RANT OF THE DAY: Why is there no "Summer" candle?

Well gang, it is a officially summertime! As a Southerner used to humid sub-tropic climate, I could not be happier. I'm soakin up all the sun and heat I can until it's back to sweaters and longjohns again.

The Summer Solstice had me thinking something - why isn't there an official "Summer" candle?

The Winter candle has been out consistently for many years. So has Autumn. This year we saw the grand albeit random return of Spring; although it's not nearly as old as its sisters, it was for awhile a seasonal staple. All 3 scents perfectly captured the essence of each season perfectly. Why hasn't summer received its own season in a jar candle?

Well, technically that's not true. Back in '13, there was a failed test scent called "White Barn Summer" which as it turns out was a repackage of...wait for it...EUCALYPTUS MINT AND RAIN!!!

"Enjoy the bright scent of a long, sunny summer day with this blend of water blossoms, mint leaves, and a hint of eucalyptus."

Clearly BBW was grasping at straws with this one. I dunno about y'all but, there's nothing about EM&R that reminds me of summer. They tried desperately to make EM&R a summer scent again in the Coastal Cool collection as "Eucalyptus Mint and WAVES". Really BBW, REALLY?!

But why did BBW wait til 2013 to come up with a Summer candle, only for it to fail? And why EM&R? And why hasn't there been any attempt to make a new replacement?

Maybe they figured no one would be interested. As soon as December SAS is over, we get an onslaught of beachy/tropical scents. And lately, everything has coconut in it. Would people be interested in a non-beachy non-tropical scent with nary a hint of coconut in it? I say yes, there are plenty of us with more discerning taste just begging for such a scent

Here a few choices that I think would make good candidates to the official "Summer" candle
  • Coastal Sun/Citrus Flower - despite having "coastal" in the name, there's nothing really beachy about it. On  the other hand, the "sun" aspect is accurate - it just makes me think of summer sunshine
  • Calypso Sun - mandarin, peach and mango...what's not to love
  • Sunkissed Blossom - peach mixed jasmine, freesia and lilac...tell me that doesn't sound lovely?!
  • Lakeside/Verbena Waters - this has something for everybody - it's a little fruity, a little fresh, watery and dewy with amrotherapy-ish woodsy notes thrown in for good measure. This scent just makes me think of a hot humid summer day in the South
  • Sunflower - mandarin and grapefruit with green tea and musk, that sounds amazing 
  • White Citrus - citrus heavy scents always make me think of summer
  • Summer Orchard peach, orange, mango with jasmine and sandalwood, it doesn't get any better than that
  • Summer Melon - look, summer is right there in the name! And you can't get anymore summery than watermelon; and a little peach, pineapple and papaya,  that's summer in a jar
What are some scents that y'all think would make a good Summer candle?


  1. Seaspray (mostly because I want it back) and Seaside Escape (why the hell not). Island Nectar is summer in a jar or even Pink Sangria that makes me think of lemonade stands I had in the summer as a kid. That's all I got off the top of my head

  2. Ooooh yes, I've gotta throw in my vote for Island Nectar as summer in a jar! However, I think Seaside Escape is still in my Summer top 4 alongside, as Jen said, the trifecta of White Sand, Beach Cabana, and SunTan (I'm gonna cheat and say that Beachside SunTan and Poolside SunTan count for only one on my list since I love them both! haha)


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