WALK 'N' SNIFF: More Fall Candles

So yesterday my bf and I braved the elements and made a trip to GSP; the bf was craving Mexican food cuz there's an awesome Mexican restaurant nearby and of course I wanted to get my BOGO on. Alas I was more than a little disappointed by what they didn't have

No Cranberry Woods or Cider Lane...and that is really pissing me off.  Now there is talk of both being a late release; my fav SA said maybe they'll get by September. But why, why I ask you? Why are these a late release?!

No Chocolate Pistachio... Not that I was remotely interested in this scent but it would've been nice to sniff it

No Mahogany Apple (meh), no Sandalwood & Suede (again, meh) and no Autumn Sunshine (I have it already, so one again meh)

What happened to the good ol days when White Barns got everything, regardless whether or not they failed? What's the point of a WB store if it has they same stock as a regular BBW? It just doesn't make sense! But anyway, I'm going to jump off of my soapbox and talk about the candles that were there

Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte - sooooo many people have been hyping this candle up on social media so despite it being a bodycare scent (which I'm biased against), I was slightly intrigued. Then I smelled...very underwhelming. It just smells so feminine and bodycare-ish. It's very heavy on the musk and there's this weird spicy ginger note that's kinda unpleasant. There's no pumpkin, no marshmallow and definitely no latte; it doesn't smell like a hot beverage at all but rather creamy milky musky gingery body cream. This is a piss-poor replacement for Pumpkin Caramel Latte; it may not smell like a latte per se but at least smells like a beverage. PML is both extremely overhyped and underwhelming. And to anyone thinking of buying this candle, every single person I've talked to complains that there is 0 scent throw so uumm, yeah...

Crisp Morning Air - CMA aka Montana Mountain Air is one my alltime favorite soaps/pocketbacs for fall and I've been saying since it first came out that there needs to be a candle of it. Now there finally is one...and it smells NOTHING like the soap. It's smells like cologne..which you would think I'd like, but I don't. It basically smells like Autumn Sky mixed with Bergamot Woods/Villa Bergamot; it's a cologney scent in the fresh category with a little of sandalwood and an intense pop of bergamot. If this was given another name I could've gotten into this, maybe as a summer to fall transitional scent. But to call it Crisp Morning Air and it smells nothing like Crisp Morning Air...lame!

Pumpkin Spice - Yet another scent I found myself underwhelmed with. It really does smell like Pumpkin Pie without the pie...vaguely Pumpkin Carving-esque but heavier on the fall spices. Since I already have both Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Pie, there was absolutely no need for me to get this as well.

*NOTE* there is a second batch that is a repackage of Nutmeg & Spice 

Toasted Graham Latte - this is f***ing DISGUSTING!!! It made me gag and nothing has made me gag since the infamous Thanksgiving candle. It's so gross and bizarre. It's smells like sour cereal milk - you ate a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal but didn't drink the milk and it's been sitting in the sink for hours. There's a weird curdled milk note a la Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake with a weird bready bakery note that I supposed could possibly pass as graham cracker. Now a lot of people are saying that it smells better once you've lit it...I'm not willing to risk it, I just can't get past that god-awful cold throw

*NOTE* There is a second batch with graham cracker and chocolate notes a la S'mores

Silver Pine & Cedar - this is straightup Noel from last winter albeit slightly tweaked. Its smells more crisp and not as plastic-y and artificial smelling as Noel. Still, this is a very odd choice for a fall candle, waaaaaytoo Christmas-y

Autumn Day - this is one of the highlights of this season, the grand return of a Slatkin classic. It was first out in 2011 as Acorn & Fig, then appeared in 2012/2013 as Autumn Day, was repackaged and tweaked as Autumn Night in 2014 then it disappeared. So right off the bat, completely disregard the notes cuz they are utter BS! The notes back when it was A&F were more accurate - pear, fig, apricot, sandalwood and birch. You get a juicy fresh off the tree pear (NOT APPLE), the fig adds and earthiness and creaminess, (no apricot), the sandalwood adds to the creaminess and the birch gives it crisp almost minty coolness. This scent makes me think of a very early post-dawn autumn morning when the air is really brisk and everything is covered in dew. Very sophisticated and high end. That said, it could be my nose trippin but I feel like the scent has been tweaked with more emphasis on the fruit notes and not the wood. Though it could be that lower grade fragrance oil like Spring and Black Pepper & Bergamot from back in the spring.

Speaking of tweaked I'm pretty sure Autumn and Flannel have been tweaked ever so slightly. Autumn seems more appley than usual and Flannel doesn't smell as obtrusive and maybe more sweeter

Keep your eyes for a SHOP N GO Haul post and Youtube vid

And if you haven't already, check out my last WALK N SNIFF review for the other fall scents

RANT OF THE DAY: Batch Variances; Why Does My Candle Smell Different?!

A weird phenomenon has going on with BBW candles where a certain particular scent smells one way in one store and either slightly tweaked or completely different in another store. Now there has always been batch variances for years but it really only affected burn performance - a candle might have crappy wicks in one store and perfect wicks in another but there were never really noticeable differences in smells. That didn't start to happen until fall of last year.

You may remember a certain infamous candle called Red Radiant Maple. There was quite the debate on social media as to what it smelled like cuz everyone smelled something different - most people smelled Marshmallow Fireside with apple, others smelled Caramel Apple/Home~Sweet Caramel Comfort and a handful smelled chemicals akin to rat poison. One could easily write this off as peoples' noses bein on the fritz and, as they say, scent is subjective. But how strange was it that people smelled the same 3 distinct differences. I myself can vouch for this as my WB store had all three batches each with different batch numbers..which I'll talk about that later.

Then that following winter it got worse; you had Golden Peach Sparkle (some smelled Market Peach, some smelled Peach Bellini), Jingle All the Way (some smelled fruit, some coconut), Snowflakes & Spruce (some smelled waxy fake pine, some smelled coconut) and Joy ~ Marshmallow Peppermint (some smelled pepperminty marshmallowness, some smelled chocolate). And all these differences were driving people insane on social media with everyone debating ad nauseum- "well my candle smells like blah blah... uhn uhn, my candle smells like blah blah" and so on and so forth

It happened a few times in the spring ie Lemon Mint Tea aka Lime Granita Margarita. And now it's back with a vengeance for fall. So for those of you who haven't sniffed or bought any fall candles, be forewarned that if you're interested in the following candles, it may smell differntly than you'd expected depending on what batch is present...

Berry Pumpkin Strudel - some people swear that they get blueberry/blackberry action, others say that they smell Apple Pumpkin Pancakes while most (I'm in this category) say that they smell cider; more to the point Spiced Pumpkin Cider

Pecan Pumpkin Pancakes - the Cider & Vine version smells pretty much the same albeit maybe slightly less maple-y but the Pumpkin version has a weird (yet pleasant) unexplained cherry/almond/amaretto note to it

Chocolate Pistachio - (which is supposed to be making a late appearance to all stores) some say they smell a slightly tweaked Malted Pistachio Truffle while others swear that they smell mint a la Mint Mocha Bark

Pumpkin Spice - some people get Pumpkin Pie sans the pie while others get a watered down Nutmeg & Spice

Pumpkin French Toast - some people get Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake sans the cheesecake while others get more bready and mapley notes

Toasted Graham Latte - some people get Golden Cinnamon from last fall, some swear they get graham craker and chocolate a la S'mores while most get Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake-esque sour milk

There are also reports of Flannel and Autumn smelling slightly tweaked in some stores and normal in others. There are also batch variances concerning burn performance and scent throw with Warm Apple Pie and Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte.

So what's the deal with these batch variances? Is it a lack of quality control on BBW/L Brand's part? Are they conducting a second round of testing in stores without the public knowing? Maybe one version of a scent wasn't popular so they made another version or replaced it with a repackage? Were stores sent different batches accidentally? There have been some conspiracy theories - some theorize that stores are sent a certain batch and, thru word of mouth on social media, people are influenced to go to said store instead of another one or shopping online. Another theory claims that batches are planted in stores to created discord among reviewers in order to discredit them and get people to make their own decisions in store as opposed to listening to our opinions. Considering the shady things they do on a regular basis and their love-hate relationship with reviewers, I don't doubt it. Whatever the reason, these batch variances are super annoying and it makes people sound like they're nuts.

My advice to you out there - if you haven't already, join a candle group on Facebook or get on Instagram. Listen to what people are saying, particularly about the batch numbers ie the 8
number/letter combination on the bottom sticker of a candle. The first number is the year and the second 2 numbers are the pour date; pay attention to the 2 letters at the end, that will let you know if you have a regular batch or tweaked batch. Knowing that, compare batch notes with your candle homies so when you go to the store you know what to get.  

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Pomegranate Lemonade ~ A Tall Glass of Nostalgia

There's been a slow but steady resurgence of Slatkin era scents lately...and I for one am not complaining! Some have been renamed - Flower Shop aka Amsterdam, Brown Butter Praline aka  Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, etc. Some have been much awaited re-returns - Suntan, Summer Boardwalk, Cider Lane, Autumn Day and of course, Pomegranate Lemonade. Everyone has been losing their minds over this candle - it gave both ol schoolers an newbies alike much needed life!

Contrary to popular belief (at least amongst the newbies), PL is not a new scent! Nay on the contrary, for awhile it was summertime staple back in the Slatkin days.  The last time it was seen in stores spring 2012 - the last time we got a good balance of new and classic florals, beachy and tropical scents and we weren't bombarded with coconut. Then it completely disappeared. Since then we have had some PL-esque doppelgangers - not straightup repackages but but a very similar vibe. There was Pink Sangria, another Slatkin spring/summertime staple, that was so similar they could've been twins. Then in '14 there was also Pomegranate Spritzer, one of the few scents that failed in the Summer Sips collection; not as tart and there was an odd potpourri floral note.

When PL made its unexpected surprise return, the clueless was utterly convinced that PL was a repackage of or extremely similar to  Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch..... no comment....

I myself was ecstatic when PL came back; as I've stated before, I was a complete stubborn idiot back when I first got into BBW candles and ignored tropical/fruity summer scents, this included. Lately I have been rectifying this by finding Slatkin-era scents on Evilbay or Mercari to give a second a try...including this bad boi. I was unsuccessful finding a 3wick at a decent price though I did find a few wf bulbs. So imagine my shock and surprise when PL showed up online and in stores in the spring/summer WB core collection. For whatever reason, BBW released during SAS and refused to put it on sale even well after the SAS was over. I was getting jealous of my candlebuddies on IG showing of their PLs via exchange so I decided to do the same. I took some candles to a store in Manhattan and was told by (a very cute) SA that I couldn't do an even exchange and that I'd have to pay the difference. Ummm, no..hell no! F*** that! Sometime later when I made my fall haul, I was able to do an exchange and PL was finally in my grasp! *maniacal laughter

I do hope BBW continues this trend of throwing forgotten Slatkin era scents into the mix; that's really how it should be - a balance of classic fan favorites, some newness and a few oldbutgoodies. Give us ol schoolers something nostalgic to reminisce about and let the newbies pop their Slatkin cherries and show em what the fuss is about. Fingers crossed BBW will give PL back its summertime staple status....I doubt it, so stock the hell up before it disappears!


Products: candle   

Area used in:  n/a
Time Period: n/a

Description: Chilled Orange, California Mandarin, Golden Amber, Green Fir Needle

So my candle homegurl Jenn aka @theshow78, surprised me with this candle as a very early birthday present. She knew I was very intrigued with this scent (as was she) and at the time neither one of us thought that it would go wide (and it didn't) so just in case it disappeared, she went ahead and got us each one. 

So when I first heard about about this candle, I thought for sure that it would be a repackage of the now forgotten Slatkin-era scent Mountain Leaves - mountain air, iced citrus, evergreen and vetiver - sounds very similar to AS right? You can see how I made that assumption. Alas, after sniffing it, it definitely was not ML which kinda bummed me out cuz ML is a really sexy cologney fall scent that needs to come back. But on the flip side, AS is a new scent!

AS is very..interesting and unique. It's by far one of the most complex scents I've smelled in awhile. You first get a melange of intense orangey notes - orange, mandarin, maybe a bit of clementine and bergamot. However that said, the blend isn't as sweet and juicy and gourmand as you might think. It's more orange peel than orange juice. You know when you peel an orange and your fingers have that astringent and bitter citrus smell from oils in the peel, that's what you get in this scent. There's a crisp green piney note hangin out in the background, a little remainder that this is not a spring/summer scent despite the citrusiness. I can see there being amber it this - amber is often used in home fragrance to add a warmth and brightness to a scent. There are definitely some heavier and earthier notes that they're not telling us - some cedarwood maybe? Sandalwood? Maybe a little hit of vetiver?

So right of the bat, this candle is...cologney, total mandle all the way. It doesn't so much smell like cologne as it does a bodywash/shower gel for men cuz it smells very clean and slightly soapy. I was talkin to Jenn about this candle and she said it smelled a little aromatherapy-ish to her. Then it hit me... AS totally reminded me of the ol school aromatherapy scent Lemon Zest  ; not a repackage but quite similar. It also kinda reminds of White Citrus for men, which basically has the same notes as AS. I ca easily see this being a signature bodycare for men.

I don't really know what to think of AS; don't get me wrong, I really like it but it's kinduva bizarre choice in this fall's lineup. On the one hand, it is a very warm, bright, sunny scent so the "Sunshine" aspect is accurate (think a masculine version of Coastal Sun)..not so much the "Autumn" part; this doesn't read as a fall scent at all! Because it's so citrus heavy with piney basenotes, the scent comes across less autumnal and more wintery (this is what that god-awful armpit smelling Winter Sun from last year should've smelled like). This could also work  as a summer scent if BBW did a "camping in the woods" themed collection or if they brought back the Summer Lakeside collection from 2012. But as a fall scent, it just doesn't work. Moreover, nothing about this scent says "mass appeal", I don't see this one flying off the shelves. There's no pumpkin, no falls spices, it's not bakery and it smells like cologne thus it would not be hit amongst the basic bitches of America. However, I do appreciate BBW finally coming up with a NEW scent that's both unique and complex. If this could get remarketed a la Black Tie, this might have a chance in the future!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Sparkling Waves

Products: candle   
Area used in:  bedroom (sometimes in bathroom)
Time Period: mid July -  mid August

Description A blend of cool citrus, watery bergamot and musk that captures the moment when sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the water

So this whole spring/summer season at BBW left me completely cold. There were very few new scents that I considered buying let alone stocking up...until I bought this bad boi. Initially I wrote this off as a typical basic "ocean" scent along the lines of Oceanside (which I hate), Turquoise Waters (over it) or Freshwater & Seasalt (again, over it) and paid it little to no interest. I sniffed it once briefly and while i liked it, I wasn't blown away. It wasn't until I sniff it a second time at a later date that I found myself loving it. I ended up buying one and eventually bought multiples (for the first time in months)...so that should tell yoou something.

The performance is impeccable! The wicks were kinda skinny and were struggling at the beginning but since then they've burning like champs. And the wax melts into this gorgeous deep pool of cerulean blue...talk about ambience! It's one of the most beautifully burning candles  that I've seen in awhile. The warm throw is on the medium; this is definitely a small room kinda scent. Though it's probably a good thing that it isn't strong cuz this kinda scent could be headache inducing to some. And the scent lingers for hours after the flames have been blown out. I had this burning while I was taking a bath and I could smell the scent the next day.

So I LOVE fresh watery aquatic oceanic scents and in my opinion this is one of the best, second only to Sea Spray , the ultimate watery scent - the Neptune of ocean scents. Most ocean themed candles are either the fresh but flowery (Turquoise Waters, Island Waters) or smell like straightup cologne (Oceanside, Bergamot Waters); SW is right in the middle. Out of all the aquatic scents, this to me is the closest representation of ocean water/sea air. It has the cucumber/melon base typical BBW's oceany scents. Then you got an instant of pop of citrus. There's a little of bit of bergamot, but this bergamot is more fresh and not as cologney as it usually is in BBW mandles. I also got a little of lemon/lime Fruity Pebble-ish verbena and possibly some lemon zest/peel. I got possibly a hint of sandalwood (typical in watery scents) and little bit of musk. Think Bergamot Waters mixed with Lemon Verbena mixed Verbena Waters and mixed with Lime Granita Margarita. Sounds bizarre but it works! This also kinda reminds me of the now forgotten Beach Day a little bit. It's a little on the...*eyeroll...cologney side; I can see this as a Signature bodycare for men (Ocean for Men mixed with White Citrus for Men). I'd so rock a scent like this for summer. 

It's very easy to overlook a scent like this - it's not a gourmand scent, it's not based off a women's bodycare and there's not even the slightest hint of coconut. However I truly think this is worth a least a sniff. In my opinion, this is one of the best and most unique scents this come out this season ....and it's NEW! If you tend to enjoy scents like Freshwater & Seasalt or Turquoise Waters, I promise SW is soooo much better! It's a perfect scent for the boudoir or bathroom (it's a shame there are no wf bulbs for this scent). Give this candle a try if you haven't already before it disappears. Who knows if it'll be back, the good stuff rarely does.

RANT OF THE DAY: Over-rated Fall Scents; Fallcation

So as everyone already knows (or at least should know), I LOVE fall scents and for the first time since maybe 2013, I'm actually excited (for the most part) about what is being released. That said, there are just some fall scents that I am just beyond sick and tired seeing all the damn time.

So here is a list 10 scents that desperately needs a fallcation STAT....

10. Marshmallow Fireside - I'm gonna cause an angry mob by saying this but MF is very over-rated. I think I might the only person on the planet who genuinely dislikes this scent. Honestly, can anyone tell me what the appeal is? And what I find funny is that the main people who gush over this candle are the ones who typically despise woody and/or fiery scents. Is it just because of the marshmallow? In that case why not just get Vanilla Bean/Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and eliminate the middle man? And with Pumpkin Fireside out this year, is there really a need for another burnt vanilla scent?

9. Flannel - this scent appeared out of nowhere back in '13 and it has been a staple ever since...and I don't know why. I bought it that one year, hated it and never bought another one. And it's one of the few candles ever that aggravated my sinuses. This is another scent that I just don't understand the appeal. And it seems that mainly women are into this scent; none of my guy candle buddies are into this scent at all - honestly, are there any men out there that actually likes this? It's ironic cuz the same ladies who loves this scents hate on other cologney scents; sooo, what's different about this one?

8. Pumpkin Apple - Can we all just agree that this scent is generic and pointless? It's the most basic smelling Michael's craft store smelling scent ever. With scents like Leaves and Pumpkin Carving and Spiced Pumpkin Cider, Harvest Gathering, do you really need this scent? And the candle just smells like a waxy cinnamon scented crayon. PA is utterly, totally, completely unnecessary!

7. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow - this scent just annoys the hell outta me cuz it's sole existence is just to pander to the basic bitches of America. Can we just be real for minute...y'all do know there is no pumpkin in the scent right? If forced by gunpoint, you could say there's a hint of fall spice...but fall spice does not equal pumpkin. If this was marketed as a Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie or a whoopie pie, I could probably get on board. But no, it's a vanilla pumpkin marshmallow...wtf is a vanilla pumpkin marshmallow? And not only is it bad enough that we see this crap in fall, its back with a vengeance in the spring with "bean" replacing "pumpkin". In my opinion, VPM is the Lena Dunham of fall scents and I am as indifferent to her as I am this scent.

6. Farmstand Apple - now unlike most of the scents on this list, I can't blame the basic bitches of America for this scent being constantly re-released. I solely blame BBW and their unyielding delusion that FA is an amazing enough apple scent to rerelease. Oh and BBW, yall can change the name all you want, you're simply gilding the lily. A new name doesn't take away from the fact this is one of the most generic, artificial and straight stank apple scents in the history of apple scents. Honeycrisp Apple..more like Honeycrap Apple. And we can't escape this mess cuz y'all insist on bring it back in the spring and summer. Suncrisp Apple, really BBW? And y'all had the audacity to make this crap the official 4th of July candle. It didn't make feel patriotic; whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be tarred and feathered and then executed in front of a firing squad for treason!
5. Salted Caramel - I can not be only person who who thinks this candle is gross. Most caramel scents make me sick to my stomach and this one in particular is the worst offender. In the past this was marketed as a candy scent and then a sauce but now it's a drink - what suicidal bloated diabetic masochist gulps straight salted caramel? Again, here's another bipolar scent that doesn't know which season it belongs cuz it's back in action in the winter. Maybe this scent wouldn't be so disgusting if that intense savory caramel note was cut with another gourmand note - nuts or popcorn or chocolate or shortbread, give me something more than just caramel

4. Caramel Pumpkin Swirl - every time I see this scent, my eyes roll my teeth itch my butt clinches! I want someone to tell me right now as eloquently and succinctly as they can what is the appeal of this scent? What is it's purpose? If this isn't the basic bitchiest fall scent ever, then I don't know what is! This scent is a perfect example of BBW pandering and catering to the tastes of basic bitches. With scents like Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Creamy Pumpkin, Cider Lane, and Caramel Apple/Home, why the f*** do we yet another cinnamon caramel scent. And it would be one thing if this smells breathtaking ah-mazing but it doesn't - it smells generic and lame. And much like it's homegurl VPM, CPS has a case of bipolar schizophrenia with it reappearing in winter as Caramel CINNAMON Swirl - which further emphasize BBW persistent habit of replacing cinnamon with pumpkin.

3. Mahogany Teakwood - when the first came out as a fall scent back in '12, I kinda fell for the BS. The following year it became a summer scent. Now we see every f***in season 365 days in year! My question is why? We do we see it so much? MT is the Japanese Cherry Blossom of fall/cologney scents. And why was it marketed as primarily a fall scent in the first place and still is to this day? Nothing and I mean nothing about this scent says fall. And much like Flannel, it seems that most women enjoy this scent yet rant and rave and rail against "cologney" scents and yet this is the most obvious cologney scent of them all - don't believe me, just walk past an Abercrombie & Fitch store and see for yourself. Can we all just agree that we see this scent waaaayyy too much and it ain't all that. MT is like a big ol gay "YASSS" screaming hipster bear who swears he's hot and the life of the party and BBW is the girlfriend who drags him around and thinks he fabulous when in actually he's annoying as f***! It needs to go NOW
2. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - I want every one to take a few cleansing breaths and repeat after me... PPW SUCKS! It does, it sucks..hard..it's like a ho late on rent! It doesn't smell like waffles, pecan pumpkin or otherwise. I dunno what this mess smells like, but waffles it most certainly does not. Pandering, obvious blatant pandering. And once again, the grand scale of impressive suckiness can not be contained in fall, it's back in action in spring where it has magically transformed from maple syrup drowned waffles to sugary sweet pecan pie. And this year (as with Caramel Pumpkin Swirl), BBW had the nerve to put it in two different collections at the same time..REALLY?! The hype around this mess of scent perplexes and irritates me to no end; the hype is of Watermelon Lemonade type proportion. I hate this scent so passionately that I want to create a cyborg a la The Terminator, send him back to 2013 and assassinate the scent genius who created PPW.

1. Shit Cinnamon Pumpkin - I've told this story many times - my bf bought SCP for the first time years ago; we lit it once and instantly hated it! It hung around untouched and unlit for years until we moved to Jersey where I promptly threw it away. My dislike of SCP was so intense that it turned me off to all pumpkin scents for the longest time. SCP is just stank, period end of story. It just smells like burnt cinnamon ass! SCP is just obnoxiously gross and yet BBW insists on bring back fall after fall year after year. And the damn basic bitches of America losing their pumpkin spiced minds over this crap on BBW's social media pages like it is the best thing ever...it's not bitches, it's just not! And with Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Pie (two obviously superior scents to those with sophisticated noses and actually smells like pumpkin)  in our lives, there is absolutely no reason for SCP to exist. It's like bringing Ethel Merman back from the dead and having her warble alongside Cher and Lady Gaga..it's just not right. If there was ever a recurring scent that needed desperately to retire and disappear, it would be SCP! If given the choice, I'd gladly take WL, MT and JCB over SCP!  

I'd like to throw Coconut Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake into the ring as honorary mentions. Both are Slatkin repackages ( Toasted Coconut and Brown Butter Praline respectively) which under normal circumstances would deserve a resounding standing ovation...except the fact that they were two extremely unpopular scents that no one liked and were quickly forgotten. I'm all for Slatkin scents making comebacks..providing they are actually good scents, which these two were not. CP is a Frankestein-like monstrosity of basic bitchery - two popular basic bitch scents forming an unholy union, a perfect blend for the less discerning. PSC had potential; it had me fooled into thinking it was a new nice scent. I came to my senses and brought it back to the store to exchange. Despite being new to BBW, they are quickly becoming the new PPW and CPS - two overhyped less than amazing fall scents that we're gonna see year and year after year and at some point we're so gonna see both scents again either as a winter scent or worse, a spring/summer scent. Hopefully BBW will stop the madness before it begins but I have my doubts.

NEWNESS UPDATE: Updated Fall 2016 Test Scent List

So a lot of us initially thought that based on the random early preview, BBW was done with "testing"...nope not so much. A crapload of rereleases and new (repackaged?) scents have appeared in test stores. It looks like we're getting some good stuff; for the first time in really long time, I am actually excited for upcoming candles.

So here is the complete list of what is currently previewing and testing...

Pumpkin Fireside - Fall Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Smoky Cinnamon  (repackage with a twist of Toasted Vanilla Caramel)

Pumpkin Woods - Woodland Spruce, Cedar, Clove Buds, Smoky Vanilla  (repackage with a twist of Welcome)

Berry Pumpkin Strudel - Sweet Blueberry, Baked Apple, Blackberry, Pumpkin Spice, Puff Pastry  (repackage with a twist of Spiced Pumpkin Cider)

Pumpkin Banana Muffin - Caramelized Banana, Pumpkin Puree, Walnut, Cinnamon Sugar  (repackage with a twist of Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding)

Pumpkin French Toast - Warm Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Spice, Caramelized Brown Sugar 

Returning scents: Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Apple, Pecan Pumpkin Waffles, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Pumpkin Coconut, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun and Pumpkin Pie


Honeycrisp Apple - Golden Honeycrisp, Apple Blossom, Fresh Sugarcane  (repackage of Farmstand Apple)

Spiced Pomegranate Cider - Ruby Red Pomegranate, Sweet Apple Cider, Mulled Blackberry, Star Anise 

Chocolate Pistachio - Pistachio, Chocolate Truffle, White Powdered Sugar  (repackage with a twist of Malted Pistachio Truffle) *LATE RELEASE

Returning scents: Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Sparkling Pear Riesling, Black Cherry Merlot, Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, and Buttercream Icing


Crisp Morning Air - Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood, Saffron, Soft Sandalwood (based on the soap but doesn't smell like it) 

Mahogany Apple - Red Mahogany Wood, Golden Delicious Apple, Pink Peppercorn, Fresh Lavender  *TESTING*

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - Pumpkin Latte, Toasted Marshmallow, Creamy Sandalwood, White Ginger, Praline Musk (based on the bodycare)  

Autumn Sunshine - Chilled Orange, California Mandarin, Golden Amber, Green Fir Needle *TESTING*

Sandalwood & Suede - Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar, Tonka Bean *TESTING

Returning scents: Cider Lane (MAYBE?), Mahogany Teakwood, Shit Cinnamon Poopkin, Sweater Weather, Autumn, Leaves, Flannel, Marshmallow Fireside, Cranberry Woods (MAYBE), and Salted Caramel


Warm Apple Pie - Baked Granny Apple, Melted Brown Sugar, Flaky Homemade Crust (this may be Warm Apple Pie from waaaayyy backintheday)

Pumpkin Spice - Toasted Pumpkin Seed, Cinnamon Stick, Warm Clove, Applewood *(repackage of Nutmeg & Spice)

Toasted Graham Latte - Toasted Graham Cracker, Vanilla Bean, Buttery Toffee Chip, Drop of Espresso 

Cedar & Silver Pine  Silver Pine Needle, Clear Mountain Air, Cedarwood, Bay Leaf, Fir Balsam (repackage of Noel)

Returning scent: Autumn Day

Check out my WALK N SNIFF on the fall scents currently in stores

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Test Scents/Fall Preview *UPDATED*

My curiosity totally got the best of me! I made the schlep out to GSP to see what there was to see and sniff what there was to sniff. I went being pessimistic and not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised - the store had all of pumpkin scents and all of the fall gourmand scents (sans Chocolate Pistachio)

Pumpkin Woods - I was really hoping that this would be Porchside Pumpkin from last fall, but alas it is not. It is a reworked/tweaked version of Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath/Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone. Some people are saying that it's a repackage of Mahogany Balsam from last winter..which I can get. However I totally get the spice notes that were in SAW. For those who never smelled it, it basically smells like those cinnamon scented pinecones or straw brooms you see in store from fall thru Christmas. Think Fresh Balsam without the eucalyptus mixed with cinnamon stick.

Pumpkin Fireside - this another scent I went back and forth with. So this basically a repackage with a twist of Toasted Vanilla Caramel from last fall. I also get some Fireside action in this. You have all the smoldering fiery ember-y woods notes from Fireside sans the leather note mixed with the burnt sugar/caramel notes from TVC. And there's just the slightest hint of nutmeg and cinnamon lurking in the background. I don't know what I think of this; it's almost like an spicier autumnal version of Marshmallow Fireside..which I don't like. And I have the same issue with PF that I do with MF - I really enjoy the "Fireside" aspect, not so much the sweet vanilla/marshmallow aspect.

Berry Pumpkin Strudel - this one is soooo strange, it doesn't smell at all like what you'd expect. When I sniffed it in the store, it smelled so familiar but I couldn't figure what it was. It wasn't until I left that the store that it hit me...brace yourself cuz it's random as hell - SPICED PUMPKIN CIDER! I have a SPC at home and I did a side by side comparison; BPS has the same cider note as SPC, the same cinnamon/nutmeg/clove ratio as SPC and it has the same pumpkin note that comes across as oddly bakery as SPC. The only only difference is that there is a very very slight blueberry note but I had to huff the everlovin hell out of it to get it. Other than that, I got straight SPC. There's absolutely no bakery/"puff pastry" aspect to it at all. This is nice but so misnamed - it really should've been called "Spiced Berry Cider". Better yet, BBW should've just brought back Blueberry Pumpkin Patch

*DISCLAIMER* I've heard several different opinions on this candle; so some that they smell lots of berry-ness, others say that they same Apple Pumpkin Pancakes, while most say that they smell cider. That said, it is possible that, once again, there are different batches of this candle. The only think we all agree on is that there is no bakery/strudel/puff pastry aspect at all

Banana Pumpkin Muffin - this is without a doubt Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding but with a twist. The banana note seems to be more prominent and there's an added CSD-like cinnamon sugar that gives it an added sweetness and autumnal vibe. I also did get a sweet chopped walnut note. This scent is tricky cuz while you can kinda get behind it being a "muffin" scent scent, there's still something about it that comes across more "pudding-ish". With the enhanced banana note and added cinnamon sugar, it reminds more of Bananas Foster which totally reminds me of home. While I normally dislike banana in home fragrance (I truly dislike both BNBP and Banana Kiwi Colada), I'm really digging this.

Pumpkin French Toast - so I went back and forth with this candle. I had it in my hand ready to be placed in my basket but in the end, I put it back... it just smelled too close to Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake which I did not enjoy. Think Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake...but without the cheesecake. Instead of that offputting spoiled curdled sour milk note, there's maple syrup..and that ladies and gents is Pumpkin French Toast. It reminds me of an old Slatkin era scent called Sticky Toffee Pudding. Based on the notes (maple, pecan, brown sugar and cream) it makes sense. I have a 1/3ozer of it which I forgot to bring to the store with me. Next time...

Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun, Coconut Pumpkin, Pumpkin Apple, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow all smell the same. Pecan Pumpkin Waffles does not; there's an added albeit unmentioned yet oddly pleasant cherry/almond/amaretto note now

Honeycrisp Apple - straight Farmstand Apple....NEXT

Black Cherry Merlot - so this not the same BCM from the Cork & Vine collection last fall. This actually smells like the handsoap; just sweet black cherry goodness

Sparkling Pear Riesling - I feel like this year's version has been tweaked; there a little more pear action and a little more effervescence. I pretty much ignored last year's version but this year's version has my attention 

Spiced Pomegranate Cider - this in my most humble opinion is the star of this collection and I'm pretty certain this 100% new. That said there are aspects to this candle that smells ever so slightly familiar. The "apple cider" base kinda reminds me a little of Tis the Season just without that pine note. It also reminds me a little bit of Leaves in the sense there is a cider base with fall spices, berries, citrus and an earthy mustiness...all of which I get with SPC. If Tis the Season and Leaves had a baby, it would SPC. And to say that this is "pomegranate" based scent, pomegranate is what I smell last. And it's not the zesty and tart pomegranate that we're used ie Pomegranate Lemonade. The pomegranate note is really sweet, borderline candy-ish but it mixes well with the other notes; think mulled cider with artificially flavored pomegranate syrup. Overall it's a pleasant and unique scent but to me, it's not very fall-ish; I think this would make a great winter/holiday season scent.

CSD, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake and Buttercream Frosting all smell the same.

Warm Apple Pie - My WB didn't have this one so I went to one of my BBW stores in Manhattan to get one...I don't know what I think of this besides it's not worth the hype. So this isn't Apple Crumble nor is it Apple Pumpkin Pancakes or Holiday Apple Crisp. I'm pretty sure this is the same Warm Apple Pie from waaaayyy backinthe day. Anyway, the scent itself is pretty spot on - it smells like a dutch apple pie. You primarily get a butter flaky doughy bakery note a la Brown Sugar & Allpsice. Then you get an ooey-gooey spiced baked apple filling but it's so faint that you have  to snort the candle like coke to get it. But there's something off about this candle that's keeping me from not being in love with it. Maybe if the apple filling notes were stronger I might be more on board. I think I would've preferred an Apple Crumble repackage than this.

Oh and my WB also had the Funnel Cake (Pumpkin Pie without the pumpkin) and Poolside Daydream (watery aquatic slightly powdery blend with coconut water) wf bulbs

NEWNESS UPDATE: Fall 2016 Test Scents/Fall Preview?

So unless you've been living under a rock, you must have gotten word that BBW, completely out of the blue, has released for a limited time only FALL CANDLES!!! Since last weekend, social media has been plastered with pics of the latest upcoming fall scents, sending everybody nationwide into fallgasmic overdrive.

Usually BBW does a fall/pumpkin preview end of July/beginning of August, so having these fall candles out so early is rather strange. Could it be that BBW is finally doing away with "testing"? The whole test scent thing never really made sense and I've already ranted and raved about how nonsensical and unfair the "testing" process is; I've always said that instead of "testing", BBW/WB should just do mini limited time only previews about a month or so before a nationwide release. It seems BBW is doing that; now whether not that will do this from now on remains to be seen.

I've been hearing conflicting reports about the nature of this preview - I've heard that every BBW will be doing a fall preview this week...which is awesome. But I've also heard that the preview is exclusive to WB stores only...which is not so awesome. I've also heard that only BBW/WB double stores will only have them. So who friggin knows. Before getting all excited and schlepping to your store, I suggest calling first so you won't get disappointed.

So it seems two collections are being previewed - and all pumpkin collection (again, most of the scents don't smell like pumpkin and this go round, it's more blatant) with annoying nonrelated cutesy cutesy cartoon labels as well as fall inspired cafe collection with autumnal gourmand scents (which label-wise looks very 719 Walnut Ave-ish)

So let's start with the all pumpkin nothin but the pumpkin candles

Pumpkin Fireside - Fall Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Smoky Cinnamon (yes, those are the notes; no more flowery vague novels of BS) (by all accounts this a repackage of last fall's Toasted Vanilla Caramel which was a repackage with a twist of Vanilla Firewood from winter '13 )  

Pumpkin Woods - Woodland Spruce, Cedar, Clove Buds, Smoky Vanilla (I was really hoping this would be Porchside Pumpkin. There was also a failed test scent back in '13 called Pumpkin Woods. It's neither; supposedly it's Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath aka Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone)

Berry Pumpkin Strudel - Sweet Blueberry, Baked Apple, Blackberry, Pumpkin Spice, Puff Pastry (now you would think that this would be a repackage of Blueberry Pumpkin Patch...nope, not so much. It's a new scent...that doesn't smell like berry. Apparently it smells similar to Apple Pumpkin Pancakes)

Pumpkin Banana Muffin - Caramelized Banana, Pumpkin Puree, Walnut, Cinnamon Sugar (the general consensus is that its a repackage with a twist of Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding

Pumpkin French Toast - Warm Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Spice, Caramelized Brown Sugar (this seems to be the runaway hit of this collection. Most people are saying that it smells like last year's Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake sans the cheesecake with an added maple note)  

Returning scents include Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Apple, Pecan Pumpkin Waffles, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Pumpkin Coconut, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun and Pumpkin Pie

And now the fall gourmand collection...

Honeycrisp Apple - Golden Honeycrisp, Apple Blossom, Fresh Sugarcane (sounds lovely, right? Don't get intrigued, it's just Farmstand Apple)

Spiced Pomegranate Cider - Ruby Red Pomegranate, Sweet Apple Cider, Mulled Blackberry, Star Anise (the only truly new scent in this collection; some say it smells like cider with a splash of pomegranate while others say it's almost tea like...with pomegranate)

Chocolate Pistachio - Pistachio, Chocolate Truffle, White Powdered Sugar ( this scent mysteriously appeared on the scene today not long after I wrote this post. I assume this must be Malted Pistachio Truffle)

Returning scents include Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Sparkling Pear Riesling, Black Cherry Merlot (which smells more like the soap this time), Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, and Buttercream Icing

Randomly popping up in stores in a third collection is the grand return of Cider Lane.  Autumn Day, another forgotten Slatkin fall staple, is supposedly making a grand reappearance as well..most likely in this same collection. No word of Autumn, Leaves or Shit Cinnamon Poopkin...calm your coochies everybody, it's still early! There's no reason to test or preview classics like those, they'll be back with a vengeance with the nationwide release for fall!

Also popping in stores is a WB core collection called Warm Apple Pie, which was also the name of an old Slatkin era WBNY True Temptations candle from the early 2002. It's safe to assume there will be more fall WB core scents but there are no reports of what they might be

For pictures, check out @candleafficionado @whitebarncandlefan @peace.love.and.candles @danwilliard @_scentsgalore . Also Tinadivalicious did a review vid on most of these