RANT OF THE DAY: New Orleans Destination candles

So as y'all already know, I live in New Orleans. Well yesterday was our most well known celebration, Mardi Gras...which this year it was a hot mess or rather a cold mess as it was freezing and rained the entire day!

Anyway recently I was musing to myself that it would cool if there were New Orleans/Mardi Gras themed candles to burn during Carnival time, like the Chicago and Florida Destination candles. So for shits and giggles, I thought of past scents that could be repackaged...

Riverwalk - As relaxing as a stroll alongside the Mississippi River, this is an enchanting blend of lush verbena, zesty citrus and a hint of musk (Lakeside/Verbena Waters)

My New Orleans - Capture the excitement and mystery of this Southern city with the enchanting fragrance of wild magnolia, honeysuckle and juicy peach (Southern Magnolia)

Creole Beignets - A combination of fresh dough, creamy butter and rich sugary vanilla powder conjures the memory of biting into this uniquely Creole confection (Merry Cookie)

Bourbon Street - Enjoy the sights and sounds of this seductive street with an intoxicating blend of dark blackberries, sweet brown sugar, effervescent citrus and a splash of bourbon (Malibu Smash)

I also thought of a completely new scent called "Mardi Gras". This would be for all if y'all bakery lovers as it would smell like a very iconic confection eaten during this time - King Cake...which if you've never eaten one, it tastes almost like a cinnamon roll. 

I think it would smell similar to Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts. I'd take the vanilla cake and cinnamon sugar notes from CSD and maybe add the vanilla crumble note from Apple Crumble. I'd amp up the cinnamon note and maybe add some allspice as well as a vanilla frosting note. And maybe to kick things up a notch, add a raisin note or praline or maybe rum. Tell me yall bakery lovers wouldn't go absolutely nuts for a candle like this?!


  1. I'd absolutely LOVE all of these, especially a Beignet candle.

    On a different note: I bought Snap Peas, London Calling, and Pomelo Grapefruit during the last 2 for 22 and I'm in LOVE with all of them. I love earthy, garden scents (much to the chagrin of my family), and Snap Peas was absolutely perfect. I loved Yankee's Tea & Honey and London Calling was like a fresher version of that, and i'm a sucker for Grapefruit anything so it's already a winner. I take a butter knife to all of my candles and chunk them up into tarts, so they last longer... i'm still working on a Vanilla Coconut from last year, which I sincerely hope comes back for Summer.

    1. Glad you liked them!

      Excellent choices! I wish I had the patience to make tarts; I just burn em and call it a day lol


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