NEWNESS UPDATE & RANT OF THE DAY: 2013 Winter Holiday Test Scents

So BBW has released their list of test scents for this year's winter...and the BBW community is goin NUTS!!!

Allow me to rant for a hot second....

Ya know, it never fails...BBW starts releasing their fall/winter super early and BBW enthusiasts go ape shit! People have already started buying and burning their seasonal candles and before they know it, they get burned out before the season has even started and start foaming at the mouth for the next line of seasonal scents. It's not even fall yet and folks are already burned out with the falls scents. And now BBW has released their scents for the winter and already people have bought some from the test stores. And apparently, some body leaked the winter scents info on Facebook and everybody and their grandma started calling test stores to see what new scents were available and to order, much to the annoyance and dismay of SAs and the higher ups. It's a vicious cycle!

I reiterate....IT'S NOT EVEN FALL YET!!!!

I have only recently purchased any fall scents and haven't used any of them yet. I want to enjoy my fall scents IN FALL! I'm still trying to transition out of summer...which is hard when you live in a city with sub-tropic weather. I'm not remotely psyched or have even remotely thought about wintertime or BBW 's winter scents and I won't till at least the end of November.

At the risk of sounding pessimistic and ominous, I sense a backlash in the nearby future. And that's all I gotta say....

Anyhoo, here's a link to an updated list of scents for Winter 2013


Products: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid August - mid September

Description: Wrap yourself in a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany and a veil of musk

I recently broke two of my BBW rules!
  1. I bought a 3wick at full price and not during 2 for 22! (granted, I used a 20% off coupon but still...)
  2. I bought a 3wick online without sniffing it first at the store (I don't like surprises; last time I did that was when I bought Oceanside...need I say more?!)
So with our Mahogany Teakwood candle now burned and gone, the bf and I needed a manly-smellin candle for the boudoir. There were no brown wax MTs to be found and I refused to get the white wax version. I thought about getting good ol Black Pepper Bergamot but I dunno, I just wasn't ready for that scent yet. My only other options in the fall lineup were Sandalwood Citrus, Bergamot Woods and Flannel. I opted to go with Flannel. I still had the MT wallflower bulb plugged in and I figured since Flannel has mahogany in its notes that the two would match and blend.

Now when I first heard about Flannel, I immediately thought to myself, "Hmm, it's the masculine version of Cashmere." Though I must say I was puzzled; what did the notes have to do with the name? I thought something like Country Gate, Farmside Gate, Autumn Woods, Wooden Path, Park Trail would be more fitting with its woody outdoorsy notes. Then I thought about it and made a connection...

Wood/Outdoors + Flannel = Lumberjack

I imagine Paul Bunyan splashin a cologne like this before headin out to chop logs with Babe

Anyhoo, this candle burns FABULOUSLY! It has nice sturdy wicks and gave nice sized mushroom tops which led to both high dancing flames and a very deep and even wax pool. And the throw is what I would describe as  medium-strong-ish; I was able to get a whiff of this out in the living room with the bedroom door closed. My only complaint is an aesthetic one... I don't like the wax color! It's just cruddy and boring! And the wax melts into weird reddish brown color. I think this would've looked better with a rich Frosted Cupcake creamy color or blue-grey or periwinkle. Or the flannel (I'm assuming) scarf on the label should've been cream and red with accents of a light yellow and the wax color could've been a pretty burgundy or wine.

Now the scent...Let's get it out the way...*sigh, yes it's....COLOGNE-Y. However, there are accents in this scent that come off as perfume-y as well. Flannel is just strange PERIOD! Not that it smells bad mind you, it's just...odd. Now I've heard people describe this as being very similar to Mahogany Teakwood and one would rightly assume so for obvious reason. However, after sniffing it, I can't say that I agree. To me, Flannel smells like a much MUCH sweeter version of Villa Bergamot. The key word for this scent SWEET and I honestly don't know why! The sweetness in Flannel is very reminiscent of the sugar sap note in Snowed in. And it's that sweet note that this makes this lean more towards this coming off as a unisex perfume. The citrusy bergamot note is very noticeable and hits your nose immediately once you get past the sugary sap note. And as with most BBW scents, the bergamot, while citrusy and potent, always comes out making scents smell cologne-y. The mahogany note is sooooo faint, totally overpowered. And there's something creamy yet earthy about this scent. With that said,  I'm almost positive there is sandalwood in this blend.  

I dunno what to think of this candle. It's cologney yet perfumey. The scent wraps you up but doesn't give you that warm cozy feeling; in fact, if this makes any sense, the scent makes me feel kinda cold. It's in the cold weather family of scents like Winter, Snowed in, Sweater Weather that makes you wanna wrap into something to get warmer. Then there's that weird unexplained sweetness; it's not offputting by any means just strange. And this is the first candle that messed with my sinuses; nothin major, just a lil tingle in my nose. However  I don't think I want to take it to the store for an exchange. Yes, this candle is little weird but it's still a nice and pleasant scent and worth tryin..... once. 


Well y''s about that time! What we ALL have been patiently waiting for....

2 for $22!!!!

I gotta say that I was not expecting it to be this early; I thought for sure it would be next weekend for Labor Day...oh well, you never know with BBW!

Now's the time to stock up! Get y'all's $10 off $30 coupons or free shipping codes if you're shoppin online and start spendin!

With that said, the bf and I plan on visiting the store sometime this weekend to get our sniff on as well as to stock up. Also I am very excited to announce that today I made my very first test store order! My test store cherry has been officially popped! It was so easy and the SA that I spoke with could not have been anymore nicer. What I bought is a secret!!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for a special fall cornucopia haul post!!!


DOUBLE CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Apple Crumble & Caramel Apple

* these were sold along with Ice Cream Shop (Summer Boardwalk 2.0), Mint Chocolate (York Peppermint Patty), Homemade Cookie (Frosted Cupcake 2.0), Kitchen Spice (vanilla,nutmeg,hazelnut), Salty Caramel (salty caramel) and Creamy Nutmeg (vanilla and nutmeg) during the June Semi Annual Sale

As you all know, I'm not a fan of the sweet/bakery/gourmand smells at all but these two jumped out at me. Perhaps because they were both spiced apple scents, which I love for fall. With that said, I got these two with the intention of burning them near the beginning of fall, before I start burning my fall staple, Leaves. However curiosity set in and I wound up burning them both earlier than I intended.

So let's get into it shall we....

Apple Crumble
Products: candle
Area used in: living room & bedroom
Time Period: August -

Description: Baked Granny Smith and Macintosh apples topped with vanilla crumble, cinnamon and nutmeg

When I heard that BBW was releasing this as a kind of fall teaser, I was quite excited. The excitement wore off when I noticed that it was the infamously bad burning 2011 version. It was confirmed when some of the Youtubers reviewed this candle and they all had the same complaint as it did in the past. However EVERYONE raved about the smell so I decided to bite the bullet and get it anyway.

All T ALL SHADE...this is the worst burning candle EVER! It's a hot HOT MESS! It's by far the most RATCHET candle that I have ever gotten. Look at this ridiculousness....

The wicks are skinny and pitiful...WIMPY WIMPY WIMPY!!! They get so stubby that the flames are trying their best to stay alive and not drown. And as you can see above, it canyons like crazy. It takes forever to get a decent even wax pool, if you're lucky. And the wax pool is an icky booger greenish brown...VEEERY ATTRACTIVE! But the real ratchetness happens after you blow it out. The wicks get ashy white crap on the top and wax is all kinds of uneven and wavy and leaves a circle of residue on the inside of the tumbler. 

Now on the flip side, AC smells AMAZING!!!!! The throw is PERFECTION! It's not cloying nor will it make you fall into a diabetic coma. It's soooo warm and inviting and you just feel cozy when you smell it; it's one of those throws/scents that you just feel wrapped and enveloped in like a warm blanket. And the smell lingers for HOURS! I once burned it at night and I swear I smelled it the next morning! Thank god it's a scent that I enjoy!

Now the scent...the scent is very true to its note description. You do get that fresh crisp baked green apple note (Macintosh..not so much) and my nose could be playing tricks on me, but I swear I get a green pear note as well. The nutmeg note is pretty dominant and overpowers the cinnamon, which is not a spicy red hot cinnamon but rather a cinnamon sugar. Lastly there's the vanilla crumble note. Now most people (myself included) are turned off by the very mention of vanilla. But the vanilla in AC is different; it's not a creamy vanilla, nor an herbal vanilla bean but rather  a vanilla extract that's been baked into something. And there's almost buttery smell that accompanies the vanilla crumble note that does make AC smell authentically bakery-ish.

Now I'm one of those people in the school of thought that I'd rather a bad burn with a good smell than the opposite. Which is why I was willing to put up with the hot mess-ery of this candle; the smell is just that good! Personally, I think that BBW should've released the 2012 version which had a way better burn. I also think that they should have released this in the Sweater Weather line; this should've replaced Cider Doughnut and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts should've been re-released alongside it. Oh well...

Caramel Apple
Products: candle
Area used in: living room & bedroom
Time Period: August -

Description: Golden apple, brown sugar and creamy caramel is blended with Anjou pear, nutmeg and vanilla crème

Normally I'm not a big fan of caramel smells. And with BBW, all of their caramel scents, while very authentic and spot on, smell too sickeningly sweet to me and it turns me off. With that said, I was leery about this candle. However, like AC, everyone was raving about the scent; Littleballadeer hyped this candle up a lot as it's one of her all time top favorites. Anyhoo, I saw it and the store and gave it a preliminary sniff....I then understood what all the hype was smelled soooooo GOOD!!!

Performance-wise, unlike it's counterpart AC, it is PERFECTION! Nice sturdy wicks, consistently high dancing flames and deep even wax pools. However, unlike AC, the throw isn't very strong; it's kinda medium-ish. I don't get the same feeling of being wrapped up in the smell. It has what I would describe as a "guest friendly" throw. 

Now the AC, the smell is consistent with the given notes. Moreover it's also not cloying or sickeningly sweet. It smells legitimately like a fresh caramel apple being sold at a fair. You do get a sweet fresh crisp apple note but, like an actual caramel apple, it's covered up rather nicely by the other notes. The brown sugar note gives it a dark rich sweetness and the nutmeg, though slight, kinda perks up and gives the scent a little kick. I get the Anjou (pronounced "ahn-juu) pear note which gives the apple note an added freshness, richness and creaminess. And it's all wrapped together in that creamy caramel note. And, it could just be my nose, but I get a nutty note, like crushed peanuts. To me, this smells like a peanut covered caramel apple.

Now often, this is compared to Cider Lane as they share similar notes. However there is a major difference between the two. Caramel Apple lacks the "spice" note that Cider Lane has; Caramel Apple is more nutmeg-y and Cider Lane is more cinnamon-y. Moreover the type of caramel notes in each scent is different; Caramel Apple's caramel is more of a creamy, chewy candy-like caramel and Cider Lane's caramel is more of sugar sweet liquid-y caramel, like a dip or syrup you put on ice cream or in a Starbucks-esque coffee/latte drink.

In conclusion..I think these two were the stars of the Semi Annual Sale and consider yourself lucky if you were able to get your hands on them both as who knows when we'll see them again; I myself wished that I bought more than one of each. Now I will rarely ever say this, but I believe that these two scents are worth finding on Amazon (not Evil-bay); if you do, make sure you find last year's version of AC with the Arial font on the label. If you can't be bothered with that, there are duo wallflower bulb packs of both currently available on the website for $12.50. But if you'd rather burn a candle instead, I say go with the next best thing to these two scents...Cider Doughnuts and Cider Lane.

RANT OF THE DAY: Sexism in BBW/Men who love BBW

It is very intimidating being guy, gay or straight, in a BBW store...

If you are straight, you obviously must be buying something for the little lady. Certainly not yourself. And if you are, you are immediately sent to the "MEN'S" section with all those manly smelling shower gels and body sprays and colognes that emphasizes masculinity ad nauseam because, as a man in an umanly environment, you must be reminded of such.

If you are gay, unless you're super effeminate and flamboyant, you are assumed to be straight and once again are sent to the "MEN'S" section cuz no MAN would be interested in something girly like..oh I dunno...CANDLES!!! And if you are effeminate and flamboyant, it is assumed that you do indeed like the girly stuff so there is no need to bring up the "MEN's" section at all.

This is the overall attitude of both customers and employees.

I myself am an unassuming unflamboyant yet out and proud gay man in a relationship with a man does come across as very straight...and we both love BBW candles and soaps and sprays and shower gels and neither one of us pay much attention to the "MEN's" section. With that said, we're both a bit of a paradox. We always get eyed at by middle aged housewives and teenage girls, as if to say "you are both guys, what are you two doing in here?" The glances don't bother me much; frankly I could care less what any of these  individuals think..all I care about is getting my shop on and leaving with some candles..okay?! *finger snap

It's the attitude from some of the employees that bothers me. The SAs assume that I'm straight so either I'm told about all of the great products for MEN or as I'm looking at the candles and various body sprays and lotions (which I don't usually buy but I still look at and sniff) it's assumed that I must looking for something for my mom or girlfriend. *eyeroll

There's one store that I like to go to because they always have what I'm looking for and then some. The only problem with this store is that there is one overly anxious overly congenial SA that works there who loves to follow me around and point stuff out to me. First of all, I HATE when SAs at any store follow me around constantly asking if I need help and or making recommendations, usually for something I wasn't remotely interested in in the first place. Secondly, it's safe to say that I know more about BBW products than most of the SAs and more often than not, the information they gave me, I already knew! So I politely smile and thank them for the kind advice while saying to myself, "bitch please!" I digress. What makes this particular SA super annoying to me is that every single time I'm there she directs me to the "MEN'S" section and always makes recommendations of what to buy the "woman in my life" Really, REALLY?!

Then there's another store I go regularly at one of our major malls here. One of the SAs is a super sweet super effeminate gay guy who I have become friends with. I was there with my bf during SAS and we were looking in  50-75% off bins of sprays, lotions and soaps. He comes over wondering why we were looking at "girl stuff" and sweetly and politely directed us to the.... "MEN'S" section! We told him that we were actually looking for something to buy  my mom and grandma for their upcoming birthdays.... but still! I looked him like "REALLY?!" Granted just because I'm gay (and he knows that I am) doesn't mean that I necessarily like "girly things" but then again I might and that's my prerogative! If I did like the smell of some girly girl body spray or lotion, it's not because I'm gay but I just like the smell of said girly girl body spray or lotion. Also, a couple of times that I've been there, he'll immediately grab a "cologne-y" type candle for me to smell; like one time he presented me with Boathouse Row even though I already had a couple at home. Granted I personally enjoy cologney type candles like Boathouse Row but it was just the principle of the thing!

In both of these cases, the SAs were following work protocol by making gender based recommendations...and that's wrong! However I also think they were going by instinct and assumptions based on strict puritanical rules of gender/orientation in our culture.

BBW listen is okay for straight men to enjoy things like candles. Not all straight men want their domicile to smell like foot and ass or buffalo wings and beer. (this makes me think of the infamous men's line of Yankee candles...sooo stupid!) Not all men entering BBW are interested in the..."MEN'S" section nor are they necessarily looking for something to buy for "the women in their lives"...and that doesn't make them gay! With that said, do not assume that we gay men are girls with penises thus that we must like all things girly. There are those of us who like the more manly scents that BBW has to offer but some of us don't...AND THAT'S OKAY! And it absolutely has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation but rather taste. And the same goes for women. If a woman leaves the store with a Mahogany Teakwood or a Boathouse Row or a Black Pepper Bergamot (*orgasmic sigh), that doesn't mean that she bought for her husband/boyfriend; she simply prefers and enjoys those scents, PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION!


BIG NEWS!!!! You like really like me!!!

Ladies and gentlemen....

 I am very pleased to announce that as of today, my lil blog here has reaced over 5,000 page views since starting it back in May!

5 friggin 000!!!!!

I just wanna say thank to everybody... thanks to everyone reading what I have to say, to those who have suscribed, to those who have left comments, to the other bloggers who inspired me to start my own, to the Youtubers who kickstarted my addiction to BBW in the first place and to my bf who has been super supportive!

Starting this blog has been super therapeutic as I get to talk in depth about what I love. While I do have a few friends who are into BBW as much as me, we really don't get to talk about it depth as I do on this blog. Moreover starting this blog has gotten me back into writing which has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and has given me the impetus to start other writing projects. While I do have other blogs, I'm more focused on this one as I'm discussing things that I'm passionate about. I also have a few vids on YouTube about BBW but honestly I have more fun writing on this blog than I do making videos. That was a case of peer pressure rather than passion. Besides I don't get nearly as many views on YouTube than I do here. With that said, I'm very happy with the notoriety that I've gotten with this blog!

In conclusion, I do hope you all will continue to check out my blog as I do plan to continue posting as regularly as I can. And once again, thank you!!!

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Mahogany Teakwood Part Deux

Products: candle & wallflower
Area used in: bedroom
Time Period: August -mid September

Description: The luxurious scents of fine woods - mahogany, cedarwood and oak are enlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes

Okay, so let me rant for a second....

What the flim-flam does Mahogany friggin Teakwood have to do with summer?! Why did BBW feel the need to re-released this in another line? First BBW tells us that this scent should conjure up the image of being in a library on a chilly fall night. Now they're telling us that this scent is supposed to conjure the feeling on the being on the deck of a boat on a lake on bright sunny day. Really BBW, really?! BULLSHIT with a capital B!!!

Now that that is out of the way....

My bf LOVES this scent; I daresay it might be one of his top favorites. Me not so much. It just smells too much like the Abercrombie&Fitch store! It doesn't make me think of a library or a boat but rather just a gay bar with dozens of blond, skinny, hairless prettyboys dancing to techno club pop remix....SOOOOOO not my thing! So when my bf suggested that we get MT again, I just rolled my eyes and acquiesced. However, he bought the original core version. I reminded how much of a hot mess that version when we had it last time and suggested that we exchange it for the Lakeside version as the burn was supposedly way better. So we did. It sat patiently while we burned thru our Boathouse Rows. Finally it was time to light this sucker..... annnnnd guess what happened? IT FRIGGIN TUNNELED!!!! I was BEYOND annoyed! However, after the next couple of lights, it somehow corrected itself and the wax started melting evenly and deeply. And ya know what...I found myself slowly but surely starting to like this scent!

It could be my nose and mind playin tricks on me but this version smells slightly different than the original version. Now don't get it twisted, it still smells like cologne. However, I daresay that this version smells slightly more woody; like, I can actually smell the oak and mahogany and cedarwood notes more so than the core version. Geranium and lavender...not so much. Now it does not make me think of trip on a boat on a lake but it also doesn't remind of a dancefloor filled with twinky Abercrombie&Bitch models. I also love the color of the wax as well as the picture label (even though it's total bs); I absolutely dislike the wax color and label of the original candle....BORING!!!

I am also digging the wallflower bulb. As with most of the cologney scents, the bulbs smells more cologney than the candle. There's also an explainable sweetness to it that the candle doesn't have.

I can honestly say that I have come to appreciate MT now. However, I can't quite see this becoming a top favorite of mine although I can see why some folks like it. I see MT as a transitional scent as opposed to a seasonal one as it is advertised to be; to me it translates as an end of summer/beginning of fall scent and not so much any other time beyond that. While this could work as something to have in the living room, I personally think that it's better suited for the bedroom. I do wish this version would stick around as opposed to the core version as I think that the brown wax is prettier, the aroma is more woody and not as cloying and it burns better. I think this version could possibly make people change their opinion of did for me! 

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Sea to Santorini ~ blue water & white sails (LAST CANDLE FOR THE SUMMER)

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: August - mid September

Description: A refreshing mixture of Neroli blossoms, seawater and sparkling orange inspired by a day of island-hopping. Ready for an amazing odyssey?

* part of the new Destination line of candles - Malibu Heat (test scent; Nair), Aloha Waikiki (generic tropical/floral air freshener, ie. Glade, Renuzit, etc) and Rio Glow (Bubbalicious tropical flavored bubble gum)

So, unlike so many BBW-ERS out there, I'm simply not ready to start burning fall candles as I am very much still in summer mode. Seeing as though I live in New Orleans where the current temp is between 90-100 degrees, it's pretty darn hard to get into fall mode. With that said, I was looking for something to be my end of the summer scent. At first, I was gonna go with Lakeside but decided not to because of it's awful performance and lack of throw. So I opted to go with Sea to Santorini instead.

This was the only scent in the collection that jumped out at me; even my bf was intrigued with this one as we both enjoy fresh, clean, watery type scents. However, I was a little leery. With it's aquatic theme, I (like many others) thought for sure this would be package of the dreaded.....OCEANSIDE!!!!    

Oh Poseidon, Greek god the sea, please do not allow this candle scented like your domain to smell like that hot mess of a candle Oceanside!!!

Fortunately, it doesn't...thank Poseidon!

I will say...the two do smell quite similar. They both share an ocean-esque aka cucumber and melon aroma. BBW has a habit of using cucumber/melon to replicate the freshness and saltiness of the ocean; Oceanside has it in its notes as does Sea Spray and possibly Seashore/Renew&Refresh. However that's where the similarities end. I would probably describe Sea to Santorini as Oceanside's more sophisticated and sexy European sister (Oceanside would be a tan spiky haired guido from the Jersey shore fist pumpin on the beach). I definitely think that StoS has a more distinctive elegant, floral, feminine vibe to it that sets it apart from Oceanside.

On to the I said before, it has the same cucumber/melon note as Oceanside; it's fresh, it's clean, it's crisp and it's salty sweet..if that makes sense. If not, bite into cucumber and you'll know what I mean. But before you can smell that, you have to get past the neroli. It's PUNGENT! The neroli hits your first before anything else. If you're unfamiliar with neroli, it's like bergamot in the fact that it's a bitter orange; it smells pretty bitter and almost metallic. To me, it almost accentuates the crispness and saltiness of the "ocean" note. Lastly there's an "orange" scent though BBW isn't being specific; is it orange juice or orange peel/zest? I personally think it's orange blossom as the note isn't quite zesty or citrus-y but rather very soft, floral and powdery. I think overall if I had to use blanket terms to describe this scent, I would use both floral and powdery.

On to the performance. At first light, it burned perfectly and the wax melted nice and even. Then after that, it started to friggin canyon, the wicks(the thin braided rope kind) were barely keeping afloat and I had to use the cotton ball trick. After that, it started burning more consistently; no high dancing flames though. And, as with all white/crème candles, the wax color became cruddy. The throw was decent; I'd describe it as medium...which is fine with me cuz I don't think I could handle this scent if it was super strong.

For some reason, unlike the other Destination scents, BBW didn't release a wallflower bulb. I know they existed as I saw them on Ebay. However I didn't think it was worth ordering these on Ebay or calling a test store so instead I used the Lakeside bulbs. They're both aquactic/citrusy scents so I figured I'd blend the two and it works.

In conclusion...StoS is...alright. It's certainly nothing to throw a parade for nor does it get me ready for an Odyssey. However I do applaud BBW for coming up with such a unique and sophisticated blend. And I love the beautiful picture on the label as well as the patterned blue and white lid. I think this scent would be better suited in a bathroom; something to light while taking a bubble bath as it is a soothing and relaxing spa like scent. I wouldn't say this is a candle to light anywhere else for the fun of it. If you see it, try it; I believe it's on discount now at $10. If not, you're really not missing much! 

RANT OF THE DAY: Pumpkin Preview....sort of

So my best friend and I made a trip together to BBW yesterday. I myself was excited what the store...had in in to speak. So there was a sign out front promoting the preview and several of the adorable ceramic pumpkin candles and a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin burnin bright on a stand. So I made my way through the Summer Chill products, new Summer soaps and Tropical candles, there in the center in the inner sanctum of store it stood like the Ark of the Covenent...The Pumpkin Shrine!!!

cue angelic choir

Then after the initial excitement wore off, I took a good glance at the stand and I noticed something....there wasn't a whole lot of pumpkin stuff. I stood there asking myself "This is it?" Utter disappointment!!

It only had 4 of the pumpkin candles...Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Cupcake and Caramel Pumpkin Latte; the only new scent there was Pumpkin Apple. I was at least expecting Pumpkin Carving to be there and I really wanted to have a sniff of Blueberry Pumpkin Patch and Pecan Pumpkin Waffle but alas, it wasn't meant to be. I was never a big fan of SCP; it just smells like a burnt pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Cupcake to me just smells like Frosted Cupcake with ginger and cinnamon. Caramel Pumpkin Latte...ya know, it smells slightly different. Don't get it twisted, it still smells ooey gooey sweet but not nearly as much as last year's version which was like diabetes in a jar. There is actually a coffee/chai tea-esque quality about it so I may give it a chance this year. Pumpkin Apple...sigh...this really disappointed me. PA is very generic, total craft store fall potpourri scent. It's like an apple cinnamon scented crayon. I still might try the wallflower bulb. Oh speaking of which, they had some of the wallflowers bulbs and one lone 6 wallflower bulb egg carton thingy. And they had  some of the pumpkin soaps.

So at this point I was over it. However, much to my surprise, I noticed that the store had some falls scents....

Fresh Picked candles (3wicks and Mason jars)
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin...Is it just me or does this version smell slightly different than the pumpkin line version, less sweet?
Spiced Cider smells delish as always
Farmstand Apple smells like a fresh apple from the tree
Heirloom Pear smells like an actual juicy ripe pear, soooo much better than the Spring version
Apple Ale to me smells very very similar to Cider Lane
Blackberry Spice smells EXACTLY like Leaves mixed with artificial berries...very underwhelming
Harvest Coffee IS Espresso Bar...period
No Lemon Mint Leaf....just as well

Sweater Weather (3wicks and mini 1wicks)
Autumn..very fresh and woodsy and apple-y. I ignored it last year but after sniffing I think I like it
Autumn Day - not a fan. to me it does smell a little cologne and usually I like that but not this one
Cider Lane - ya know, this still smells strange to me but because sooo many people have said that it smelled better after it's lit, I might give it a try
Leaves - fabulous as always. It's fall in a friggin jar and no one can persuade me otherwise
Marshmallow Fireside AKA Summertime S'mores

The only new candle there in this line was Cider Doughnut, which smells EXACTLY like Apple Crumble. I dunno if this is a repackage but the two smell very VERY similar!

White Barn (3wicks and a few mini 1wicks)
My baby, my number one...BLACK PEPPER BERGAMOT!!!!
cue angelic choir again
I had an orgasm right there in the store!!!

They also had...
Cranberry Woods...a classic
Cinnamon and Clove hate this with a passion and refused to sniff it
Bergamot Woods...Villa Bergamot 2.0
Sandalwood Citrus....very cologne-y; think "Cool Waters"...which I actually like but not enough to buy this candle
White Barn No1 Nutmeg and Spice ...I do like this one...very calm and creamy; total something to burn while wrapped in a blanket drinkin tea and reading a book

They also a had Sweater Weather, Cider Lane, Autumn and Marshmallow Fireside room sprays but neither of the two Pumpkin Preview only room sprays

I wound up not buying anything. I just didn't feel the need to; there were no sales goin on and frankly I'm just not ready to buy fall scents yet. My best friend noticed this and because he felt bad, he surprised me with a ceramic pumpkin candle which I thought was unnecessary but sweet nonetheless.

In conclusion, the preview was kinda  sorta lackluster though I'm still glad that I went. And kudos to BBW going ahead with the preview despite us fans a) already knowing what was in store and b) already ordered/ordering these candles from test stores. More and more products are gonna come trickling in over the next couple of weeks and by time September rolls around, the stores nationwide should have everything. So,with that's said,  if you haven't been to the preview already, don't waste your time; you're really not missing much!