RANT OF THE DAY: First Day of Spring; My Spring Candle Picks

Well today is the vernal equinox - in other words the first day of spring!

Spring is definitely in the air! It's getting warmer, we're seein a bit more green, birds are chirpin, people are sneezin..

I for have never been more happier for winter to be over. It was particularly brutal this year, even here in the south. I couldn't wait for this day to arrive!

So as is my blog tradition, on the first day of the season I like to briefly discuss my favorite seasonal  scents. Now truth be told, I tend not to buy or burn many candles in the spring; in springtime BBW tends to release either very floral scents (which as you know I'm not a big fan of) and tropical scents (which I don't tend to want to burn until summertime). However I do have some favs that for me evoke everything about spring and I have to have every year.

So my two all time favorite spring scents are..

  •  For me Spring is the epitome of..well..spring! It has everything; daisies, daffodils, apple blossoms. It's like stepping in a fresh blooming garden. You get green-ness, dewiness, some floral action, an green apple-y kick and a hint of woods. It's just perfection....although,  this year's version was less than perfection!
  • Renew&Refresh as nice calming and relaxing scent. To me, it makes me think of a rainy spring afternoon. It's nice a candle to burn on a weekend afternoon curled up with a book or to relax in a warm soothing bubble bath.  
These two candles have joined the ranks of my favorite spring candles

  •  I bought Lilac Blossom for the first time last spring; while I loved the smell, the performance was a hot mess. This year, it's soooo much better. It truly does smell like straight up legit lilac blossoms!
  • Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods has become one of my favorite "mandles". I think it's a nice light cologne-y scent for springtime; it's not as heavy as say Black Pepper Bergamot or Mahogany Teakwood
The following are wallflower bulbs that I like for springtime

  • Fresh Cotton smells like...well fresh cotton. It's a nice unassuming scent - it's fresh and it's clean. It's perfect for a laundry room. I usually have it in my guest room and/or guest bathroom
  • It stopped getting the R&R candle in favor of the bulbs cuz I think they're slightly stronger. Perfect scent for a bathroom
  • Fresh Linen is another fresh, clean, unassuming scent. I think its nice to use at the end of spring going into summer. Like Fresh Cotton, it's a nice scent for a laundry room or home office.
  • This year, BBW surprised us all with a new EM&R bulb, but no candle. This totally smells like fresh pouring rain; very relaxing and calming. The only problem is that while it smelled really nice, it just wasn't very strong. Hopefully BBW fixes the problem before they release it again.
  • Lavender is an aromatherapy scent that for the longest time was only available online; unfortunately its no longer there. This is just a straight up lavender scent - no vanilla (thank god!) and no chamomile. As a long time lavender lover, I love this bad boy and wish it was still around. 
The following are scents from the past that I loved but BBW hasn't brought them back
  • Verbena Waters was an absolutely gorgeous scent, so different from any other floral scent BBW had ever released for the spring. It was a nice end of spring/mid-summer scent - a little floral, a little fruity, very wet and juicy with a strong musk kick. And boy, VW was soooo strong, especially the wf bulbs. BBW did repackage it last year as "Lakeside" but it was very much watered down. I really wish BBW would bring this one back!
  • Flower Shop was just amazeballs! Probably the best floral scent BBW has ever made. It literally smelled like you stepped into a flower shop. Either last year or the year before (I think it was last year) BBW had the wf bulb available online but not the candle which was a shame. This is another fantastic scent BBW needs to bring back!
The following are scents that I liked but never bought or burned and BBW hasn't released them again

  • Green Grass was nice; it was super fresh and dewy and green. However everytime I would sniff it in the store, it kinda tickled my nose so I was afraid that it might work up my sinuses. It's a really nice scent for spring and it's a shame BBW hasnt brought it back.
  • Fresh Bamboo is another really nice fresh and green scent but with some floral action. I loved that it kinda had an Asian-y vibe to it. I would've gotten it but my bf hated it
  • Fresh Lemon was always a scent that I wanted to try as I love anything lemon-y. Honestly I don't know why I never bought it. I think it would be a nice scent for the kitchen or to burn on a weekend afternoon of spring cleaning.
  • Awhile ago BBW had a straightup lavender scent, no vanilla, no chamomile, no nothing. It came back with a new label as test scent some time last year or the year before.  Luckily it seems like the new French Lavender from the Provence Garden line may be a repackage of this.


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