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THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Pumpkin Carving 2015

Products: candle  
Area used in:  living room (decoration in guest bathroom)
Time Period: whenever (my official Halloween candle)

Description: Invite everyone over to enjoy the fun fragrance of making jack-o-lanterns in a blend of pumpkin, glittering brown sugar and nutmeg

Missing notes: whipped butter, vanilla cream

Trivia: was known as The Perfect Autumn Pumpkin circa 2006ish, was changed to Pumpkin Patch around 2010ish and then to Pumpkin Carving in 2012 which was released  only as a 4oz as free with purchase deal

With tomorrow being All Hallow's Eve, I couldn't think of a better candle to review. Now as y'all know, due to an unfortunate run-in with Shit Cinnamon Poopkin, I developed an intense dislike of pumpkin scents. And while everyone has raved about this particular candle for years and swear by it's superiority to SCP, I just couldn't make myself like PC. Back in 2013 when it made it's full debut, I tried getting over my pumpkin phobia and bought and used se…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Cranberry Pumpkin

Products: candle and wf bulb 
Area used in:  candle in living room (on weekends), wf bulb in guestroom
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description:Fresh from the patch, pumpkin blends with tart cranberry in a fragrance that brings the best of fall into your home

When I first smelled this scent, I was blown away and it thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I just knew it was going to be my new fall jam so I bought it. But after bringing home and sniffing it and resniffing it and finally burning it, I'm not nearly as blown away as I once was. 

Performance-wise, CP was pretty perfect. It did have those new craptastic wicks that BBW is using recently that curl after being lit and has white crap on the tips however the candle still had high dancing flames and the pool melted nice and evenly. The throw is medium-strongish; I'd describe it as a "warm blanket" throw. It filled my living room and kitchen without choking me out and scent lingered for hours after…

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Leaves ~ Fall in a jar

Ah Leaves... Wonderful, beautiful, marvelous Leaves!

Leaves have certainly stood the test of time. It's been around for many years and have had many different looks. And in a time where many Slatkin era scents are quickly disappearing and falling out of stock, Leaves continues to be perpetual fan favorite.

Despite it being around for quite some time, I didn't discover the wonder and grandeur of Leaves until 2012. My partner had a 2011 version (the 4th one in the picture) and a surplus of bulbs hidden away and I found them while cleaning. All it took was one sniff and I was instantly smitten - FALLGASM. Since then, it has become an absolutely must have every single blessed fall. I usually have Leaves out from September thru October; sometimes I'll start burning and plugging directly on Autumnal equinox or, like this year, the butt end of August/beginning of September. It is the one candle I can't help anticipating to burn cuz once it's lit, fall can officially begi…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Thanksgiving candles (and what Id replace em with)

So the Thanksgiving candles  are (or should be) already in stores...yyyeeahhh. Is it just me or does this collection seem random as hell?! Just random scents haphazardly thrown together with very little thought or reason. I thought about this collection and came up with replacement scents that just makes more sense.

Cheers - So as you know this is Wine Cellar\Smoked Berries & Incense. This isn't that great of a scent and doesn't smell like wine, mulled or otherwise, at all
REPLACEMENT: Spiced Pumpkin Cider - this was a new and popular scent last fall so it boggles my mind that it wasn't brought back this fall (or any cider scent for that matter). SPC just makes sense; cider is an autumnal beverage and the pumpkin and mulling spices makes it very Thanksgiving-y. Mulled wine to me is more of a winter beverage and as for the candle, it smells more like mulled perfume than mulled wine

Or : Pumpkin Caramel Latte- seeing as though this oddly this didn't see the light of day…

WALK 'N'SNIFF: Thanksgiving Collection

So I was in the city running errands and to kill some time, I went to the two BBWs in the city to see if they had the Thanksgiving candles and sure enough they did!

So I'm not gonna waste your time and mine talking about Cheers ~ Mulled Wine and Gather ~ Marshmallow Fireside cuz as yall already know they're both Wine Cellar and..well..Marshmallow Fireside (which I still say doesn't make an ounce of sense) respectively

Welcome ~ Autumn Spiced Wreath - So it has been confirmed that this is a repackage of Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone in the WB Holiday collection. Kinda odd that BBW is selling a repackage of a scent thats gonna be in stores in another month but whatever. Anyhoo, there's really not much too say about this one; it basically smells like Fresh Balsam with a hint of cinnamon. It's like Fresh Balsam mixed with Spiced Wreath from 2013...which was a very lame scent that basically smelled like Holiday without that musty dusty bergamot note. Anyhoo, Welcome is nic…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Cozy Cabin, Winter Sun, Alpine Cheer

So yesterday I was running around Manhattan like Usain Bolt looking for costume stuff for Halloween. Since I was in the area to step a nearby and see what newness it had in store, it had these 3 candles

Cozy Cabin - This one kinda snuck in outta nowhere. Based on the notes, I thought for sure that this would be Black Tie but I was told on IG that its actually Ski Lodge. I didn't wanna believe but alas after finally sniffing it, it is indeed Ski Lodge but way toned down. And note-wise, it makes sense

Smoky vanilla is now "iced" vanilla... Whatever that means
Deep green cypress is sage
Rich agarwood has been dummified as "warm woods"

You guys simplifying and dummifying your notes for the basics dontcha?!

This repackage kinda makes sense...although its also been repackaged as Swiss Alps in the Holiday edition Destination collection. Two Ski Lodges at the same time back to back! Ski Lodge is good but not that damn good!

Anyhoo, CC is LIGHT, so light it's borderl…


Thought you were done with new candles? Think again! We have more scents comin our way...very sneaky BBW.

First off,  a new candle in the Holiday Traditions collection has been making random appearances on Instagram - Cozy Cabin. The notes are iced vanilla, sage and warm woods; that said, it sounds suspiciously like Black Tie but in actuality it is..wait for it... Ski Lodge! Sooo we'll have Ski Lodge twice back to back this winter as Cozy Cabin and Swiss Alps...umm dafuq?!

There's also a new candle in the Celebrations called "Be Joyful" which I believe is also body care... I HATE candles based off body care!!!! The notes are shimmering sugar, sparkling clementine and frosted jasmine. Teeny bopper cutesy cutesy girly girl teeny pink coochie scent...NEXT!!!!

And now on to the real deal, the Thanksgiving collection. They have single holiday themed names like the Christmasy White Barn candles and the labels kinda look an autumnal version of the Garden Party candles from …