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CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Bronzeblogger's Best New Scents of 2018

Well, 2018 has certainly been interesting and I don't know about you but I for one am looking for to the oncoming new year. As per my tradition as a reviewer, I like to look back at the scents we saw throughout the year - we will never escape the constant onslaught of repackages and basic re-releases we did see a surprising number ol school scents from the vault as well as some newness..and that's what this post is about. So here is a list of my pics for the most nosegasmic newness from this year
10. Lavender Cacao Talk about a beautiful blend! And it actually was new and not just Hot Cocoa & Cream mixed with French Lavender. The blend was just perfection - the chocolate wasn't too artificial or too savory (as BBW's chocolate scents tend to be) nor was the lavender too herbal and astringent. For me, Lavender Cacao was the star of the show; it is unfortunate that most folks didn't get to experience it as it (and this entire collection) wasn't available to a f…


= direct repackage
=+ repackage with a twist/added notes
=? possible repackage

Spring/Summer Pomelo Citron = Capri Citron Almond =+ Creamy Nutmeg
Rose = Flower Shop Palo Santo = Desert Heat Honeysuckle & Freesia =+ Rosewater & Ivy Hello Beautiful =?Sunkissed Days
Sea Salt & Linen =+ Orange Blossom & Driftwood/Coastal Oak & Sea Salt 2.0
Summer Terrace =+ Beach Sage & Mint
Mermaid Lagoon = Happily Ever After/White Cedarwood/Wild Cedarwood
Lavender Sea = Lavender Coconut
Island Reef = Frozen Lake
Island Papaya = Papaya Sunrise
Golden Jasmine =+ Magic in the Air
Honeysuckle & Freesia = Rosewater & Ivy
Citrus & Sandalwood = Citron Cedarwood = Sandalwood Citrus
Wildflower Meaddow =?Wildflower Valley
Toasted Smores = Bonfire Smores
In-tents Coffee = Paris Cafe
May the Forest be with you = Evegreen
Waffle Cone = Berry Waffle Cone
Orange Cream Soda = Orange Creamsicle

Miscellaneous GRL PWR - Strawberry Cupcake
You give me all the feels= Warm Vanilla Sugar

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Frankincense (2017)

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: end of November - New Year's

Description: Frankincense, Clove, Amber

With Christmas Day right around the corner, I couldn't think of a better time to talk about this candle.. y'know...birth of Christ (though technically he was born in the spring), Mary and Jospeh hangin out in Bethlehem, gifts from the Three Kings of the Orient following a star... yada, yada,yada.

So this candle came out unceremoniously in the winter edition of the Elements collection back in 2017. Despite it being a new scent (as far I knew/know) and smelling genuine authentic, for whatever reason I completely slept it and its brother Myrrh. I think I was too focused on and enraptured by Peppermint Rosemary and Grapefruit Gin Fizz.  I would eventually pick one up later during the folowing SAS and it sat collecting dust until recently and I thought this Christmastime would be an excellent time to give it a try.

So you may be wondering what ex…

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Orange Chocolate Truffle

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: end of November - New Years

So as you know, cuz it bears repeating, I am NOT a fan of sweet/bakery/gourmand scents particularly chocolate (with few exceptions) cuz most home fragrance companies (especially BBW) just don't get it right. So that in and of itself made me not give this candle any attention. Also I am very skeptical of and indifferent to scents that are overhyped on social media as 9xoutta10 said scents are undeserving. All that said, I was very ready to completely ignore this candle...that is until I sniffed and I found myself strangely impressed. I waited until Candle Day to pick one up and I'm so glad I did cuz I'm really enjoying it.

The performance has been pretty stellar so far - the wicks have been sturdy, the flames have been dancing high and the pool has been consistently deep and even. Overall, it's a really gorgeous candle to burn, especially once it get dark outside and you have all of you…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2019 Test Candles

Well gang, it's not even Christmas yet and spring candles are in TEST stores...emphasis on TEST stores. Unless you live near one(DON'T ASK ME WHERE THEY ALL ARE CUZ I DUNNO), please do not schlep to your regular local stores cuz you'll find yourself very disappointed.

Now from what I've heard, there's a definite likelihood that these will all pass test phase and will make to stores nationwide in a few weeks. Kinda to have so many candle collections debuting during SAS (which starts December 26th btw) but hey, I'm not complaing.

So let's talk about we will be seeing...

First off, you already knowing were getting a tropical/beach collection cuz it's just not springtime at BBW without one. The candles in the collection look rather nice; they have wraparound labels with various beachy scenes. At the moment, the only "new" scent is...

Tahitian Coconut - Fresh Coconut, Cooling Sea Spray, Tonka Bean (my guess is that it's one of the many coconut …

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Boathouse Row (2018 vers)

Products: candle
Area used in: bedroom (most likely)
Time Period: summertime

Description: Originally launced in 2013, enjoy a BBW favorite blend of green sage and fresh pomegranate with notes of bay leaves and moss

It was a hot and sultry summer day, the humidity hung in the air like wet blankets on the line to dry. I was making my way to local BWW store to take in the recently released Lakeside collection - Touchthefiretwice's review still buzzing in my ears like a hungry mosquito. I nonchalantly each candle; each jar of scented ennui left me feeling uninspired. But then it happened, my eyes met the one I had been looking for. As I reached out, my heart began to race with anticipation. I removed the lid and I was then ovecome with an aroma the likes of which I never knew. I had to steady myself, afraid that I swoon, my delicate nature overcome by lusty desires. I inhaled the virile fragrance again and again and I knew in an instant that it was the one and it had to be mine. I br…

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Winter/Holiday Candle Inspired Aesthetic Moodboards

So I'm really into moodboards. I made some back in the fall inspired by fan favorite fall candles. I thought it would be make more inspired by winter candles. Liek back in the fall, I asked folks on social media which ones would they like to say and (sigh) all T all shade it wasn't entirely helpful as folks lazily just liked the post without commenting despite me specifically asking them not to..but whatever, it's all good. I did manage to do a tally before deleting my post out of frustration. The top 5 requested scents for moodboards were Merry Mistletoe (most requested), Chestnut & Clove (2nd place), Tis the Season, Winter and Twisted Peppermint. SO without further ado, here they are!

And just for the sake of shits and giggles, I made a few extra ones!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Candle Day Collections

Sorry posting this so late; after Candle Day, I had a guest staying with me so I didn't have a chance to write this or revisit BBW for second opinion re-sniffs. So I'll be talking about the candles that either came out on or after Candle Day and I'll only be focusing on candles that new or unfamiliar.

Winter Woods (8312AGA4)
As you may (or may not) know, this came out last year late in the winter. I heard someone on social media say that it wasn't the same and that this year's version was actually a repackage of the infamous NOOK candle. Unless there's another batch out there, I wholeheartedly disagree; it's the same Winter Woods from last...which I believe was a repackage of the practicaly unheard of WB exclusive Cashmere and Oak. It's a borderline unisex cologney scent; a little bit of woodiness as wellas a slight soft powderiness.And there's a sharp and acrid note (oak perhaps?) that always tingles my nose and set off my sinuses.

After the Snow (82…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Complete Winter 2018 Candle Collection List

Winter Woodland Collection
Returning Scents – Apple Garland (failed test scent 2014) Evergreen Hot Cocoa & Cream Maple Cinnamon Pancakes (repackage of Pumpkin Caramel Latte)  Marshmallow Fireside Flannel Sparkling Woods (online only) Spiced Apple Toddy
New Scents - Blue Winter Sky (repackage with a twist of Beach Sage & Mint) Campsite Coffee (repackage of Paris CafĂ©) Toasted Vanilla Chai
"Christmas in NY" Collection Returning Scents – Champagne Toast Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Fresh Sparkling Snow Peppermint Marshmallow Sweater Weather
New Scents - Artic Berry (possible repackage for Juniper Berry & Pine) Cherry Frost

Holiday Traditions Collection Returning scents – Champagne Toast Fresh Balsam Frosted Cranberry Sparkling Icicles Tis the Season Twisted Peppermint Vanilla Bean Noel  Winter Candy Apple 
New Scents - Frosted Coconut Snowball  Popcorn & Pine (failed; replaced with Vanilla Balsam) Spiced Gingerbread Swirl  Sugared Snickerdoodle (batch 1 = failed test scent 2015) (batch 2…

HOT MESS AWARD: White Pumpkin

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: end of October - Thanksgiving

Description: White Pumpkin, Autumn Spice, Ground Cinnamon

This is one of those few rare instances where I had to push myself to write a review because I just didn't have inate desire to. I thought, "oh well, better late than never" and so here we are.

So as you know, I have a love/hate relationship with BBW's "pumpkin" scents so initially I didn't think much about this, Although based on the notes and what I heard on social media, I did wonder if were granted some Slatkin-era throwback; it sounded suspiciously like Creamy Pumpkin - a former fall favorite/staple that eventually fell into test scent Purgatory (eclipsed by a similar smelling scent called Pumpkin Caramel Latte that grew to be more popular) and evebtually was completely forgotten.

So I finally got to sniff it and I was about 85% sure that it was Creamy Pumpkin repackage (I had a 1wick of it but gave it awa…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Winter 2018 Candles Part 3 ~ Candle Day Surprises

Sing it with me everyone!!!


So the ever so popular and infamous Candle Day is fast approaching and this year BBW is changing things up!

Normally BBW waits until Winter SAS to give us throwback and one time only collections. This time around, we're getting them on..wait for it...CANDLE DAY!

If you're ever so slightly dissapointed with the latest winter offerings, BBW has quite a few surprises in store.

So BBW isn't quite done with Christmas yet as there are some holiday themed collections headin our way. Let's start with least interesting things andwerk our our way up

First we're getting a quartet of the most basic (yet supposedly most requested) holiday scents; I'm sure you can guess what they are - Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint and Fresh Ballsack (although I do love me some Twisted Peppermint). And get's even more basic. *sigh they're quotes BUT it's actually not that…

WALK N SNIFF: Winter 2018 Second Phase Candles *UPDATED

After almost a month long absence, I finally stepped inside BBW to get my sniff on.

 Before I get to the WALK N SNIFF, I need to vent.

I loathe holiday time at BBW. During this time, the stores gets an influx of new and/or seasonal workers and they're all chipper AF (cuz they're new and want to keep their jobs as well as get commision) and wanting to talk to you and make "recommendations" that are not so much recommendations but rather their personal favorites (like I give a crap what you like) or scents corporate forces them to push and shoving candles up your nose to sniff. Contrary to how I seem on here and social media, I am an introvert and am not a fan of strangers I don't know talking to me. When I'm sniffing around, I'm in the zone and am focusing/thinking/concentrating and being interrupted takes me out of it. Six..SIX different SAs came up to "talk" me; one literally snuck up behind me, made me gasp and I almost dropped a candle. I got s…