WALK 'N' SNIFF: Summer Juice Bar/Squeeze the Day Collection

So I finally made it out to GSP to see what WB/BBW had for SAS..shit, that's what they had. I walked out empty-handed and very disappointed and annoyed. They did have the Summer Juice Bar candles out which honestly wasn't much of a consolation. So let's just get right to the good stuff so to speak...

I won't waste your time or mine talking about Limoncello, Watermelon Lemonade or Island Margarita for obvious reasons.

Blueberry Twist
You would think with the moderate success of Blueberries and Cream in the Mimosas and Brunch collection (I had no idea that's what that collection was called, did y'all?) that BT would be a repackage of it. NOPE! It surprisingly smells totally different and it's a completely new blend. It's not nearly as tart/sour as B&C nor does it have that Greek yogurt-esque cream note. The tartness of the blueberries toned down dramatically and overall the blend is really candy-level sweet. The notes mention coconut...*eyeroll...I'm convinced BBW added that simply to get the basic bitches of America on board; there is absolutely NO coconut in this blend at all! BT is cute and I can easily see it being the runaway hit of this collection. My only complaint is this - the theme of this collection fruit juice/smoothie inspired scents and BT doesn't smell like a drink; if anything it smells like candy, more to the point, it smells exactly Livesavers Cremesavers hard candy . Maybe if there was more creme to make it more smoothie-like or some effervescence, some lemon or mint or elderflower. It's just missing something.

Raspberry Citrus Swirl
When I first heard about this scent, I was really hoping it would be a repackage of Pink Sangria or Blackberry Grapefruit from back in the day.Not so much. It is a repackage alright, just not of either of those. It is without a doubt straight Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch

Yes newbies, THIS is a repackage of Smile, NOT Pomegranate Lemonade!

Anyway, this has the same odd and somewhat off-putting berries n creme aspect as Smile. The only difference is that there is a splash of orange/grapefruit but not enough to make it smell new or exciting.

Pina Colada Smoothie
So this SOB snuck in outta nowhere! I was sure that this would be the grand return of Island Colada, which is an awesome Slatkin era scent and one of the few coconut heavy scents that I tolerate. Alas, it is not. For reason I can not remotely comprehend, BBW went in a totally different direction and decided to repackage Golden Pineapple Luau instead...which is so f***ing bizarre and makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, given BBW's obsession with coconut, you would think this would be right up their alley; the one scent that actually should have coconut in it doesn't! Seriously, mango, pineapple, grapefruit - does BBW NOT know what's in an actual pina colada?! And why repacakage a scent that is already still in stores and on sale? If BBW was desperate for a pineapple scent, why not bring back Pineapple Lychee Smoothie which smells like a friggin smoothie?! Or better yet, why not bring back Island Colada which actually smells like a f***ing pina colada?!!!

You would think with the success of Summer Sips back in '14, BBW would come up with something equally as awesome. Poptails last summer was just aiight, but this collection is just awful, the absolute most lamest collection in BBW history! The spring/summer already sucked with a constant onslaught of the most basic candle collections back to back. And given that this SAS was the absolute worst, this shitty collection is what we have to look forward to? And what pisses me off so much about this collection is that it had potential to be a awesome collection that would have every candle fan across the nation mouths' watering and emptying their pockets!

And to sell nonlayered candles online just to get people to go to stores instead cuz of course people want the layered ones...really BBW?!

So many amazing and unique scents could've been brought back for this collection - Bahama Fizz...Strawberry Daiquiri... Blackberry Grapefruit...Raspberry Sun Tea..Nectarine Green Tea...SUMMERTIME SODA...Lime Granita Margarita or Sparkling Mojito...Peach Cilantro Twist...Island Colada or Coconut Water...Champagne Toast or Seaside Mimosa...Honeydew & Thyme...Apple Ale. Instead of making Pomegranate Lemonade a WB core scent, it could've been in this collection instead!

It just makes no sense! Real talk BBW, y'all have got to do better than this...get it the f*** together ASAP!


  1. Go home BBW, you are drunk! Better yet they need to check into rehab .... In all seriousness, I want to be excited and inspired about something but I only find myself becoming jaded by all the bs. It's sad that we always see a new collection and right away guess what they are repackages of. The sadest thing is I feel that fall is going to be terrible.

  2. So disappointed. I just recently got "into" candles and had high expectations of the summer scents. Everything either super fruity and sweet or drowned in coconut. UGH. I am a much more herbal/fresh person and there is NOTHING here for me. Anxiously awaiting fall, now.


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