CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Pomelo Grapefruit

Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: March -

Description: The ultimate citrus lovers' delight - a blend of tart grapefruit, sweet pomelo and juicy orange

This was really the only scent in the Fresh Picked line that I was even remotely intrigued by(BBW hasn't done a grapefruit scented candle since Blackberry Grapefruit back in spring 2012) although with that said I hadn't really thought about buying it..that is until I went to the store and smelled it in person. After a good sniff, I thought what the heck, just get it!

I've only burned through half of it at this point but so far the burn is aiight. The wicks look kinda wimpy but they seem to be getting the job done. The flames were high-ish and the wax pool..well, it wavered between being deep and even to sometimes canyoning and took quite while to melt out.

Now let's rap a taste about the scent. If you're expectin a super sour tart mouth puckerin grapefruit scent, you're gonna be a bit disappointed cuz it's not that. It's sweeter than I thought it would be; I daresay this is more like a sweetened grapefruit juice from the grocery store, think Tropicana. I think it's the pomelo note that is sweetening up the blend a bit. Then there's this sharp but nice tartness from the grapefruit that hits your nose last once you get past the initial sweetness. Can't say that I get any orange.

PG is...nice. It's a nice candle to burn in the morning while eating breakfast and reading the paper. It's sweet, it's fresh, it's juicy and a little tart. However this is certainly nothing to throw a parade over. If you see it your store, give it a sniff. But if you don't see it and you don't want to order it online, you honestly aren't missin much.


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