RANT OF THE DAY: Scents I am sick to death of seeing

So it goes without saying that since the great and powerful Slatkin bid a (probably not so) fond farewell to BBW, the quality has gone downhill. Gone are the days when we could expect a slew of newness each season. Nowadays we just get the same ol shit over and over and friggin over, this year being the worst offender with folks calling 2015 "the year of repackages". It wouldn't be so bad if old scents from 2012 and beyond were being brought back in rotation but nope it's just the same scents that BBW keeps pushin on us ad nauseam. That said, here are some scents (repackaged or re-rotated/rereleased) that I loathe seeing in stores from least annoying to absolute most.

Gourmet Espresso/Winter Café/Harvest Coffee/Espresso Bar - Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this scent a lot but not enough for it to be repackaged with different names every season. Keep the name "Gourmet Espresso" and either keep it as a core scent or put in a collection that works...and not Fresh Picked! Or better yet, come up with a new coffee scent entirely - mocha, hazelnut, French vanilla, Irish crème, cinnamon or a latte that actually smells like a latte

Tiki Beach - Even though I like Tiki Beach, we've seen it consistently since '11. Instead bring back Coco Lobo or Island Colada or Coconut Water for once

Villa Bergamot - While this was a very lovely cologney scent, I don't think it needs to be repackaged. It worked in the Italian collection as a spring scent, not so much as a fall scent - Bergamot Woods...really?! What's woodsy about it?!

Autumn Night - Despite the shitty burn, I enjoyed this updated version of Autumn Day; I was not a fan of AD but I really liked AN. But then BBW fucked it up by repackaging it twice back to back right after its debut. Neither repackage made any sense; there was nothing about AN that was intriguing and opulent nor did it make me think of Burl Ives. Keep that shit in the fall where it belongs, I don't wanna see that mess at any other time of the year!

Harvest Gathering - Seriously, what was the point of HG? We already have Leaves and Cranberry Woods, two of the most perfect fruity fall scents ever....why combine the two? That's basically what it smelled like. HG was just the most generic, blandest, and blah fall scent ever - the basic bitch of fall scents!

Farmstand Apple - I don't care what anyone says, FA is the WORST apple scent ever! Like the aforementioned HG, it's just so generic smelling! It's just a typical "apple" scent you find in home fragrance, i.e. Glade/Renuzit/Febreeze. And the addition of that oak note just makes FA smell off and weird. There were so many better apple scents in the past -  Country Apple, Autumn Apple, Gingham Apple etc; I dunno why BBW insists on bringin FA back year after year. Actually, do we necessarily need an apple scent? Why not change things up and bring a different fall fruit instead, like pear. Let's have Pear or Heirloom Pear back? Or a plum scent, like Plum Amber Wine?

Pineapple Mango - PM is so BEYOOOOOND basic, period! Seriously, why is this scent still around especially when there are so many better tropical mango-y scents out there. Nobody even pays it any attention anymore. Even BBW doesn't know what to do with it; remember that time when it was sold as fall scent in the Fresh Picked collection? Really? This scent can definitely disappear and it won't be missed at all.

Pumpkin Caramel Swirl/ Cinnamon Caramel Swirl - If this scent isn't strictly mass appeal, then I don't know what is! It was a lazy unimaginative scent made strictly to make all the sweetie lovers' coochies explode. If it were more high end like Nutmeg & Spice or Kitchen Spice, that would be one thing..but it ain't - it's LAME! And aren't we assaulted with enough caramel scents? Is the addition of cinnamon supposed to make it more unique? I don't think so. Furthermore, pick a friggin season - don't tell me it's a pumpkin-y fall scent one moment and then tell me holiday treat for Christmastime the next!

Holiday - I honestly don't get why this scent even exists, what's the point of it? We already have Tis the Season which is Christmas in a jar, there really is no comparison! I never liked this scent - it just smells so old and ancient; it makes me think of old dusty cardboard boxes of Christmas decorations...and not in a good way - just dusty and musty! How about we take Holiday out of the equation and bring back Spice or Orange Clove instead.

Spice Apple Toddy - Again, what is the point of this scent? It's straightup Leaves! It's watered down and has a hint of brown liquor but essentially it's still Leaves! Furthermore, we've seen SAT consistently since 2010-2011, it's not that great of scent to bring it back year after year.

Hot Buttered Rum - Real talk...HBR is fucking gross!!! Hell, the actual drink is disgusting and the candle is equally as disgusting! And like SAT, BBW brings HBR back year after year after friggin year! HBR is just thick gloopy diabetes-y pukeyness and it needs go. For the sake of changing it up, let's replace with an actual GOOD hot beverage drink, something people actually drink...

Peppermint Mocha...Egg Nog Cheer..hell just replace it with Winter Latte

Cinnamon and Clove Buds - I LOATHE this scent. Now I enjoy a good spicy scent during the holiday as much as the next gurl, but CaCB is just too much. It's like huffin a jar of red hot Hot Tamales or Atomic Fireballs. Just bring back Slatkin's Spice please and thanks

Marshmallow Fireside - Everybody LOVES this scent and I don't get it; seriously I'm askin, what is the appeal?! It's basically Fireside with marshmallow instead of leather, why does this scent make everybody lose their shit? Here's my problem with MF. First of all, since '13 MF has been a repackage of Summertime S'mores from the Lakeside collection which was a watered down smokier imitation of the original MF. Secondly this scent has been popping up in the winter...IT'S NOT A FRIGGIN WINTER SCENT!  Who the hell roasts marshmallows in the dead of winter? Bring back the original MF and keep that mess in the fall.

Merry Cookie - Another fan favorite that everybody goes nuts for and I don't understand why. It's a boring scent PERIOD! And, like with most vanilla scents, over time it just gets waxy and plastic smelling. There are so many better holiday bakery scent options - Frosted Gingerbread/Pumpkin Gingerbread, Sugar & Spice, Chestnut Roasting/Chestnut Glazed Croissant, Snickerdoodle. I honestly don't think MC would be missed

Vanilla Bean Noel/Winter Candy Apple - I've said before and I'll say it again - I'm not a big fan of candles based on bodycare and I think these two in particular are the biggest offenders...in short, they suck! VBN has the same issue as all the other vanilla scents, the scent turns. And WCA just smells like a bag of gummy bears. And what exactly is a winter candy apple, is that actually a thing? Keep them as body care but not as candles. Instead bring back these classic confections...

Mint Chocolate... Marshmallow Peppermint....Ribbon Candy...Holiday Gumdrops... Candied Sugar Plum

Watermelon Lemonade - Ok, I get it - everybody and their grandma LOOOOVES this scent. I've had it before...it's aiight, certainly nothing special. Definitely not special enough to be in SIX different collections - Lakeside, Sweet Shoppe, Garden Party, Summer Sips, White Barn Market and now Sweet Tie and Screen Doors. I mean really, enough is friggin enough. Either keep it around as a core scent, seasonal or otherwise, or give it a break. Please stop putting WL in every single spring/summer collection!

Paris Daydream - I never understood BBW's obsession with this scent; PD has been repackaged and reformulated soooo many times over the years. First it was Flirt in the Good Life collection, then it became Paris Daydream in that random French collection, then BBW fiddled around with it and made Oceanside and it became a summer scent, then they fiddled around with it again and made Sparkling Icicles for winter, then PD was back with a vengeance in various iterations of the Destination collection, then it become the official Mother's Day candle in '13 (they even said in the tagline "If you enjoyed Paris Daydream/Sparkling Icicles...) and now it's been repackaged as Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies in the Happy Home collection (this is the only repackage that made sense) Ever heard of the expression "beating a dead horse with a stick". Well that horse has been beatened into meatloaf! This is one daydream I desperately want to awaken from!

Oceanside - Oceanside needs to go, like now! Nothing about it says bein at the beach by the shore. We already have soooo many better water scents ... Turquoise Waters/Sea Spray, Island Waters/Sunrise Lagoon, Beach Day, Fresh Water&Sea Salt/Sea to Santorini. Just let it go!

Frosted Cupcake - ugghhhhhhhhhhh!!! FC is herpes of candles, it just keeps reappearing whether you like it or not. And if it's not bad enough that it pops up out of the blue like acne, but there are various clones of it - "different" scents that share the same vanilla/buttercream cupcakey note - Pumpkin Cupcake, Cinnamon Frosting, Red Velvet Cupcake, Buttercream Mint. They're like the biracial bastard children with the same dad but different baby mamas.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Oh how I LOATE this scent! I despise SCP with the passionate white hot ferocity of a thousand suns! I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the scent that that completely turned me off to all pumpkin scents until very recently. Must we have this candle year and after friggin year?! Like VBN and WCA, can it just stay as body fragrance and not as a candle? Plus you guys already have Pumpkin Carving, the best pumpkin scent ever! Why serve baloney when you have a Tbone steak?

And while we're on the subject of "pumpkin"...can yall PLEASE stop with the "all pumpkin and nothing but the pumpkin" collections PLEASE?! Two years of it back to back is more than enough. Most of your "pumpkin" scents don't smell like pumpkin anyway, so what's the point! And just because yall throw a whole bunch of cinnamon into a scent doesn't make it a "pumpkin" scent! Yeah the whole pumpkin theme treats collection has been done to the death. There are soooo many other fall inspired bakery scents that could/need to brought back...

Caramel Apple...Brandied Pear...Oatmeal Raisin Cookie...S'mores, Chocolate Bacon Cupcake... (the Lavender Marshmallow-esque coochie-twitcher of its day), Sticky Toffee Pudding...Brown Butter Praline... HELLO, APPLE FRIGGIN CRUMBLE - the best fall bakery scent EVER. Stop selling Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut in the spring and put it back in fall where it belongs. I promise you BBW, youll have more people clamoring for a variety of sweet fall scents than a whole bunch of pumpkin spiced bullshit!

Lemon Mint Leaf - I am soooooo tired of seein this damn scent year after friggin year. Whats so special about it. Who wants their domicile to smell like the inside of a dentist's office? LML is a hot toothpastey mess! This and Market Peach are the ONLY scents from the original Fresh Picked collection back '12 and even Market Peach has been given a break...why not this too? There were sooo many truly unique fruit blends in the collection that deserve to see the light of day - Sage Cucumber, Blackberry Grapefruit, Honeydew and Thyme, Summer Melon..we've NEVER had a watermelon scent for summertime. Now if yall wanna keep LML as strictly a core/aromatherapy scent alongside Eucalyptus Mint and Lavender Vanilla, that's fine. Otherwise, let it go!

Summer/American Boardwalk - OMG, if this isn't the most over-rated scent in BBW history ever! I honestly don't understand the obsession/hype with SB, I just don't get it! What is so appealing about caramel, cream, popcorn and apple notes all mixed up together? Yet and still, people go absolutely APESHIT over this scent! Am I missing something? Am I wrong for finding it revolting? It's nauseating right? It's just too much on every level. I could go for straight caramel apple scent (Caramel Apple/Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort is my jam) and I could possibly go for a caramel popcorn scent a la Toffee Crunch/Toffee Glazed Popcorn...but the two mixed together with cream...just no!

Vanilla Snowflake - Why does this scent even exist in the first place? What does coconut have to do with winter/Christmastime? I mean yeah I get it - coconut shavings = snowflakes...WHATEVER, it's stupid! What's more, it's an awful scent; it just smells like hot steamy mayonnaise that's been sittin out too long. And this scent is in your face every single winter, why? It ain't all that! Bring back and replace VS with Snow Day or something Snow Day-esque please and thanks!

Caribbean Escape - I am soooo tired Caribbean Escape, we need an escape from that mess. Why does this come back year after year; does anyone truly LOVES CE, is it anyone's all time favorite?  There are sooo many better tropical scents from the past that have not seen the light of day in years. Why not replace it with, oh i dunno, Seaside Escape -  it's a classic! Or last summer's Coastal Sun aka Citrus Flower. There's also Suntan/Poolside (an fan friggin fav), Beachside, White Sand, Calypso Sun, Caribbean Salsa, Tropical Spice. The possibilities are endless!

Actually, can we just do away with the tropical/beach bs, highly overrated! Why not bring back the drink collection from back in the day! Bring back some classics- Paradise Daiquiri, Malibu Smash, Sparkling Mojito, Pineapple Punch, Bahama Fizz, Raspberry Sun Tea. People would lose their proverbial shit for these scents! Old fans would buy these strictly for nostalgia. And there are so many new fans of BBW now that never got experience these old Slatkin era scents. It's time to mix things up!

Mahogany Teakwood - Dear Lord, why is BBW soooooooo obsessed with this damn scent?! For years, it sat in near obscurity so now they've been pushing it in our face at every given turn. MT isn't a bad scent by any means, but it has been over-hyped and rereleased/rerotated  waaaaaaaaay too much. Here's my biggest problem with MT or rather the marketing for MT (and I have this same issue with a couple of scents). I'll be blunt, don't bullshit me! Don't tell me that MT is supposed to make you feel like being in a dusty library on fall brisk evening then turn around and say that it's supposed to make you feel like youre on the wooden deck of a boat on the lake in the heat of summer and then finally as sitting in a log cabin ski resort on winter holiday. Really?! Then on top of that, MT has been repackaged twice with even more BS marketing. First it was a scent that made you think of flotsam drifting onto the shore of a beach and now a floating canoe down the Amazon river. Really BBW?! Don't piss in my cup and tell me it's lemonade, just be honest. If yall love this scent sooo much that you couldn't possibly let it go, keep as a core scent. Otherwise I do not want to see this in any collection, repackaged or otherwise!

Japanese Cherry Blossom - *shakes head Oh, JCB! If there is one scent that I am truly sick to friggin death of seeing, it's this one! Again I ask, what is BBW's obsession with this damned scent?! Attention BBW, it's no longer 1996! Do yall even sell the body care anymore, that's how much I even pay attention to this scent. Is there anyone on the face of the planet that actually enjoys JCB as candle? Anybody? And if that's not bad enough, JCB has a friggin twin - Tokyo Petals! If I were Japanese, just sniffing both of these basic ass scents would drive me to perform seppuku for dishonoring and insulting my ancestors! Of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
of the scents, candle or otherwise, that desperately needs to not just go but be completely forgotten, it's this one! Seriously BBW, turn off the life support switch and let this one go towards the light! Bring back Dark Kiss or Midnight Pomegranate or Black Amethyst, girly girl scents that people actually LIKE! JCB is not and will never be what's up!

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2015 Scents Take Three

So very soon we're gonna see yet another scent collection for spring...a very pointless and unnecessary collection - the "Hawaiian collection" *sigh Yes, despite already having the same kind of collection last spring/summer, we are being treated to another one

So four of the candles are going to ombre colored frosted glass a la Coastal Cool from last summer. Those scents will be...

Big Island Bamboo: The exotic trees of the South Seas are celebrated in a blend of tropical green leaves, crystal blue water notes, and a hint of pink coral. (fresh water, bamboo, driftwood) (I'm guessin this is either Amazon Falls or maybe Island Waters)

Honolulu Sun: Enjoy the warmth and wonder of Honolulu Sunshine in a happy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and sweet island nectar. (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun) (so this is based off of last year's popular soap...real talk, I have no idea what that soap smelled like cuz I tend to avoid coconut-y scents like the plague)

Guava Colada: The intoxicating fragrance of sweet guava mixes with golden passion fruit and a rich Pacific island vanilla. (pink guava, peaches, coconut husk) (I'm guessin Pink Passionfruit/Red Lava Guava?)

Oahu Coconut Sunset: Relax at the end of the day with a sunset inspired blend of coconut blossoms and exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber (tropical fruits, coconut, gardenia) (so this is inspired by the same named body care...so yeah, I got nothin...maybe this new? *guffaws loudly)
The remaining four will just be in a regular unfrosted tumbler

Hawaiian Hibiscus : Experience an island getaway with the fragrant hibiscus, Hawaii's native flower, combined with creamy coconut and jasmine notes (pink grapefruit, mango, hibiscus flowers) (the same scent from the Aloha Hawaii collection last year)  

Pineapple Palm Grass : A fresh tropical fragrance inspired by the beautiful pineapple fields and exotic green foliage of the Hawaiian Islands (juicy pineapple, sweet oranges, green grass) (the same scent from Aloha collection)

White Sand Beaches - Escape to your dream beach with an airy mixture of coastal tiare flowers, sun-kissed driftwood and bergamot leaves. (fresh blue water, sprigs of lavender, soft woods) (I'm gonna go with Pacific Coast Highway from Coastal Cool or worse, Ocean Driftwood aka Mahogany Woods)

Sweet Maui Mango Transport yourself to a beautiful field of mango trees with a blend of mouth-watering mango, mandarin orange slices and ruby red pomegranate seeds (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit) (Mango Dragonfruit?)
Ok real talk, what is the point of this collection?! First of all, don't we have more than our fair share tropical scents at the moment? Must we be assaulted with coconut/pineapple/mango/passionfruit bullshit?! Furthermore, and this bears repeating, WE ALREADY HAD A HAWAIIAN COLLECTION LAST YEAR! And I'm sure it was part of marketing game plan that dazzle folks with the pretty ombre frosted glass to distract from the fact this is just a bunch of lazy uninspired repackages - gilding the proverbial lily. Needless to say this collection will be an uneasy pass for me. If you're super intrigued and can't wait til March for these to debut, they are ALL available on Evilbay.
Now there may be a few collections coming after this Hawaiian mess makes it's grand debut...now whether we will actually see them or they're gonna be a bunch of White Barn exclusive unicorn scents remains to be seen......  


Products: candle & wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - mid-March

Description: Put a twinkle in someone's eye with a flirty and festive blend of cranberries, pears, frosted citrus and a hint of holiday greenery

Missing notes: spruce, rosemary

Around this time of year I start to get really tired of typical winter scents (pine and spices) but at the same time, I'm not at all ready for the heavy floral or tropical fruit scents that we see in spring. That is why I was sooooo happy that Merry Mistletoe came back this winter cuz it's a nice compromise/happy medium.

So for awhile it was performing like a boss. But then once it hit mid range, it started nubbing out. It still managed to maintain a deep wax pool though. I'm so glad they changed the wax color from the boring white wax that it was in the past to this beautiful emerald/jade green. The throw has been decent, I'd say medium-strong-ish; it did manage to fill my apartment

And now the scent. On a very simple and basic level, you can say that MM smells like Cranberry Pear Bellini with a little Fresh Balsam. You get that same fruity sweet cranberry/pear combo from CPB without the dark wine-like blackcurrant note and the effervescence. And there's an added albeit slight orange note in the background. Then finally you get this double whammy of spruce and rosemary (the "holiday greenery") that kinda reminds you this is indeed a winter scent) Spruce, compared to other pine/evergreen notes tend to be more sweeter and brighter and blends with the other more vibrant fruit notes. And the rosemary adds to the piney/wintery aspect and kinda gives this scent a very old-fashioned, antique-y and ol school vibe to it. Now in the past, I've heard reviewers describe this scent as a little ..."cologne-y" and I never understood that. Having burned now, I kinda see why people would say that; it definite has a somewhat slightly masculine feel to it. I can see some company making a winter body spray for men with the same notes. Maybe that's another reason why I'm so drawn to this scent. I still don't think this smells like a straight cologne though.

The wf bulbs are nice and strong, much stronger than the candle. I have 4 in my living room (as I usually do) and this is one of the few scents I had recently that I could smell outside on the otherside of the door in the hallway.

This scent is just perfection. It has a lil some'n some'n for e'rybody - it has all of those bright fruit notes for the sweety lovers and the wintery green notes for the woodsy/outdoors lovers. And even though this has been marketed as a "Christmas" scent, I think it's more of a post-New Years - end of wintertime scent; it has the piney notes of winter without smelling like a Christmas tree and has (non-tropical) fruits to transition you to spring. However there is something old-fashion-y about MM that it can be used for Christmastime and stand up to the more popular holiday standards like Tis the Season, Winter or Evergreen. MM is just a classic amazing scent and I hope it stays in the winter holiday lineup from now on.

HOT MESS AWARD: Be Daring ~ Spiced Saffron & Redwood

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: end of January - mid-March 

Description: I wish...to be daring. Dare to be inspired by Spiced Saffron & Redwood's blend of ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California redwood

As far I was concerned, this collection was a big bust for me. Be Daring was the only scent that I was intrigued with and wanted to buy. Even my bf liked tand bought one. I was soooo lookin forward to burnin this bad boy and was excited once I did light it up. That excitement would eventually turn into utter disappointment.

Performance-wise, it was a hot shitty mess! This has been one of the worse burning candles ever! This was Mahogany Teakwood / Blackberry Grapefruit bad! It tunnneled like crazy! I even had to do the cotton ball trick and I haven't had to do that in I don't how long! 

This is some bullshit!

If I didn't like the scent as much as I did, I'd return and exchange this mess!

Scent-wise, this is definitely one of those scents that smell better on cold throw than on warm throw. On cold throw it smells like a sexy wintery/spicy cologne. Simplistically speaking, you can say it smells like Flannel (without that off smelling unmentioned sap note) with a little bit of Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods with a hint of Autumn Night. Once it's lit however, it smells odd...good but odd. My bf said the same thing. When lit, I think the redwood note comes out more - just a very intense dry acrid "freshly sharpened No2 pencil" wood note. There's a sweet fruit note; the notes claim cranberry but I don't get that. Then on top there's that Eastern spice a la Autumn Night/Cardamom and Suede - a very heavy sharp earthy saffron that goes well with the already warm heavy redwood note. And I swear I smell bergamot or rather BBW's take on bergamot which always makes scents smell cologne-y" Maybe that's why people thought this was a repackage of Flannel (or Villa Bergamot in my case)

The wf is pretty strong but like the candle, that pencil-y redwood note comes out more.

I had high hopes for this scent. If the notes were blended better and the candle didn't friggin tunnel, I would be in love. This is yet another scent that if it didn't come back in the nearby future, I wouldn't miss it.

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria

Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - 

Description: I wish...to wine down. Make the stresses of the day disappear with Pomegranate Sangria's effervescent blend of wine, apples and a hint of juicy pomegranate seeds 

Well as you might know it's Carnival time back home in New Orleans with Mardi Gras day just around the corner. That said, around this time of winter, I move away from the pine/spice scents of the holidays gravitate to more winter/dark fruit scents and/or something alcohol-ey - like for example I've had Cranberry Pear Bellini and the test scent Sugarberry Spritzer in the past. This go round I wanted to try something new so when my bf brought this home in his $8 haul, I thought it would make a nice Carnival time scent.

Performance-wise, it was a boss bitch! It had high steppin flames, there was always a deep and even wax pool, and it threw it's ass off - the warm throw was really strong filled my apartment.

Now there has been much debate/contention in the BBW community as to what this smells like. I personally think it's a watered repackage with a twist of the failed test scent from Summer Sips, Pomegranate Spritzer. To my nose, the base notes smell exactly alike, albeit watered down. WD doesn't have the fizzy lemon soda aspect that PS had but it does have the rich, dark, tart pomegranate note with creamy but equally dark and rich guava note. However many other argued that WD was actually Sundrenched Vineyard from Provence Garden While I could see that easily, I have to disagree. SDV in candle form was a straightup repackage of Cranberry Woods while the wf bulb smelled like a watered down de-spiced version of it. I think because PS didn't go wide and SDV did, more people were familiar with that one and was their only point of reference. And it makes sense since WD is a "wine" scent and SDV was supposed to be one as well. However I'm stickin to my guns and sayin that WD is a watered down de-lemoned repackage with a twist of PS.

Overall, this was a fun zesty dark fruit scent to close out winter with. While I am enjoying, I can't say that I will miss it once it's gone and won't be sad if it doesn't come back. It's good scent but just not a very memorable or exciting one.

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Happy Home (and other leftover spring scents)

Since the weather was surprisingly sunny and warm (-ish), I thought I'd take advantage of this nice break and make a trip after work to my fav store in the city to get my sniff on. I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't gotten to sniff the muthaeffers and my curiousity was killin' me!

So first let's rap a taste about the miscellaneous ones

Papaya Sunrise - This was supposed to be an "unicorn candle" exclusive to White Barn but it looks like it slowly started to trickle into all stores. Honestly I wasn't all that excited about this one despite the "newness" factor and was even less excited once I sniffed it. It smells a bit like Mango Coconut Cooler from Summer Sips with a hint of Pineapple Lychee Smoothie. I'm not entirely sure but I think this is a repackage of Sunset Beach from last summer's Coastal Cool ; they basically have same notes - papaya, pineapple and sugarcane. Anyhoo, this is just another standard cliché (boring) BBW-ian "tropical" scent - intensely sweet tropical fruit (papaya/guava/mango) with a hint of pineapple and coconut.

Fresh Water and Sea Salt - As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it; y'all already know that I love me some fresh clean watery scents. Then I saw the notes and I knew exactly what it was a repackage of...and sniffing just further confirmed it. It's Sea to Santorini from last spring/summer's Destination collection. It's a crisp fresh watery scent (cucumber/melon) with a sweet powdery orange flower note and intense and pungent neroli. It's basically an updated and more sophisticated, high end, slightly feminine version of Oceanside

Love & Sunshine - I'm not usually a big fan of candles based on body care but I actually liked this one. It's a lemony scent for sure but not nearly as potent and in your face as Kitchen Lemon or Limoncello or Lemon Drops; very toned down and sweet. There's a tiny bit of sweet muddled strawberries and just the tiniest hint of floral action. Now Tinadivaicious said in his latest haul vid that this might be a tweaked repackage with a twist of Paris Amour..I think he might be right, I'm not 100% sure so don't quote me on that. At any rate, it's cute, it has "mass appeal"; it's bright and sweet, it's summery - again, mass appeal.

My store didn't have Apple Flower although too many people say that it smells like Pink Apple Punch and Wasabi Apple, so yeah....

Now let's get to the good stuff, the Happy Home collection. This whole collection is a bunch of repackages, not a new scent in the entire bunch. On Facebook, e'rybody and their grandmas guessin and theorizing what they thought these were repackages of. That said, I had to sniff these suckers for myself so I could throw my 2 cents in...

Relax ~ Lavender Linens - There's really not much to say about this one - it is without a doubt French Lavender from Provence Garden. I don't mind this repackage cuz this was an incredible scent and the best and most spot on lavender scent that BBW ever produced. For those of yall who never smelled FL, it's just a straightup lavender scent. Rosemary...maybe; maybe that's what adds to the lavender's crispness and astringency. Tonka (vanilla in FL)...not so much

Happy ~ Sunshine & Green Daisies - This one is a repackage of a scent from the Slatkin era that a lot of y'all might not remember or have even gotten to sniff. It's Green Daisy from '11(or '10?), later renamed the year after as Green Grass which has not seen the light of day since Spring '13. It's a very "green" scent - think freshly cut grass. There's a little bit of sweet powdery jasmine action with just tiniest hint of lemon zest. I can't be mad with this repackage cuz at least it's a Slatkin era that's been brought back into rotation after such a long time. And it works - this is a very bright...happy scent.

Fresh - Spring Blue Skies - Unlike Green Grass, I'm not too thrilled about what this is a repackage of - not a big fan of the original. It's Paris Nightmare...I mean Daydream. Ok I exaggerate, PD isn't that bad but it isn't good either. Scent-wise, it's kinda hard to describe. It is a little on the..."cologney" side..but it's not your usual woodsy/herbal/musky type of cologne scent. There's some floral action - think powdery fresh dewy floral notes like lily/muguet, jasmine, freesia. However there's the addition of both sandalwood and moss that deepens and masculinizes the blend and keeps it from smelling like a bouquet of perfumey flowers. In the past, the "citrus" note was "mandarin" or "bergamot"...I mean I guess? There's the absolutely tiniest hint of some kind of "orange" peel in the background. Blue waters... or "rain" in PD...or "emerald waters" back it originally came out as Flirt"...I've no effin clue!

Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch - Everyone, myself included, theorized that this was a repackage of Pomegranate Lemonade...an obvious choice. But after smelling it, I don't think it is; it's not nearly as tart and zesty. Honestly I'm farfetched to say this even smells like lemonade. First of all it's quite heavy on the "berry"..raspberry/blueberry, not so much pomegranate. It's also surprisingly and uncharacteristically creamy and vanilla-ish; this scent kinda reminds me more of ice cream/yogurt than lemonade. I don't think this scent is new, it smells like something - a soap perhaps or body lotion. I don't think this repackage of whatever works; the original (untweaked) Pomegranate Lemonade or it's little sister Pink Sangria would've been better choices.

Sunshine ~ Bright Verbena Blossom - Yep, you guessed it...Lemon Verbena from Provence Garden. No not Limoncello, not Lemon Drops...Lemon Verbena. It's a cleaner lemon smell with a hint sweet powdery floral ie lily. There's nothing remotely candyish about this scent whatsoever. Now this incarnation of LV listed lavender in the notes which kinda threw me for a loop; I thought it would be my jam Fleur de Provence but nope, it's just LV. It works, it's a nice bright cheerful clean scent, a good scent for spring cleaning

Love - Hearts and Flower - As soon as I saw the notes for this bad boy, I knew exactly what it was and sniffing it just confirmed my hunch.... it's Tokyo Petals/Electric Tokyo from last year's Destination collection. You get a dewy "pink" floral note (and no not muthaeffin cherry blossoms) with sugary berry note. So I'm just gonna come right and say it...this was a stupid ass choice! This is one of those random scents that BBW loves to push on people; it's right up there with Mahogany Teakwood, Paris Daydream/Sparkling Icicles and Frosted Cupcake. First it's supposed to be a Japanesey scent then it was a Mother's Day scent and now it's all hearts and love and on sale just in time for Valentine's Day...really BBW? Utter bullshit! Why not Garden Party or Flower Shop? Friggin PINK PETAL TEA CAKE!!!! Strawberries, rose petals and whipped cream...if that's not a Valentine's lovey-dovey scent, I don't what is! Definitely not Tokyo Petals!

Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort - Now this one is an oddball for sure and has caused much contention in the BBW. Some people thought it was Summer/American Boardwalk....ugh. Judging by the notes, I thought for sure it was Brandied Pear which made its debut and farewell back in the fall '12. I was wrong. By all reports, folks were sayin that it was in fact another Slatkin era fall scent that hasn't seen the light of day in years...Caramel Apple. All hell broke lose!

"How could this be Caramel Apple? It says "pear" in the notes"

"It can't be Caramel Apple, I don't smell any fruit, just caramel!"

And so and so forth. However after sniffing, it is without a shadow of a doubt CARAMEL APPLE! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, I will go down swingin to defend myself, I know what I smelled and I smelled Caramel muthaeffin Apple!

First of all, just to squash this Apple vs Pear nonsense. In BBW's mind, apple and pear are basically the same and are used interchangeably..the same with sage vs moss, sandalwood vs cedarwood, bergamot/mandarin/clementine/neroli, etc. I wrote a whooooole post about this bs. Furthermore, both apple and pear are mentioned in the notes for Caramel Apple..."golden apple, brown sugar and cream caramel are blended with...ANJOU PEAR, nutmeg and vanilla cream. BAM!!!

So umm, yeah, Caramel Apple...the brown sugar and spice notes are toned down and the caramel note amped up but it's still essentially the same scent. And the apple/pear is very apparent and was the first note to hit my nose; to those who don't/can't smell it, I suggest usin a squirt of Flonase or a Neti pot, clean out those nostrils and give this scent a second huff . Anyhoo, while it is a very cozy comforting scent, there's no denying that it's a very strange choice for spring; it's very much a fall scent. I'm just glad it's not Summer Boardwalk!