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= direct repackage
=+ repackage with a twist/added notes
=? possible repackage

Black Tea Rose = Golden Amber Oak
Spring Leaves =+ Leaves
Spring Balsam =+ Fresh Balsam
Honey & Tangerine =? Aromatherapy Optimism
Tomato Vine = Heirloom Greens
Sugared Lemon Zest = Lemon Drops
Sunlit Garden = Green Grass
Strawberry Mimosa =+ Pink Sangria
Cotton & Eucalyptus = Frosty Air
Sweet Peach & Nectarine = Malibu Citrus Glow = Peach Bellini
Blushing Pink Rose Petals = Winter Rose
Sea Grass =+ Snap Peas
Sunsoaked Sandalwood =? Poolside Daydream
Sugarcane Pineapple = Pineapple Mango
Coastal Oak & Seasalt batch 2.0 = Orange Blossom & Driftwood
Black Pepper & Amber = Texas = Tobacco Flower = Tailgate 2.0 = Magnificent Milan = Mad about Madrid
Creme Caramel =+ Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Coastal Jasmine =? Jasmine Water
Tea & Lemon = London Calling
Vanilla Birch =+ Smoked Berry & Incense = Wine Cellar
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel =? Hot Buttered Rum
Moonlit Lily = Cactus L…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: The Grand Return of Sweet Shop 2.0

As you know, Sweet Shop has made its grand return this year...and everyone, newbies and ol schoolers alike, are going apeshit. My IG newsfeed has been inundated with everyone's Sweet Shop hauls, which made me both annoyed and ever so slightly jealous. Now I must admit something that I'm sure will have an angry mob after me - I wasn't the biggest fan of SS collection backintheday...not that I thought it sucked or poorly executed but I'm just not a big fan of bakery scents. In fact I only bought two candles - Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts and Lavender Marshmallow. As for its grand return all of these years later, I was more happy for everyone else, especially those poor unfortunate souls that only recently started getting into BBW. That said, I was quite elated at the prospect grabbing a few LMs (and possibly burning my old already burned 2014 version with reckless abandon). And I thought for the sake of nostalgia that I would be nice to resniff this collection; I was still…

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: History of Pine Candles

Ahh pine's not Christmastime or wintertime without them. Like eucalyptus or lavender, pine is one of the quintessential and intense notes that is not for pussies; you either love it with a passion or hate it immensely. I myself for the longest time was not a fan of pine scents, they kinda just left me cold; I preferred pine notes that were blended with other palate pleasing notes. But I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give pine and a chance..and I'm glad I did because now I'm hooked.
So in this post I thought I'd honor my love of pine by talking about all of the pine scents (that I know off) in Slatkin/BBW history. Now you do have you pine blended scents like Merry Mistletoe or Tis the Season or Winter but I choose to leave those out and only focus on scents were either marketed as a pine scent or had pine based top notes. So lets start at the beginning...

Evergreen and Fresh Balsam (200?)
So these two have been around FOREVER; they both came out w…

RANT OF THE DAY: Candle Scandal 2017 ~ Nook/No Place like...Court?!

Nook ~ No Place Like Home (7298AGA3) - Vanilla Bean and Cedarwood Essential Oil

Ok, so I have already spilled the T about this candle but for those who missed it, I'll recap.
As you know, this candle is the only candle in the Hygge collection that failed. Why? It was a blatant ripoff of another candle company's design - Scandinavisk  . BBW's NOOK looked exactly like Scandinavisk's signature scent KOTO (Finnish for "home) ~THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. While the look of BBW's Hygge collection are eerily similar to Scandinavisk's design, NOOK  was the most obvious offender. In fact..and this is just a theory...but the decision for BBW to make this collection in the first place (and bring back Pink Petal Teacake after all of these years) was probably "inspired" by another of Scandinavisk's scents - HYGGE.. whose notes contain...wait for it.... strawberry cake and rose petals.
BBW did not have permission to use Scandinavisk's graphic design…

NEWNESS UPDATE: SAS/Spring 2018 Test Scents *UPDATED*

I hope you all have enjoy the snow and winter an the holidays cuz according to BBW, it's a wrap! Spring/Summer scents are slow slipping into stores, some which have even already appeared online.

So first let's talk about the collection that's available now - Seaside Mist (aka XOXO), Midnight Blue Citrus, Salted Vanilla, White Driftwood (aka Happily Ever After), Mango Shores, Coastal Jasmine, Turquoise Waters and Beach Sage and Mint.

This collections' random and unannounced appearance seem to be really confusing people with some folks thinking it's an entirely new collection..

This is not a new collection...I repeat... THIS IS NOT A NEW COLLECTION.

It's the Coast to Coast collection which tested, was set for nationwide release but shockingly failed last spring... well the candles failed, the wf bulbs went wide (I even did a tester candle WALK N SNIFF    )

While I'm glad this collection is back mainly because Beach Sage & Mint is LIFE but I must admit it&…

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Holiday Pomander (2009)

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: December - New Years

Description: citrus fruits, cloves, bay rum, leafy balsam, and musk

Trivia: a "pomander" is a citrus fruit (usually some kind of orange) studded with clove; orange clove is a blend associated with Christmastime

So this is a scent that shortly before my time as a BBWer and only heard about in recent years. I don't know how it happened but I ran across while doing a Google search on another scent. It was a promotion on QVC from during the Slatkin era..and there it was...

The notes sounded so enticing and intriguing that I had to find it. After searching for years on the black market, I finally found one recently priced and immediately bought it; it smelled as amazing as I thought it would. Then about a year or so again perhaps, I was able to score another one reasonably priced. As you may remember, there was a Pomander candle out in stores now which I was hoping would be a repackage of HP but ala…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Pt. 5 ~ On the Rocks/Quartz, "Scandinavian/Hygge" and Miscellaneous Candles *UPDATED*

I was having a really rough and stressful day today, just one of those days when things are deadset not to go your way. And late night insomnia and a pressure headache was not making my day better. I decided before heading home that I was gonna treat myself. I got myself a Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks (that the barista totally effed up somehow) and since I was in the area, I stopped in BBW just to see what there was to see. Lo and behold there was all kinds of unexpected newness.

THIS IS FOR YOU (BUT I WISH IT WAS MINE) ~ Candy Cane Calla Lilies - first of all, I can't with that name; how friggin passive aggressive! Anyway, this scent is pretty bizarre - take Twisted Peppermint and mix in Fresh Cut Lilacs/Lilac Blossom and that's essentially CCCL. I would never think in 1000 years to mix sweet mentholy mint with a powdery white floral note. Very strange combo!

ADDENDUM: Candy Cane Calla Lilies are actually real but I'm pretty sure they don't smell like candy can…