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NEWNESS UPDATE: Pumpkin Preview?!

Well I was planning on making a trip to BBW today for the infamous Pumpkin Preview. Even though I'm not a fan of pumpkin scents at all and there really was only one candle that I was thinking about buying (Pumpkin Carving), I still thought that preview was worth checkin out. However something struck me as odd....I hadn't heard a single word from anybody about the preview taking place. No official word on the BBW website and nothing in their myriad of emails. Nothing from the other bloggers, Youtubers, and Facebookers. I had a feeling that the preview was a no go. Just as I was about to call one of the stores, I happened to glance at Kelley's blog on my phone and posted that she called her store and was told that the Pumpkin Preview was cancelled.


But it seems there is a glimmer of hope. It seems that later the SA that Kelley spoke with earlier got the official word to lay out the fall floorset as the Pumpkin Preview will go on as scheduled!


See for yoursel…

RANDOM POST: Christmas in July

So today I decided to have a Christmas in July day. I brewed myself a pot of Starbuck's Christmas coffee, listened to all of my favorite Christmas albums and I've pulled out all of my favorite Rankin  & Bass stop motion Christmas specials.

Moreover, I dug out my two old Christmasy candles....

I have "Winter" burnin in the bedroom. As I said in my review, I could not stand this scent for the longest time! When my bf and I started dating, he would burn this in the living room but after awhile, I politely asked him to stop. However, time has passed and now that I'm burning, I can honestly say that I'm starting to appreciate this scent and can see why so many love Winter so much. Ya know how sometimes something as simple as a scent can conjure up a fond memory? Winter reminds me of that special time at the very beginning of my bf and I's relationship and it totally gets me all misty-eyed and emotional. With that said, this candle will always hold a special …

NEWNESS UPDATE: WE ♥ CHICAGO test candle line

So it seems that BBW is releasing a line of candles inspired by the Windy City itself, Chicago!

The scents include.....

Sweet Home Chicago - Enjoy caramel popcorn, taffy-apples, sweet cream & all the iconic treats from the Navy Pier.            hmmmm, sounds like Summer Boardwalk to me

Michigan Avenue - Capture the excitement of the city with a gorgeous blend of citrus, lavender, and geranium.           Can you say...."Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods"?!

Lake Shore Drive - Sweet jasmine, fresh air and a touch of mint to combined to rekindle the refreshing breeze from the lake.           Without a doubt...White Barn Renew&Refresh/Seashore

I got this information from my gurl, the BBW guru herself, LittleBalladeer!

These will only be released in Chicago...obvi! Personally I think it's a cute idea; Chicago is an AWESOME city and I'm sure the BBW lovers up there will get a big kick outta this!

As soon as I saw this, I immediately started thinking of candle scents for my ho…

RANT OF THE DAY: Bath&Body has us fall-in in love again!!!

*post title inspired by Usher's song "DJ has us fallin in love again". Considering what I'm about to post, I think it fits

Anyway...WOW you guys...BBW has DEFINITELY brought their A game for the upcoming fall season! Sooooo much good stuff, it's crazy!!! Spring and summer was such a disappointment but I think this fall will be enticing the once disillusioned flock back home!

First of all, let's talk friggin cute is it this year?! I love the pictures on the labels. For me, the Sweater Weather line wins hands down; the pictures fit the theme and there's that cute lil silver leaf. The White Barn and Fresh Picked lines feel very antique-y and cozy. Even the Pumpkin Line is very cute...Pumpkin Carving is by far the best...too cute! I love the old-timey etchings on the labels for the wallflower bulbs. And how friggin adorable are the room freshener spray bottles with the different sweater coverings?! Perfection all around! In my opinion, this kick…

RANT OF THE DAY/SHOP 'N' GO: Semi Annual Sadness Part Deux

So I'm sure BBW knew how disappointed fans have been during the SAS. With that said, they've been trying to entice people to buy more stuff with these one day sale specials, half off this and half off that. For the most part, I couldn't be bothered as I was too disappointed with my last BBW haul. However, once in awhile there would be a one day sale special that would catch my attention and I'd find myself compelled to take advantage and buy something...very tricky BBW!

Much like my first haul, it's quite small!

What you see is a combination of several purchases made in the last two weeks of SAS....

The week before last, there was a one day sale special with half off of all Aromatherapy products. I was very excited cuz I love me some BBW Aromatherapy products so I couldn't pass this. I got...
Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea Lotion and Shower GelBack in the day, I had the Eucalyptus Spearmint lotion, shower gel, bath salts and candle...and I found them all really overp…


Holy ****balls!!!! I can barely contain my excitement!!!

*deep breath

I just happened to be on the BBW website and much to my surprise.....


The website has just a little of each from the Pumpkin Line, Sweater Weather Line and White Barn Line in 3wicks and all of the non-test Pumpkin scents in wallflower bulbs.

I for one was not expecting the fall candles to be out this early; I assumed they would be available after the Pumpkin preview at the end of the month. Then again lately new lines of scents have appearing earlier online than in the stores!

And it just so happens there is a sale goin on now with $12 3wicks...personally I don't think this is much of bargain; they should've done another $9 sale like they did last weekend or just do a 2 for $22 but hey anything else better than payin full price!

Anyhoo check it our for yourselves....



Products: candle & wallflowers
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: end of June-August

Description: The fragrance of deep, blue water surrounded by notes of moss, sage and bay leaves captures the essence of a lakeside adventure

I heard about the Lakeside collection months before it was released and this really was the only candle that I was really intrigued with. With the absence of Black Pepper Bergamot, my bf and I were looking for a rich, sexy high end scent for the bedroom in the summer months (we tried Villa Bergamot; it was cute but it just didn't have that umph and je nes c'est quoi of BPB). When we heard about Boathouse Row, we knew that we had to get it. And when we did, it was love at first light!!!

First of all, performance-wise this was the BEST candle I've ever had so far. PERFECT..FLAWLESS..AMAZING..A FRIGGIN PLUS!!!! The wicks were nice and sturdy and created probably the biggest mushroom tops that I've ever seen! With that said, the flames were HIGH..I mea…


Today is the one year anniversary that my bf and I got our kitten, Mr. Mistoffelees. He was very tiny and very sick little kitty but with some TLC over time he grew into a big healthy very precocious and mischievous cat.

And as you can see, like his two daddies, he LOVES BBW candles!!!

MULTIPLE CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: The Lakeside Summer Collection

Following the trail of the Fresh Picked and Italian Piazza line came this all new line. Taking a departure from the usual tropical, beach-y, and summer boardwalk themes in spring/summer lines of the past, this new line take a new approach - summer vacation at the lake. Its scents were to conjure family trips, camping in the woods, taking dips in the lake and festive picnics in nature. While the concept worked in theory, the actual scents themselves were less than stellar. Some of the scents didn't quite hit the mark and there were one too many repackages. Once again, BBW got people expecting too much but actually got less than expected.

Scents included Strawberry Picnic (Lil Debbie Strawberry Short Cakes), Watermelon Lemonade (watermelon Jolly Ranchers), Summertime S'mores (watered down Marshmallow Fireside) and the following three...

Product: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: end of June - August 

Description: Jump into an invigorating blend of fresh water, sh…