RANDOM POST: Spring Candle Inspired Cocktails

So ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make...I, Bronzeblogger, am a lush! I love goin out and having cocktails or stayin at home and makin cocktails at home. My bf and I have a fully stocked bar so I get to dabble in mixology and experiment with various alcohols, liqueurs, fruits and herbs.

So with that said, recently on a whim I started thinking of cocktails inspired some of my fav candles from all of the various fragrance lines this spring

Spring (martini)
Sour Apple Pucker
St Germain Liqueur
Absolut Pear Vodka

pour some Absolut Pear Vodka over ice in a cocktail shaker, then just a splash of Sour Apple Pucker and an even smaller splash of St Germaine. Then squeeze one wedge of lemon into it. Then shake. Pour into martini glass. Finally as garnish, you can place a slice of green apple on the rim, or drop a small of pear (or green apple or a maraschino cherry) into the glass.

Lilac Blossom
Violet Syrup
Crème de Violette

pour some gin (preferably Bombay Sapphire) over ice in shaker. Then add a splash of Crème de Violette and a smaller splash of violet syrup. Then squeeze one lemon wedge. Shake it all up and pour into martini glass

Renew& Refresh (mojito)
White Rum

Process honeydew in either a juicer, blender or food processor. Pour juiced/blended honeydew over sieve to separate from pulp. Muddle fresh mint, sugar, and 2 lime wedges in cocktail shaker. Add ice. Then pour in honeydew juice. Add rum (preferably Barcardi/Captain Morgan. Shake it all up. Pour in tall glass over ice and fresh mint. Top with soda water.

Lavender Marshmallow (shot)
Lavender Syrup
Pinnacle Marshmallow Vodka

Very simple. Simply pour some Pinnacle Marshmallow in shot glass and add a splash of lavender syrup. Stir and chug!

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (shot)
Pinnacle Cinnabon or King Cake

Pour Pinnacle Cinnabon and Pinnacle King Cake (not Taaka or Lucky Player) in cocktail shaker. Add small dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon. Shake it up and pour a shot glass. You can also decorate the rim with cinnamon sugar.

Lemon Drops (shot)
Absolut Citron

Pour Absolut Citron in cocktail shaker over ice. Squeeze two lemon wedges. Then shake and pour into shot glass. You can serve with sugared lemon wedges.

Lemon Cucumber (Tom Collins)
Cucumber Bitters

Muddle cucumber slices and thyme in cocktail shaker. Add ice. Pour in gin (preferably Hendricks). and add a few dashes of cucumber bitters (preferably El Guapo). Shake it up and pour into Tom Collins glass over ice and cucumber slices (or frozen cucumber wedges). Top with tonic.

Pomelo Grapefruit
Kinky Liqueur
Absolut Ruby Red
Grapefruit juice

Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour in some Absolut Ruby Red, then a splash of Kinky . Top with grapefruit juice (or orange juice). Then add just a very small splash of Cointreau (or Triple Sec) on top.

Island Margarita (on the rocks)
Triple Sec
Kinky Liqueur

Cut up two kiwis and either blend or juice. Add juice over ice in cocktail shaker. Add the Tequila (preferably Patron) and agave, Triple Sec, Kinky and two lime wedges (or you can use premade margarita mix but still add Triple Sec and Kinky) and shake it up. Line your on the rocks glass rim with a lime wedge and roll it around salt (or sugar). Pour in the margarita.

Peach Bellini
Prosecco (or any white sparkling wine or champagne)
Peach Schnapps

Pour a small amount of Peach Scnapps in champagne. Top with Prosecco

Tiki Beach
Malibu Rum
Stoli Vanilla Vodka
Coconut Cream
Blue Curacao

Pour in Malibu Coconut Rum, Stoli Vanil, coconut cream/milk and shake. Add a small splash of Curacao and grenadine. Pour over ice in glass of your choice. And you can add a vanilla bean for decoration and added taste.

Mango Dragonfruit
Mango Lemonade
Kinky Liquor
Triple Sec
Absolut Mango

Pour Absolut Mango and small splash of Kinky over ice. Top with mango lemonade and a dash Triple Sec. Add grenadine (maraschino cherry juice) for color. Stir and drink!

Rainforest Sugarcane (capirinha/on the rocks)
Cane Rum
Natural Sugar Crystals (or brown sugar)

Muddle 2 lime wedges and sugar in on the rocks glass. Add ice. Fill with cane rum (not regular rum)

Pineapple Palm Grass
Pineapple juice
Malibu Rum
Stoli Vanil

Pour in Malibu (regular, Black or Sunshine) in glass of your choice and a smaller amount of Stoli Vanil. Top with pineapple juice. Squeeze one lime wedge.

French Lavender (Tom Collins)
Lavender Syrup
Soda Water

Pour in gin (preferably Bombay Sapphire) over ice in cocktail shaker. Pour in sugar and squeeze 2 lemon wedges. Then pour in lavender syrup. Shake and pour into Tom Collins glass over ice and a lemon wedge. Top with soda water.

can be served as martini sans soda water and with/without sweet vermouth

Lemon Verbena (Toms Collins)
Absolut Citron
Soda Water

Muddle basil leaves, sugar and 2 lemon wedges in cocktail wedges. Add in ice, pour in Absolut Citron and shake. Pour into Tom Collins glass over ice. Top with soda water.

can be served with gin (preferable Tanqueray) or Bacardi Limon

can also be served as martini sans soda water

Provence Garden
Absolut Pear
St Germain Liqueur

Muddle cucumber slices with St Germaine. Pour in Absolut Pear and shake. Pour in either Tom Collins glass over rocks and cold martini glass. Top with champagne. Decorate with cucumber slice or ribbon of cucumber rind

Pink Petal Tea Cake (martini or shot)
Pinnacle Strawberry Shortcake Vodka
Rose syrup
Rose champagne

Pour Pinnacle Strawberry Shortcake (or Cake or Whipped Cream) in cocktail shaker. Add in juiced or pureed strawberries (strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar) and a dash of rose syrup or rosewater. Shake and pour in either martini or shot glass. Top with a small dash of rose champagne (or you can pour into shaker) For martini, add one half or strawberry or rose petal. For shot, top with whipped cream

Sugarberry Spritzer
White wine
club soda or seltzer
blackberries and blueberries
St Germaine liqueur

Muddle blackberries and blueberries with sugar in cocktail shaker. Add St Germaine and shake. Pour into either wine glass, champagne glass, highball glass or martini glass. Add sparkling white wine then top with soda water.


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