NEWNESS UPDATE/NEW IDEA: Destinations 2015

So as yall as may or may not know, we're getting round two of Destination candles. Thankfully these don't have those god awful  cartoony "It's a Small World" labels.

Returning scents include Amsterdam (Flower Shop), Istanbul (Sensual Amber) and London (London Calling)

Some of the old Destinations are back with the same name but as newly repackaged scents...

New York is now Spiced Apple Toddy
Hawaii is now Honolulu Sun
Italy is now Tuscan Lemon Tart (no it's not Limoncello)

The remaining few are "new"

Swiss Alps = Ski Lodge
Caribbean = Pineapple Mango 
Tahiti = Master Bath/Bergamot Waters

Anyhoo, so this is all well and good. Here's the problem...the Destination candles are being marketed as..wait for it...CHRISTMAS SCENTS!!!! They're being called "Destination: Holiday Edition", the pictures have various locales with either fluffy white snow or Christmas lights and on each candle is a sticker that says " Joy to the World"

*blank stare

First of all, we already have 4 holiday collections, do we honestly need another one?! Secondly a holiday themed Destinations collection is not an entirely bad idea..except they chose scents that aren't holiday-ish! Come on, two of the scents are Flower Shop and Honolulu Sun...really?!!

As usual, I have a better idea on what scents they should've used...

Amsterdam - Attention BBW..there are no flowers growing in Amsterdam during wintertime!!!
REPLACEMENT: Sleigh Ride (or Snow Day) - instead of a friggin floral, have a scent that makes you think of wintertime and snow and trees (and not goddamn Fresh Balsam)

Caribbean - Really BBW? Pineapple Mango? Really?! Desperation much?! Clearly y'all are grasping at straws
REPLACEMENT: Tropical Spice - rum and spice, what more could you ask for a trip to the Caribbean during the holidays

Hawaii - I know, you can't have a Hawaii named scent without it being tropical
REPLACEMENT: Vanilla Snowflake - yeah I know this is a stretch but its the only coconutty scent thats remotely holiday-ish

London - ya gotta have a tea scent for London
REPLACEMENT: Cinnamon Tea - it's basically London Calling with the lemon note toned down with lots of cinnamon and clove; that almost mulled spiciness is more in keeping with the holiday theme

Istanbul - odd choice for a holiday collection seeing as though most of the population is either Muslim, Jewish or Othodox Greek but hey let's run with it
REPLACEMENT: Morocco Market - ya get amber, ya get patchouli, ya get just smells all incensey and holy

Italy - I could be wrong but isn't lemons/lemon treats/limoncello a Sicilian thing, not so much Tuscan?! I could be wrong again but would lemons even be in season during the holidays?!
REPLACEMENT: Dolce - you can market it as a winter beverage or change the name to "Tiramisu", bam beloved Italian treat

New York - ya gotta have an appley scent cuz it's the Big Apple, get it?! *eyeroll
REPLACEMENT: Tis the Season - you get the apple note and the pine makes it Christmasy; think Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center

Tahiti - Soooo, what the **** does Master Math/Bergamot Waters have to do with Tahiti?!!! I...just...CAN'T!!!! I would completely take this out of the equation; with Hawaii and Caribbean, we dont need more tropical locales
REPLACEMENT: Paris ~ Champagne Toast - Champagne is French after all and named after a region in France

Swiss Alps/Ski Lodge is the only scent in this lineup that even remotely makes sense, thus it can stay

Check out Lifeinsidethepage for pictures and most of these are already available on Ebay courtesy of fabulousthriftymomma


  1. I'd buy your versions in a heart beat. Yours sound amazing! BBW's I'm going to pass!

    1. As am I!

      Bbw RREEEEEEAAALLLLLLY needs to start listening to their customers!

  2. I loved Moroocan Market but BBW never brought it back. Someone at Corporate in OH is getting beaucou $$ to repackage this crap..they need to stop while they're ahead.

    1. They need to get their heads out of their asses first and foremost. They need to read the blogs and listen to YT reviews and really interact with customers. The new management is effin up big time on their own. Listen to the people!

  3. This is one big old mess by BBW!! Exclamation point! It's not holiday and it's confusing as hell! Slakin would have NEVER tried to pull this shit and if BBW doesn't change things soon.. I'm buying a lot less and exploring other companies and that saddens me cuz I loved BBW since 2009. I like your picks and would buy all of them not just the 1 or 2 out of the collection now

    1. I think thats the case with a lot of people; I'm certainly buying less. And bbw is too blind and ignorant to see it. Granted theyre atttracting lots of new customers who dont know any better but theyre driving away their die hard fans. Its really sad

  4. My wife is obsessed with scented candles and is always trying to find new ones to try in our home. She is on vacation with her sister, so I'm looking for some candles that I can surprise her with when she gets home. This has some good points that I hope will help me find what I'm looking for.

    1. ....ummm, cool?!

      Not sure if this is spam or not or what your response has to do with my blog...but again, cool

  5. I wasn't holding out much hope for the holiday collections this year. I can see it's exactly as I thought it'd be. I saw, at best, 2 candles that interest me this holiday. I'm starting to get the impression that B&BW's doesn't really care about retaining longtime customers! I think their marketing tactic is to draw a younger newer crowd with the way they're going about things. The company is changing, & it's not going to go back to the way it was unfortunately. I guess the only way that would happen, is to have someone like a Slatkin come in & take over! Such a shame! It's just a faded remnant of what it once was. I'm like many others, I'm looking to other brands & finding what I want. Such a shame though...

  6. Bbw definitely doesnt care about their longtime diehard customers. Its all about the newbies, the basic bitches, teenie boppers and bored housewives - prople wjo font know amy better, people who dont know or care about repackages and are bamboozled by the pretty labels, people would gladly pay full price and is unaware of a price increase and wouldn't mind if another occurred. It's sad how desperate, lazy and unoriginal the company. Sadly I dont think BBW is gonna change any time soon. It would be great if anothet Slatin-esque genius could whip the company back into shape but Im doubtful. Whats probably gonna happen is another Slatkin-esque genius is gonna come along, start their own company and hopefully blow BBW out of the water

  7. Vanilla Snowflake is already back in stores.

    1. I know. Bbw has had 2 scents in stores at the same time. Hello, Leaves, Autumn and Sweater Weather!


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