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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Beachhouse Collection

So the bf and I went to the mall and we stopped off at BBW/WB to take advantage of the handsoap and wf refills sales. I looked around and didn't see anything interesting. We had already made our purchases and were leaving out of the store when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a display of the Beachhouse candles.

I was debating whether or not I was even going to write a WALK N SNFF review for this collection as it is all kinds of underwhelming - once again style over substance. However I figured somebody out there might be interested and so, here we are...

I'm gonna skip White Gardenia, Copper Coconut and Pineapple Mango cuz everybody knows what those smell like. I am briefly going to talk about Beach Sage & Mint for a minute as it may be new to a few of you.

So Beach Sage and Mint made its debut in the ill-fated "Coast to Coast" collection; the whole collection failed but it appeared in a few stores randomly during SAS.

Right of the bat,  it is NOT Wild Sage &a…

NEWNESS UPDATE: La Vie en Rose ~ New All Rose Collection

So BBW is really out here sneaking in all of these surprises. After these past boring and hoohum months, BBW is definitely keeping us on our toes with lots of unnanounced random and mysterious surprises. Along with those random "online only" candles that popped up recently (which btw, it does look like those will be available in stores fairly soon with 1 or 2 being online exclusives because of course) but another collction has popped in test stores recently with definite possibiliy of going wide - all rose collection.

Now betwixt you and me, I'm not a huge fan of rose scents; it's a note I can only take in small doses and/or blended with more dominant notes. That said, I and a few others have been saying that there should be an all rose collection similar to the doomed "Eucalyptus and (fill in the blank)" collection from years ago. Well, BBW have listened. And it looks like the majority of these are either new or possible repackages of past scents from the …


Sooooo, these popped up online today...

As you can see, they are online only exclusives...which brings me to my rant

I vehemently hate/loathe/despise this new trend having certain scents only available on the website. And it seems to be scents that were previously testing and I'm guessing the remainders in the warehouse were simply put online to get rid of them as there weren't enough to send to stores nationwide.

Now a couple of years ago, I was for this. As you know, during the golden age of BBW, there was the test store craze and for a time, you could order test candles from test stores; that of couse went the way of the dodo due to peope's greed and thirst. So test candles were harder to get to after that. An with Littleballadeer and Tinadivalicious and Touchthefiretwice pumping review video after the review video, the test candle thirst was real.

In those days, I often said that failed test scents should be put online so tha more peple could have easier access to them…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Seas the Day Collection

So as you may (or may not) know, the "Seas the Day" Candles randomly popped up online last week. However there have been varying reports of when they were supposed to appear in stores - some stores received theirs over the weekend, some got theirs first thing this morning while others have said that their store wouldn't get them until next week with the new floorset. I went to a BBW this morning and they didn't have any of them; not really surprising cuz that store is whack. Then later, before heading home, I stopped by my local WB store and, lo and behold, they had em.

So you already know what Tiki Beach smells like..and Island Papaya and Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit and Coconut Sandalwood.

The Perfect Summer is Suntan aka Poolside and it smells like legit suntan lotion

Berry Waffle Cone is back...why I dunno. It doesn't smell summery at all. Everybody goes apeshit for it and for the life of me, I don't understand the hype.

And now, on to the newness...

Salted Ocean…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Crisp Green Apple & Strawberry Poundcake 2.0

So a couple of days ago, I went to a nearby BBW to take advantage of the wf bulb sale. I went in expecting not to see anything interesting. I had already bought the bulbs I wanted and was heading out the store when something told me to turn back around. I looked and sure enough, there was a bunch of the mysterious Crisp Green Apple candles....which as you may (or may not know), these were originally an online only exclusive but have been popping randomly in stores lately. 

Crisp Green Apple (9107M8A11) - I do love a good crisp and juicy apple scent, especially green apple. That said, I was kinda intrigued with this scent. Then there were reports on social media that it smelled like Pink Apple Punch, which seems to be BBW's go-to blend for their apple candles; needless to say, it was a no for me cuz I CAN NOT with that stank ass candle. Anyway, I should've known better than to put stock into noses on social media that I don't trust without smelling it for myself; plot twist…

DROPPIN' CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Complete Spring 2019 Candle Collective List

“Crystal Cove” Collection Returning scents: Blue Ocean Waves Pineapple Mango Sun-washed Citrus Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit Rainforest Gardenia Turquoise Waters Tiki Beach
New Scents : Tahitian Coconut

“Blue Bungalow” Collection Returning scents: Midnight Blue Citrus Mineral Spring Fiji White Sands
New Scents: Sun-drenched Linen (possibly Fresh Linen) Sea Salt & Sandalwood (possibly Sand & Sea) Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus

“Mixed Materials” Collection New Scents: The Perfect Spring Orchard Blossom Coastal Morning (repackage of Ocean Mist &Citrus) White Tea & Sage
Returning scents : Beach Cabana Sun-washed Petals Almond Vanilla Birch Lavender Vanilla Sugared Lemon Zest Mineral Springs Eucalyptus Rain Mahogany Coconut Paris Cafe Blah-termelon Lemonade

Added Scents: Island Margarita
Flamingo Beach

“Black & White” Collection New Scents: Garden Greenery (online only) Water Hyancinth (online only) Cucumber & Lily
Returning scents: Lemon Verbena Fresh Cut Lilacs Georgia Peach …

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Mother's Day Floorset/In Bloom Candle Collection

Well I haven't been inside a BBW/WB store since my last WALK N SNIFF review and seeing as though yesterday was the floorset (and I just happened to be the vicinity of a store),I decided to take a peek inside and get my sniff..although there really wasn't anything I was  remostely excited about sniffing. I heard on rumour that some stores had released the lastest round of summer test candles early but alas I was not so fortunate. But beggars can't be choosers so I had to make do with this round of newness.
This'll be a relatively short as there really isn't much to discuss.
First off let's talk briefly about the Gingham candle
Gingham (9051A3A4) - So my longtime readers know that I am not a fan of bodycare based candles and there are very few exceptions. While this one definitely did not blow me away, I have to say that I didn't mind it so much. So it smells relatively close to the bodycare..or close as a candle can get to bodycare. Tinadivalicious said this…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer 2019 Test Candles

Well gang, after the Easter and Mother's Day candles/floorset release, it looks will be BBW will officially be done with spring. I say that because BBW is currently testing the first round of summer candles.

At the moment, there are 2 candle collection testing.

The first collection is a group of conceptual summer scents of the beachy variety. The labels are wraparound (doesn't look that is going away anytime soon) with various blue and white mosaic-esque or marble-ish designs.

New scents include...

Beachscape -Fresh Sea Breeze, Warm Cotton, Sweet Lotus Blossom (this sounds like Beach Blossom; same notes-ish - Ocean Lotus, Soft Beach Air, Warm Musk)

Coastal Watermelon - Juicy Watermelon, Pinch of Pink Sea Salts, Ocean Waves (NOT Watermelon Lemonade or Watermelon Ice)

Returning scents include Beach Sage & Mint (YASSS), Pineapple Mango, Copper Coconut and
Ma-blah-gony Stankwood (*EYEROLL)

The second collection has wraparound labels (again) with various beach scenes. The overall …

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: B&BW Spring Candle Inspired Aesthetic Moodboards

Well it is officially spring though if you're in the North like I am, it's certainly not feeling like it. If you've got a case of winter blues and need a bit of pring fever, maybe these moodboards will help. Enjoy!

RANT OF THE DAY: $14.50 F***ery ~ Ain't Bought No Candles Blues

I have not bought a single solitary candle since SAS... I repeat, I have not bought a single solitary candle since SAS. Now SAS ended January is now March 10, damn near Spring, and in between that time there has been about 8 different candle collections released - I haven't anything from any of said collections. And it's not like there wasn't anything that piqued my interest as there were a few that I had my eyes on it. So, you may be wondering why I didn't just buy what I was interested in... one reason - the sale price. I just can't justify or rationalize buying a candle for 14.50 even with a coupon!
Now most of you readers may be too new to the BBW candle fandom but I remember fondly when candles were 19.50..yes you read that correctly... NINETEEN FIDDY!!! By the time I started getting really obsessed with BBW, the price went up 20.00 and there were the infamous 2for20 sales...made even better with $10off30 survey coupons given to you by your friendly S…

WALK 'N'SNIFF: Spring 2019 Candles ~ Tropical/Back to the Beach & Modern Farmhouse


I've been really bored with BBW lately; honestly I haven't stepped inside a store since my last WALK N SNIFF and writing this one is truly the only reason I haven't continued to avoid going inside. I went to a standalone BBW store last week and a WB this week and I sniffed all but one scent, more about that later.

Let's get into the Back to the Beach collection; as always, for the sake of brevity, I'll be skipping returning scents ie Waikiki Beach Coconut, Island Margarita, Mango Maitai, Pineapple Sunrise and Ocean Driftwood and Fiji White Sands

Flamingo Beach (9022M8A1) This one was not what I was expecting..which I warn you will be an ongoing theme for all of the candles in this review.  I don't really know what this scent is trying to convey. The notes suggest a drink/cocktail of sorts but it's not a drink scents. It's also not what  would describe as tropical or beachy. Anyway, what you get something vaguely berry-ish, leaning more towards rasp…