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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Slatkin's Homeworx Fall 2018 Candles

For those of you into Homeworx candles, Slatkin has some surprises in store for fall.
First off, h has released  6 new fall themed scents. The cool thing is, unlike in the past where you had a duo of 2 different scents, these new ones have duos of the same scent. 
Out of the 6, I was 3 to review...
Toasted Vanilla Cupcake - This is a returning scent that first came out last year for Christmas (paired with Banana Maple Pancake). At first glance, you may write this off as a Frosted Cupcake dupe... it isn't. As is always the case with Slatkin, his blends are a little more complex. You get a rich vanilla buttercream base. And I can see the "smoked vanilla" aspect; it also gives the blend a slight Marshmallow Fireside/Salted Oak Bonfire vibe that enhances the sweetness of the buttercream. And the caramel is more like burnt sugar in the cooking process of becoming caramel. Am I a fan of this one? Honestly no. Bakery scents are a hard sell for me and I'm just not a fan of v…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Preview ~ Low Profile Candles and Gilded Garden Collection

So I hadnt been in BBW in awhile and since I was in the general vicinity of one recently, I thought I'd step these candles for the sake of writing a review.

...why? Why do these candles exist? What is their purpose?

Like, I get it - not all people are into a fall and fall scents (a sentiment that I do not at all understand or agree with)..and these sick and twisted   individuals need fragrance options....though I would argue that isn't that the whole reason that the WB core collection (aside from easonal add-ons) exists? Moreover what were these SOBs doing in previous falls, stocking up and burning non-fall scents! But I digress. Can we all agree these the choices for these two collections are all kinds of random? Anyway, I can rant about this crap til the cows come home but sure you don't want to hear that, just a nitty-gritty cold sniff review. So here we go...

So there's one new scent worth talking about in the Low Profile/Squat collection and that is...

Pumpkin Vani…

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: The Case of the Apple Cinnamon Cider Mystery

This candle has caused quite of bit of intrigue in the candle community.

It mysteriously popped up online with absolutely no fanfare well after all the fall candles tested and were released. Then it disappeared!

Then there was a promotion where "exclusive members" ie people living in certain cities (Chicago?) where you could get points by using the BBW app got a ACC candle free with purchase. Utter BS!

Then it kinda floated around the online ether like a ghost and you could only get a glimpse of it if you searched for it on Google which lead you to it on BBW's website but you couldn't find it if you looked directly on the website. Many people (myself included) did this and bought it during the B2G2 sale.

There is a candle conspiracy theory that suggests BBW bigwigs did all of this on purpose to cause hype for a newly concocted candle that didn't test with the others. If that's true, it worked cuz everyone and their grandma ended up buying it.

Now it seems to…

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Cider Lane vs Caramel Apple

So back during testing, this candle had everyone a little shook..for different reasons.

Newbies either assumed it was a repackage of Cider Lane or something smiliar.

However we ol schoolers knew exactly what it might be - the grand return of Slatkin's Caramel Apple, which came BEFORE Cider Lane

So Caramel Apple came out either 2009 or 2010 and was a pretty popular fall staple for awhile. It made its last appearance back in 2013; during June SAS, CA was part of a fall-ish themed throwback collection along with Apple Crumble, Kitchen Spice, Salty Caramel, Creamy Nutmeg, Homemade Cookies, Ice Cream Shop and Mint Chocolate. After that, it disappeared..although it did come back in 2015 as a repackage with a twist as Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort 

Then in 2012, Cider Lane makes its debut. At the time, people really didn't know what to make of it. First of all, everyone was used to Caramel Apple being the
go-to caramel appley scent. Also the cold throw left a lot to be desired and pu…

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: The Perplexing Puzzlement of Pumpkin Patch

So this candle came along...

Folks were posting it social media and, as is always the case, you couldn't get a straight/direct answer on what it was.

Now we ol schoolers immediately had a hunch on what it could be just based on the name alone but newbies less in the know weren't so sure. So once more lucky souls got to sniff it in advance and we finally got a clear answer - Pumpkin Carving 

Here's my issue - folks (newbies) were incorrectly stating this candle was a repackage of Pumpkin Carving or Heirloom Pumpkin. That's not entirely true semantically speaking; I pointed out that it's the other around. How, you may ask? Pumpkin Patch was Pumpkin Carving's original name back in the Slatkin era. This statement seemed to confuse and befuddle people even more.

Allow me to break it down in depth...

So back in the mid to late 2000s, Slatkin had an ongoing collection called "The Perfect Autumn"; one of the more popular/memorable scents being "Pumpkin&q…

WALK N SNIFF: Fall Preview ~ Fall Wishlist Collection, Pumpkin Patch Collection, WB Core

Finally, at friggin last, I got to smell some fall goodness! I feel like I'm the last damn person on the continent to smell them and make my own opinions since you can't get them on social media.

So I went to a regular BBW first but it only had a few of them. Then I schlepped to a WB store a bit farther out and lo and behold, they had them all.

Sadly the candle sale was over (not that it was a particularly good one) and I refuse to buy them full priced thus I left empty-handed but at least I finally got to sniff them all for myself.  So without further ado, let's get this WALK N SNIFF review started...

Let's start with the Fall Wishlist Collection. As usual, I'm only focusing on the new stuff (my store didn't have Harvest Bloom and it's not online, so I'm assuming it failed. Nor did I see the mysterious and elusive Apple Cinnamon Cider)

Pumpkin Patch (8179AGA2) - there's really not much to say about this - it's Pumpkin Carving. Notice I DIDN'…

NEWNESS UPDATE: UPDATED Fall 2018 Candles List

More fall candles have been popping up lately so I've made a more updated and comprehensive list of the upcoming collections and what scents are in them. (As far as I know, everything is indeed going wide SO STOP BUYING THESE CANDLES OVER FULL PRICE ON EBAY AND MERCARI!)
If you wanna see description notes and my initial opinions, you can go here
For whatever reason, my stores here in the Northeast are playing games and have little to none of these candles around, so I haven't smelled anything yet; some of thoughts/opinions in paretheses are things other lucky souls with access to these candles have told me or what I've heard on social media. Ok so here we go...
Pumpkin Patch Collection Returning scents: Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
                                Pumpkin Cupcake
                                Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
                                Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
                                Pumpkin Apple
                                Shit Cinnamon…

WALK N SNIFF: Homeworx "All Through the House" Preview Candles

Slatkin is back!!!

Slatkin has returned just in time for Christmas in July with his first round of Homeworx candles that he' calling the "All Through the House" collection which are 2 sets of 3 candles - one for fall i.e. the "Harvest Trio" and another for Christmas i.e. the "Holiday" trio.

And get this..these candles are debuting saw that right...4 WICKS! In the past, Slatkin's Homeworx candles lagged in burn time took anywhere between 2-4 hours to completely pool hour. Slatkin added an extra wick to minimize pool time.

So before I talk about the scents, I just want to get this out of the way cuz people ask me this way too often...

Homeworx candles are not in any stores and are only available on QVC... I'll repeat...Homeworx candles are NOT in any stores and are ONLY available on QVC!

So, Homeworx was gracious enough to send me all 6 candles to review and get the word out. And here they are...

Harvest Trio Harvest Leaves -Spiced Pu…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Fall 2018 Test Scents

Well y'all, it's about that time ago - fall scents have started popping up in test stores...and not a moment to soon cuz I was getting bored as hell. Now don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying summer  and (although I'm not a big summer scent lover) I have been enjoying some of the surprises BBW gave us ie the grand return of Summertime Soda buuuuuuut fall and fall scents have my heart and my full attention. I dunno about y'all but I could use a fallgasm!
So last fall at BBW was a huge, colossal, disastrous fail and a mess hotter than a 1000 suns but based on what I've seen for this upcoming fall, they're definitely trying to make up for it.
So it seems that they have learned their lesson and are bringing back the ever so popular all pumpkin collection; as basic as pumpkin/pumpkin spice is, it sells! So yes, we're getting a plethora of pumpkin with scents including...
Blueberry Maple Pancakes - Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup (pleas…