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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Personalized & Summer Fresh Candles

Just for the sake of pure shits and giggles, I went to BBW (another one than usual) to see if they had the personalized and Summer Fresh candles and if they did, perhaps I'd take advantage of the 2/24 sale and 25% off coupon and pick up some Cucumber Melons. Sure enough they did and I was able to get my walk and sniff on

So as you may or should know, all of these candles popped up online just in time for the sale. As for as the personalized candles go, BBW graciously informed up us of what was a repackage of what...
❤ MOM = Praline Pecan (Cobbler)I ❤ MOM ~ Happy Mother's Day = Lilac BlossomThank you = Blue Ocean WavesHappy Birthday = Buttercream FrostingI Love You = Cactus Blossom\Congrats = Peach BelliniHello Sunshine = Limoncello  Dream Big = Tiki Beach. Which leaves these two mysteries...

Happily Ever After ~ Blue Water Lily - so this one has thrown me for a loop. So based on the notes (white petals, bergamot, cedarwood) I thought at first it was Orange Blossom & Driftwoo…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Personalized Candles ~The WTF-ery Continues...

I don't know what exactly is going with BBW these past couple months. I dunno if the marketing execs are doing shots of bongwater in betweens Breaking Bad meth during lunch..or clueless interns have taken over the marketing dept a la "Lord of the Flies"... or they're taking a page from "The Producers" and are purposely coming out with scents and collections so bizarre and nonsensical that folks wont buy and they can go bankrupt,,or maybe theyve heard whispers in the wind of future competition and have folded in the towel. Whatever the reason is, one thing rings true - BBW no longer cares!

Just when you thought this spring could not possibly get anymore worse, BBW says "hold my beer"
Case in point, coming soon to the BBW...the "personalized" collection

So they are candles with simple "personalized" greetings on the label, some have metallic labels with Arial font (what is the obsession with basic Microsoft word fonts lately) whi…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Coast to Coast and Times New Roman Candles

Social media has been set ablaze with news of testing summer candles; the excitement, intrigue and, in some cases, head-scratching puzzlement is palpable. So we got a taste of what was to come thanks to Touchthefiretwice having one of said candles in his store which prompted him to make a grand return from his hiatus to do a video. But IG'ers @duchessofwax and @lilnitemakeup broke the internet (not really) with pics of the entire collection in their testing glory.

So the first collection that is testing is the "Coast to Coast" collection; it basically has a..well..coastal, beachy, chillin in your beachhouse/timeshare, watching the tide and listening to the waves type of vibe. The candles has Coastal Cool/Southwest frosted glass with various blue and teal and tan colors to match the beach/coast/aquatic theme with beach inspired stock image labels; the overall look is impressive. The scents on the other hand, not so much. New scents include...

Seaside Mist - Fresh Mandarin,…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: French Candles

So over the weekend, the bf and I were running errands. At some point we to had to go the mall to pick up a few things and since were there, we stopped inside WB. This worked out great cuz I finally got to sniff all of the French candles, which I feel like I was the only person on the planet that hadn't sniffed them yet (plus for whatever reason, it seems this collection is a WB exclusive so no trips to the local easier to get to BBWs for me). So yeah I was already unimpressed with both sets of French candles and sniffing them left me even mpre unimpressed; I walked out of the store empty handed. On the review...

Merci Paris - this candle is one of the strangest candles I've ever smelled and one of the few candles that left me utterly perplexed as I couldn't really pinpoint any of the mentioned notes. Its sweet and creamy but I can't say that I smell vanilla. There is a vaguely powdery white floral note but I don't know if it's jasmine. And there is a dark fruit…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Lavender Coconut

Products: candle   
Area used in: bathroom
Time Period: whenever, off and on

So when I first heard about this scent when it was testing, I thought to myself "wtf?!"

Lavender and coconut?!!

As you know I have an intense dislike of most coconut scents and combining it with lavender of all things I thought was both lazy and bizarre. But I did some research online and found that lavender/coconut blends are a things common in aromatherapy based bodycare. so in the spirit of keeping an open mind, I gave it a sniff and found myself really genuinely enjoying; even my bf liked it! Once there was a sale, I picked one up to try and I must say, I'm glad I did.

So the performance was A+. The wicks, despite being skinny, stayed lit with tunneling/canyoning. Tall dancing flames, deep even wax pool, gorgeous to watch burn, so much ambiance. And it has that "warm blanket" throw that I absolutely love! The throw is medium-strong, definitely a bathroom/boudoir kind scent.

So right off t…

ON THE FENCE: Black Tea Rose 2.0

Products: candle  and wf bulb  
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: end of February - mid April

I feel like I haven't​ done a proper candle review in ages. I know it's super late and most have moved on but hey better late than never.  And since I already talked in depth about this candle already, I'll spare you the details and just get down to the nitty-gritty.

So the performance was giving me LIFE! The wicks, despite being skinny, produced mushroom tops and didn't curl. The flames stayed high and dancing their fiery little butts off. And the oh man that throw; I hadn't had  a throw this strong and intense in a really long time. Open the door and expect the get body-slammed by the throw. This is one of the few times I've ever had to blow a candle out because it was too intense. Even the wf bulb was strong; I have NEVER experienced a wf this potent before. All of this would be great If I wasn't so on the fence about the scent itself.

So on cold throw, …

RANT OF THE DAY: So Ya Wanna Be a Candle Reviewer?

When I first started reviewing, reviewing itself kinda hit it's peak of popularity but even then there were handful of folks doing it and doing it well. When I first got in candles, there were even less. But nowadays candle reviewing is all the rage and anyone with a smartphone thinks that they can do..which makes me feel some kinda way. Some are pretty good, most are not.  So I wrote down some helpful points for people who are thinking of being a reviewer or wants to better

BLOGGER: Write in your own voice
It's your blog featuring your thoughts and opinions in your voice. What you write should come across like you having a conversation, not a dissertation, graduation speech or Bar Mitzvah presentation. Yes grammar, punctuation and syntax is important and the points you want to present should be precise and concise but your words shouldn't sound stilted or too polished; your readers might as well be reading an article on Wikipedia. Your posts be should natural and easy and …

NEWNESS UPDATE: Le French Candles...Oh la la

So mentioned in my last post about the random candle that popped on Ebay and how it'll be sold along with the rest of the French themed candles but I didn't know if there would more candles are just that one..well there are indeed more...

St Tropez Shore - Seasalted Bergamot, Sun Lilies, Cote D'Azur Coconut (new scent)

Crème Caramel - Buttery Caramel, Powdered Sugar, Vanilla (I heard this is a repackage of Pumpkin Caramel Pumpkin Latte..dafuq?!)

White Jasmine - White Jasmine Buds, Orange Blossom, Mimosa (this may be new but I wonder if this is Slatkin's WB era scent Golden Mimosa)

Returning scents include Endless Weekend andChampagne Toast (yep CT in the spring, I said this would happen one day)

Bowties & Bourbonis supposed to be making an appearance in wf bulb but no word if there will be a candle as well. I dunno what that scent has to do with France but whatevs, c'est la vie

And just in case you forgot and don't know about the main French themed candles, the…