NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Fall '15 Scents (And What I'd Replace em With)

So as I've stated in past posts, I think this fall lineup is a hot mess. In a combination of annoyance and boredom, I thought if by chance I to to work in BBW's marketing department and had the opportunity to redo this fall lineup, what would I keep and what would I replace?

Let's start with the pumpkin collection

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - So as everyone knows I LOATHE SCP with a white hot passion so of course this would be the first scent to go (and cause thousands of basic bitches across the country to spontaneously combust) Here is my issue - it doesn't belong in this collection, it's not a bakery/confectionary/beverage scent; no (normal) person just eats pumpkin pulp even if there is sweet cinnamon involved. And now that we have a actual genuine pumpkin pie scent, there is absolutely no need to have SCP in the lineup at all

REPLACEMENT: Roasted Pumpkin Butter - this scent has failed twice. So many fall test scents have become staples now ie Sweater Weather and Blueberry Pumpkin Patch. That said, give this SOB a change. You can even change the name, lord knows just something as simple as changing the name can make a scent popular overnight, ie Black Tie.

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl - This is yet another fall scent that I loathe; it's a lazy uninspired scent created strictly for mass appeal.

REPLACEMENT: Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns - last fall, this scent had so much potential. The cold throw was out of this world but man oh man once you lit it.. just a hot waxy chemically plastic burnt mess! If the warm throw was fixed, this scent would be a hit! And having this scent just makes sense, it's a popular confection especially in the fall and everybody loves a good cinnamon bun. Who the hell just eats cinnamon and caramel?!

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie - Ok this is a cute scent but nothing remotely exciting

REPLACEMENT: Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts - ok despite my extreme disgust of this scent, even I can't deny that it was insanely popular and it's just stupid not to bring this back after so much success. Just fix the toejam issue!

Pumpkin Milkshake - Say what you want, this was a slap in the face! This was/is one of the most blatant and downright insulting repackages in BBW history! Shame on you BBW!

REPLACEMENT: Creamy Pumpkin - CP just makes more sense! Hello, it's cream with an actual pumpkin/spice note! Even if you wanna change the name to Pumpkin Milkshake, go for it! Makes a helluva lot more sense than friggin stank ass Vanilla Snowflake.

Coconut Pumpkin - I do not understand BBW's obsession with coconut scents and their insistence of placing a coconut scent in every season despite having an overabundance of it in the summer.

REPLACEMENT: Blueberry Pumpkin Patch - it was an underground hit back when it was test scent and ridonkulously popular when it went wide the following year. It's just stupidity not to have such a popular around. I would change the name though - Berry Pumpkin Granola or Blueberry Pumpkin Muffin or Blueberry Pumpkin Bread (actually if I really had it my way I would take "pumpkin" out of the equation and call it Spiced Blueberry Muffin)

Cranberry Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake can stay

And the Harvest collection

Mahogany Teakwood - Ugh, I am absolutely OVER MT; it is one of the most over rated scents in BBW history and it is shoved in our faces every season every ain't all that!

REPLACEMENT: Mountain Leaves - this is a super sexy failed test scent from '11. On a basic level, you could describe it as "cologne" however it was more sophisticated and high end than MT could ever be. It was fresh, cool, woodsy, outdoorsy, rustic and manly; it was like you were walking thru the woods on a brisk autumn day with a hot lumberjack.

Pumpkin Apple - This is by far one of the lamest and basic fall scents ever

REPLACEMENT: Pumpkin Spiced Cider - this scent was amazing, this was the most spot on cider drink that BBW has ever made; even better than the original Spiced Cider.

Buttercream Frosting - LAME LAME LAME!!! Again, for life of me, I can not understand BBW's obsession with Frosted Cupcake and buttercream scents in general. And what the **** does this scent have to do with fall?!

REPLACEMENT: Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts - one of the most popular fall bakery scents EVER (despite it all sudden becoming a spring scent, it is and forever will be a fall scent). It is just pure insanity not to have this scent around And I guarantee you if you had a contest as to which was more popular, there would be no comparison - CSD would win by a landslide! And please use the original CDS, not that White Barn Market crap!

Red Radiant Maple - I don't understand this scent, what kinda of scent is it supposed to be? What's the image it's supposed to convey? From the name you would think outdoorsy, woody with a maple note? Nope, apples and marshmallow....dafuq?

REPLACEMENT: Cider Lane - just bring back a classic. Everybody goes apeshit for this scent. Apple, cinnamon, caramel, that's all you need! Or if y'all really wanna go the woodsy route, I would bring back Applewood Bonfire. I wasn't a big fan but a lot of people were. I would just fix that apple note so it wouldn't smell so generic.

Brown Sugar Allspice - I just don't see the point of this scent. Futhermore, it has apples and an apple pie on the label...yet it's not an apple scent.

REPLACEMENT: Apple Crumble - best apple scent EVER!!! I never understood BBW never brought this scent back except for SAS. If I was in charge this would be a staple that I'd bring back every single fall

Apple Picking - this just smells like every other greem apple scent that's been on the market

REPLACEMENT: I would go in either two directions. I could go the mainstream way and bring back an apple scent like Autumn Apple. Or could go in the different direction and bring back Pear from Fresh Picked Spring '13. I LOVED that scent; in my opinion it was the most spot on pear scent that BBW ever made.

Lakeside Sunrise - I really wanted to like this one cuz sooo many people but I can't make myself do it, it's just too generic and mainstream smelling for me.

REPLACEMENT: Boathouse Row - now this scent nosegasmic! So much more sophisticated and high end than LS. And because it's a combination of watery notes and woods, it could in theory convey the same picture as LS. I guarantee that people would go nuts for this bad boi!

Of course Leaves, Autumn, Sweater Weather and Flannel can stay

And now the White Barn collection. All the scents in this collection are generic and overrated. I would replace them with scents that truly captures fall; a nod to Slatkin's Perfect Autumn Collection back in the day

Farmstand Apple - Autumn Apple

Fresh Balsam - Forest Trail

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Heirloom Pumpkin

Vanilla Bean - either Creamy Nutmeg or Nutmeg and Spice or Kitchen Spice

I would also add Cranberry Harvest to the mix

And lastly the ombre collection. I don't really understand the thought process behind the scent selections for this collection; there really seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why these scents were chosen. I would replace this whole collection with scents that are high end and complex, fancy fall scents.

Autumn - I don't see the need to have two separate Autumns
REPLACEMENT: Cranberry Woods - I REFUSE to let CW disappear, it's too amazing of a fall scent to let go. And compared to a lot of fall scents we see nowadays, this one of the few sophisticated and complex Slatkin era scents that we have

Sweater Weather - again I simply don't see the need to have two of this.

REPLACEMENT: Pinecone/Autumn Snow - I never got to smell this; it failed twice - once as Pinecone in fall '13 and again that following winter as Autumn Snow. I don't really know why it failed cuz the notes sound really elegant. If people can get into scents like Fresh Balsam, Evergreen, Sweater Weather, Snowed In, then they can get a scent like Pinecone/AS..I say give it a chance

Leaves - again, why do we need two of this?!

REPLACEMENT: Spiced Cider - this was a fall staple until last year. Bring it back!

Beautiful Day - I don't f***ing care if it has apple in the notes, BA is NOT fall scent. I repeat..BA IS NOT A F***ING fall scent

REPLACEMENT: Autumn Day - not Autumn Night, but Autumn Day. Autumn Night had very intense incense like smokiness and had a nighttime in the woods type vibe. Autumn Day was less intense, no smokiness, no spice and definitely had a daytime feel to it, like a brisk walk around the farm on crisp autumn morning. Again, like CW, it's another sophisticated high end Slatkin era staple that has disappeared...not on my watch

Autumn Sky - generic generic generic

REPLACEMENT: Black Pepper Bergamot - do I really have to say anything about this scent?! Everyone knows my love for this scent runs deep and I would use any excuse to bring it back. It's sophisticated, it's classy, it's lush, it's sensual, it's masculine...I can't gush about this scent enough!

Golden Cinnamon - this is ok, nothing exciting

REPLACEMENT: Home/Caramel Apple - there's just something about this scent that's so cozy and comforting; it's a perfect wrap up in blanket and read a book type autumn scent

Toasted Vanilla Caramel - not impressed with this at all. Furthermore, the name is so misleading

REPLACEMENT: Smores..not Summertime Smores...Smores...again another Slatkin classic that has disappeared. This scent just makes sense and captured the sweet ooey-gooey decadence that TVC was trying to achieve


  1. As long as you keep Cranberry Pumpkin your list is okay with me. Your list would keep s lot of people happy. Why no cider scent BBW? People loved pumpkin sugar doughnut even if I didn't? It doesn't make sense

    1. I dont understand the thought process behind BBW choosing their scents, this fall in particular. Very strange choices

  2. Well I decided to cheat on BBW and started dating Village Candles. Their 13oz has more burn time than BBWs 14.5 oz. I think I may divorce BBWs candles. Thank you for suggesting looking someplace else. I was getting bored with BBW.

    1. I dont blame you for giving BBW the boot. I might have to give Village a try as people swear by them. Kringle too

  3. I am a huge Leaves fan, and I absolutely LOOOOVE your picks with APple Crumble, Spiced Pumpkin Cider (super thankful I bought this in absolute excess last year), Spiced Cider, Autumn Apple - I have all of those in my collection and they are SO much better than what BBW is offering now. I would also love to see a Blackberry scent added to the mix - Blackberry Bramble Tea, Blackberry Spice, or even a new Blackberry Crumble would be to die for. I redeemed all of my credit card points for B&BW gift cards in anticipation of fall.... and I'm still sitting on those gift cards wondering where I went wrong in life!

  4. Sadly the winter holiday scents are lookin too good either. Two words...desperate haul lol

  5. I just saw a new Black Pepper Bergamot 3 wick for sale super cheap and thought of you and this post when I saw it :) I know you love it but wasn't sure if you're looking for more of them or not

  6. It was on Mercari. But I guess it sold yesterday and she didn't mark the listing sold. Sorry for getting you excited for nothing :(

  7. No worries. I have a few BPP left so Im not in dire straights just yet. But thanks for the headsup there, there may be another scents that Ive been looking for on there

  8. I am desperately missing the Autumn Day fragrance this year! My last one from last year just ran out this week. Do you have a suggestion of what fragrance I should get that's closest to Autumn Day? I have to buy online and so I don't get to do a sniff test :(

    1. Unfortunately there are no scents currently this fall that smell anything like Autumn Day. Now White Barn does have an exclusive scent called Porchside Pumpkin sold only at their stores that has the same morning walk in the country in fall vibe that AD has, but scentwise theyre different. Your best bet is to go on Ebay and look for AD or its most recent repackaged incarnation Autumn Night or Cardamom & Suede


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