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NEWNESS UPDATE: New Fall and Winter Aromatherapy

I have a confession - since my trip to New Orleans and my subsequent return and getting back into the groove of things, I have been kinda out of the loop on BBW related matters. That said, I was pretty late to the game when I heard about the new Aromatherapy scents. I LOVE anything aromatherapy related, so I'm always intrigued when BBW comes out with newness in their Aromatherapy line; it's probably..mmm, not probably..IS the only time you'll see me genuinely interested in BBW bodycare.

So a bunch of new Aromatherapy candles have been testing recently. At the moment, the only one that has gone wide and is currently available online and in stores is

Thankful ~ Frankincense + Myrrh
Frankincense inspires feelings of connection
Myrrh encourages good thoughts 

No confirmation whether or not this is the one hit wonder Frankincense from 2017; whether it is or just similar, either way I'd be happy.

Testing Aromatherapy scents include...

Uplift ~ Neroli + Basil
Neroli lessens feelin…