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NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2014 Candle-y Goodness Part Deux (updated)

Sweet Shop
These are all online and I believe have hit some stores. At this point I believe that what we see is all that we're gonna get

Strawberry Sorbet(repackage of Strawberry Picnic)
Raspberry Peach Macaron(repackage of Sweet Macaron/Gelato?) Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut
Watermelon Lemonade
Frosted Cupcake
Red Velvet Cupcake
Lemon Drops (very similar to Limoncello) mini only Pink Bubblegum(mini only) Pink Lemonade Pound Cake (mini/mason jar only)
Pineapple Creampuff, Honey Cinnamon Crumb Cake, and what was destined to be a fan favorite Lavender Marshmallow all got the axe

Destination (take three)
BBW took all of the fan favorites from the past and tossed the safest and most unassuming scents that were testing this year

London Calling
Paris Daydream
Aloha Waikiki
Mahalo Maui
Tokyo Petals (not a repackage of Japanese Cherry Blossoms)
Sydney Harbor (repackage with a twist of Renew&Refresh)
Sunny South Beach - wallflower only

Unless BBW plans on having a late release, Havana Heat, Bermuda Break, Eme…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Destination Candles take 3

So this past weekend, the bf and I went on a road trip to an outlet mall about 40-50 minutes outside of the city. We knew there was a BBW there and was hoping to see some hidden gems and oldie but goodies. We finally got there only to wind up being a bit disappointed - there were no hidden gems or oldie but goodies to be seen ; it was just a regular store

The store had all of the Tropical candles (yawn) as well as not new but new Fresh Picked candles i.e. Market Peach, Garden Strawberry, Lemon Mint Leaf, etc (again, yawn) The store also had all of the Sweet Shoppe soaps, which I found to be very underwhelming, but no candles. The only really exciting things there were the Destination candles.

There were past favorites, London Calling, Paris Daydream and American Boardwalk (aka Summer Boardwalk) along with last years hits Rio Glow and Aloha Waikiki. I wasn't interested in those at all, I just wanted to get a sniff of the new scents from this year, Tokyo Petals, Mahalo Maui, Cheers to…

RANT OF THE DAY: Facebook Candle Scandal

So as you all know, there has been a price increase at BBW. 3wicks have gone up to 22.50 and the 2 for 22 sale that we luv so much changed to 2 for 25...and people were not havin it!!! On Facebook, folks lost their shit about this, thus starting...

CANDLE-GATE '14!!! *cue dramatic news report music

In every BBW group or fanpage, people were complaining left and right. It got so bad on the official BBW Facebook page that they took the comment section away.

Personally I think everybody has a right to be upset and complain but there are some who don't really feel that way. There are some with the attitude that BBW can do what they want as a business, their price increase is justifiable and customer should a)stop complaining cuz it won't do any good and/or b)stop buying their products completely.

I can't say I agree with any of that logic!

So for your viewing pleasure, here are personal rants that I posted on Facebook in response to what has been going on lately.

Donovan Th…


Products: candle and bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: Your perfect escort to any holiday party - Green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean

Missing note: cedarwood

Trivia: also known as Sage and Cedar

This candle proves as a testament that it's all about the marketing and that something simple as a name change can work wonders. This scent first appeared randomly sometime last year with other woodsy..."cologne-y" scents - Oakmoss Vetiver, Whitewater Birch and Sandalwood Citrus..all of which failed; people could give less than a **** about any of em!  Then Sage and Cedar and Sandalwood Citrus fought for supremacy this past fall and Sandalwood Citrus won the fight. S&C was like the skinny kid bein constantly bullied and put down by the popular kids. S&C got its revenge by getting itself total sexy black wax, new sexy Art Deco label and lastly a new sexy name....

BLAAAAACK...TIIIIIIIIE (said in my breathiest sexiest v…

RANT OF THE DAY: Farewell to Winter; Wishlist for next Winter

So as far as BBW is concerned, the winter season is officially over as SAS is officially over with more and more winter scents being phased out and more and more spring scents popping up in stores and online.

This year's winter line up was kinda lackluster. I'll spare y'all from yet another rant of how disappointed I was this winter. However, I will rant a bit about what I'd like to see next winter and how it could be improved.

Scents that I wanna try next winter
Evergreen or Fresh Balsam - truth be told, I'm not usually a fan of pine scents on their own; I'd much rather a pine note blended in with other notes, like Tis the Season or Snow Day or Winter Garland. But who knows, maybe next year I might wanna get out of my comfort zone. Methinks I'm leaning more towards Evergreen as opposed to Fresh Balsam. I had a Fresh Balsam bulb plugged in behind my Christmas tree this year or rather last year. I'd like it but I dunno if I could handle several FB bulbs pl…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Sparkling Icicles

Products: candles, bulbs and room spray
Area used in:  main and guest bathrooms and guest bedroom
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: As sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond, this fragrance features a citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss

Ahhh, Sparkling Icicles...Paris Daydream 2.0

So, back in my Snowed In review, I mentioned that last year I was overseas for the holidays and that I didn't find out about many of the new winter scents until well into January after I returned. Of course, that's SAS time and by mid-January many winter scents are already long gone. I heard about Littleballadeer's review of it and it sounded right up my alley...y'know, "cologne-y". Unfortunately by this point SI and many other scents that I had all disappeared! With that said, I vowed that I'd try in next year. And here we are ladies and gentlemen, SI is finally in my grasp...and I'm kinda over it!

Let's chat about about something …

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2014 Candle-y Goodness

Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to this upcoming spring season...

First of all we have everyone's favorite collection, the Tropical Collection, with the following already online and I believe slowly creeping into a few stores....Oceanside (bleggggh), Beach Cabana, Tiki Beach, Peach Bellini, Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita, Coconut Leaves, and Pineapple Mango..yawn!

We also have the long awaited Sweet Shop Collection which I believe should be hitting stores sometime next week. Some of the candles have appeared online so, unless BBW changes their mind and we get some late releases, it's like we know which candles are going wide...
Raspberry Peach Macaron - The ultimate French cookie is celebrated in a unique blend of ripe raspberries, juicy peach and almond cream(repackage of Gelato/Sweet Macaron?)Strawberry Sorbet - A cool, new treat to delight your senses, sorbet made from the sweetest, sun-ripened strawberries, spun sugar and a touch…


Products: candle and bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: Pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant

I was BEYOND excited for this scent. First of all, it was an all new scent...that didn't suck. Moreover, a "champagne" scent was loooooong overdue; Yankee Candles has had its Bubbly Champagne candle for ages. I thought it was nice and once again long overdue to have a champagne candle for New Years and not have to settle for Cranberry Pear Bellini or Peach Bellini. So I bought one on Black Friday and burned it one New Years Day and absolutely fell in love with much so that I wound up buying another one as well  as bulbs during SAS.

So let's talk performance. At first, things were not lookin so good...

Hot tunneling mess!!!
It starting to canyon after the first light. The flames were weak and stubby and left cliffs of wax on the sides. It continued to burn ratchedly …