NEWNESS UPDATE: More summery tropical coconutty BS

So finally we have some new collections currently testing. Don't get your hopes up just yet - it's more summery, beachy, tropical crap and the "new" scents all sound like repackages

The first collection is nothing remotely exciting...

Sunny Coconut - The fragrance of sunshiny orange blended with a creamy vanilla coconut that's a beautiful breezy trip to the beach (this sounds like South Beach Sun from '14, although it could also be Poolside from back in the day)

Seaside Gardenia - Stroll on the shore with the fragrance of gardenia tree swaying in soft sea air and fresh bamboo (if this isn't Rainforest Gardenia, I'll eat my shoe!)

Sparkling Waves - A blend of cool citrus, watery bergamot and musk that captures the moment when sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the water (Bergamot Waters all the way)

Returning scents Endless Weekend, Black Sands and Pineapple Mango, Suntan, Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach 

The second (lidless) collection is Destinations but with more exotic beachy locales...

Malibu ~ Citrus Glow - Go on ultimate California beach getaway with with scent of sweet oranges, juicy cling peaches and a hint of jasmine (I have a couple guesses - Sunkissed Blossoms? Caribbean Salsa? Calypso Sun?)

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - Mexican's Riviera Maya offers a luxurious beach escape where the soft air is filled with the scent of lush plumeria petals, coconut milk and pineapple (At first glance, it sounds like Hawaiian Hibiscus but it could also Aloha Waikiki or even Pineapple Orchid)

Caribbean ~Driftwood Surf - Hear the sound of rustling palm leaves above white sand beaches when you breathe in the scent of Caribbean coconut, watery citrus and sea-salted driftwood (At first I thought maybe Lanikai Coconut then I took a good look at the notes and it hit me - Waikiki Beach Coconut)

Returning scents include St. Tropez ~ Beach Cabana and Bora Bora ~ Tiki Beach

Sooooo Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach are in 2 collections at the same time?! Whatever! I just can't!

What the f*** is wrong with you BBW? Have y'all just lost all sense of creativity in favor of making a quick buck? Is this what you guys are about now, boring repackages and re-releases of lame tropical scents to keep the teeny-boppers and basic bitches of America satisfied? Is spring no longer a thing and y'all are just gonna push us kicking and screaming into summertime? Must every collection y'all come out with January SAS have a tropical island beach theme? Must everything be vaguely Hawaiiany?

And here we yet again with more goddamn muthaeffin COCONUT?!!! Really BBW, more f***ing coconut scents?! I will never understand y'all's obsession with coconut!

You know what BBW? It's all good! Y'all just keep on releasing these basic ass tropical scents and coconut this and coconut that! Y'all obviously don't want my business and would rather I keep my money to myself. I'm ok with that and my bank account thanks you!

If you're at intrigued with any of this crap, check out @_scentsgalore and @duchessofwax on IG for pics


Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  living room (candle), guest bathroom (wf bulb)
Time Period: whenever

Description: Spring is in the air with the fragrance of early daffodils, apple blossoms and sycamore woods

Missing notes: tulips, daisies

So how excited was I that one of my all time favorite spring scents was back in action after a 2 year absence. Yet how utterly disappointed was I that it was a WB exclusive which just makes absolutely no sense; it was at one point a springtime staple for pissakes! Now newbies who never got to experience this vernal delight won't get to if they don't live near a WB store and have to settle with tired ass Honeysuckle and Lilac Blossom, the basic bitches of spring.

Performance-wise, this candle was kinda iffy. Once burnt, the wicks sort of shriveled which caused some tunneling. But eventually the wicks self-corrected themselves and it's burning like a charm. Over time the wax totally turned cruddy and yucky looking and you can totally see thru the colored glass. The throw is significantly than past versions probably to spear people with pussy noses. Though that said, back in the day Spring was really intense especially the 2013 version which I talked about in my past CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE...which segues nicely to my next point...

Spring doesn't smell the same! It's the same with my Black Pepper's the same but not if that makes any sense. All of the notes are still the same but something isn't right. This version just doesn't smell as bright and vibrant but subdued and muddled. Maybe Limited Brand is using cheaper less quality fragrance oils to cut costs or they don't have all Slatkin version recipe but something is different.

For those of you fortunate enough to live near a WB store, I say get this cuz it is a lovely scent (I won't go into notes as I've already a review about it) ; it really is Spring in a jar and a perfect scent for Easter. For those of ol school Slatkineers familiar with 2011-2012 versions, get the WB version if you're desperate but otherwise get the old version of Evilbay. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Verbena Waters (2011)

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: whenever

Description: A fresh blend of citrus and watery verbena, sweetened peach and rich sandalwood

Trivia: was repackaged as "Lakeside" in the Summer Lake collection in 2013

I first smelled this back in spring 2012 - back then I wasn't nearly as obsessed with BBW/Slatkin candles as I am now, I was borderline indifferent especially when it came to spring and summer scents. My bf actually bought this candle and wf bulbs to try and we both grew to really enjoy it. Then I bought it when it came back as "Lakeside" the following year though that version was significantly lighter. Then it completely disappeared. Despite its absence, I've been on a Verbena Waters kick lately; I bought a 2011 version of Evilbay last spring and bought another one this spring.

So far the performance has been flawless but not at first. Unfortunately many Slatkin candles from 2011-2012 were plagued with wick issues; that said, the burn started off a little wonky and the wax took awhile to completely pool out. Eventually the wicks self-corrected themselves and it's been burning like a charm. The throw on this sucker is intense, it definitely packs a punch! For those of you with sensitive noses, this is not the candle for you. As soon as you take the lid off, you get an instant uppercut of fragrance so you know the post-burn throw is going to be a knockout. Even the wf bulb is super intense!

Now I know I tend go on and on waxing poetically about Slatkin scents..rightly so. His scents were the SHIZNIT!!! His fragrance blends are so upscale and sophisticated and high end. his scents just made sense (lol) - he used notes that you wouldn't think would go together yet they blended perfectly. Unlike the scents of today that all mainstream and sugary candy frosty cupcakey cutesy cutesy coconutty sweet to attract the basic of basic. BBW candles today don't evoke anything, they don't take you on a journey. Slatkin scents made your home feel like a home and conjured thoughts and images and scenery after one sniff. Verbena Waters is not the exception. It's such a gorgeous and elegant blend- you get intense citrusy notes that's cleaner nor is it candy, a gorgeous juicy dewy peach note that's not the mushy rotten sweaty armpit type note that we usually get in peach scents (cough cough Market Peach) and the sandalwood is friggin intense yet surprisingly isn't cologney. On the whole, the blend is very upscale and aromatherapy-ish. And there's something about this scent that's kinda outdoor-ish; it's wet and fresh yet a little sweet but kind of sour. For some reason it reminds me of being back in the South and walking alongside the banks of the Mississippi River in summer.

It's a damn shame that this scent hasn't returned. BBW has been a major springtime in the South kick the past 3 years and this candle would've fit in perfectly. And it's such a lovely transitional scent perfect for late spring on thru midsummer. I can't hype this candle up enough and I rarely advocate this but I would say this is worth buying off Evilbay. If you see it and it's reasonably price, get it cuz it's that damn good!   


Well today is the first day of spring, so i thought it appropriate to look back one of my all time favorite spring scents -Spring. Spring has the dubious honor of being my gateway candle into floral scents which for the longest I absolutely hated with a passion.

Before Spring, I normally stuck to aromatherapy herbal type scents like Lavender Vanilla or nondescript fresh clean scents like Renew & Refresh or Fresh Cotton or Fresh Linen. I left heavy floral scents right on the shelves. Then into 2013, I come across Spring for the first time and to my surprise found myself absolutely loving it and it became my official springtime jam as well eventually making it into my top 10.

Then it came back the following year and needless to say I was quite excited... that is until I burned it. It didn't smell bad or anything but it was making my bf sick. As soon as he walked in the door, his eyes would water, his nose would tingle and he would eventually get really bad headaches. Even my sinuses were bothering me a little but not nearly as badly as his. It got to the point we would both have to pop a Claritin just to sit in the livingroom. So I stopped burning it but I left the wallflowers in but even those were making my bf sick. It's like BBW decided to make Spring that much more authentic and added pollen and allergens to the mix. So sadly I brought the candle and wf bulbs back to the store to exchange.

Then Spring disappeared. For whatever odd reason, it wasn't brought back. We had Autumn in autumn and Winter in winter but no Spring in Spring...very strange. Rather unfortunate as newbies would never get to experience one of the best spring floral scents on the market - instead they got basic ass Beautiful Day (a very poor substitute for Spring with very similar notes) and tired ass Lilac Blossom.

And now it's 2016, quite possibly the suckiest and most lackluster spring season ever! Again we're subjected to the trifecta of basic florals - Lilac Blossom, Honeysucle and Beautiful Day. But out of the muck and mire, a fragrant flower blossomed forth - Spring was returned to the land! Unfortunately it's been much watered down and for whatever asinine reason it's a WB exclusive but it's back and I for one couldn't be happier.

What I love about Spring is that it's so nostalgic and makes me think of springtimes gone by and childhood Easters. It conjures images of children playing on fresh green grass and looking for hidden Easter Eggs, daisies and daffodils sparkling with dew in the sunlight, sitting under a tall oak tree from the afternoon sun. It really is Spring in a jar!  


Products: candle and wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of February - mid April

Description: Experience the perfect spring day in New York City with a fragrance of sun-kissed apple mixed with a bouquet of daisies and fresh pink peonies

Missing notes:  pear, cassis, lily of the valley, white peach, blonde woods

I've said over and over time and time again - I do not like candles based on bodycare...which I could care less about (although I will say that I do enjoy the Beautiful Day handsoap and pocketbac). Honestly I got this candle out of sheer desperation as for whatever strange reason, there are no good fresh floral spring scents this spring. Now I bought Beautiful Day way before I found that Spring was being released as a WB exclusive; I had I known that I would not have bought BD as it pales in comparison to Spring. And I didn't feel schlepping all the way back to GSP just to do one exchange so I decided to keep it. Moreover, and I'm gonna sound like the biggest hypocrite by admitting this, but I was drawn in by the packaging. As I love so close to NYC and am in various parts of it on a regularly basis and has fall head over heels with it,I totally fell for the label; it's cute! I mean come on, there's nothin like a stroll thru Central Park in spring, amirite? Anyhoo, I didn't buy the candle just for the label, that was just an added bonus; I did actually enjoy the scent....that is until I burned it.

So first of all, this candle has the dreaded curl wicks!

hot curly mess!!!

They form little Cs with the mushroom almost going into the wax. And as far as I know, there is no way to straighten them back up. The first couple of burns were pretty craptastic with the wax taking forever to completely melt. However once it got near mid-range, it started melting out a normal rate with no tunneling/canyoning. The throw is pretty strong; it filled my entire living room and kitchen area and it linger for hours after I blew the candle out. The wf bulbs however are a different story; the throw is practically nonexistent. I usually have 4 or 5 going throughout my living room and hallway and I smell practically nothing. It's like it's just pumping out air, totally useless. 

So it smells like the bodycare and soap (I think the bodycare and soap smells better). It's in the same fresh and dewy "apple and flowers" family as Spring, Bloom and Garden Party (which I personally prefer floral scent-wise). It has a double whammy of fresh juicy green Granny Smith apples and pears. The bodycare notes also mentions cassis (aka blackcurrant) which I didn't get at all at first but after huffing the soap and pocketbac,  there is something dark and tart in the background - a "phenolic" note if you will. However it's so faint, that even if someone you specifically that it's there, you probably won't pick it up. Floral-wise, you mostly get green daisies, dewy peony with hint of clean and sweet lily of the valley note all wrapped together in the woody musky embrace of cashmeran (aka "blonde woods")

This all sounds lovely and would under normal circumstances be a spring scent I would love but I did not enjoy as much I thought I would. I got a very offputting synthetic chemical smell that was kinda grossing me out. It's possible that I just got a bad batch or this particular incarnation of BD is effed up as I have heard no one else bring up this complaint. Whatever the case may be, it has turned me off to this candle and in the future will be sticking to the soap and pocketbac only.  

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Hello Beautiful and Hawaiian candles

I haven't been in a BBW stores in almost a month; frankly things have been so lame lately that I just hadn't a reason to go. In my desperation for some newness, I stopped in briefly at one of the BBWs in the City since I was in the area.  walked in, sniffed around and left empty-handed. So, let's get started

Hello Beautiful
So as I said in my last post , I theorized that BBW released this and Thousand Wishes to distract people from the fact that there were no new collections in the works...and it worked, people got distracted. After seeing so many people post pics of HB on Instagram, I wondered if it was worth all the's not. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am not a fan of bodycare candles cuz the notes are always so muddled and generic smelling and HB is not the exception. First of all disregard the notes - I didn't get grapefruit nor did I get gardenia; jasmine, eh maybe a tiny bit. What I did get is an intense blast of peony..which happens to be listed in the notes of the actual bodycare. And there's something really soapy about the blend, like cheap generic bodywash for women. Overall, it's a soapy, dewy slightly sweet and vaguely floral blend similar to First Bloom or Fresh Bamboo or Garden Party...although those three are 10x better than HB. It also kinda reminds me of Sundress, like a more floral, dewy, feminine version of it. I don't really get the point of this scent and what is trying to convey and the name just makes me think of some poor hapless women getting catcalled by some greasy dude on the corner.

NOTE: Tinadivalicious said in his review that thinks it might be Sunkissed Days; I sniffed it in passing and don't really remember it but based on the notes (beach blossom, sundrenched sandalwood, wild freesia, seaside citrus and golden musk), it does seem plausible

*My store didn't have A Thousand Wishes...mehhhh! Most of y'all probably already knows what it smells like anyway

And now, onto the "ribbed for your pleasure" Hawaiian part deux candles. I won't waste your time or mine talking about Ocean Driftwood or Oahu Coconut Sunset

Coconut Leaves - so this has been a summer staple since 2011 (I think) and is regarded by candle connoisseurs as the ultimate supreme coconut scent in Slatkin/BBW history...I can't say I agree on that but then again I'm biased when it comes to coconut scents... which I loathe! So this review of it is strictly for the newbies who have never ever sniffed this before. So first of all, disregard the notes entirely as they're super vague. The original notes from back in the Slatkin days were coconut milk, juicy tangerine, papaya nectar and warm vanilla..and that's essentially what you get. The coconut is neither gloopy and sickeningly sweet nor generic and bodycare-ish but rich and smooth. The papaya adds a further rich creaminess and the tangerine sort of perks and brightens the party. And there's a hint of something green and leafy in the background that keeps it from smelling like a candy or beverage. While I'm personally not a huge fan of CL, I will say that out of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of the coconut scents on the market (with the exception of Island Colada and Coconut Water from back in the day), it's the most sophisticated.

Mango Shores - ugh, this is soooooo not worth talkin about. It's straight up Mango Coconut Cooler and if it isn't, it soooooo friggin close. LAME!!!

Blue Ocean Waves - so color my ass surprised - this ISN'T Turquoise Waters!!! Nor is it Freshwater & Seasalt or Bergamot Waters or Renew & Refresh or Island Waters or Sea Spray or Seaside Escape! I do believe it's a new scent...well, new-ish; it does smell vaguely familiar. Now don't get too excited by the newness factor cuz it's not terribly exciting. It smells quite close to Turquoise Waters, like a slightly more masculine version of it - TW's male twin. Take TW, remove the floral aspects, squeeze in a little more citrus, bump up the sandalwood and add a tiny hint of Bergamot Waters, and that's essentially BOC. It's fresh, it's crisp, it's clean, it's watery ever so slightly cologney.

NOTE: Quite a few people have said that this smells like the Violet Lily Sky bodycare from '14... I'm not at all into bodycare so I got nuthin

Vanilla Beach Flower - great, yet another vanilla and coconut scent, how friggin original! Well at least it isn't a repackage of any em, it's actually new! So what does it smell like?

So Honeysuckle and  Meet me in Tahiti went on a romantic vacation to Hawaii and made love on the beach for days on end. Well, Vanilla Beach Flower is their love child bastard! It legit smells like a half and half mix of Honeysuckle and Meet me in Tahiti. When I sniffed it, all the sweet, drippy, dewy notes of Honeysuckle (honeysuckle, jasmine, peony, orange blossom) immediately uppercutted me right in schnoz and right behind them were the tropical coconut, Tahitian vanilla and something juicy (pear?)  notes from MMIT. So if you enjoy super sweet and heady floral scents, then this bud's for you. If not, avoid it!

*So I didn't see Island Getaway and no one is really talking so I dunno if it's a WB exclusive or if it didn't get released at all

RANT OF THE DAY: Spring hasn't sprung at BBW

I made a post about this on Instagram and decided to write a blog rant about it as at the moment I don't really have anything to talk about

So this "spring" has been kinda strange...

BBW/WB (and I don't why they do this) has released ALLLLLLLLLLL of these candle collections around the same time, most of which was more summery/tropical/coconutty BS. The closest we've come to spring scents was those fruity/bakery White Barn Market-esque candles and the Wallpaper collection...but that's it. Now it seems BBW has shot their proverbial wad too quickly and they don't have any collections to release soooo what they do? They release "A Thousand Wishes" and "Hello, Beautiful" to distract people from the fact there is no newness and won't be for awhile...and it's working, people are distracted. I sweartagawd, if I see one more person post a damn Thousand Wishes candle on Instagram, I'm gonna scream!!!

But here is my biggest complaint - this is the second spring in a row with no spring scents; where the hell are the florals? And that's coming from somebody who is the not the biggest fan of florals. We have lame ass Honeysuckle and Lilac Blossom in the Wallpaper collection, which we see year after year after friggin year. We have Pure White Cotton, French Lavender and Fresh Cut Lilacs in the White Barn Core collection. And we finally have Spring but it's a WB exclusive. That's it! What gives?! Why is BBW going straight to summer? Can a bitch transition into spring first before y'a'll start mango'ing/hibiscus'ing/coconut'ting us to death?

It's obviously BBW is a creative slump, it happens! In the meantime, why not bring back some spring collections from the past and update them?! For example...

Friggin Sweet Shoppe! Sweet Shoppe had everybody creaming their panties!!! Why not capitalize on that?! Bring back Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Raspberry Peach Macaron and obviously Lavender Marshmallow. And I guess Watermelon Lemonade or else there will be a riot. As for the rest....

Strawberry Sorbet - Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade
Red Velvet Cupcake - Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
Frosted Cupcake - Pink Petal Tea Cake
Lemon Drops - Lemon Gelato
Pink Bubblegum - Cotton Candy
Pink Lemon Poundcake - Tequila Lime Cupcake
Pineapple Creampuff - Spiced Pineapple Samba (Upside Down Pineapple Cake)
Honey Crumbcake - Caramel Apple

Or Fresh Picked! Now I admit, Fresh Picked started to get run into the ground and people (myself included) were getting tired of it. But now that we have gotten a little break, bring that ish back! Y'all have 3 years of Fresh Picked scents to be revived as well as other non-Fresh Picked scents to play around with...

Honeydew&Thyme, Tuscan Herbs, Cucumber Melon (or Lemon Cucumber), Blackberry Grapefruit, Mango Cilantro, Gingham Apple, Fresh Picked Cherries, Pomelo Grapefruit, Summer Watermelon, Pear, Sweet Clementine, Kitchen Lemon, Garden Mint (or Sweet Spearmint), Peachy Tea or Nectarine Green Tea or Peach Lavender/French Garden (Market/Georgia Peach SUCKS!)

Or friggin Garden Party? Garden Party was friggin DIVINE!!! Of course y'all have to bring back Spring, Bloom, Garden Party and definite Pink Petal Teacake. As for the others...

Sugarberry Spritzer - Summertime Soda (or Cherry Blossom Sangria)
Watermelon Lemonade - Southern Sweet Tea
Honeysuckle - Southern Magnolia/Magnolia or Verbena Waters
Lilac Blossom - Fresh Cut Lilacs (or Fresh Cotton or Fresh Linen)
Sundress - Sunflower

Or how a simple floral collection a la White Barn 2013? Sooooo many florals to choose from...

Spring, Garden Bouquet, Renew & Refresh, Green Grass, Garden Freesia, Southern Magnolia, Hydrangea, Sunkissed Blossoms, Orchard Petal, Sunflower, Majestic Rose, Garden Party, Bloom, Drenched Apple Blossom, Lemon Verbena, Provence Garden, French Lavender, FLOWER SHOP!

Y'all can call it...FLOWER SHOP!!!

Lastly, how about a nice simple Aromatherapy-ish collection? Kinda like the Good Life collection from back in the day. You can have

French Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Sweet Spearmint, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Vetiver

or have more upscale complex blends like Black Pepper Bergamot, Wnite Citrus, Freshwater & Seasalt, Renew & Refresh, Oakmoss & Vetiver, Havana Heat/Leather & Agarwood, Sparkling Mojito/Lime Granita Margarita, Green Tea White Pear, White Tea & Ginger, Tuscan Herbs, Fleur de Provence or Lavender Market

And notice, no mention of Eucalyptus Mint or Lavender Vanilla

So BBW'ers, what are some spring scents that you love to see brought back?

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: whenever

Description: The delicious fragrance of rich vanilla beans sprinkled with sugar crystals and freshly ground Mexican cinnamon

So this was the only candle candle in the entire Taco Bell collection that I wanted and only because I heard thru the grapevine that it was a repackage of the original Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts..which I only had 2 left. Having smelled it in the store and confirmed that it was good ol CSD of yore and I for one couldn't be happier!

Performance-wise, it burned like a champ; super high flames and the wax pool was deep and even. The wicks are kinda flimsy; they had mushroom tops that crackled and popped and would eventually fall off into the wax. Throw-wise it has the strength as the original CSD which wasn't much, about a medium. The scent lingers forever after you blow the candle.

There's really not much to say about the scent - as I stated earlier, it's a repackage of the original CSD from 2011-2014. All you newbies to BBW whose first CSD encounter was the god awful versiion from the White Barn Market collection, I do feel sorry for y'all! Take a good whiff of CSV, that is how CSD is supposed to smell!

Now, can I talk about the name for a sec? Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla..kinda basic right? What exactly is Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla? Cinnamon Spiced SUGAR,si! Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla, no! And let's be real, the scent smells like churros; even back in the day people siad that CSD smelled like churros ..why couldn't BBW call this scent "something something Churros"? Makes sense, churros are a Mexican treat and this is a Mexican themed collection.Cosas que te hacen decir "hmmm?"

It's wonderful to have this scent back even if it is under a very basic whitebread name. Apparently BBW didn't lose the formula for this scent so hopefully in the future BBW will stop releasing that hot mess WB Market version and bring back the original.