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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Summer Juice Bar/Squeeze the Day Collection

So I finally made it out to GSP to see what WB/BBW had for SAS..shit, that's what they had. I walked out empty-handed and very disappointed and annoyed. They did have the Summer Juice Bar candles out which honestly wasn't much of a consolation. So let's just get right to the good stuff so to speak...

I won't waste your time or mine talking about Limoncello, Watermelon Lemonade or Island Margarita for obvious reasons.

Blueberry Twist
You would think with the moderate success of Blueberries and Cream in the Mimosas and Brunch collection (I had no idea that's what that collection was called, did y'all?) that BT would be a repackage of it. NOPE! It surprisingly smells totally different and it's a completely new blend. It's not nearly as tart/sour as B&C nor does it have that Greek yogurt-esque cream note. The tartness of the blueberries toned down dramatically and overall the blend is really candy-level sweet. The notes mention coconut...*eyeroll...I'…

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Raspberry Sun Tea (2012)

Products: candle  
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of May - mid of July

Description: Refreshingly bright and fruity, a delicious blend of Darjeeling tea, sugared raspberries and juicy peach

Spring 2012 was the best year of spring scents! There was so much bountiful variety - tropical scents, beachy scents, tons of florals, fruity concoctions and drinks/cocktails. And I wasn't interested in any of them. What an idiot I was, a closed-minded idiot for not taking advantage of truly unique scents that were available that season including this gem. Though that said I don't remember seeing this in my stores and it's twin, Peachy Tea. So to make up for my stupidity, I've been trying out Slatkin era scents that I poo-poo'ed back in that day. I just happened to see this on Evilbay for a remarkably cheap price so I bought it without thinking.

As I said before, Spring 2012 was Slatkin/BBW at it's peak spring/summer scent-wise. Unfortunately the drawback was despite …

RANT OF THE DAY: Why is there no "Summer" candle?

Well gang, it is a officially summertime! As a Southerner used to humid sub-tropic climate, I could not be happier. I'm soakin up all the sun and heat I can until it's back to sweaters and longjohns again.

The Summer Solstice had me thinking something - why isn't there an official "Summer" candle?

The Winter candle has been out consistently for many years. So has Autumn. This year we saw the grand albeit random return of Spring; although it's not nearly as old as its sisters, it was for awhile a seasonal staple. All 3 scents perfectly captured the essence of each season perfectly. Why hasn't summer received its own season in a jar candle?

Well, technically that's not true. Back in '13, there was a failed test scent called "White Barn Summer" which as it turns out was a repackage of...wait for it...EUCALYPTUS MINT AND RAIN!!!

"Enjoy the bright scent of a long, sunny summer day with this blend of water blossoms, mint leaves, and a hin…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Random Candle Releases

For those of you not on social media, BBW has recently released some new candles completely out of the blue and they're very random.

So there's a quartet of White Barn Core scents that have been sneaking into both BBW and WB stores in the past couple of days. They aren't test scents nor are they exclusives so if they're not in your stores, just be patient.

Strawberry Cupcake - The irresistible fragrance of buttercream frosting made from garden strawberries on a classic Madagascar vanilla cupcake 

Just based on the name and notes, I had a feeling this scent was gonna be basic as hell. After sniffing it, my assumption was correct - it's basic! This is quite possibly one of the most blah smelling scents I've ever huffed at BBW! The good thing is that isn't a repackage - it's not Strawberry Vanilla nor is it Happy Easter/Strawberry Sorbet/Strawberry Picnic...but that's the only good thing about it. The name is really misleading cuz it doesn't really …