WALK 'N' SNIFF: Cozy Cabin, Winter Sun, Alpine Cheer

So yesterday I was running around Manhattan like Usain Bolt looking for costume stuff for Halloween. Since I was in the area to step a nearby and see what newness it had in store, it had these 3 candles

Cozy Cabin - This one kinda snuck in outta nowhere. Based on the notes, I thought for sure that this would be Black Tie but I was told on IG that its actually Ski Lodge. I didn't wanna believe but alas after finally sniffing it, it is indeed Ski Lodge but way toned down. And note-wise, it makes sense

Smoky vanilla is now "iced" vanilla... Whatever that means
Deep green cypress is sage
Rich agarwood has been dummified as "warm woods"

You guys simplifying and dummifying your notes for the basics dontcha?!

This repackage kinda makes sense...although its also been repackaged as Swiss Alps in the Holiday edition Destination collection. Two Ski Lodges at the same time back to back! Ski Lodge is good but not that damn good!

Anyhoo, CC is LIGHT, so light it's borderline nonexistant. You gotta really huff it with all of your might to get any fragrance and according to Tinadivalicious, it's even worse once lit.

Winter Sun - there has been much outrage and indignation against this candle; it stinks, it's disgusting, it's weird, it doesn't fit in this collection, it's not a winter scent and so on and soforth. After sniffing it for myself, in my most humble opinion, it's not nearly as bad as people on social media are making it out to be. That said, it's a pretty strange one and when I sniffed it in the store, it reminded me of an old scent but I couldn't think of what it was. Then one of IG buddies totally called it - Pacific Coast Highway , failed test test from the Coastal Cool collection. It makes sense cuz both scent are very heavy on the vetiver; I remember not really liking PCH thinking it smelled like freshly applied deodorant on a musty armpit. WS is definitely a repackage with a twist; the only difference is WS has an intense Coastal Sun-esque citrusiness which a)doesn't blend well with the hearty earthy vetiver notes and b)makes this smell more summery than wintery. I get where BBW was going with this scent but it totally missed the mark. To me, WS smells like a dentist with too much cologne in freshly Cloroxed/Lysoled/Pinesoled office.

Alpine Cheer - This is by far the best scent in this collection and has been the cause of much debate amongst BBW enthusiasts. Some people, myself included, was hoping and wishing and praying this was a repackage of the best Christmasy scent from the Slatkin era, Winter Garland. Unfortunately, it isn't but it's a close second. I also thought it could be Apple Spruce/WB Christmas 2012/Apple Garland; fortunately it isn't, I did not like that scent at all - AC is so much better. A few people surmised that it could be Alpine Frost  from last year..close but no cigar; AC is too intensely fruity to be that one. The closest scent that it's similar to is actually Merry Mistletoe. Think a sweeter and fruitier MM. It has a sharp yet surprising balsam in the background yet it's not nearly as intense as Fresh Balsam. There also may be a bit of spruce a la MM or Snow Day. I don't really get too much cranberry but what I do get is orange/clementine. I also get..wait for it...pineapple! Tinadivalicious said it in his review and I thought he was nuts! But sure enough, I totally smelled it! Now don't get scared of by any of this - it doesn't smell nearly as sickeningly cloyingly sweet as it sounds and unlike, Jingle all the Way or Winter Sun, it doesn't feel out of place and summery; it's definitely a wintery "alpiney" scent. I like this scent a lot and is one of the few holiday candles I plan on buying.

While AC appears to be new, it definitely smells like an old scent; its very familiar smelling and for the life of me, it can not think of what it could be!


  1. I WISH I found your website before I blind bought Winter Sun online on Sunday! =*( I hope it's not as awful as it sounds.... if so, I'm gonna be forced to go into the store and return it. I was hoping I wouldn't have to but after reading this... I think I will. =(

    1. Winter Sun is not for the faint of heart..or rather nose. If you like outdoorsy and cologney scents or you like fresh deodorizing lemony type scents, then you'll like WS. Otherwise, exchange it!

  2. I purchased AC and do love it but was hoping that it would be a repackage of Alpine Frost, I really enjoyed that sent last year! Cozy Cabin was not in stock in my store as of Monday but I am curious to smell. And too be honest as soon as I read the Winter Sun description I knew that candle wouldn't be my cup of tea. I have been disappointed this year, with the 2 for $24 sale I grabbed AC but was so unimpressed by the other scents that I grabbed yet another Winter. Too be fair though, I can never have enough of those.

  3. Winter is definitely a stockable scent, one of the few stockable scents this holiday season season.

    A lot of people thought AC was good ol was good Alpine Frost; personally I think Alpine Cheer is better

    Honestly Cozy Cabin is not impressive at all. If you smelled and liked Ski Lodge last year, that's what it is but wayyyyyy toned down. The cold throw is so light to put of being nonexistant and according to candle guru Tinadivalicious on Youtube, it's pretty much unscented when lit

  4. Nice review and I totally agree that ap is not last years alpine frost (cuz I still got that). It's definitely a sweeter merry mistletoe. I can get a dash of cranberry but it's very subdued. Poor old cozy cabin... Why have 2 one with scent and one without? Just give us Winter Garland!!

  5. Its just one of many things that BBW is doing lately that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

  6. Its just one of many things that BBW is doing lately that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

  7. Thanks so much,been wondering about that CC Gold Canyon had one but like anything good they discontinued.


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