CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Pomegranate Lemonade ~ A Tall Glass of Nostalgia

There's been a slow but steady resurgence of Slatkin era scents lately...and I for one am not complaining! Some have been renamed - Flower Shop aka Amsterdam, Brown Butter Praline aka  Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, etc. Some have been much awaited re-returns - Suntan, Summer Boardwalk, Cider Lane, Autumn Day and of course, Pomegranate Lemonade. Everyone has been losing their minds over this candle - it gave both ol schoolers an newbies alike much needed life!

Contrary to popular belief (at least amongst the newbies), PL is not a new scent! Nay on the contrary, for awhile it was summertime staple back in the Slatkin days.  The last time it was seen in stores spring 2012 - the last time we got a good balance of new and classic florals, beachy and tropical scents and we weren't bombarded with coconut. Then it completely disappeared. Since then we have had some PL-esque doppelgangers - not straightup repackages but but a very similar vibe. There was Pink Sangria, another Slatkin spring/summertime staple, that was so similar they could've been twins. Then in '14 there was also Pomegranate Spritzer, one of the few scents that failed in the Summer Sips collection; not as tart and there was an odd potpourri floral note.

When PL made its unexpected surprise return, the clueless was utterly convinced that PL was a repackage of or extremely similar to  Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch..... no comment....

I myself was ecstatic when PL came back; as I've stated before, I was a complete stubborn idiot back when I first got into BBW candles and ignored tropical/fruity summer scents, this included. Lately I have been rectifying this by finding Slatkin-era scents on Evilbay or Mercari to give a second a try...including this bad boi. I was unsuccessful finding a 3wick at a decent price though I did find a few wf bulbs. So imagine my shock and surprise when PL showed up online and in stores in the spring/summer WB core collection. For whatever reason, BBW released during SAS and refused to put it on sale even well after the SAS was over. I was getting jealous of my candlebuddies on IG showing of their PLs via exchange so I decided to do the same. I took some candles to a store in Manhattan and was told by (a very cute) SA that I couldn't do an even exchange and that I'd have to pay the difference. Ummm, no..hell no! F*** that! Sometime later when I made my fall haul, I was able to do an exchange and PL was finally in my grasp! *maniacal laughter

I do hope BBW continues this trend of throwing forgotten Slatkin era scents into the mix; that's really how it should be - a balance of classic fan favorites, some newness and a few oldbutgoodies. Give us ol schoolers something nostalgic to reminisce about and let the newbies pop their Slatkin cherries and show em what the fuss is about. Fingers crossed BBW will give PL back its summertime staple status....I doubt it, so stock the hell up before it disappears!


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