NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2014 Candle-y Goodness Part Deux (updated)

Sweet Shop
These are all online and I believe have hit some stores. At this point I believe that what we see is all that we're gonna get

Strawberry Sorbet  (repackage of Strawberry Picnic) 
Raspberry Peach Macaron  (repackage of Sweet Macaron/Gelato?)
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut
Watermelon Lemonade
Frosted Cupcake
Red Velvet Cupcake
Lemon Drops (very similar to Limoncello) mini only
Pink Bubblegum (mini only)
Pink Lemonade Pound Cake (mini/mason jar only)
Pineapple Creampuff, Honey Cinnamon Crumb Cake, and what was destined to be a fan favorite Lavender Marshmallow all got the axe

Destination (take three)
BBW took all of the fan favorites from the past and tossed the safest and most unassuming scents that were testing this year

London Calling
Paris Daydream
Aloha Waikiki
Mahalo Maui
Tokyo Petals (not a repackage of Japanese Cherry Blossoms)
Sydney Harbor (repackage with a twist of Renew&Refresh)
Sunny South Beach - wallflower only

Unless BBW plans on having a late release, Havana Heat, Bermuda Break, Emerald Isle, Mad About Madrid, Fleur De Provence, Sunny St. Tropez, The Greek Isles  

Recently BBW released two new scents for this line...both of which are coffee scents with almost the exact same notes...

Café Italia - coffee beans, vanilla cream (repackage of Espresso Bar)
Road to Kona - coffee beans, fresh milk, vanilla (wtf, really?!)

Fresh Picked
It's safe to assume that this is the next in line to be released. Some have appeared online already. Once again safe choices...

Lilac Blossom
Honeysuckle Bouquet
Garden Strawberry
Market Peach
Lemon Mint Leaf
Pink Passionfruit - passion fruit, guava and sugarcane

Pomelo Grapefruit - grapefruit, pomelo, orange
Snap Peas (very similar to Green Grass)

As for Heirloom Greens, Wild Berries, Lemon Cucumber and Sweet Spearmint, they were on clearance in test other words, say bye bye!

Three new candles have recently resurfaced...

Majestic Rose - rose petals, violet leaves, white amber (repackage of Flower Shop?)
Golden Sunflower - sunflowers, bergamot, white oak (repackage of Citrus Sunflower or Sunflower)
Farmstand Freesia - freesia, jasmine, garden air (Garden Freesia?)

Aloha Hawaii
Looks like this line has made it thru test mode and we should be getting glimpses of this line next month or so.

Pineapple Palm Grass - pineapple, green foilage
Lanakai Coconut - sweet, coconut , milk seawater, & palm tree leaves
Island Waters- water notes, lush green palm leaves, bamboo
Hawaiian Hibiscus - hibiscus  coconut & jasmine notes
Rainforest Sugarcane - lime, sugar cane, vanilla orchid
Black Sands - ocean mist, amber, cedarwood
White Orchid Lei - orchid petals, melon.

Red Guava Lava
Mango Dragonfruit
Mahalo Maui

*New Scents currently in test stores*
Provence Garden

This a new line of relatively new scents inspired by Provence in Southern France. It looks like this line has made it thru test phase as well as; I dunno when it'll appear in stores but I'm guessin later in spring (April-ish?)

Mediterranean Iris  - orange blossoms, blonde woods
French Lavender  - lavender, vanilla (not a repackage of Lavender Vanilla
Lemon Verbena verbena blossoms, lily of the valley
Citron Cedarwood - cedar, fresh citrus, green moss (repackage of Sage&Cedar/Black Tie)
Sundrenched Vineyard - white wine grapes, French oak (repackage of Cranberry!)
Springtime in Provence - raspberries, peaches, hint of citrus
Wild Poppies - poppy, juicy peach, sparkling lemon  (repackage of Poppy Sunshine)
Provence Garden -  garden greens, pear blossoms, ivy

Garden Party
This line is a little strange as it has candles that are already in other lines. Moreover the new scents are kinda underwhelming. This line is cute in theory but a little sloppy in execution

Spring (white wax) already in unnamed White Barn line
Lilac Blossom - already in White Barn line and Freshed Picked
Honeysuckle - also in White Barn line and Freshed Picked
Watermelon Lemonade - also in Sweet Shop
Sugar Berry Spritzer - sparkling water, sugarberries and elderflowers
Sundress - lilies, Tonka beans, bergamot
Pink Petal Tea Cake - garden rose petals, freshly baked cake, vanilla glaze
Garden Party - pink garden roses, pear blossoms, musk
Bloom peonies, lily of the valley, pear (repackage of First Bloom)

Coastal Cool
This is the newest line to hit test stores. These candles sport colored frosted tumblers and plastic lids instead of the metal ones. Most of these are repackages and they all seem to have the most vague notes

Coastal Sun - orange, grapefruit, California days (wtf?) (repackage of Citrus Flower)
Turquoise Waters - seaspray, sunlight, beachgrass (umm, ok?!)
Sunset Beach - fruit pops, sugar cane, sun rays (huh?)
Beach Day - saltwater, lemon leaves, citrus musk
Perfect Wave - water floweres, eucalyptus and surf (repackage of Eucalyptus Mint & Rain/White Barn Summer)
Palm Leaves - green palm, agave, aloe (repackage of White Palm?)
Pacific Coast Highway - ocean mist, vetiver, Pacific Breezes (again wtf?!) (repackage of Oakmoss & Vetiver?)
Suntan - sundrenched flowers, neroli blossoms, driftwood (repackage of Beachside)
Endless Weekend - summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood
Ocean Driftwood - iced lavender, bergamot, artic air (repackage of Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods?)

Lifeinsidethepage has a list of these candles with more accurate and realistic notes

Also be sure to check out Touchthefiretwice's channel as he has video reviews on every single one of these lines!


WALK 'N' SNIFF: Destination Candles take 3

So this past weekend, the bf and I went on a road trip to an outlet mall about 40-50 minutes outside of the city. We knew there was a BBW there and was hoping to see some hidden gems and oldie but goodies. We finally got there only to wind up being a bit disappointed - there were no hidden gems or oldie but goodies to be seen ; it was just a regular store

The store had all of the Tropical candles (yawn) as well as not new but new Fresh Picked candles i.e. Market Peach, Garden Strawberry, Lemon Mint Leaf, etc (again, yawn) The store also had all of the Sweet Shoppe soaps, which I found to be very underwhelming, but no candles. The only really exciting things there were the Destination candles.

There were past favorites, London Calling, Paris Daydream and American Boardwalk (aka Summer Boardwalk) along with last years hits Rio Glow and Aloha Waikiki. I wasn't interested in those at all, I just wanted to get a sniff of the new scents from this year, Tokyo Petals, Mahalo Maui, Cheers to Capri and Sydney Harbor.

Now before my "WALK 'N' SNIFF" review, please allow me to rant for a sec...

It seems once again BBW went very safe and mainstream with their choices of this year's Destination lineup. They threw in London Calling (of course, that's a fan fav), Paris Daydream (the scent BBW just refuses to let die) and revamped and relabeled Summer Boardwalk(American Boardwalk) as well as Limoncello (Cheers to Capri). Then they threw in last year's two hits, Rio Glow and Aloha Waikiki. Finally they tossed in all of the most safe and unassuming scents from the ones testing this year. It's really disappointing cuz they're were some really interesting and out there scents..Fleur de Provence, The Greek Isles, Havana Heat, Mad about Madrid, Emerald Isle, etc. Friggin Sunny St Tropez was a repackage a scent that everyone went nuts for the two years that it was released - Suntan/Poolside! BBW is so scared of offending customers and losing money by releasing out there scents that they continue to make safe choices causing diehard BBW'ers to either make Customer Relation purchases sans coupons or make bids Evil-bay. BBW, take a friggin risk!

On to the review

Tokyo Petals/Electric Tokyo
First of all, I'm glad the changed the name cuz I thought Electric Tokyo was a stupid and that didn't fit the notes. I was among many that assumed that this was a repackaged of the dreaded and ancient Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I am relieved to say that it isn't! In fact I daresay that this is 10x better than JCB! However I must admit the scent has me confused. Sake has little to no scent at all and nor do cherry blossoms. And the berry note is blueberry which, compared to other berries, has a very slight unassuming smell to them. So all of the notes used in the description don't smell like much of anything..sooo what the hell did I smell? It's quite floral and a little powdery; it's smells quite jasmine-y, maybe pear or plum blossoms. I am completely stumped, I just dunno..or as they say in Japan...分かんない

Mahalo Maui
This one was just ok. Honestly I didn't really see the point of this scent since there are soooo tropical smelling scents out there. Plus there's already a "Hawaiian" scent, Aloha Waikiki. Now you would think with the moniker "Mai Tai Sunsets" you would safely assume that it would be smell sweet, citrusy, fruity, bubbly. No not so much. This one wasn't as tropical fruit smelling as I thought it would be. It's also a kinda heavy on the musk. To me, it kinda smells like suntan lotion. It's a just very pointless scent whose spot could've been used for a better scent.

Cheers to Capri
It's just Limoncello, there's not really much to say about it. Don't get me wrong, I love lemony scents but I've already smelled this scent before and I'm bored with it. And I feel like BBW has gone overboard with the lemon scents this year - Limoncello, Sugared Lemons, Lemon Drops and now CtC. But everyone loved those scents so BBW is simply givin the people what they want.

Sydney Harbor
This one of the truly unique scents that caught my attention. It sounded super fresh and clean which is right up my alley. Then I saw Touchthefiretwice's review which basically said that it was a repackage of Renew&Refresh. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Then I sniffed it in the store and sure enough it smiled very similar. Then something told me to do a comparison sniff as the store also happened to have this year's R&R. There's definitely a difference. Now there's no denying the two smell very much a like but I don't think SH is a repackage of R&R...maybe a repackage with a twist but it's not a full on dupe. I would say it kinda smells like a mix of R&R and Fresh Bamboo. SH has the same green fesh but woody "bamboo" note in it that Fresh Bamboo has. No eucalyptus note whatsoever which is weird considering Australia is known for its eucalyptus, not so much bamboo. In opinion, a scent like this should've been more similar to Sweater Weather or Eucalyptus Mint&Rain. Take the "rain" note from R&R, mix in the juniper and eucalyptus notes from Sweater Weather and the mint note from EM&R, maybe some cucumber/melon, some sea salt, call it a day. Oh well...

By the way, recently I managed to get two test scent Destination candles that I had my eye on. What are they, you wonder? Stay tuned for my upcoming Spring Extravaganza Haul post and video....

RANT OF THE DAY: Facebook Candle Scandal

So as you all know, there has been a price increase at BBW. 3wicks have gone up to 22.50 and the 2 for 22 sale that we luv so much changed to 2 for 25...and people were not havin it!!! On Facebook, folks lost their shit about this, thus starting...

CANDLE-GATE '14!!! *cue dramatic news report music

In every BBW group or fanpage, people were complaining left and right. It got so bad on the official BBW Facebook page that they took the comment section away.

Personally I think everybody has a right to be upset and complain but there are some who don't really feel that way. There are some with the attitude that BBW can do what they want as a business, their price increase is justifiable and customer should a)stop complaining cuz it won't do any good and/or b)stop buying their products completely.

I can't say I agree with any of that logic!

So for your viewing pleasure, here are personal rants that I posted on Facebook in response to what has been going on lately.

Sooo 2 for 25 started today...I can't say that I'm really excited. In fact, I'm very pissed at the price increase even though I knew it was inevitable. The fact that despite the unpredictable burns and lack of truly new and unrepackaged scents BBW is still upping the price makes them look incredibly greedy! Moreover I'm a little annoyed that there aren't new spring scents online...just the same stuff we saw during SAS, some of which are back full price. Really BBW?!!!
Here's my last and final rant about the 2/$25 fiasco. I believe the real reason people are pissed is because the price increase doesn't match the quality. The burns are iffy and unpredictable, throws are light, scents that were super strong are now weaker by comparison and were getting too many lazy repackaged scents. And in my opinion, BBW is being greedy. Since their candles have become so in the last 2-3 years, they think can continue to up the price and no one will bat an eye, extra profit. WRONG! Theyre gonna lose profit. People (myself included) will be buying much less from now on. Moreover they're gonna push people right into the arms of their competitors; Kringle, Village, Gold Canyon and even Yankee are gonna blow up! So in conclusion, for everyone who is annoyed, frustrated and pissed off, you have every right to be!
Okay, I promise this is my final FINAL rant! EVERYONE has a right to feel slighted, annoyed, frustrated and pissed off about the current situation and have every right to complain regardless of the impact or lack thereof. No one is denying that candles are luxury items and there are bigger issues in the world to be upset about however to use this as a reason for people to shut up is patronizing an...d condescending. We're all (for the most part) are adults and don't need to be chastized. Nor do we all have to agree each other's opinions. I've stated my opinion on the matter and whether it's right or wrong, it is still my opinion. If you want to complain, raise your voice and speak out! If you feel aggravated about the matter, you have every right to be regardless of what others think! And if you decide to go on a BBW ban, branch out to other brands or simply buy less, that is your business!

Lastly I want to say (yet again) I don't think people are upset about money per se but rather the principle of the matter. Its not so much that people are just being cheap but rather they feel they're being bullshitted against. Will complaining or not buying products change anything? Who knows! We'll simply have to wait and see.

*drops mike
I had quite a few folks agree with me
Anyhoo, you can go on Facebook and see what I and others had to say (my page, GO AND LIKE IT!)


Products: candle and bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: Your perfect escort to any holiday party - Green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean

Missing note: cedarwood

Trivia: also known as Sage and Cedar

This candle proves as a testament that it's all about the marketing and that something simple as a name change can work wonders. This scent first appeared randomly sometime last year with other woodsy..."cologne-y" scents - Oakmoss Vetiver, Whitewater Birch and Sandalwood Citrus..all of which failed; people could give less than a **** about any of em!  Then Sage and Cedar and Sandalwood Citrus fought for supremacy this past fall and Sandalwood Citrus won the fight. S&C was like the skinny kid bein constantly bullied and put down by the popular kids. S&C got its revenge by getting itself total sexy black wax, new sexy Art Deco label and lastly a new sexy name....

BLAAAAACK...TIIIIIIIIE (said in my breathiest sexiest voice)

People ate it up! Once again, it's all about the marketing! Even I fell for it! And like a drunken one night stand, I took this one home for an evening of pleasure only to regret it big time the next day!

Now when I first heard that BT was a repackage of S&C,  I was honestly a little bewildered. Because the scent never went wide , I never got to sniff it. However, just judging from the notes, it just didn't sound very sexy. Then when the Toast the Night candles came out and I was able to sniff, I didn't smell as random as I thought it would and found myself wanting to buy it. With the name and the label, I started imagining Leonardo di Caprio wearing a scent like this on the set of The Great Gatsby. I was intrigued; I swear it was like bein hit on in a bar...

"OMG, that guy was hot and he was totes hitting on me...I'm gonna give him my number!"

Back to the review...

So, BT performed like a champ. High dancing flames all the way to the bottom as well as a deep wax pool...not that you could see it cuz everything is the same inky black color. And the throw...hmmm, I'd say it was medium-ish. It kinda filled my bedroom but didn't overwhelm me at all...which is a good thing cuz this isn't a scent that I would want to be super strong and knock me out.

Now the scent...*sigh even back when this was S&C, people immediately described this as "cologne-y".  I kinda have to agree! Much like Black Pepper Bergamot, Mahogany Teakwood and Boathouse Row, there's an undeniably masculine vibe to BT. I can see a scent like this being sold at Macy's or Sephora. The dominant note is definitely the cedarwood, which BBW changed to sandalwood..probably to entice y'all ladies. Next you smell the slight almost musky pungent sage note that BBW loves to blend with woody notes. And last but not least, there is the Tonka bean note chillin in the background. I guess BBW added this almost vanilla bean like note to sweeten the blend and keep it from smell too woody and nature-y. It's an interesting blend to say the least but certainly nothing to throw a parade over.

I bought the decorated bulb with the black casing and golden wrought iron-y design. As pretty as it is, I wasn't feelin the smell. It smells a little different than the candle; I can't really explain the difference but I didn't and still don't like it. Moreover, the throw was enough to fill my bedroom, too bad I'm not too crazy about the scent. Honestly, I'm just waiting for it to dry up so I can move on to the next scent.

So, in conclusion I can say without a doubt that Black Tie/S&C is perhaps the only cologne-y scent that I've smelled so far that I really don't care for. I don't really regret getting it but I certainly won't ever get it again and I'm glad I'm almost done with it. 

Ladies (and gentlemen) much like that sketchy guy giving you lustful glances and buying you shots, politely nod and walk way knowing you can do so much better!  

RANT OF THE DAY: Farewell to Winter; Wishlist for next Winter

So as far as BBW is concerned, the winter season is officially over as SAS is officially over with more and more winter scents being phased out and more and more spring scents popping up in stores and online.

This year's winter line up was kinda lackluster. I'll spare y'all from yet another rant of how disappointed I was this winter. However, I will rant a bit about what I'd like to see next winter and how it could be improved.

Scents that I wanna try next winter
Evergreen or Fresh Balsam - truth be told, I'm not usually a fan of pine scents on their own; I'd much rather a pine note blended in with other notes, like Tis the Season or Snow Day or Winter Garland. But who knows, maybe next year I might wanna get out of my comfort zone. Methinks I'm leaning more towards Evergreen as opposed to Fresh Balsam. I had a Fresh Balsam bulb plugged in behind my Christmas tree this year or rather last year. I'd like it but I dunno if I could handle several FB bulbs plugged in as well as a candle. At least Evergreen isn't as powerful and in your face as FB. I dunno, we'll see...

New Scents that should stay 
Snow Day - SD really is a fantastic scent but as I said in my review, the throw was disappointingly weak. If BBW could pump up the throw action, Snow Day would truly be the!

Champagne Toast - as I said in my review, a champagne scent was long overdue and perfect for post New Years' Eve. I would advise them to replace Peach Bellini with CT as it's more appropriate and let Cranberry Pear Bellini be the only "bellini" scent for winter. However, I also recommend bringing CT for the spring/summer as a "mimosa" scent.

Scents that should return
Eggnog Cheer - cuz duh, eggnog is a traditional winter beverage! Personally, BBW should replace that hot mess Hot Buttered Rum with EC cuz HBR is just gross! Besides, I think more people drink eggnog during the holidays than hot buttered rum. BBW, let that scent go!

Frosted Gingerbread - another duh! It was beyond random and bewildering that FG didn't go wide this year as it has been a staple scent for years. The only problem with FG is that on cold throw there's a weird corn chip/Tostitos/Doritos smell. If BBW could fix that, people would go nuts for it!

Hot Chocolate - once again, yet another duh! What's wintertime without hot cocoa?! This scent just needs to be upgraded. Take the dark chocolate from Mint Chocolate, add a vanilla been note, a bit of marshmallow fluff and a splash of brandy...tell me that ish doesn't good!!!

Candied Sugar Plum - this one of the many fabulous scents from the winter of 2011. The notes are fabulous - apple, orange, sugared plum, boysenberries and cinnamon. I dunno about yall, I think that all sounds beyond fabulous! This could totally replace Winter Candle Apple. Keep that mess as bodycare, not a candle.

Holiday Gumdrop - another winter staple as well as another fabulous scent from 2011. Once again, fabulous notes - cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla and anise. Like Candied Sugar Plum are different enough to grab people's attention but sweet enough to get all over the sweety/bakery lovers on board. Either this or CSP could definitely replace that gummy worm smellin Winter Candle Apple.

Sleigh Ride - another scent from 2011. Now this one was a strange one - juniper, fir and rosemary. This could easily replace Snowed in and be winter's version of Sweater Weather.; Sleigh Ride's notes are more wintery than Snowed In. This may be a bit of hard sell, especially with the sweety/bakery/gourmand lovers but with the right promotion, this honestly could be a hit. It happened with Sweater Weather, it could happen with Sleigh Ride.

Winter Garland - this scent is the S***!!! It's so fresh and vibrant and holiday-ish. Like Tis the Season, it just smells like the Christmastime. Look at the notes - cranberry, blood orange, red berries, cedar, pine and clove - just fabulous! I found a wf bulb 2pack of this Amazon and I can't wait to use it next winter.

Merry Mistletoe - very bizarre that this didn't return after bein around 2-3 years and it was scent that people liked. Also bizarre that it was renamed Winter Wreath and it didn't go wide. This was a nice wintery scent that could used for post Christmas throughout the winter season.

Pinecone/Autumn Snow - this poor scent just could not get a break. Twice it tested with different names and still didn't go wide. It's not a bad scent by any means - peppermint, evergreen, balsam, spruce and cypress. It's a nice outdoorsy scent for winter, a nice departure from all the typical spiced or sugary sweet bakery scents. All this scent needs is a good name. Pinecone didn't fit cuz it's too plain and boring and it just didn't seem very fall-ish. Autumn Snow didn't work cuz although it was released in October/November in test stores, most folks  don't burn their winter candles til after Thanksgiving..which doesn't really feel like fall anymore. It needs a nice WINTER themed name, something alluring like... Winter Woods or Forest, Winter Trail, Winter Snowflake, Fresh Fallen Snow, Jack Frost (even though Yankee already has one), Holiday Frost, Yuletide, Snowy Night/Evening, Sparkling Pine. A good name is all it needs. It worked for Black Tie!

Scents that we need
a mulled wine scent - mulled wine scent is long overdue. Now BBW realized a wine scent for the failed and expensive Prestige line - Wine Den (the notes were red fruit, patchouli and saffron) Just add some clove and it would be perfect!

Christmas punch - I love a good Christmas punch. In fact I made some this past Christmas and it was the bomb! As far as a scent goes, think something along the lines of Cinnamon Tea - some pomegranate and cranberry notes, some orange zest with a dash of cinnamon and clove with a hint of English (Darjeeling) tea in the background.

holiday pomander - this a traditional old timey scent for Christmastime. It's basically a type of orange studded with clove buds. I think this would be an easy home fragranceto make; take a fresh clementine or blood orange note, blend with some clove, nutmeg, ginger, made some anise or some muddle rosemary. The fresh fruit and spice/herbal lovers would go crazy. Now a looooong time ago, there was an actual Holiday Pomander candle with same notes as what we know now as Frosted Cranberry...which doesn't make since as traditional holiday pomanders are orange and clove...but whatevs

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Sparkling Icicles

Products: candles, bulbs and room spray
Area used in:  main and guest bathrooms and guest bedroom
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: As sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond, this fragrance features a citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss

Ahhh, Sparkling Icicles...Paris Daydream 2.0

So, back in my Snowed In review, I mentioned that last year I was overseas for the holidays and that I didn't find out about many of the new winter scents until well into January after I returned. Of course, that's SAS time and by mid-January many winter scents are already long gone. I heard about Littleballadeer's review of it and it sounded right up my alley...y'know, "cologne-y". Unfortunately by this point SI and many other scents that I had all disappeared! With that said, I vowed that I'd try in next year. And here we are ladies and gentlemen, SI is finally in my grasp...and I'm kinda over it!

Let's chat about about something first.  Now e'rybody and their grandma has said that SI is a repackage of Paris Daydream. Touchthefiretwice takes it even further theorizes that both may be a repackage of an old aromatherapy candle called Flirt; the notes were mandarin, sage and emerald waters..whatever hell that is! Now the notes between SI and PD are very very similar, almost interchangeable; both have citrus, both of an orange (mandarin vs bergamot) and both have moss.

I personally don't think SI is a straight on dupe of PD but rather a repackage with a twist. I don't quite know why, but note-wise there's a difference. The citrus notes are more pronounced and prominent in SI whereas PD more musky. PD also has a warmer more feminine vibe to it while SI is more cooler and masculine; I can see why it's marketed as a winter scent. That said, SI certainly doesn't conjure images of winter time (nor more than PD makes you think of a rainy afternoon in gay Paree). However, it's cool, fresh, masculine scent and a nice departure from your typical winter/holiday type scents.

Now if y'all will indulge me, I'd like to rant for a hot minute. I hate Hate HATE the label!!! I wasn't a big fan of many of the stock photo labels used for the Snow Day line but this one aggravated as well as the description.... "as sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond" Come on BBW, REALLY?! Gimme a damn break!!! Compare that to last year's description

(*said in soft sultry perfume/cologne commercial voice)"As sparkling and luminescent as icicles on a tree under the winter's moon..."

That sounds friggin beautiful and poetic!! 

Anyhoo, on to the review. Performance-wise, SI was fabulous! Big thick mushroom tips and high dancing flames..perhaps a little too high as the they left soot along the rim of the tumbler. And maybe I'm just trippin, but I feel like this candle compared to others I had in the past was very very bright. I would have this burning with the dark and I swear it was like I had the lights on. Anyway, on first light, the wax had a little bit of trouble completely melting the wax but after that the wax melted evenly and deeply. Let me talk about the wax...I love that BBW changed the wax color to this pretty light icy blue. And when it melts, the wax pool becomes this gorgeous  ultra blue/ultra violet/periwinkle...very pretty to look at at night. The throw is kinda medium-ish, definitely not choke you out/knock you out...thank goodness, cuz I don't really enjoy this scent enough to be super strong and overwhelming.

Now the scent... *sigh....let's just get it over with...yes it smells..."cologne-y" In fact, it smells exactly like a specific cologne -Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gio. It's a very fresh, clean, cool, watery fragrance that shares the same notes with SI/PD - lemon/lime, mandarin, bergamot, moss, cedarwood and musk. I smelled it at Macy's one afternoon and I really liked it but unfortunately it's a bit expensive. Anyway, I digress. I get the orange-y bergamot note which in BBW scents always comes across as cologne-y. And there's a very slight hint of lemon-lime (more lime) way in the background. Now I dunno what the hell holiday moss is...I just imagine magic sparkling glittery moss hangin off evergreen trees that Santa's reindeers nibble that gives them the power to fly! Anyway there is definitely a moss note in there, holiday or otherwise, that adds a earthy dampness to the blend. And I swear, I get a musk note in their, like the white musk note that's in the men's White Citrus body care. In fact, SI as a whole reminds me of the White Citrus body care.   

I also got some wf bulbs..I originally was gona use these in my living room but changed my mind and put them the two bathrooms and guest room. They're nice at first but after awhile, they start to smell off. They get kinda wet and musty smellin, like if you left wet towels or sponges around. I'm guessin it's because of the moss and musk notes in the oil. Speakin of which, the oil changes color halfway thru; it's goes from this pretty icy blue to this cruddy urine color...not cute!

I also bought the room spray, cuz the snowman label is sooo cute...

I love the smell of the room spray, more so than the candle and especially the wf bulbs. It smells so fresh and crisp, like a sexy men's body spray.

In conclusion, SI is just aiight! I'm glad I tried it this year but I don't think I'd ever get this again and I certainly would not be heartbroken if it never got released again. If you like fresh," type scents, try it..though I'd recommend just getting the room spray. If you missed it this winter and it's not around next year, honestly you didn't miss much!

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2014 Candle-y Goodness

Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to this upcoming spring season...

First of all we have everyone's favorite collection, the Tropical Collection, with the following already online and I believe slowly creeping into a few stores....Oceanside (bleggggh), Beach Cabana, Tiki Beach, Peach Bellini, Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita, Coconut Leaves, and Pineapple Mango..yawn!

We also have the long awaited Sweet Shop Collection which I believe should be hitting stores sometime next week. Some of the candles have appeared online so, unless BBW changes their mind and we get some late releases, it's like we know which candles are going wide...
  • Raspberry Peach Macaron - The ultimate French cookie is celebrated in a unique blend of ripe raspberries, juicy peach and almond cream (repackage of Gelato/Sweet Macaron?)
  • Strawberry Sorbet - A cool, new treat to delight your senses, sorbet made from the sweetest, sun-ripened strawberries, spun sugar and a touch of vanilla (repackage of Strawberry Picnic)
  • Lemon DropsThat magnificent mouth-puckering mixture of sweet and tart is captured in this blend of fresh lemon zest, sugar crystals and a hint of vanilla (repackage of Limoncello?)
  • Pink Bubblegum - A fragrance you can really sink your teeth into with notes of pink sugar cane, juicy watermelon and a hint of vanilla
  • Pink Lemonade Poundcake - A delicious combination of two classic bakery treats includes notes of freshly squeezed lemon, rich cake and ripe raspberries (uumm, yummy!!!)
Returning favs include Watermelon Lemonade, fan favorite Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts, Red Velvet Cupcake (ugh, why?!) and Frosted Cupcake (this scent just refuses to friggin die!)

There's also round 3 of the Destinations collection. The line this year looked very promising with new locales and seemingly new notes/blends. Sadly, as is always the case, BBW went very mainstream and safe with its releases. Once again, unless BBW makes some last minute releases, the candles currently available online are very ho-hum...
  • Electric Tokyo aka Tokyo Petals  An exotic combination of Japanese iced sake, delicate cherry blossoms and a hint of berries. Arigato Japan! (according to reports, this is NOT a repackage of Japanese Cherry Blossom! Also, according to the BBW grapevine, this candle will be repackaged as "Pink Petals" for Mother's Day..uummm, ok?)
  • Mahalo Maui - Go an instant vacation with a blend inspired by our favorite Hawaiian island featuring notes of passion fruit, white flowers and a hint of soft musk. Let's luau!
  • Sydney Harbor - Experience Australia's most beautiful harbor city with a blend of salt waters, exhilarating eucalyptus and bamboo wood. Visit the land down under! (repackage of Renew & Refresh)
  • Cheers to Capri -  Raise your glass to this fragrance inspired by Italy’s beloved drink, Limoncello, with its notes of Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest! Drink in the beauty of Italy! (obviously a repackage of Limoncello)
Returning scents include Aloha Waikiki, Paris Daydream, London Calling, Rio Glow, and American Boardwalk aka Summer Boardwalk

Not much talk about the Fresh Picked Collection. Currently online are past favs; Honeysuckle Bouquet (Honeysuckle), Lemon Mint Leaf, Market Peach, Garden Strawberry (last year's Strawberry), and Lilac Blossom

No word on the Hawaii Collection...

Now onto the truly new and exciting part!!!!

With all these random collections coming one after the after the other, people (myself included) were worried that BBW wasn't going to release a spring line of scents, for example last year there was Spring, Green Grass, Garden Freesia, Lilac Blossom etc. Moreover, unlike this past fall and winter, there was no mention of a "White Barn" line....until now. A revamped version of Spring and Renew & Refresh with this year's custom White Barn label. No word yet on what else will appear in this line

Lastly, it seems there are two new collection currently in test stores. Whether or not these will see the light of day nationwide remains to be seen.

*DISCALIMER* the following information came from Life Inside the Page

The first line currently testing is the Destination Garden which seem to be inspired by the sunny and fragrant garden of Provence . I was quite excited when I first saw these as the packaging/wax/labels are gorgeous and rustic. Then I saw the notes and I stopped being excited
  •   Mediterranean Iris - The flower comes in a rainbow of colors, but elegant white iris is the centerpiece of our delicately fresh blend of orange blossoms and blonde woods (repackage of Sandalwood Citrus maybe?)
  • French Lavender - Never-ending fields of lavender are the essence of Provence and are recreated in a transporting blend of wild lavender heightened by a hint of vanilla (sounds like Lavender Vanilla to me....very disappointing)
  • Lemon VerbenaThe luscious lemon scent of the plant grows on the country roads in Provence inspired a sunny blend of verbena blossoms and lily of the valley (now this sounds promising...unless it's Verbena Waters or Aromatherapy Verbena Vanilla)
  • Citron Cedarwood - Elegant cedar thrives in the countryside of Southern France and is the heart of this sunny blend of fresh citrus and green moss (hmmm. this sounds like a test scent from this past fall, Cedarwood Trail...cedarwood, neroli and musk
  • Sundrenched Vineyard - A full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes and French oak recalls an unforgettable day at the family-run vineyard in a tiny Provençal village (this sounds like the only real new scent in this whole line!)
  • Springtime in Provence - Experience the beauty of springtime in France's Provence region with a blend of fresh raspberries, juicy peaches and a hint of citrus (I'm gonna go with...Market Peach)
  • Wild Poppies - Some say that French farmers plant fields of poppies simply for their beauty. This lovely blend of poppy, juicy peach and sparkling lemon is attribute to breathtaking views of endless red petals (I wonder if this is a repackage of test scent from the Summer Lake/Lakeside collection called Wildflower Valley or another test scent from the 2011 Fresh Picked line called Peach Lavender 
  • Provence Garden - From garden to table, much of French cuisine includes herbs like the ones in this blend of fresh garden greens, pear blossoms and a hint of ivy (honestly this one has me perplexed..pear blossom and ivy?! At first I wondered if this was Tuscan Herbs/Market Herbs but now I'm wondering if it's  Heirloom Greens from this spring's Fresh Picked line)
Lastly another very mysterious line has popped randomly. From the looks of it, they give off a very middle of spring Easter-y garden party pastoral/floral as well as overall feminine vibe. And the notes don't sound half bad...
  • Sugar Berry Spritzer - Offer your guests a special treat - sugarberry spritzer. This spring, effervescent blend captures the fun and festivity of a garden party in sparkling water, sugarberries and elderflowers (this sounds soooo good. I love a good spritzer and I'm all about elderflowers)
  • Sundress - Easy and breezy as a sunny day in the garden, this blend of bright lilies, Tonka beans and bergamot is a beautiful new style of fragrance (I'm glad to see this isn't a repackage of Party Dress. Ladies, look forward to more clothing ensemble themed scents in the near future)
  • Pink Petal Tea Cake - Tea for two becomes even sweeter with the frangrance of pink petal tea cake made from garden rose petals, freshly baked cake and vanilla glaze (this sounds amazeballs, fingers crossed that this won't be a mix of Frosted Cupcake and some random floral like Garden Freesia or Floral Shop)
  • Garden Party - You're cordially invited to enjoy a blend of pink garden roses and pear blossoms wrapped in soft musk (hmmm, this may be either First Bloom or Flower Shop)
  • Bloom
Returning favs are Honeysuckle (why?!) and Watermelon Lemonade (again why?!)


Products: candle and bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid January - mid February

Description: Pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant

I was BEYOND excited for this scent. First of all, it was an all new scent...that didn't suck. Moreover, a "champagne" scent was loooooong overdue; Yankee Candles has had its Bubbly Champagne candle for ages. I thought it was nice and once again long overdue to have a champagne candle for New Years and not have to settle for Cranberry Pear Bellini or Peach Bellini. So I bought one on Black Friday and burned it one New Years Day and absolutely fell in love with much so that I wound up buying another one as well  as bulbs during SAS.

So let's talk performance. At first, things were not lookin so good...

Hot tunneling mess!!!

It starting to canyon after the first light. The flames were weak and stubby and left cliffs of wax on the sides. It continued to burn ratchedly like this for the next couple of lights. If the throw wasn't pleasant, it would've sent this back to the store. Then after the 4th or 5th light, it somehow  corrected itself and has been burning perfectly ever since.

*angelic chorus

The wax, so far, has melted into nice deep pools. Unfortunately, with each burn, the wax has become cruddier and cruddier looking, to the point of looking almost khaki. This is the only colored wax candle, besides Beach Cabana, that I've seen grow so cruddy.

The throw has been perfect - not too strong but not too weak either. It fills a room without becoming overwhelming. For this kind of scent, I think CT's strength is just right.

Now the scent.... let's not beat around the bus. Real talk, it smells very similar to Summertime almost exactly. It's definitely not a repackage but there's no denying how similar the two smell. I mean, compare the notes...

Citrus (lemon/lime).....................................................nectarine
Soda effervescence.............................. bubbly champagne 
Vanilla...................................................champagne (sweet rose)

It's like a crisper and more "winter-y" version of Summertime Soda.
Anyhoo, when you first sniff it, you immediately get the nectarine note; it's very crisp, tart and juicy. It almost smells candy-like, like an orange Starburst. Then you get the even more tart blackcurrant note, which seems to be in lot of BBW's "alcohol-ey/bellini" scents ie. Cranberry Pear Bellini, Peach Bellini and Bellini Café. I'm not a big fan of the blackcurrant notes that BBW uses; there's something kinda cough syrup-y/cough drops-esque about Luden Wild Cherry Cough Drops and I smell it in all of these candles - CT is no exception. Anyway, lastly there's a sweet and pleasant effervescence that hits your nose last. It's not as nose tingling as Summertime Soda or as bubbly as Cranberry Pear Bellini but it's still very pleasant.

The wf bulbs are really nice and fresh although I do wish that they were just a bit more stronger. Not much more I have to say about em.

Y'know I wish I could fall head over heels with CT but the truth is I think it's just aiight! I don't hate this scent by any means, in fact I really really like it. However there's a part of me that wishes that BBW tried just bit more harder on this scent. I just have two very small nitpicky complaint about CT. I just wish that there was a)more of fizziness effect to it like Summertime Soda and b)the nectarine note wasn't so dominant. Because of that, to me this smells less like a sparkling bubbly glass of champagne and more like a mimosa.  In fact, if this was marketed as such with a name like "Morning Mimosa", I think I would be into this scent more. Moreover, because the nectarine note is so juicy and vibrant, to me it doesn't read as a "winter" scent, even with the blackcurrant notes. This is something I would burn in the spring or summer. It's because of this as well as the ratchet burn in the beginning that I didn't give CT the coveted THIS IS THE BOMB.COM title.

However, don't let this minor complaint dissuade you; it's not a bad scent by any means. I daresay this has been one of the more popular scents this winter, with good reason. I do hope it sticks around and becomes a BBW staple.