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NEWNESS UPDATE: Winter/Holiday 2018 Scents Part 2

So a crapload of holiday surprises are heading our way. Get comfortable cuz there's a lot to discuss.

So the holiday tradition bakery collection (with the knit sweater labels) are getting an added part two; these candles are getting a wraparound label (which seems to bethe new trend with BBW lately) with an entire knit sweater look; it's actually really cute. Scents include...

Oeey Marshmallow - Torched Marshmallow, Brown Sugar, Caramel Drizzle (Caramel Sandalwood?)

Toffee Brittle - Maple Cream, Brown Butter, Coconut Sugar (sounds like a new scent; said to smell like maple and coconut)

Peppermint BrownieCrushed Candy Canes, Rich Mocha, Whipped Cream(Mint Mocha Bark?)

At the moment, the only returning scent is Merry Cookie


The next collection is a Christmas inspired collection with various Christmas scents in white silhouettes. Scents include....

Yuletide - Rosemary…

WALK N SNIFF: Winter Wooodland Collection

The bf and I went to a WB for the first time in awhile, just to have a look around and see what was there. Sure enough the store had all of the Winter Woodland candles...

So everyone knows what Flannel, Evergreen and Hot Cocoa & Creamsmells like.

Spiced Apple Toddy as you (should) know is just a watered down Leaves with booze instead of nectar 

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes...sigh..I need to rant about this one

I'm seeing a lot of people on social media cream their panties over this candle and I honestly don't understand the hype.

"mmmm, this smells so good!"

"omg, I so have to buy more of this one!"

To quote from the immortal documentary film "Paris is Burning" ..... "Why are you all gagging?!"

First of all Maple Cinnamon Pancakes is far from new; this is the 3rd year it has been around!

Second of all, while it does smell nice, it most certainly does NOT smell like what the name suggests. There is absolutely no maple or pancakes and if you …