Products: candle & wallflowers
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: end of June-August

Description: The fragrance of deep, blue water surrounded by notes of moss, sage and bay leaves captures the essence of a lakeside adventure

I heard about the Lakeside collection months before it was released and this really was the only candle that I was really intrigued with. With the absence of Black Pepper Bergamot, my bf and I were looking for a rich, sexy high end scent for the bedroom in the summer months (we tried Villa Bergamot; it was cute but it just didn't have that umph and je nes c'est quoi of BPB). When we heard about Boathouse Row, we knew that we had to get it. And when we did, it was love at first light!!!

First of all, performance-wise this was the BEST candle I've ever had so far. PERFECT..FLAWLESS..AMAZING..A FRIGGIN PLUS!!!! The wicks were nice and sturdy and created probably the biggest mushroom tops that I've ever seen! With that said, the flames were HIGH..I mean RIDONKULOUSLY HIGH! It was like a mini bonfire! And unlike most BBW candles that kinda fizzled and stubbed out mid-range, the flames stayed consistent and danced high all the way down to the bottom! And it's sooooo beautiful to burn at night... the high dancing flames, the deep pool, the dark marine green wax...ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

The throw is PER-FRIGGIN-FECTION!!! It's I can smell in the living room with the bedroom door closed! And it completely fills the room. And I'm just sayin this from my was strong but it didn't make me sick or anything. Like BPB, I feel wrapped and enveloped in this scent and I love every minute of it!

Now the scent...*sigh...this has been written off as a old man cologne scent, particularly by the ladies and some of the gays. *eyeroll yes this is very "cologne-y"..but I'm gonna vehemently defend this and the other  cologne-y type scents...just because something smells "cologne-y" doesn't make it bad; there are people like myself who actually enjoy these types of scents. Moreover, you see the notes... sage, bay leaf and moss...those are notes that are actually used to make...MEN'S COLOGNE!!!

I digress...

As far as the notes are concerned, I totally get the watery aspect. I don't really get sage but I get the moss and bay leaves. What I like about Boathouse Row as that it's kinduva a dark horse scent-wise as when I smell it, I get different vibes and pictures....

  •  on the way hand, I get the image that BBW  was trying to convey...a wooden cabin type building next to a lake; as I said before, I get the watery aspect as well as a old rich earthy woodiness
  • but I also see how this can be described as an old man cologne.  There is a cologne in particular that it smells very similar to. In fact Touchthefiretwice hit it on the nail in his review that i smelled like a cologne called "Burberry London" My bf, inspired by this review, decided to buy this cologne and after smelling it, the two smell quite smiliar
  • I also get sort of a British vibe from this. Littleballadeer in her review  that the scent reminded her of a British lad or one of the English guards standing outside Buckingham Palace...I totally get it! I can see a cute English guy or one of Queen Elizabeth's guards wearing something lie this.
I do have one complaint. Towards the end,  the candle starts to smell a little gets a little peppery which I don't understand. It's not offputting or funky, just strange. It's only happened with the first candle I burned; I've two more left so we'll see

So yes, if you couldn't tell already I love this candle. Oh, and I love the wallflower bulbs as well..consistently strong and so far isn't getting stale. Most ladies are not gonna like this one..get it for your man. And if you like the manly cologne-y scents like I do, you HAVE to give it a try before it disappears!


  1. I LOVE Boathouse Row! Have you tried anything from Yankee Candle? You would probably love Midsummer Night (classic!) or one from the new fall line called November Rain!

    - Eva

  2. It's funny you mention midsummer night...that was my jam! I had one back in the day before I got addicted to BBW candles.

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Yankee Candles; they tunnel like crazy and the throw is too inconsistent. I did hear about November Rain and it is right up my alley but I'm a diehard BBW fan all the way!

  3. I'm totally in love with this candle, just bought a 3-wick after finishing my medium

    1. It's awesome isnt it? Hands down its become one of my all time favorite candles. I'm glad that you got to buy this before it disappeared


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