

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter '16 Scents/BOGO Sale

So because it was raining all weekend, I didn't get a chance to go to BBW or WB. But today the weather was gorgeous and very sweater weather-y so I took a stroll to my BBW in the city. I had a $20off$50 coupon at my disposal and I wanted see if they had any of the first phase of winter scents and they did!

Sparkling Woods - This one is so strange. It basically smells like a unisex cologne or shaving cream. It's slightly woodsy but not nearly enough to call this scent "Sparkling WOODS". There's a very subdued amber note lurking in the background as well as a bright juicy bodycare-esque citrus fruitiness that could possibly be described as pear. The notes I got the most were bergamot (which is super strong) and as well as patchouli that gives the scent an earthiness and adds to it's cologney/perfumey aspect. I went back and forth liking and disliking it; my problem with this scent was there's something about it that almost comes across as a cleaning product, very Windex-y; maybe it was the pear/bergamot/patchouli mix that gives it that cleaning product vibe. And I don't really know what this scent is supposed to capture or portray - it's not woodsy, it's not foresty, it's not outdoorsy, it's not wintry and it's not holiday-ish. If this was a stand alone women's (or men's) bodycare with an accompanied candle like Magic in the Air, that would be fine. But this does not belong in this collection at all! 

Mahogany Balsam - for those who never smelled it last year, it's basically 70% Mahogany Stankwood and 30% Fresh Balsam with the eucalyptus waaaay toned down. Totally unnecessary and lazy!

Winter Rose - seriously BBW..what the actual f***?! I was uninterested, annoyed and confused when I first saw this scent on social media and I remain so after sniffing it. First of all, it doesn't smell like roses; it's straight up the Peony bodycare from last SAS in candle form. It's dewy peony, a little hit of sandalwood, maybe some lily action and musk. And it doesn't smell wintery - there is no coolness, no frozen element, no mint, no pine/balsam, just straight up springtime flowers. Now if they released this for Valentine's day or as a late winter to spring transitional, it could work...but as a New Years celebration, maam! BBW, kindly GTFOH with with bullshittery! Though again, all of the girly girls (and boys) are creamin their panties cuz it's pink and floral and blah friggin blah...and at the end of the day, that's all that matters to BBW.

Holly Berry Balsam - I heard early on that this was a repackage of my beloved Merry Mistletoe...yes and no. It's Merry Mistletoe with a twist. HBB has the same MM base to it but much subdued. And the piney/basalmy notes have been way amped up. It's more musky and there is more intensely sweet citrusy/fruity action. It almost reminds me of Alpine Cheer a little; think a watered down MM with a splash of AC. Honestly I think MM smells better and BBW should've released that instead. There's just not enough a difference to make HBB either new or exciting.

Peach Meringue - again BBW, WTF?!! This is a holiday scent because.....?! I just imagine marketing execs at L Brand throwing scent ideas around at the table and saying something like "what about peach? Bitches loves peaches!" So yeah PM is basically Market/Georgia Peach with an amped up nectarine note and a dollop of vanilla-ish whipped cream. Nothing new or exciting..NEXT!!!

Celebrate - * eyeroll When people were saying that this smelled like Tis the Season, I refused to believe. However, after sniffing it, it totally does! It's Tis the Season without the pine and instead of mulling spices, you get straightup cinnamon bark. And there's just a tiny splash of orange that adds a brightness and intensifies the apple notes. I just can't with you BBW..seriously, why the everlasting F*** would you create a "new" scent that smells borederline exactly like an already existing scent in another another collection. Stupidity, plain and simple!

Winter Cedar - this is straightup The Original aka Golden Woods aka Fireside Pine...waaaayyyyy toned down. It smells like pencil shavings and cedar chips, more so than the original Original. UNNECESSARY!

Peppermint Marshmallow - ok, so people have been saying that this year's version didn't have that strange, awkward, unmentioned cocoa note like last year's. Maybe my nose is playing tricks on me but I totally smelled that chocolate. Maybe it'll dissipate once lit? Either there are 2 batches of this or people are just smelling what they want to smell. At any rate, PM is just meh; I didn't like it enough last year to get this year's version.

Cinnamon Pinecone - My store didn't have the actual candle but it did have the wallflower bulb. Now reports from folks who bought the candle while it was testing have said that it smelled slightly different from Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath/Cinnamon Pincone; that it was more cinnamon-y and that there was a orange peel/zest-esque citrusiness. I can't really say that I got all of that with the wf bulb. The bulb smells like a darker, woodsier version of Welcome (which I have the candle and bulb of at home)

(What I ended up getting)

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Winter '16 Scents Pt.1 (and what I'd replace em with)

So as y'all already know, a bunch of winter scents have appeared online...why I don't know. Fall just started 3 weeks, the weather up here in the Northeast has only slightly cooled and most people have just recently started burning their fall candles..yet according to BBW, winter is coming!

So (at the risk of sounding bougie) your average candle burners with less discerning taste are thrilled at this year's winter lineup but the rest of us candle connoisseurs are scratching our heards in utter bafflement over BBW's choices. Seriously, I thought last winter was a hot random mess but this year takes the fruitcake. So, as always, I have thought of better alternatives that would make these collections the

Let's start with the woodsy/outdoorsy sparkly collection. Of course Winter and Fresh Balsam can stay as well as Winter Mint & Spruce and Cinnamon Pinecone

Ski Lodge instead of Chestnut & Birch 
I never got the chance to smell it but so far everyone I've talked who did said that it smelled similar to Ski Lodge. Why create a new scent that just smells like a reworked version of another previous scent? Instead of going thru all of that trouble, just release SL instead cuz it was a decent pleasant scent!

Sparkling Icicles instead of Sparkling Woods
I haven't sniffed this year but it just sounds unappealing and most people didn't like it. And it just doesn't seem to fit the vibe of this collection. Even I'm very over Sparkling Icicles I'll take this over SW any day. And SI doesn't belong in the WB Core collection, i would work better in this collection.

Holiday Pomander instead Spiced Apple Toddy 
SAT is TIRED and has been tired for years; it's one of those that keeps returning every year and nobody knows why or looks forward to it. It's basically a watered down Leaves..don't get me wrong, my love for Leaves runs deep however after October, I don't want to smell it again until next spring. HP is a virtually unknown scent, even amongst ol school Slatkineers. I'm fortunate enough to have one and I can tell, it's f***ing gorgeous; it just screams holiday! It's the closest thing to a true mulled wine scent that I've ever smelled (more so than perfumey ass Wine Cellar)

Holly Wreath instead of Sweater Weather
Attention BBW, Sweater Weather is NOT a winter scent. I repeat...SWEATER WEATHER IS NOT A WINTER SCENT. And why everlasting f*** is it purple?! Now, it take awhile for folks to get on the SW bandwagon but they eventually did. That said, people are now ready for the next best thing - Holly Wreath! HW is essentially a Christmas-y version of SW - you have the same juniper/eucalytptus combo but instead of sage,you get cinnamon stick with a splash of citrus..and it's amazeballs! Deck the halls with this damn candle!

The Original instead of Mahogany Balsam
First of all, NO! This scent scent should not have happened in the damn first place! Secondly, why oh why would you have MB in the SAME collection is Fresh Balsam?! Now I'm not a big fan of The Original but I'll take it over MB anydamnday! It's a pine-based "cologney" scent, so it has that goin on. And because it was WB exclusive at the time, most people didn't get to smell it. Just change the name (cuz The Original is whack as hell and super vague) and it'll be all good. Maybe give it back it's..."original" name - Fireside Pine

Spiced Pomegranate Cider instead Frosted Cranberry
I like good ol FC but I don't think it fits in this collection but rather the WB Core collection. And yes, we just SPC in the fall, but in my opinion its more of a holiday/winter transitional scent than an early fall scent

Alpine Cheer instead Fresh Sparkling Snow
I'm so prepared to take on the angry mob....FSS sucks! There's absolutely nothing holiday-ish of wintery about that scent! Now I'd be ok if it was sold independently on it's on, like Magic in the Air but stop putting in these collections. Alpine Cheer would make a better substitute - it actually smells wintery. It has that same sweet juicy fruity action but there pine notes to remind that it is indeed a winter scent

And now the New Year's "bow" collection...why is this collection out so friggin?! *sigh Holly Berry Balsam, Champagne Toast and Black Tie

White Winter Petal instead Winter Rose
I'm still waiting for BBW's justification for having a winter scents as a winter holiday scent! I can see for Valentine's Day but New Years?! Really BBW?! WWP makes more sense. Just rename it "Winter Poinsettia" and fix the cold throw strength and it'll be perfect!

Holiday Gumdrop instead Berry Vanilla Bean
Again, wtf does this scent have to do with the friggin holidays? Anything to make the basic bitches of America satisfied! 2011 had a treasure trove of holiday one hit wonders to take advantage of, including HG..something people actually eat during the holidays!

Twinkling Night instead Holiday Sparkle
So now Bergamot Waters is a winter holiday scent?! Kindly GTFOH with that stupidity! Bring back Twinkling Night cuz people were diggin it backintheday  

Cranberry Pear Bellini instead of Peach Bellini
Please BBW, you've been trying to make PB a holiday thing since 2012 ..and it hasn't worked. Just stop! And the fact that you chose PB over should be ashamed of yourselves!

Eggnog Cheer instead Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
CCS just needs to disappear now! I can see this as a fall scent, but not winter! You already push Salty  Caramel in faces every fall and winter, why do we need CCS as well?! It's a damn shame that this and the equally awful Hot Buttered Rum has been a thing but y'all refuse to bring back Eggnog know, a drink people ACTUALLY drink during the holidays

Winter Garland instead Celebrate
All of the marketing department needs to stop what theyre doing, stand in a straight line and get soundly bitchslapped for this mess! Why, oh why, in the ame of lil baby Jesus why yall create a "new" scent that smells like Tis the Season when you already have Tis the Season out and about in another collection?! Does that make any amount of sense?! BRING BACK WINTER FRIGGIN GARLAND! People, myself included, have been practically begging for this damn scent for YEARS...GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!