HOT MESS AWARD: Spring (part deux)

Product: candle and bulbs
Area used in:  living
Time Period: March -

Description: A delicate blend of light rain, yellow daisy, daffodil and sycamore woods that contains the freshness of the season

Missing notes: apple blossoms

Spring was for a time one of my all time favorite scents as well as my go to scent for springtime. In fact, When I first started this blog, Spring was one of the first candles that I reviewed and I gave it the "THIS IS THE BOMB.COM" stamp of approval. I would fervently defend Spring as got and continues to get a lot of hate from the BBW community. And as a person who is not a big fan of floral scents, all of this speaks volume.

So you're probably wonderin why if I loooooove Spring so much did I give this scent the HOT MESS AWARD? What changed from last year to this year?

Spring was literally making my bf and I sick!

I was super excited when my Cranberry Pear Bellini wf bulbs ran out so that I could replace them with the Spring ones. They smelled as good and as strong as I remembered...perhaps a little too strong. When my bf walked in the door from work, the first thing he said was how super strong they were. I didn't think they were that strong. Then over time I noticed when I stepped away from the living room and walked back in, it was like I walked into wall! My bf even said that exact same thing. Then I started burning the candle. I did get a little headache every once in awhile but I didn't think much of it. Then recently, my bf's sinuses started goin haywire - he was stuffy/congested, had itchy eyes and was coughing nonstop. A few days ago he texted me asking me to unplug the wallflowers as he theorized that they were the cause of his sinus issues. Interestingly enough, I was burning the candle when I get the text and it was giving me a headache. I promptly blew the candle out, unplugged all of the wallflowers and opened the window to get rid of all of the Spring-ness. Since that day, my boyfriend made a full recover and I haven't had any headaches.

I dunno what the hell BBW did to Spring this year. I don't remember the candles or bulbs being quite so potent in the past nor have they ever given me a headache. I joked on Facebook that BBW must have put pollen in the blend and that my bf and I had to pop a Claritin just to sit in the living room!

On top of that sinus allergy-inducing hot mess-ery, Spring had the audacity to have a shitty burn. I mean it was givin me Apple Crumble fact I'm almost positive that Spring had the same crappy wicks that AC had that would get the white ashy ish on top.   

So Shitty burn...ridiculously strong....made me and my bf sick...
Needless to say, Spring is goin back to the store to get exchanged!


  1. I agree with you about the Spring candle! It is a hot mess. I sniffed it numerous times in the store before purchasing it. I was hesitant to purchase, but I think it really captures the outdoors in springtime when everything is blooming. BUT, when I burned it my eyes got all red and puffy, I got a headache and runny nose and almost had an asthma attack.

    It was recommended to me by one of the sales associates as a light scent. No way!! I dont think it even burned 30 minutes before I had to blow it out and open some windows.

    It is going back to the store. Fireside/Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts (I am not sure exactly which one) are the other two candles that gave me asthma attacks. I find that candles with lemon in them are not good for me either Watermelon Lemonade and Lemon Mint Leaf made my chest tighten up. London Calling does the same thing when it is first burned, but after a minute or two the sensation goes away.

  2. I'm glad my bf and I were the only ones!

    That sales associate LIED! Spring has NEVER ever been light, especially this year's; it's beyond a knockout!

    That's crazy that these candles are making you that sick! I wonder why lemon-y ones do that to you? How close do you have candles burning to you? Do you have a ceiling fan one? Have you sent a complaint to BBW Corp?


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