Thought you were done with new candles? Think again! We have more scents comin our way...very sneaky BBW.

First off,  a new candle in the Holiday Traditions collection has been making random appearances on Instagram - Cozy Cabin. The notes are iced vanilla, sage and warm woods; that said, it sounds suspiciously like Black Tie but in actuality it is..wait for it... Ski Lodge! Sooo we'll have Ski Lodge twice back to back this winter as Cozy Cabin and Swiss Alps...umm dafuq?!

There's also a new candle in the Celebrations called "Be Joyful" which I believe is also body care... I HATE candles based off body care!!!! The notes are shimmering sugar, sparkling clementine and frosted jasmine. Teeny bopper cutesy cutesy girly girl teeny pink coochie scent...NEXT!!!!

And now on to the real deal, the Thanksgiving collection. They have single holiday themed names like the Christmasy White Barn candles and the labels kinda look an autumnal version of the Garden Party candles from back in the day. A couple of them have appeared online already (and more will appear in the next couple of days most likely), so go take a gander if you haven't already. In this collection we have...

Cheers ~ Mulled Wine aka Wine Cellar/Smoked Berries & Incense

Harvest ~ Cranberry Woods (omg, yay!!! FINALLY!!!)

Home ~ Pumpkin Cheesecake

Welcome ~ Autumn Spiced Wreath aka Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone

Feast ~ Maple Sugar Brittle (some say this smells like Salted Caramel, some say Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn, some Bourbon Butterscotch , some say Hot Buttered Rum)

Thankful ~ Chestnut & Clove (y'all, I lost my shit when I saw this! Chestnut & Clove is my Christmas jam!!!)

and finally...

Gather...I wanna take a moment to talk this sonuvabitch

 Just based on the name you might think Harvest Gathering. Nope! The label has Indian maize corn on it and the wax color is a pretty fall-ish goldenrod color so you would think maybe fresh corn or candy corn scent. Nope!!! Maybe Salted Caramel Corn..which was basically Salted Caramel. Or maybe Sea Salt and Maple Popcorn? Or Toffee Glazed Popcorn from back in the day? Or maybe a conceptual scent like Pumpkin Hayride that had a slightly spicy wet hay/corn husk and stalk like aroma? NOPE! You give up?!


Let it sink in and marinate...a candle named "GATHER" with corn on the label and a goldenrod wax Marshmallow Fireside!!!

Really BBW?!! I dunno if y'all are just completely pandering to the basic bitches of America and/or y'all are in a creative slump and out of fresh new ideas or y'all are just be lazy but this is just downright PATHETIC!!!!

Ohhh and it's gets better!!!

Alongside these candles are 4 fall classics - Leaves, Cranberry Woods, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and the herpes of fall scents, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. They all come in seemingly thick colored tumblers with molded leaves/stalks on them. People on social media lost their proverbial shit over these!!!

"Omg these are sooooo beautiful!!! I am soooo getting these!!! I'm gonna get these just for the tumblrs!!!"

Here's the problem...

  1. They're 12oz, so less than your usual 14.5oz 3 wick. 
  2. There are no lids despite the major outcry about that
  3. They're 24.50
Soooo there's less wax than a 14.5 ozer so it's gonna burn down that much more quicker aaaand there are no lids, so the oils are gonna evaporate over time and the scent throw will get weaker aaaannnnd they're more expensive just because of the jars

Yet and still, people are losing their mind over them. And it's these individuals to whom BBW is currently catering to - people who care more about shiny glittery cute labels and decorative lids and fancy tumblrs than the scents themselves. People who don't care about repackages of crap and lack of original new scents or returning old favorites as well as crappy wicks and shortened burn time but care more about the packaging. And you can't help but notice that over the past 3 years there has been more of an emphasis put on the looks of candles and not the candles themselves..there's no thought or patience or effort put into the scents anymore; anything to keep mainstream consumers and the basic bitches of America satisfied.

Very sad, very sad indeed! 


  1. I'm with you on this one!! (Well, generally I'm always with you on anything having to do with B&BW's! ;) lol! While the thick glass tumblers are beautiful, I would not buy them. I was already put off by the less wax. Now, to hear you say they're $24.50? Wow. I just have no words anymore. I literally can count on one hand the few fragrances I'm remotely interested in for holiday. I'm going nuts over Chesnut & clove coming back! I love Evergreen, & I'm interested in Comfort, I believe. If that is indeed Fireside. Although, I've yet to smell it, so who knows.
    B&BW's has reached a new level of pathetic. I'm losing my patience with them & unless something really knocks my socks off, I doubt I'll be buying much of anything after semi annual this winter. Even THAT sale, has gotten so pathetic, that I doubt I'll buy much. I just don't understand how this company can continue to ignore the rants & pleas from loyal longtime customers.
    I guess, why should they pay attention to us? Like you say, there's always basic bitches lining up to buy more!;)

    1. Is it bad that Chestnut and Clove has been the only candle in the past couple of months that Ive been remotely excited about it? Nothing this fall and winter has blown my socks off.

      If BBW would stop catering to basic bitches and really listen to the fans, they would be so much better off. We know what we're talkin about, we know our scents. Its like they're going at of their way to alienate us. Its really sad

  2. "The herpes of fall scents" LMAO!!! So happy to hear Cranberry Woods is back, though! Whew!

    1. I am too although if its only available as that 12oz BS Im gonna be really pissed off

  3. Herpes of fall scents!! You better copywrite that saying!! Lmao! Can a bitch get nutmeg and spice please to go with my chestnut and clove? And BBW can shove that tumbler straight up their a??

  4. That is pretty clever isnt it

    Yeah I agree, N&S shouldve made an appearance at some point.

    I flat out refuse to buy any of those, not even Cranberry Woods

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