RANT OF THE DAY: The Year without an Autumn

Well y'all, Thanksgiving is just a few days away thus fall is pretty much over. I'm still trying to hold on to that fall feeling; as I type this, I'm taking sips of pumpkin spiced coffee, I have a Pumpkin Fireside burning bright nearby and all of my fall decorations are still up in my apartment... yeah I REFUSE to put up any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. That said, I kept feeling a little over it and secretly wanting these last few days of fall to pass by; I'd much rather Peppermint Mocha in my coffee right now, I'm fighting the urge to play Christmas music and I'm wishing this Pumpkin Fireside was Chestnuts & Clove instead. Why is it that, an ardent autumnophile, have been over fall lately?

Is it just me or has this fall gone by really quickly? Or better, has it felt like there wasn't much of a fall at all? In the earlier part of the season, I was feeling it for sure; I had my fall bae Leaves burning and was blasting my autumn playlist on Spotify as I decorated the apartment. But as fall progressed, I felt myself feeling more and more blasé. First of all, the weather was really bizarre with unseasonably warm temps...though I have to laugh at myself for becoming aclimated to Yankee weather despite coming from a place with sub-tropic temperature 90% of the year where fall itself didn't/doesn't exist. Only recently has there been true "sweater weather". And there were other things that just made this fall not feel like fall. Every single PSL I got tasted like pumpkin spice vomit. There was little to no foliage in my neck of the woods; the leaves stayed verdant for the longest with only a few pops of red and yellow here and there. My bf and I didn't do anything remotely fall related - not apple picking, no pumpkin carving, no trips to farmer's markets. We got tickets to go to Great Jack'O'Lantern Blaze up in Sleepy Hollow only for it to be cancelled due to all day torrential typhoon. We were planning on going to the Halloween Parade but due to all the scary crap that was going on the city that day, we thought it best to stay in. And all top of all of that, BBW..my saving grace, absolutely SUCKED!

BBW in the fall was, until recently, the most amazing time of the year; a hallmark for candle enthusiasts and autumnophiles alike. Much like getting your first PSL or picking your first apple in the orchard or seeing the foliage at their peak, your first step into BBW/WB in the fall surrounded by fall favorites and autumnal newness is truly magical. When you left with your fall haul, you knew the rest of the season was gonna be all good. 2011-2014 were the golden years of fall scents at BBW; soooooo many returning classics and truly intriguing and unique scents were around these years with superb marketing and packaging to match; I feel sorry for anyone recently getting in the BBW cuz it's so not the same. After 2014, there was a slow decline in quality and creativity..and now here we are, an utter shitshow.

It's like BBW put little no thought in this fall's lineup. Scent-wise we just got the bare minimum, the scents that we see all the time - Leaves, Autumn, Sweater Weather, Flannel, Shit Cinnamon Pumpkin etc. Some of the packaging was ok but most were weird and off. Then they brought the same candles only this time with a wraparound label but with the same off looking stock photography. Cranberry Woods (which was more cranberry than wood and smelled way to similar to Frosted Cranberry) and Cider Lane were brought back only to be unceremoniously thrown into the WB Core collection. The fall add-ons to the WB Core line were boring as I dunno what; Peppered Plum was the clear star of the show and the only interesting and new scent the entire season.  The wood grain candles had potential but besides Bourbon Maple and Autumn Woods, the other scents were kinda blah. Then there was the fall edition of Elements candles which were just weird. Oh and then BBW had the sheer audacity to tease people with a bakery themed collection called "Sweet Shop" only to fill it with the most basic, blandest, uninteresting and unobtrusive scents that can think of

And here's the weirdest decision of them all... NO PUMPKIN SCENTS!

Due to the popularity of Slatkin era pumpkin scents like Pumpkin Cupcake and Pumpkin Caramel Latte, from 2013 til last fall there have always been  an "all pumpkin, nothin but the pumpkin" collection. This year..not so much; we got Caramel Cinnamon Swirl (aka Caramel Pumpkin Swirl   ) and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow in the "Sweet Shop"  collection and Pumpkin Apple and Shit Cinnamon Poopkin in the regular collection, that's it. No Pumpkin Caramel Latte or even Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte and surprisingly, despite its popularity and long overdue-ness, no Pumpkin Pie! No don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin scents and these all pumpkin collections never really appealed to me..and lord knows, 90% of these scents weren't so much"pumpkin" per se as they were cinnamon heavy or spiced but still even I knew how popular "pumpkin" scents are. Even if BBW didn't do a whole collection dedicated to pumpkin, they couldve spread some around in various collections but nope, nothin. 

And as if this fall couldn't get anymore bizarre, BBW kept throwing all of these random ass spring/summer scents into the mix..Rosewater & Ivy? Fresh Bamboo? Tokyo Petals? Really BBW? And those weird hippie-dippie white witchy Practical Magic mason jar candles..like why? What was the point of those? And they all smelled so spring/summery. And speaking of mason jar, they were on a major mason jar kick this fall; there were 3 mason jar collections, only one of which was remotely fall-ish and even then they were just fall scents that were already out in 3wick form. No marketing, no promotion, no fanfare, no rhyme or reason - they were just there to be there.

Soooooooo many people have been complaining about all of the hot mess-ery going on this fall which turned them off to buying anything or even setting foot in their local store. From July til now, I myself have only bought 7 candles and burned 2 - not even close to fall hauls of yore. The few times I've ever been inside was strictly to WALK N SNIFF for review purposes...and even those I can't say that I was remotely excited to do so.

I've said this once and I'll say it again cuz it bears repeating..Fall is not the time to experiment. I repeat - FALL IS NOT THE TIME TO EXPERIMENT. 

Fall is your money-making time, more so than any other time of the year even more than Christmas time (which is also NOT a time to experiment). You wanna re-invent yourself? Fine. You wanna play around with scents and looks and sizes? Fine. You wanna experiment with aromatherapy and "essential oils"? Fine! Save that for after Christmas, do that experimenting BS during SAS or in the spring and summer when you need gimmicks to get people back in the store. DO NOT THAT SHIT IN FALL! People look forward to coming to your store and sniffing around in the fall; for some people (myself included) a trip to BBW/WB is one the highlights of fall. People do NOT want aromatherapy and flowers and summery fruity scents this time of year; people want cider, people want bakery, people want caramel, people want cinnamon and clove and nutmeg..PEOPLE WANT PUMPKIN. If you're gonna experiment, experiment with some newness. Do some research and dig some forgotten classics out of the vault. Work on your packaging and get some stock photos of leaves and pumpkins and apples and cranberry and sweaters..NO FRIGGIN QUOTES!  

Get your proverbial shit together and give the people what they want for fall! Fall has always been your time to shine and you have the capacity to go back to your former glory sooo...

RANT OF THE DAY/NEWNESS UPDATE: Yes, Virginia..There are more Winter 2017 Candles

Unless you were trapped on a deserted island, you've probably heard and/or seen the grand return of Pink Petal Teacake...and the hype is palpable! Everyone is absolutely losing their proverbial shit...and by everyone, I mean newbies who weren't into BBW back when it first came out and heard Tinadivalicious' constant mention of it.

At any rate, PPTC is indeed part of a collection and the remaining scents have appeared on social media..and I have to say, I'm kinda intrigued. At the moment, there are 6 scents...

  • SOFT ~ Pink Petal Tea Cake - Rose Petals, Fluffy Cake and Orange Essential Oil (of course this is the grand return of the original )
  • NOOK ~ No Place Like Home - Soft Musk, Vanilla Bean and Cedarwood Essential Oil (I'm realllly hoping this is Vanilla Cedarwood from backintheday)
  • COMFORT ~ Soft Cashmere Blanket - Fluffy Cotton, Sheer Musk and Lavender Essential Oil (so this could be anything; I'm hoping that it's Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods though it could also be Lavender Linens. At worse it could be the horrific Cashmere from backintheday)
  • CHILL ~ Calming Lavender Spruce - Fir Needle, Lavender and Orange Essential Oil (Please please PLEASE be Winter Mint & Spruce )
  • COZY ~ Warm Cup of Cocoa - Milk Chocolate, Steamed Milk and Nutmeg Essential Oil (obviously this is Hot Cocoa & Cream)

So now that that is out of the way, it's time to be shady and spill some T...

For those of you who have seen these candles either on the 'gram or in person, you may have thought to yourself that the look of these candles are rather unique (not necessarily good but unique) and they didn't really seem to fit or belong.

...this was brought my attention by a fellow candle enthusiast...

So this is from a Scandinavian candle company called Scandinavisk.  Koto (Finnish for "home") is one of their signature scents. BBW's NOOK candle looks just alike, color and tagline and all. The design in BBW's collection is extremely similar to Scandnavisk's Christmas themed candles .

It's unknown whether BBW's design team ripped off Scandinavisk's graphics or if there was some kind of contractual deal, but the fact remains that BBW is blatantly copying another candle company's look.

I mean really BBW... is this what it's come down to?! You're "using" labels from outside graphic designers to copy Victoria's Secret's candles... You're testing new squat tumbler sizes to copy Slatkin's Homeworx candles...and now this...

Who the hell is running BBW that thinks this is ok?!


RANT OF THE DAY/NEWNESS UPDATE: More Goddamned Mutha-effin Quotes Candles!!! *UPDATED

There are soooooooooooooooo many quotes candles heading our way! As soon as I've seen one on social media or a candle buddy gave me headsup about one, I try to post them on my last NEWNESS UPDATE post in a vain attempt to keep it updated however so many random new ones keep popping up. So as to not drive myself crazy, I just made a new post dedicated to them...and  it gives me an excuse to rant about them.

So there's basically 3 sets of quote candles. Set one are the Christmas themed ones that are currently in stores now...
  • Most Wonderful Time of the Year = Fresh Balsam
  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow = Twisted Peppermint
  • baby it's Cold Outside = Fireside
  • TIS THE SEASON = Tis the Season
  • better not pout! = Spiced Gingerbread
  • WE WHISK YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS = Maple Cinnamon Pancakes aka Pumpkin Caramel Latte 

And now the new stuff. The second set is a mix of holiday themed quotes...and they are lame as f***
  • Merry and Bright = Limoncello 
  • But First Champagne = Champagne Toast
  • New Year's Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses = Merry Mistletoe
  • Oh What Fun = Winter Candy Apple 
  • Mazel Tov = Vanilla Snowflake
  • Dear Santa, I want a Unicorn = Peppermint Marshmallow
  • Dear Santa, Define Naughty  = Spice
  • Dear Santa, Enjoy the milk & cookies = Merry Cookies
A new one has been added and I must admit that I'm quite intrigued 
  • Dear Santa, I Blame The Eggnog = Butterrum Eggnog - Spiced Eggnog, Vanilla Bourbon, Rich Buttercream, Shaved Nutmeg
At first I thought this might be god-awful Hot Buttered Rum but my source assured me that it smelled like actual eggnog and that she got spice so I am hoping against all hope that it's a repackage of the forgotten Slatkin era scent Eggnog Cheer. If it is, this will be the ONLY quotes candle I'll buy and yet bet your sweet ass that label will be ripped off post haste.

The third and last set are a group of un-holiday-ish nondescript candles with quotes BBW's marketing department "thinks" are funny/clever. And the scents BBW chose just have no rhyme or reason to them 

A "new" scent has been thrown into this set...

  • Let's Get Baked = Nutmeg Cupcake - Grated Nutmeg, Cinnamon Stick, Sugared Almonds, Creamy Vanilla
Yeeeaahhh, that sounds suspiciously like Creamy Nutmeg

And now the rant...

I F***ING HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE THESE QUOTES CANDLES! My intense hatred for these damn candles burns with the heat of a thousands suns!!!

Now in the beginning when they had quote candles for different events like Mother's day and Valentines and birthdays..those were cute...cheap but cute. Those were actually a good idea. But as always, BBW sees something that is mildly popular and they run with it. They should've stopped while they were ahead but they are all about beating that dead horse into pulp.

First of all, these candles just look ridiculously cheap! They don't look like something that should be in a BBW store. No other candle companies is doing something cheap and gimmicky like this...actually that's not entirely true; one company is....Victoria's Secret. Is that who you want to emulate BBW? Is that who you want to rival? Oh wait..you're owned by the some parent company as VS...yeeeaahhh, never mind!

And speaking of cheap...is it a financial reason you're moving in this direction? Is using font graphics cheaper than stock photos? From a business/financial point of view, I guess that makes sense..if that is indeed the case. However from a visual/graphic side, these quotes labels just don't have the same draw and appeal as stock photos. People like to see pictures..especially in fall and winter. Even the cartoon animal labels, as infantile as they were, looked better than these damn quote labels.

Time to spill tea..there have already been reports that certain designs were stolen from artists posting their graphics on Etsy. I mean is that the deal? It's like you have interns searching thru Etsy and picking out inexpensive/easily ripped-off-able quotes of there.  Not a cute look BBW!

Also the quotes y'all picked aren't even all that funny or clever, they're stupid. It's like you either had millennial interns picking out quotes that seem ironic or you have 40+ marketing execs desperately trying to be "hip". Either way, it reeks of sheer desperation.

And  who are these quotes candles marketed for? Because they're so gimmicky, it seems like you're trying to get the teenyboppers back in stores but so many of the chosen scents just don't seem very teenybop-ish. Or are you trying to grab the bored housewife set who only come into the store every once in awhile? Honestly do you know how the market audience are for these scents? Cuz it kinda seems like you don't.

And just speakin for myself and I'm sure other candle connoisseurs with actual taste will agree...some of the scents sound appealing enough to buy but those labels just repel me so on the shelves they stay. Yes, it's silly and yes, I could easily just pull the labels off...but I shouldn't have to. A pretty label is part of the package and adds to the ambiance of burning BBW candles. It's marketing 101 as well as common sense. If you're in a restaurant and your food comes out wrapped in old newspaper or looks like it's been stepped on, it doesn't matter how amazing it smells or how luxurious the ingredients are, chances are you won't eat it. And that's how I feel about these candles.

BBW, hear my plea!!! Can you PLEASE go back to having high standards?! Stop cutting corners! Stop catering to the basic bitches of America! Give me scents that send me on olfactory adventures! Give me throws that hold me tightly in its arms and tell me everything is gonna be alright! Give me goddamn mutha-effin pictures on my labels!



NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Winter 2017 Candles *UPDATED*

Yep, BBW is not done with us; there's a slew of winter scents heading our way with some stores already receiving shipments.

So first off, there will be a continuations of the hippie dippie white witch crystal Practical Magic candles. Instead of crystals, the labels have a sandstone design. Each scent invokes a certain mood/feeling similar to the old Good Life collection from backintheday. From what I've heard, these candles will be out specifically for Candle Day. Scents include

LOVE ~ Rose Quartz - Black Currant, Elderberry, Green Leaves, Vanilla Sugar (straightup repackage of Wild Huckleberry/Pomegranate))

WISDOM ~ Quartz Crystal - Vetiver, Sagebrush, Oakmoss, Smoky Amber (I was hoping this would be Oakmoss & Vetiver or maybe even my beloved Boathouse Row but according @_scentsgalore, it's extra heavy on the sage so it may be new)

LUCK ~ Jade - dewy greens, white jasmine, sweet clover, touch of apple (I'm gonna go with Green Grass aka Sunlit Garden..though if BBW was smart, they would've repackaged Emerald Isle from Destinations 2014) 

JOY ~ Sunstone - Plum Blossom, Sweet Grapefruit, Red Ginger (...I got nuthin)

POWER ~ Onyx - Dark Woods, Smoked Tonka, Black Pepper (again, I got nuthin)

SERENE ~ Aquamarine - Sea Salt, Crystalline Waters, Coconut Milk, Driftwood (sounds like Driftwood Surf or Poolside Daydream)

Next we're getting a New Year's edition of greetings/quotes candles..cuz BBW loves beating a dead horse. There's quite a bunch of them this go-round, with generic labels each more hideous and basic than the last

Merry and Bright = Limoncello (really BBW?!)
But First Champagne = Champagne Toast
New Year's Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses = Merry Mistletoe
Oh What Fun = Winter Candy Apple (they're REEAALLLY trying to make WCA  a thing this year)
Dear Santa, I want a Unicorn (dafuq?!) = Peppermint Marshmallow
Dear Santa, Define Naughty (eyeroll) = Spice
Rise & Grind = Paris Cafe
Let's Get Baked (ummm?) = Nutmeg Cupcake aka Creamy Nutmeg
Stay Classy = Black Tie
Looking Sharp (come the f*** on BBW!) = Cactus Blossom 
Save Water, Drink Wine = Black Cherry Merlot
Welcome = Pineapple Mango

There will be an adjoining mason jar only collection with incredibly corny quotes/sayings that have zero to do with the scents themselves

Time to Perfect your "I Love it" Face (wtf?!!!) = Ma-blah-gany Stankwood
I hate presents...said no one ever (*facepalm) = Spiced Apple Toddy

Also, as is tradition, we're getting a New Year's party collection. I kinda like the look of em - they have wrap-around labels with black and gold Art Deco-esque designs. And they say clear as day "White Barn" over the candles' scent names, so maybe they'll only have these at WB stores..who knows. The "new" scents in this collection are...

Starry Sky - Refreshing Bergamot, Sea Salt, Crisp Fern, Chilled Night Air (this sounds suspiciously like Sea to Santorini aka Freshwater & Seasalt but I was told by 2 sources that it wasn't. I have a suspicion/theory that this may be Desert Rain aka Sweet Fern)

Champagne & Glitter - Sparkling Champagne, White Pear, Vetiver, Cedarwood (so you would think this would Sparkling Pear Riesling or even White Pear Champagne but nope.I was told this was similar to White Tea & Pear from last spring)

Pomelo & Pine - White Pomelo, Juicy Mandarin, Balsam, Cinnamon Bark (I was REEALLYY hoping this would Winter Garland but BBW is hellbent on a sleeping on that scent. It sounds suspiciously like Winter but I was told this was super heavy on the pine. This could possibly be Alpine Frost)

Whiskey Butterscotch - Creamy Butterscotch, Vanilla, Touch of Sweet Whiskey (surprisingly this is not Bourbon Butterscotch but similar and heavy on the vanilla)

Returning scents include Black Tie and Golden Peach Sparkle (aka Market/Georgia Peach)

Lastly, it seems the rumours are true and there will be another collection featuring..wait for it..
Pink Petal Teacake. Folks are already losing their shit over social media...90% of them have never smelled it before. Supposedly this collection will be Sweet Shoppe inspired and will also have
Pink Bubblegum...which again is receiving hype from folks who have never smelled it. No clue when this collection will be out.

For pictures, check out @_scentsgalore, @come_at_me_bro716 and @bbwhoarder on Instagram or check out Lifeinsidethepage.blogspot.com


Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: mid-October - Black Friday

Description: Sweet Plum, Fresh Saffron Spice, Black Peppercorn

For a hot minute there was a lot of intrigue over this candle in social media land, even before this candle made its initial debut. I didn't quite know what to think of it; one the one hand, the name only kinda turned me off but on the other, the notes did sound awfully enticing. I also had to take into consideration the overwhelming response to this candle on social media; under normal circumstances, I tend to avoid overly hyped candles like the plague cuz more often than not, I find said scents disappointing. However I must say that they hype was much deserved! Despite going in with some trepidation, PP ended up giving me both a nosegasm and a fallgasm at the same time..lord knows when the last time that happened. Even my bf asked me in the store if we were gonna buy this badboi, so if we both love it, you know it's a winner!

The performance has been a little iffy. I was worried cuz the wicks looked a little on the wimpy side. The first burn was kinda slow pooling out but it eventually fixed itself..or so I thought. Consequent burns were great but sometimes the wicks would act funny and there would be some canyoning action until the wax finally pooled. However, when it does burn right,it's great! And boy...ambiance like a mofo! Look at that picture; it is sooo beautiful to burn at night. The throw is medium strong which is a little disappointing; this is a scent I would love to be knockout but alas it isn't. The throw is medium strong and on the cusp of being a warm blanket scent, which is the kind of throw I love. This is definitely better suited for a smaller room. And scent does fill out and it linger for awhile after it's been blown out.

There has been some debate as to whether or not PP is a repackage of Wine Cellar/Smoked Berries & Incense and the consensus seems to be struck right down the middle. I will say the two are very very similar but my nose detects minor differences. Personally I hated WC and after days a-hemmin and a-hawin and trying to convince myself to like it, I brought it back to the store to be exchanged. That said, I LOVE PP and ended up getting more than one. Anyhoo, I'm hesitant to say that PP is a repackage with a twist of WC as I personally get more differences; I would just say think of them as twin scents, similar but different.

So what does it smell like? While the name and notes evoke the actual fruit of a plum, I get more of a plum wine/umeshu  . There's a sweetness that borders on fruit juice or candy like sweetness but there's a dark full-bodiness more resembling a sweet dark fruit wine like Manischewitz. I also get some dark fruit accents - pomegranate perhaps, maybe some blackberry action; the blend kinda gives me a Midnight Pomegranate/Dark Kiss vibe. And there may be a little hint of vanilla to ease the tartness of the fruit notes. Blended is the very noticeable saffron that adds a pungent, earthy Oriental vibe and makes the blend a bit more warm and vibrant; it's the same saffron that's in WC which combined with the dark fruit notes make people think it's a WC repcakage. And finally, the supposed pepper note. With a name like "Peppered Plum" , you would aspect it smell..well..peppery. There's nothing even slightly spicy or piquant in this scent; if there is black peppercorn, it's very subtle and only adds a bit warmth.  Last, there something musky, patchouli maybe? It reminds me Black Tea Rose in way as there's a lush, sensual animalic quality about it. And like BTR, it's very sensual, lusty, elegant and high end scent that will definitely give you a nosegasm.

Y'know, every once in awhile BBW creates something truly unique and upscale that keeps me comin back and not wanting to give it up cold turkey.  I do wish PP was marketed better; given a less blah name and placed in an actual collection and not simply thrown haphazardly into the WB Core collection; this could've been placed in the wood grain collection with Autumn Woods and Bourbon Maple. A scent this sophisticated and unique deserves better marketing and direction. At any rate, this is a lovely have a glass of wine/wrap yourself up in a blanket/read a book/snuggle with bae night time scent. You can light this anywhere in your home but I think it makes a better living room or boudoir scent. And because the dark fruit notes and spice aspect, this would make a lovely mid to late autumn scent and you take it right into Christmastime. And if you are anti-Wine Cellar like I am, don't let this candle scare you; I promise you that it is worth a few instore sniffs. Given my reputation as a certified "hard-to-pleaser", for me to hype up a scent means that it must be damn good! And if you love this scent as much as I do, stock up! Folks are already buying 10-20 of em at a time. You've got some time before holiday scents completely take over; stock up while you can cuz you already know PP will probably not return!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Pt. 3 ~ Candy Coated, Chrome and Camp Winter 2.0 *UPDATED

So I went to one store last week while running errands but it only had a handful of the new stuff. Then I went to a different store today as it was the start of the new floorset and everything (except Smoked Birch) was out. A SA in an attempt to be helpful kept badgering while I was sniffing and once SAs do that, it just makes me wanna hightail out of the store; that said, some scents I didn't get a chance to get the batch number. Anyhoo, on with the review...

Blueberry Sugar (7261K3A2) -  So this is a total repackage with a twist last year's Blueberry Twist. The blueberry note is less tart and more sweet. And there's smooth vanilla-like creaminess in the background though I'm hesitant to say to there is actually vanilla in the blend. Brown sugar..nope, not so much. Graham cracker...yeah right, absolutely not. It's just straight blueberries and sugar; to me it smells artificially flavored cotton candy or maybe a blueberry pie filling. This one is just marketed all kinds of wrong and I don't know why BBW insisted a releasing this a holiday scent cuz it definitely ain't.

Winter Mint Latte (7275AGA1) - while I did find myself liking this, I am a little disappointed cuz it smells too familiar to another scent. Basically this is a repackage with a twist of last year's Mint Chocolate that popped up during winter SAS. That version smelled really dry for some reason and lacked the creaminess and richness that it had in years' past; that's essentially what I smell in WML. I do pick a small hint of coffee lurking in the background and you have to really huff to get it; it kinda reminds of Espresso Bar/Harvest Coffee/Gourmet Espresso. Though I wonder if this blend is playing tricks with my nose and that the "coffee" is actually just bitterness from the chocolate note. Anyway, in a nutshell, if you took that version of MC and mixed in a hint of EB, that is essentially WML. It's a cute scent but definitely nothing groundbreaking.

Capri Citron (7271M8A1) - ok I need to rant for a second

I'm really totally completely over BBW's latest trend of mixing random scents in seasonal collections where they don't belong ie mixing obviously spring/summer oriented scents in fall and/or holiday collections. And before anyone says that it's not fall or winter everywhere, that's a stupid excuse! No other candle company does this and up until last year, BBW has never done it before. I mean what's the point of having seasonal collections with seasonal themed floorsets if your just gonna throw non seasonal scents in all higgledy-piggledy?! There are soooooo many ol school fall and winter scents that haven't seen the light of the day in years that you can be bringing back...or use what little creativity you have to create new fall/winter oriented scents. Get it the F*** together BBW!

Anyway, back to Capri Citron...I dunno wtf this scent has to do with the holidays; that said I wasn't particularly very enthused about sniffing it. So right off the bat this isn't Limoncello nor any other lemon scents in years past. But like Limoncello and all the others, CC is very generic. It's basically a bright and surprisingly sweet lemon (juice/pulp) with the sourness/tartness toned down and made sweeter by a syrupy gave note. It's a pleasant scent but kinda unnecessary and very out of place; this should've been in Le Francaise candles last spring or in some kind of Summer Sips/Poptails type collection. If this just had to be released in winter, there should've been some mint like Snow and Slopes or juniper like Holly Wreath or something make it more wintery.   

Star Anise (7276M8A1) - I friggin HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE the smell/taste of black licorice - black Twizzlers, Sambuca, Jaegermeister, fennel and star anise..hate em all. I can only handle star anise in Chinese 5spice and Vietnamese pho. So when I heard BBW was coming out with a straight star anus...I mean star anise candle, I was like "Why?!!!" Having sniffed, I have to say it's not nearly as stank and vomit inducing as I thought it would be. So despite the name, it's surprisingly woodsy; I dunno what woodsy notes were used to make the "smoked firewood" in the description but I get an intense cedar note. Smokiness..eh, I guess; a hint of smokiness. Brown sugar...I guess..there is an earthy sweetness that could be brown sugar. As for the star anus..yes, you do get it but it's not nearly as intense as you would think based on the name but I smelled enough it to make me immediately put it back on the shelf after one sniff. So basically in a nutshell, ST smells like Fireside  with licorice instead of leather.

Peppered Suede (7278G3A12) - this one really intrigued me cuz it sounded... "cologney". Having sniffed, it's not at all what I expected. It's soooooo close to Autumn Woods from this fall; it also reminds of Seaside Mist/XOXO from over the summer...which was essentially a summer/oceanic version of Autumn Woods. Anyhoo, it's a warm sensual woodsy scent. I don't get bergamot at all; just woods and herbs. Amberwood - yeah there is a resinous vibe that adds a smoothness and warmth to the blend. The peppercorn is isn't spicy but does add brightness and more warmth. The lavender adds an herbal astringency as well as fresh, crisp coolness that tones down the warm notes. Unfortunately, there wasn't an AW to compare but based on scent memory, PS is extremely similar; to me PS is just AW with pepper..and I wonder if the "pepper" is just a power of suggestion mind/nose trick. So yeah, if you love and miss AW, this is the next best thing.

Vanilla Spiced Pear (7278K3A2) - so right off the bat this is NEITHER Harvest Pear or Brandied Pear; this is indeed (as far as I can tell) a new scent that is actually better than those two.  The pear is pretty authentic but not like a pear off the tree but rather a baked or poached pear; the cooking process brings out the sweetness and is dripping with juice. There is a creamy vanilla note, like whipping cream flavored with vanilla bean. To say there is the word "spiced" in the name, the scent itself isn't very spicy; there's surprisingly subtle blend of cinnamon and maybe nutmeg and/or allpsice. Now this could be the power of suggestion but I do get some kind of sweet dark booziness; it doesn't smell like the actual alcohol itself but rather artificial rum extract. And this is gonna sound weird but bear with me.... I dunno if it's the combination of the vanilla, the spice blend and the "rum" but this scent kinda reminds me of Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding / Banana Pumpkin Muffin; like they took that candle and replaced the banana with pear. I'm sure that's not the case but that's what this candle reminds me of. I'm not a big fan of gourmand scents but I'm diggin this one; it's warm, its comfy, it's decadent and it's one of the few new scents this holiday season that feels appropriate for the holidays

Smoked Birch (7277K3A2) - there have been varying opinions on what it's similar too - Fireside, Smoked Vanilla...SNOW DAY. I wholeheartedly disagree with the Snow Day assessment (and that individual needs to put down the crackpipe)...but I do agree with Fireside/Smoked Vanilla comparison as this scent is definitely in that smoky family. Think of this scent as a more toned late winter version of Fireside, less fiery, more cool and without leather. SM has the same manly woody notes as Fireside (don't believe me, look at the original notes for Fireside -. I don't really get incense per se but there is a smokiness with a tinge of spice. The birch note has been amped and gives the blend an almost mint-like coolness. If you like woodsy/smoky/fiery scents or want to try Fireside but you're too scared too, then this scent's for you.  

Winter Sage (7265G3A11) - I was REALLY hoping this would be the grand return of the long since forgotten Snowed In but alas it is not. And as far as I know, it doesn't remind of any other sage-heavy scents from over the years so yay, newness. Unfortunately it's nothing really exiting. It smells like straightup sage, like you've picked the velvety leaves off of the stem/bush and that earthy smelling oil is on your fingertips. Juniper..eh not so much; if there is some, it's super subtle and wayyy in the background. People on social media have been saying that they get eucalyptus...I don't get that at all; all I smell is straightup sage.

Patchouli - it just smells like straightup patchouli; dank, earthy, green with a little bit of woodsiness. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just patchouli. Why BBW felt the need to not only create this scent but place in the Camp Winter 2.0 collection and not the Elements collection or Aromatherapy collection is beyond me.

Winter Woods (tester) - I was initially intrigued with this one as it sounded like the kind of woodsy/cologney scents that I tend to enjoy. Unfortunately I sniffed it and was quite dissapointed. I'm 99.9% positive that this is a repackage of Cashmere & Oak - a post-SAS WB exclusive from 2016. You get a soft blonde wood accord aka "cashmere" made even softer with a blend of amber and musk. And there's a woodsy and almost acrid oak note and maybe some mahogany that grounds that blend and keeps it from smelling light, airy and feminine. I owned C&O at one point and burned it once before bringing back to the store to exchange; there's a nose-burning sharpness that immediately set off my sinuses, perhaps from the blend of oak and musk. I get the same nostril hair singe effect from WW. If you're at all curious or intrigued with this one, don't be; it's just ok.

 Coconut Snowflake (tester) - this scent is really throwing me for a loop cuz it smells so familiar. You would think this would be the very basic Vanilla Snowflake (which I find absolutely repugnant); I don't think it's that but it's similar. What I think it might be is Fresh Mint & Coconut from over the summer. What's throwing me off is the coconut note; it smells like one of the random coconut in winter scents from back in 2015- Snowflakes & Spruce maybe, or Jingle all the Way  ? At any rate, it's heavy coconut scent with a hint of mint..there's really not much as to say about it

Here are PART ONE and PART TWO  of Winter 2017 candle reviews in case you missed them

NEWNESS UPDATE: More Winter 2017 Candles *UPDATED

You thought BBW was done with winter? Nope, think again!

As this fall was a huge epic colossal fail and utter shitshow to end all shitshows, BBW is focusing all of their time, energy, and "creativity" in winter to make up for it. That said, despite all of the hoopla, the upcoming influx of winter scents aren't very exciting

So first it looks like the Camp Winter collection are getting some add-ons, a Camp Winter 2.0. These candles have wood grain tumblers. Scents include...
  • Cinnamon & Clove Buds
  • Marshmallow Fireside
  • Snowflakes & Citrus (aka Midnight Blue Citrus)
And there appear to be 3 "new" new scents as well

Patchouli - Patchouli and Cedarwood (straightup patchouli from what I've heard)

Coconut Snowflakes - Cooling Peppermint, Fresh Spearmint, Coconut Water (this sounds suspiciously like Fresh Mint & Coconut)

Winter Sage - Clary Sage and Juniper Essential Oil (I'm hoping this is Snowed In but it could also be Holly Wreath)

White Woods
 - Oak, Cashmere, Vanilla (I wonder if this is based off of the Winter White Woods soap)

Next, the WB Core collection will getting some fancier add-ons with both marble tumblers and chrome tumblers with sparkly, glittery marble lids. Scents include
  • Frosted Cranberry (chrome)
  • Evergreen (chrome)
  • Mahogany Balsam (marble)
  • Salted Caramel (chrome)
  • Bourbon Butterscotch
  • Black Tie 
  • Rosewater & Ivy (marble) DAFUQ?!
  • Bergamot Waters (chrome) again, DAFUQ?!

New scents include...

Peppered Suede - Black Peppercorn, Amberwood, Lavender (Autumn Night/Cardamom & Suede? Autumn Woods? Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods/Bergamot & Suede?)

Smoked Birch - Silver Birch, Sweet Incense, Haitian Vetiver, Smoked Incense (...yeah, I got nuthin) 

Star Anise (marble) - Star Anise, Licorice Root, Brown Sugar, Smoked Firewood (BLEGGHHHH)

Capri Citron (marble) - Sorrento Lemons, Citron, Agave Nectar (word on the street this isn't Limoncello and is actually new)

Vanilla Spiced Pear (chrome) - Bartlett Pears, White Rum, Fresh Cinnamon (new but similar to Brandied Pear from 2012)

As always, we're getting a glitter holiday/New Year's collection..quite possible to the most boring and blandest one to date. Scents include..

The Unholy Trinity - Vanilla Bean Noel, Twisted Peppermint and Winter Candy Apple
Tis the Season
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
Champagne Toast

This collection will be getting 2 new but familiar scents...

White Mint Latte - Fresh Peppermint, White Chocolate, Whipped Milk (the consensus is that this is new but similar to Mint Mocha Bark )

Blueberry Sugar - Sweet Blueberries, Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker Crust (updated repackage with a twist of Blueberry Twist)

Finally, we're getting another Mrs Meyer's-esque mason jar collection, cuz BBW is obsessed with mason jar candles lately. This collection has an alcohol/cocktail theme (YASS BITCH!)

Gin & Tonic - Juniper Essential Oil (YASS, my go to drink. So supposedly this smells like Grapefruit Gin Fizz without the Grapefruit. I'm really hoping this isn't that god awful Sparkling Limeade)

Elderflower  Martini - Lavandin Essential Oil (it's been said that this is new but I wonder if this is Sugarberry Spritzer)

Orange Bitters & Bourbon - Orange Essential Oil (besides Bowties & Bourbon, I'm too sure what else this could be...though I've heard that out of the 3, this smelled the worst. We shall see)

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Part Deux

In case you missed it, here is PART ONE of my Winter 2017 candle review. This review will cover all of the scents that weren't in the store the last time I went (I went to two different stores to smell all of these scents btw).

Ok so I'm gonna start with the new random honey mason jar candles. This'll be quick cuz  honestly found them all disgusting; I do NOT enjoy the smell of honey, especially in home fragrance

Coco Shea Honey - just smells like straight up coco shea butter

Cinnamon Honey Apple - this smelled familiar, like some apple cinnamon bakery scent from the past couple of years... Holiday Apple Crisp maybe, something like that

ADDENDUM: this actually be a repackage with a twist of Harvest Pear

Warm Vanilla Honey - I think this is Honey Vanilla

Smoked Honey Woods - this smells like one of the recent caramelly/woodsy candles, kinda Caramel Woods-esque

Sweet Honey Bee - pretty sure this is the same Sweet Honey Bee, but more honey-ish maybe

ALL but Cinnamon Honey Apple made me gag and even that one I didn't love or like.

Ok moving right along. So neither store had Currant, Frankincense and Myrrh in the winter Elements collection so let's skip that and move ahead to the remainder of the holiday add-ons in the WB core collection

Merry Mimosa (7256A6A5) - * SIGH before I start this review, I need to rant for a sec

This is about my gurl Tinadivalicious. He gets a lot of unnecessary flak from people based on his reviews; people tend to use him a scapegoat when things smell differently than what he said. Also, what many perceive as him being "negative" is just plain unadulterated, much needed truth in a community full of newbies who think everything that comes out of BBW is the best thing since sliced bread. The quality of good ol fashioned candle reviewing has changed dramatically and not in a good way. There are very few (if any) reviewers on Youtube with extensive candle knowledge and fragrance note expertise and Tinadivalicious is one of them; for pissakes, he's been doing this since 2011! I don't agree with his assessments sometimes however I've been watching his vids since I first starting burning BBW candles and in my most humble opinion, he is by far the most reliable source to date on Youtube. Now on the review...

Occasionally, Tinadivalicious picks up something odd in a scent and I'll have a "really gurl?!" moment. Case in point, in one of his latest review, he mentioned that he picked up Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit ..and I was like "really gurl?!" His name, as always, was brought up when folks disagreed. Well Tinadivalicious gurl, I got your back...I totally smelled it! It's not a straight up repackage or repackage with a twist but soooo similar. For a scent that's marketed as holiday drink, MM smells oddly summery and tropical. There's no fizzy effervescence but there's something vaguely alcohol-y in the background, almost Champagne Toast-ish. And the apple, as I feared, is a little too reminiscent of Pink Apple Punch/Green Apple Champagne for my liking. I don't really know the point of this scent and why BBW felt the need to make it a "winter" scent. Instead of a bright apple, it should've been more on the cider side; apple cider mimosas are indeed a thing. And maybe a bit of cinnamon and/or clove; years ago, there was a fizzy apple cinnamon drink candle called Apple Ale, they should've used that instead.

Grapefruit Gin Fizz (7263G3A2) - I was really intrigued with this as I love grapefruit scents and I'm a big fan of gin. Grapefruit and gin are a winning combo; Salty Dogs are my jam!  Anyhoo, I must say I'm ever so slightly disappointed. So first of all, in the same store, I smelled 2 distinctly different versions; one smelled like straightup resinous pine with a hint of vague nondescript citrus. The other version was a delightfully bright citrus heavy scent with a distinct grapefruit note and a little hint of juniper berries similar to Sweater Weather. And again, Tinadivalicious, I got your back; I do get the Summertime Soda vibe. The citrus with the grapefruit does remind me a little of Sprite or fizzy tablets. I do wish there was more of a nose-tingling effervescence like Summertime Soda..which brings me to my 2 complaints; 1)it doesn't smell like a drink and 2) like Merry Mimosa, it feels outta place season wise. I mean the first version felt kinda appropriate because of the heavy pine but the second one feels more springy/summery. I think I might buy one of the 2nd version just to try but based on cold sniff, I'm not blown away nor do I see myself stocking up.

Toasted Graham Cracker (7257K3A1) - when this scent was still testing, there were reports that it was new, that it smelled like actual graham crackers, that you could actually smell the cardamom, etc. Then a few days ago, when this started popping up in non test stores, people were saying that they got something totally different; they got...Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts. I did have a "really gurl" moment and so did quite of other fellow candle enthusiasts but then I sniffed it...I gotta say, I did get Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts severely watered down...and without the infamous manfeet toejam I got in my awful batch. There's a bakery note that smells less like graham cracker and more like a doughnut. And I don't so much get cardamom per se as I get pumpkin spice. It's not unpleasant (lord knows if I got something closer to this and not sweaty man feet, I might've kept my old PSD) but not what I expected. So yeah be aware that there's a definite possible of there being a test scent version and nationwide release version of this candle.

And finally, let's talk about the new scents in the Camp Winter collection...

Frozen Lake (tester) - I was really intrigued with this scent at first. First of all, it sounded..."cologney" and mandles during wintertime are few and far in between. And anything with lavender makes me a happy homo. But soooo many folks on social media were saying that it smelled like Sparkling Icicles, which despite being cologney, it isn't a fav of mine. After smelling it, people are half right; they are slightly similar. Personally I think it's more elegant and sophisticated. If I had to describe it simply, I would say think Sparkling Icicles but without the heavy citrus and mix in Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods. You get a lovely blend of herbal notes, almost to the point of being aromatherapy-ish. There's a soft, sweet but astringent lavender note similar to P~IVW mixed with a surprisingly unobtrusive eucalyptus note that sorta cools the blend and gives the scent a sense of the cold wintery outdoors. I pick up something vaquely minty but that could just be the lavender (a member of the mint family) playing alongside the eucalyptus. And there's a intense hit of sweet juniper, similar to the juniper in last year's Juniperberry & Pine and Snowed In. And the juniper is even more intense in wf bulb (which I bought for review purposes). I really enjoy this one, more so than I thought I would; it's fresh, crisp, a little sweet, a little manly. I do hope this one sticks around and replaces SI.

Snow Mountain Lodge (tester) - I wasn't particularly sure about this one and even after smelling it, I'm still unsure. So I and many other ol schoolers thought this might be Winter Night from backintheday...it isn't. I also thought it might a failed test scent from last winter called Fireside Christmas but after talking with my gurl Jenn/@theshow78 who actually had it, it isn't that either. So yay, newness! The notes for this scent are really vague; all we get is patchouli and embers yet I smell soooo much more. The note you get first is an intense crisp resinous pine note, leaning more to the balsam side. It reminded of a scent in recent years but I just couldn't place it. I bought a wf bulb just outta curiousity and I sniffed and sniffed and then it finally hit me - Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath..but without the spice; same exact balsam note. There also might be a bit cedar in the blend too. I also get just a hint of citrus, like orange and/or lemon peel/oil. I get the "ember" element..which might actually be just amber which usually gives a warm embery "fireside" vibe to scents. And there's that patchouli..which I am not a huge fan of. It adds a smoky, incense-y earthiness and intensifies the woodsy aspect of the scent. I think it's the patchouli hanging out with that W~SAW balsam note that's keeping me from liking this scent; it just makes me think of high hippies camping in the woods. That's said, it's not a bad scent and it's worth a sniff or 2 however if like me you're not a fan of patchouli, then this bud is not for you. 

Campfire Donuts (7248M8A2) -*SIGH I had my doubts about this damn candle since the very start; I am ALWAYS disappointed with candles that are overhyped on social media; surely this candle could not be as mindblowing as folks were making it out to be...it isn't. After finally smelling it, I'm convinced there's some kind of social media induced crowd manipulation going on; people seeing the hype and the hauls which compels them to buy it to in order to fit in and they convince themselves that it's an awesome and amazing nosegasmic scent..it isn't. I'm sure some folks genuinely do love it but some other folks, I'm not so sure. Anyway, rant over. So it has been confirmed that CD is indeed a repackage of the infamous failed unicorn candle  Chestnut Glazed Croissant..which caused sooooo controversy backintheday. I'm glad I never fell for the hype back then and spent time, energy and especially money getting my hands on it cuz I would've been extremely disappointed. At any rate, just based on what I smelled, this candle is misnamed and miss-marketed. I don't so much get a glaze but rather really sweet powdered sugar. There's definitely a bakery aspect..but it's so not a doughnut. If you're expecting something Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts or Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts, think again! It smells like straightup baked yeasty bread..which conjured memories of Slatkin's French Baguette  (contrary to what a few folks have said, CD is NOT a repackage of French Baguette but the 2 are similar). The combo of the the powdered sugar and the yeasty bread makes this scent smell less like a "campfire donut (which is actually a thing, who know?!) but more like funnel cake or beignets . That's how this shouldve been marketed - either funnel cake in a summer fair themed collection or a beignets in a late winter/spring transitional New Orleans/Mardi Gras themed collection but a camping in winter scent...no! CD is not a bad scent by any means but it is sooooo not the mindblowing nosegasmic gem that people are making it out to be; DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

NEWNESS UPDATE: The "Fragrance Lab" Collection

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed that BBW is going in a very weird direction - they've become obsessed with aromatherapy. In a desperate attempt to become the next Body Shop or LUSH, they're pushing body and bath care with natural ingredients. And this aromatherapy mania has seeped in the declining home fragrance market with an emphasis on "essential oils"; from the Elements candles to the newest Aromatherapy 2.0, the hippy dippy Practical Magic candles and the latest Coco Shea candles all boast having natural or essential oils. It's even popping up in regular seasonal non aromatherapy candles; the overhyped Campfire Donut has "cedarwood essential oil"...really BBW?!

If you think this essential aromatherapy fad is just a phase, think again. In test stores now is a new collection, the "Fragrance Lab" collection boasting notes commonly found in aromatherapy to promote emotional/mental/spiritual health. Look-wise they're pretty simple - no pictures, no cartoons, no glitter, just a white labels with the names and notes and they mention..you guessed it..natural essential oils. They're eerily similar to the old CO Bigelow candles from back in the day. If you one of those individuals who only buy candles for their looks, these candles are not for you. There's nothing wrong with simplicity but in the case like this, the fragrance should make for it...and I'm not sure these will ie I'm sure most of them are repackages.

001 Fresh - eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, ylang-ylang
(could be Eucalyptus Citrus from the Slatkin days but my money is on Aromatherapy Tangerine Eucalyptus)

002 Earthy - garden mint, eucalyptus, basil, ginger
(no so sure about this one. Test scent detective @scentsgalore mentioned she smelled the ginger and mint)

003 Citrus - grapefruit, citron, white pomelo, Italian mandarin
(sounds like Pomelo Grapefruit to me)

004 Warm - ginger, rose, lemon, cedarwood
(Black Tea Rose?)

005 Aquatic - fresh water, bamboo, gardenia 
(sounds like Rainforest Gardenia)

006 Woods - leather, vanilla, sandalwood, velvet musk
(so apparently this was heavy on the leather so I can think of 3 things - Fireside, the original Tailgate and Ski Den aka Havana/Havana Heat)

007  Earthy - green fig, water hyacinth, fern, cedarwood
(so _scentsgalore said this smelled grassy; this could be Winter Fig from 2013, which to me smelled like a tree)

008 Floral - violet, tonka, nutmeg, vetiver
(super weird blend but it supposedly smells floral - Lilac Blossom?)

009 Warm - cardamom, coriander, peppercorn, smoked vanilla woods
(hmmm..Cardamom & Suede/Autumn Night? Pumpkin Woods? Smoked Vanilla?)

010 Spice - Tahitian vanilla, tonka, tobacco, amber
(Tobacco Flower/Mad about Madrid?)

011 Floral

012  Wood - smoked salt, vanilla, crackling embers
(this has to Salted Oak Bonfire)

 013 Fresh - white grape, brandy, suede
(...I got nuthin)

014 Fruit - lily of the valley, nashi pear, peony, amber
(the notes sounded like First Bloom but _scentsgalore said it did indeed smell fruity so I'm gonna go with either Bartlett Pear or Pear from backintheday)

015 Earthy - hemp, black currant, vetiver, patchouli
(I had a few guesses until I heard _scentsgalore's thoughts...dunno anything that smells burning fire)

016 Floral - wild grass, mimosa, amber
(hmm, baby powder/baby bottom? I got nuthin)

017 Spice - ginger, geranium, cedar leaf

018 Warm - matcha, green tea, jasmine
(I asked _scentsgalore if this was my beloved Nectarine Green Tea and she said no. Hopefully this is the grand return of Slatkin's Green Tea White Pear)

019 Wood - white musk, vanilla bean, oud, sandalwood 
(Ski Lodge?)

020 Floral - ylang-ylang, banana flower, tiare, coconut
(this has to be Pink Sands and Petals/Water Lily and Palm)   


WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles ~ Elements and White Barn Core

I passed by BBW store than I don't typically go in hopes of sniffing the infamous Campfire Donut to see what all the hype was about; no such luck but much to my surprise the store did have random White Barn Core and winter edition Elements candles

Peppermint - so this basically Twisted Peppermint... x100. If you liked TP but wished it was more intense..here ya go!

Pomander - so I was really hoping this Slatkin's Holiday Pomander from backintheday ..which smelled AMAZING. Unfortunately this is not it; it's a new scents as far as I can tell but not a particularly good one. It's a lot zestier than I imagined it would be..which is kinda to be expected considering a what a pomander is. It's an orange based scent, peel/rind/oil and juice and maybe a bit of lemon-lime that comes off a little like cleaner; it reminds me a lot of Murphy Oil soap which as you know is orange oil based. Then get mulling spices - mainly clove with cinnamon and maybe allspice. I liked this at first but after a couple sniffs, I found myself becoming more and more turned off; it smells too cleaner-y for me to enjoy.

ADDENDUM - Back in the day Slatkin days, there was a failed test scent called Orange Clove, I wonder if this is it?

Spruce - I kept sniffing this over and over cuz it smelled so friggin familiar. And then it hit me - Snow & Slopes . S&S was a failed test scent from 2014 (that I happened to find and buy on Ebay); it was delightful almost old fashioned smelling blend of mint and citrus and although it was mentioned in the notes, there were definite pine notes and something herbal like rosemary. That's basically what I get here - S&S with a very toned down mint. It's a blend of fresh pine notes and rosemary with a hint of lemon and orange peel/oil.And there is a hint of mint in the background that adds a wintery coolness. I really enjoy this one!

ADDENDUM: People have been saying that Spruce smells so much like Fresh Balsam. I sooo didn't get that from the ones I smelled so there may be a batch variance I did do a side by side comparison at another store and they were indeed the same so there is a batch variance

Missing Currant, Frankincense and Myrrh

Golden Amber & Oak (7249AGA3) - so this is straightup Black Tea Rose . So this scent made its first debut in a failed collection of wood grain tumbler candles around Thanksgiving and its original name was...wait for it..Golden Oak & Amber   . Eventually the name was changed to Black Tea Rose as that sounded more appealing. Anyway, this version smells closer to the test version with the black glass as opposed to nationwide release version with the grey glass; a little more smooth and drippy as opposed to dry and heavy on the cedar. So some folks seem to always get bamboozled when a scent has been brought with a new name and think that it's new so yeah don't get fooled, this isn't new! I have to say, I HATE that bright orange tumbler; I don't really know what BBW didn't keep the Black Tea Rose name and that black or grey colored glass. I've learned not to question the weird things BBW does.

Blue Cypress & Vetiver (7249AGA6) - so initially I was really intrigued with this as it sounded right up my alley; you know I love my woodsy/outdoorsy mandles. I was really hoping it would be a repackage of the now long forgotten Oakmoss & Vetiver but alas it is not. It's very similar smelling; it's very similar to Crisp Morning Air and Autumn Sky. I may need to sniff this again but I really didn't get cypress or anything piney nor vetiver; it's a non descript sweet fresh ozonic cologney scent.

ADDENDUM - I did indeed smell it again for further assesment. I did get an almost cedar-like woodsiness and a little something earthy that could possibly be vetiver. I still get a Crisp Morning Air/Autumn Sky type cologney blend but with a woodsiness similar to The Original

Peppermint Rosemary (7248K3A8) - OMG, this damn scent is amazing; it is EVERYTHING! It has been getting some substantial hype on social media and for one, it deserves it. It's one of those sophisticated blends that comes out of nowhere and you just wanna give BBW a standing ovation despite their constant BS. I would describe this as a mature version of Snow Day for adults - on first sniff, you get an immediate instant blast of intense mentholy Twisted Peppermint-esque peppermint. Then you get fresh blend of aromatic piney rosemary and cooling eucalyptus that goes so well with the peppermint. It's a crisp, refreshing yet relaxing aromatherapy type scent... that I will be stocking up on once there's a good sale! BronzeBlogger approved!

Missing Grapefruit Gin Fizz, Toasted Graham Cracker and Merry Mimosa

RANT OF THE DAY: Describing Scents ~ To Suck or Not To Suck

You see it all the time on social media

Somebody will post a pic of candle, either new/testing or old. ...and that's it. The person won't say anything about it except a perfunctory "Look what I saw today" or "this smells really good" "or "this label/lid is cute"... that is if you're lucky. Essentially they avoid answering the question that is on everybody's mind - what does the candle smell like?" and will say everything but..if they say anything at all. And you do flat out ask what does the candle smell like, they completely freak out; their nerves get frazzled as if they're back in school and the teacher just asked them answer a math problem on the chalkboard. And this is their response...

"I'm not good/I'm terrible/I suck at describing scents"

 My face when people say that

I'm sorry, but that's bullshit!

If you have a working nose, a functioning brain and a basic grasp of your native tongue, YOU CAN DESCRIBE SCENTS! To say that you can't is a lazy cop out and it is not helpful!

Here's the thing..most of folks with sense are not buying upcoming candles because of what they look like, they're buying them because it sounds appealing scent-wise. And yes posting the notes is always helpful but it kinda isn't because a)most times the notes are bullshit and b)there may be notes that people are unfamiliar with. When you are posting an old or new candle that people have never seen/sniffed before, people are looking to you for knowledge and expertise to guide them in the eventual buying process; again, you not saying what it smells like isn't helpful. 

I am here to tell you that describing scents IS NOT HARD or rather it's not hard as you're making it out to be. I think it's not so much that people CAN'T describe scents but rather they WON'T and there are a few reasons why

1. They are intimidated by actual reviewers 
People think by describing scents that they have to give a depth review and get down to the nitty-gritty and pick notes apart and do superfluous scent comparisons...no, my dears you don't have to do all of that. Leave all of that to actual reviewers. Contrary to popular belief, saying what you think a scent smells like and giving an in depth review are NOT mutually exclusive. No one is expecting you to describe scents and blends and notes like your favorite reviewer, just say what you think it smells like; even if you say something basic like "To me, this smells like blah blah", that's better than saying nothing at all

2. They are scared of sounding stupid and being called out
Unfortunately we live in a day and age where social media has made people feel emboldened and entitled to their opinions behind the safety of their computer/phone screens. Everyone is a keyboard warrior whose duty it is to cyber call out anyone they don't agree with. I myself have fought online valiantly with keyboard warriors who it was their duty to call me out and put me in my place all because they didn't agree with me..only for them to slink away and unfollow me. Because of this, I try to not call out people whom I disagree with but will just shake my head and keep on scrolling (although I do make it a point to call out people who give absolute wrong information). Anyway the point of all this candle enthusiasts see all this and don't want it happening to them cuz frankly it's not fun. Here's my rebuttal - if you post with conviction, there is depth to what you're saying and you can back up what you're saying with something of real genuine substance and you post with conviction. People will always disagree with something you're saying, f*** em. There's nothing wrong with a civil debate but if people start getting crazy, THE BLOCK BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND; just block and move on! Lastly, if you don't want to sound stupid, DON'T BE STUPID! If you don't know what a certain note is, look it up! There are soooo many websites out there that break down notes. I myself wrote a whole post about notes. Go to a market or garden and smell different herbs and spices. Go to your nearest Ulta or Sephora and sniff some fragrances. Don't know about past candles - look at old reviews on Youtube. Hell, talk to the reviewers and ask them questions; people private message me with questions all the time. EDUCATE YOURSELF! 

3. They're just being lazy
Yknow I get it, I've experienced it; you're in the store and you're bombarded with newness and your brain is going a 100 miles a minute. You're snapping pics on the down low hoping no one will notice and you don't have the time to make a long post. Ok, that's fair. But if you've bought candles and you're at home chillin, you have no excuse! I think some people just want to post what they saw and/or bought and call it a day. To say "I'm not good/I suck at describing scents" just because you don't feel like it is a total cop out;if  you cant be bothered saying what you smell cuz you just don't wanna think too hard and would rather someone else do it instead , that is LAZY!

4. They're just showing off
Let's all be brutally honest with ourselves - any time you post something about yourself on social media, you are showing off - hey, look at me, look at how I look, look what what I bought, look at what I'm eating, look at who I'm with, look at where I am/went. Social media is vortex of commercialism/consumerism and sheer unadulterated egotistic narcissism. With the advent of the social media, the climate of the candle community changed drastically; it went from folks just simply talking about what they've bought and burned to people breaking their next to be the first to post newness and shoving it in people's faces what they bought. These people have no intention on being helpful to their followers, it's all about getting likes and more followers..and that's sad. Before you post your candle pic, ask yourself this very simple question - Am I posting to be helpful or am I posting to show off. What you say in your post, ie what you think of the candle, will make the all difference

Describing scents is like singing; technically everyone candle do it, everyone can emit some sound from their mouth. Whether or not that sound sounds good is a different story. And yes some people sing better than others; for some it's natural and for others they've had years of training and education. But whether you can sing well or not, you shouldn't be comparing it to others because it is uniquely yours. And who knows, your voice might actually be lovely and could inspire others to use their voice but you won't know that until you open your mouth and let your voice be heard. Think of describing a candle like karaoke; no one expecting you to blow and give an all out concert performance; it's just something fun to do with friends with no pressure involved and and happily leaving the real singing to the professionals. Describing a candle can actually be fun if you just give a try!