Well today is the first day of spring, so i thought it appropriate to look back one of my all time favorite spring scents -Spring. Spring has the dubious honor of being my gateway candle into floral scents which for the longest I absolutely hated with a passion.

Before Spring, I normally stuck to aromatherapy herbal type scents like Lavender Vanilla or nondescript fresh clean scents like Renew & Refresh or Fresh Cotton or Fresh Linen. I left heavy floral scents right on the shelves. Then into 2013, I come across Spring for the first time and to my surprise found myself absolutely loving it and it became my official springtime jam as well eventually making it into my top 10.

Then it came back the following year and needless to say I was quite excited... that is until I burned it. It didn't smell bad or anything but it was making my bf sick. As soon as he walked in the door, his eyes would water, his nose would tingle and he would eventually get really bad headaches. Even my sinuses were bothering me a little but not nearly as badly as his. It got to the point we would both have to pop a Claritin just to sit in the livingroom. So I stopped burning it but I left the wallflowers in but even those were making my bf sick. It's like BBW decided to make Spring that much more authentic and added pollen and allergens to the mix. So sadly I brought the candle and wf bulbs back to the store to exchange.

Then Spring disappeared. For whatever odd reason, it wasn't brought back. We had Autumn in autumn and Winter in winter but no Spring in Spring...very strange. Rather unfortunate as newbies would never get to experience one of the best spring floral scents on the market - instead they got basic ass Beautiful Day (a very poor substitute for Spring with very similar notes) and tired ass Lilac Blossom.

And now it's 2016, quite possibly the suckiest and most lackluster spring season ever! Again we're subjected to the trifecta of basic florals - Lilac Blossom, Honeysucle and Beautiful Day. But out of the muck and mire, a fragrant flower blossomed forth - Spring was returned to the land! Unfortunately it's been much watered down and for whatever asinine reason it's a WB exclusive but it's back and I for one couldn't be happier.

What I love about Spring is that it's so nostalgic and makes me think of springtimes gone by and childhood Easters. It conjures images of children playing on fresh green grass and looking for hidden Easter Eggs, daisies and daffodils sparkling with dew in the sunlight, sitting under a tall oak tree from the afternoon sun. It really is Spring in a jar!  


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