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NEWNESS UPDATE: Ribbed (for your Pleasure) Winter Candles

So as you may or may not know, there is a new collection of winter scents coming to stores soon and it looks like it contains a substantial amount of newness. They're lidless (ugh) and come in colored "ribbed for you pleasure) tumblers

Juniper berry & Pine - Fresh Juniper, Holiday Cranberry, Snowcapped Pine, Peppermint(So I've racked my brain on what this could be a repackage of...I got nuthin. This actually appears to be a completely new scent...faints. According to Tinadivalicious's review , he said this (well the wallflower refill) is as close to the beloved Winter Garland as we're ever gonna get. He also the candle and wf bulb smell slightly different)

Smoked Vanilla - Smoked Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood, Leather, Southern Bourbon(so this is NOT Ski Lodge/Cozy Cabin or Bowties & Bourbon . By all accounts, this smells like straightup.
 smoke...which makes me think it might be a repackage of a failed test scent from summer 2013 called Campfire Cookout, whic…

RANT/NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Give Thanks (more like No Thanks) Candle

So as you may or may not know, BBW has released a "new" Thanksgiving themed candle...

Looks cute and festive right?

But it looks like BBW is up to their sneaky shenanigans again. So first of all, the scent is supposed to be a trio layered candle..but as you can see, this is not a trio layered candle. It seems that the trio will only be sold in stores to get people off of their asses to buy it in's all about the numbers people!

Then there's the scent selections that make up this trio - Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Apple and Shit Cinnamon Poopkin aka the "We Love Fall" candle from 2014...really BBW?! First of all, we've seen this trio before? And secondly, what about this combination says Thanksgiving?!

There are soooooo many scent combos y'all could've played with...

Cranberry Pumpkin + Pumpkin Apple + Heirloom Pumpkin

Pumpkin Apple + Cranberry Pumpkin + Harvest Gathering

Cranberry Woods + Cranberry Pumpkin + Harvest Gathering

Berry Pumpkin St…


Products: candle  and wf bulb  
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Fall Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Smoky Cinnamon

So this was one of many "pumpkin" scents that I bought during the fall preview back in the summer. I went back and forth with this one; I'd sniff it, put it back, sniff it again and then put it right back. At the last minute, I totally YOLO'ed  and put it in my basket to buy. Once I got home, I kinda did get a case of buyer's remorse with some of my purchases, including this bad boy so I decided to do the boyfriend sniff test; any scent that he didn't like would go back to the store. I thought for sure he wouldn't like this one but to my surprise, he did like it; in fact it was his favorite out of the bunch. So I decided to keep and I am soooooo glad I did cuz it is AH-MAZING!!!

The performance on this SOB is DIVINE...STELLAR...FABULOUS! This is by far the most perfect performing I've had so far this…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Blueberry Pumpkin Strudel

Product: candle   
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Sweet Blueberry, Baked Apple, Blackberry, Pumpkin Spice, Puff Pastry

So I saw (and obviously bought) this waayyy back in the summer during the Fall Preview. I was immediately drawn to that beautiful blue wax and label (blue is my favorite color btw) and while I'm not usually a big fan of berry scents, I was intrigued. I was really hoping that it would Blueberry Pumpkin Patch...which would make total absolute sense. It wasn't unfortunately but it did smell like another fall candle from the past and I couldn't put my finger on it til I got home..I'll talk about that later.

So this had the makings of being a champ. The cold throw just after taking off the lid is a uppercut of fragrance but once knockout. It has that "warm blanket" throw that I love. It filled my entire living room with fragrance and lingered for hours after I blew it. It might have lingered l…

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: The Pumpkincredible History of Pumpkin Scents

Well it's the time of fall where basic bitches are at their basic bitchiest and everyone and their grandma has a case of pumpkin-mania - everything you see pumpkin spiced to within an inch of their lives and there is a pumpkin scented candle goin in very blesssed room.

For the longest time, I had a virulent case of pumpkin-phobia due to my unfortunate run in with Shit Cinnamon Poopkin years ago. That said, I'm coming around and I'm not nearly as anti-pumpkin as I used to be... though my hatred for SCP remains burning with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

I thought for shits and giggles, I'd look back at all the pumpkin scents or in some cases pumpkin-ish scents we've seen (or not seen) over the years. So for all of you pumpkin spice fans out there, this bud's for you...

So let's start with these two from waayyyyy backintheday years before my time...

I got nuthin....

Pumpkin Patch (mid-2000s)
Level of Pumpkiness - through the friggin roof

Pumpkin Pa…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter '16 Scents/BOGO Sale

So because it was raining all weekend, I didn't get a chance to go to BBW or WB. But today the weather was gorgeous and very sweater weather-y so I took a stroll to my BBW in the city. I had a $20off$50 coupon at my disposal and I wanted see if they had any of the first phase of winter scents and they did!

Sparkling Woods - This one is so strange. It basically smells like a unisex cologne or shaving cream. It's slightly woodsy but not nearly enough to call this scent "Sparkling WOODS". There's a very subdued amber note lurking in the background as well as a bright juicy bodycare-esque citrus fruitiness that could possibly be described as pear. The notes I got the most were bergamot (which is super strong) and as well as patchouli that gives the scent an earthiness and adds to it's cologney/perfumey aspect. I went back and forth liking and disliking it; my problem with this scent was there's something about it that almost comes across as a cleaning product,…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Winter '16 Scents Pt.1 (and what I'd replace em with)

So as y'all already know, a bunch of winter scents have appeared online...why I don't know. Fall just started 3 weeks, the weather up here in the Northeast has only slightly cooled and most people have just recently started burning their fall candles..yet according to BBW, winter is coming!

So (at the risk of sounding bougie) your average candle burners with less discerning taste are thrilled at this year's winter lineup but the rest of us candle connoisseurs are scratching our heards in utter bafflement over BBW's choices. Seriously, I thought last winter was a hot random mess but this year takes the fruitcake. So, as always, I have thought of better alternatives that would make these collections the

Let's start with the woodsy/outdoorsy sparkly collection. Of course Winter and Fresh Balsam can stay as well as Winter Mint & Spruce and Cinnamon Pinecone

Ski Lodge instead of Chestnut & Birch 
I never got the chance to smell it but so far everyone I&#…