NEWNESS UPDATE: Guess What? More Tropical Candles!

Well gang, we didn't ask for em but we're gettin em  anyway...MORE TROPICAL CANDLES!!! YAY!!!! *EYEROLL

So currently testing is a collection of (at the moment) 6 candles. Look-wise, they're very...umm..different. So the glass tumblers are..wait for it...ANIMAL SKIN PRINT! Snake, tiger, zebra, etc. I dunno what I think about that - on the one hand, animal print will ALWAYS be gaudy but other the other hand, at least they're doing something different look-wise but on the other other hand it's a case of style over substance with more emphasis and effort placed on the look and not the scents themselves.

Anyway, there are 4 "new" scents...

Waterfall Oasis - Rushing Water, Bright Pomelo Zest, White Woods (word on the street its Beach Day..I'm not mad at that! It could also be last year's Sparkling Waves or  2013 failed test scent Whitewater Birch)

Black Pepper & Amber - Warm Black Pepper, Golden Amber, Rare Tobacco Flower (repackage of Tobacco Flower/Tailgate2.0/Mad About Madrid)

Coconut Palm & Lime - Island Coconut, Tropical Greens, Fresh Lime Zest (I was hoping this was Coconut Lime Verbena but I hear it's not and it might be new)

Wild Cedarwood - Dark Cedarwood, Palm Leaves, Wild Neroli (A few folks have posted this and by all accounts, it's new and it's the bomb. That said, I do wonder if it's failed test scent Cedarwood Trail as that had cedarwood and neroli as well)

Returning scents include Rainforest Gardenia (why) and Mango Dragonfruit (again, why?)

for pictures check out my @_scentsgalore and @dennisobsessedcandles on IG

Also a new candle randomly appeared on Ebay recently, intriguing and mystifying everyone on social media...

Ebay: skkm96

St Tropez Shore - Seasalted Bergamot, Sun Lilies, Cote D'Azur Coconut (so I thought this might be either version of Suntan but according to Tinadivalicious in his latest review vid, it's a new scent that smells vaguely like Bergamot Mint)

Apparently this French inspired tropical candle is gonna be released for the La Francaise flooset by itself but there are rumours that will be other candles with this iron wrought packaging

RANT OF THE DAY: Candle Notes ~ More than meets the eye

The Coastal Oak & Seasalt candle scandal raised another issue I have which has prompted me to write yet another rant!

This, like my last one, is directed at snot-nosed knowitall teenybopper SAs who "think" they know all things fragrance. I'm also writing this for other reviewers, Instagrammers and candle lovers in general. This rant is about notes on the bottom of the candle...

Back in the ancient days at the very beginning of Harry Slatkin's mighty reign of home fragrance, there were no notes on the bottom, you just had to make your own guesses and move on. Then eventually, Slatkin started mentioning notes, at least 5 maybe 6 just so folks could have a clearer idea of what they were sniffing. Over time, especially after Slatkin made his grand exit, the note descriptions become more and more verbose and superfluous like chapters out of "War & Peace" with little room for notes, which were whittled down to 3 at the most. Lately, and I must say I kinda prefer it this way, we just get the bare essentials - no more lengthy fluffy narratives but just 3 or 4 notes themselves...

Which brings me to this DO know there are more than 3 or 4 notes in a candle right?

That sounds like simple question with an obvious would think. But if you listen to certain SAs in the store or candle lovers on Instagram or Youtube reviewers, that question isn't simple and the answer isn't obvious. People truly believe that what you see is what you get...and that's stupid!

I like to use this comparison..when you're eating spaghetti and meatballs, are you ONLY eating spaghetti and meatballs? Boiled noodles, tomato sauce and rolled up meat? NO! There are herbs and spices and seasonings and oils involved to add taste and flavor and body to the main ingredients.

I mentioned this in my fragrance terminology post , there are 3 layers to a scents

  • base notes are the glue that holds the entire blend together
  • middle notes give the scent some added uumph
  • top notes are what you smell immediately first and foremost
What you're actually smelling is much more complex than it sounds. You have all these notes that aren't mentioned at all, some are practically invisible to your nose and some you would not recognize or like in it's purest chemical form. And there are notes that are actually a blend of other notes in and of itself. Making several notes come together and smell like a certain thing or concept IS a science! 

Another thing to take into consideration with reading and musing over the notes is how much if it is the truth. BBW often stretches the truth or misplaces one note with another. And it's not just BBW - most candle makers or anyone dealing with home fragrance  and even bodycare all do this all the time. It's called MARKETING!

The most appealing sounding notes out of the formula are used in the description. Sometimes those notes aren't eye catching or doesn't flow off  the tongue or doesn't sound particularly very appealing, so they'll use a note with a similar vibe. The notes on the bottom of the candle aren't there to necessarily tell you EXACTLY what you're selling but rather to entice you and pique your interest, something to make ya go "hmmm"

Think of the notes as free samples in a grocery store. People are handing out those free samples to catch your attention, whet your appetite, pique your interest and if you like the sample, you'll certainly like the product itself and be compelled to buy it. It's the same with candle notes; the notes are there to appeal to your tastes and sensibilities and if you like the sound of those notes and you like the way those "notes" smell, then you'll buy the candle and burn it at your leisure. Marketing/Advertising 101!

And the power of persuasion/suggestion is a biotch! Those "notes" are sending all kinds of subliminal messages into your brain and sometimes tricking you into thinking that some of those notes are real and that you smell or at least get the vibe of what the name of the candle. Again, I was duped into thinking Coastal Oak & Seasalt was new and ended up buying and bringing it home...that never happens to me. And I still laugh at people fooling themselves into thinking that Maple Cinnamon Pancakes aka Pumpkin Caramel Latte smelled like maple drizzled flapjakes and BBW made money off of that little con.

So in conclusion, take those notes with the teeniest tiniest molecule from the grain of salt, cuz for the most part, they're BS! 

And now I have a homework assignment for everyone reading this. This is video from a relatively new reviewer, The Candle Enthusiast. He mainly reviews Yankee Candles (boo, hiss, boo!!!) but he did hit up BBW for the first time and dipped his toe into the water with the Hit Refresh collection. What is remarkable and impressive is that he sniffs that candles without looking at the notes, picks apart the blend and guesses all of these notes that he gets. He knows his shit and is very knowledgeable about notes and what they smell like; it certainly helps have prior past experiences as a wine sommelier. I'm telling he will mention notes that you would've even think were there, a few times he even stunned me! So yeah, check out and..well...take notes!


RANT OF THE DAY: The Coastal Oak & Seasalt Scandal

So, as usual, I found myself in a bit of controversy. On Sunday I posted on Instagram about Coastal Oak & Seasalt  and that it's a repackage of Orange Blossom & Driftwood...and I stand by it. It's not opinion or a theory, it's a friggin fact. I owned OB&DW and only very recently brought it back to the store to exchange. That said, despite not being able to do a side by side, the scent was still fresh in my memory and I instantly recognized the blend in CO&SS; it had the same orange/bergamot/neroli blend that tickled my nose and upset my sinuses that OB&DW, which is why I brought it back to the store.

I also posted the description notes for both candles as they're both suspiciously similar and anyone with a working brain, functioning eyes and a grasp on the English can spot out said similarities...

  • Orange Blossom Petals, Crisp Bergamot, Soft Sea Washed Wood
  • Oceanside Oak, Sparkling Bergamot, Sea Salt Crystals, Sage

So let's break it down shall we...
  • They're both orangey
  • both share a "bergamot" note
  • one describes the wood as "soft sea washed" and the other blatantly says "sea salt"; wouldn't something "sea washed" be..oh I dunno..SALTY
  • in the fragrance making world, "driftwood" is usually a blend consisting of...oak; furthermore in CO&SS, the oak is described as "oceanside". Wouldn't that make it...DRIFTWOOD

I presented my evidence and waited for the comments​. There were some who agreed with me having did a side by side comparison. But then for the rest of the day, all of these naysayers came out of the woodwork saying I was wrong.

Now I admit, I have a problem - I hate being wrong..well that's not true. I'm ok with being corrected...if I'm wrong. And if I am wrong, I will gracefully and wholeheartedly accept defeat and admit my blunder. However, if I'm right, constant naysaying truly pisses me off and I will vehemently defend myself. In this instance however, I was tired of all comments and I deleted the post. And for aninstant, I thought maybe I was wrong. Then I thought "f*** that! I know what the hell I smelled..I'm right..I'M BRONZEBLOGGER BITCH!" Plus other people agreed, which I reiterate they did a side by side comparison.

But here's what truly pissed me off about this incident. Most of the naysayers had the same things in common...
  • they were young (I LOATHE being corrected, right or wrong, by someone significantly younger than me)    
  • they were strangers who didn't follow me; I didn't know them, they didn't know me and I dunno how the hell they even found my post
  • they were SAs at BBW
It's the last thing that really sticks in my craw the most! I've had several run-ins with these bitches on social media and they do nothing but annoy the living piss outta me. They're always some teenybopper barely in their 20s who who don't have a college degree yet or just got it and don't know what to do with it. They're always a girl; some random ass Becky that works at a random ass store in a random ass town...though occasionally I'll get a queen... and there is nothing worst than an young entitled opinionated twink. They never follow me, they never like my posts and they only comment when I post a criticism..which they take personally and with absolute umbrage. How dare I, who don't even work at BBW, say something bad about a product in their store. Apparently just being a SA for whatever amount of time immediately makes you an authority of all things fragrance...much in the same way being a cashier at McDonalds means the person can not only cook a hamburger using the recipe but knows all things cuisine by virtue of standing there in the building.

And their comments ooze and reek of self-entitlement and condescension and youthful stereotypically..millennial..which I hate that word cuz it's used too often with too much misplaced vitriol (and the fact that I'm technically a millennial myself, barely). They essentially talk down to you like you're stupid, throwing useless and regurgitated facts that they were forcefed  from their manager or they base their argument on events and experiences in their store, because obviously what happens in one store happens in them all.Their comments serve no beneficial purpose, they don't enlighten or educate; the aim is to take you down a few pegs which gives them much need validation and smug self-satisfaction. And the few who are trying to be helpful or "correct" me fail in the end because their words are so sarcastic and knowitall-y. And if one more Becky calls me "hun" or "darling" or "gurl", I'm gonna f***ing scream!

First of all, why are you getting so insulted by what I or anyone says a about a candle? Did you make it? Are you a factory worker hand picking and dipping the wicks by hand like they say on the bottom of the candles? Do you work at a fragrance house coming up with blends? Have you intensively studied fragrance notes and the  the science of creating blends? Can you tell me the chemical compound of a fragrance? Do you work in the marketing department at L Brands? Do you have Slatkin on speed dial? Do you, him and Laura hang out at his place, sip martinis and talk shop?

I'm gonna say no to all of that. You're just a SA who stacks, sells, and bags candles...that's it.

Now I don't mean this as an insult nor am I looking down on the profession. I tip my hat to BBW SA's cuz most of them are not treated very kindly by customers or management. I myself do not have the patience, attitude or temperament for the job; my indifference, bluntness and sarcasm would've gotten me fired the very first day. I'm friends with quite a few SAs most whom are cool people; some really love it while others are in it for the paycheck.But then there are the small minority of self righteous douchenozzles who think of themselves and their position way too highly and desperately need a dose of reality.

In conclusion, you don't have to agree with me; it's your God given right to agree or disagree with whatever I say and to speak your peace on what you agree or disagree about. I don't mind debating as long as it's​ civil. However if you get irate or sarcastic or feel the need to talk down to me, read me and put me in place to make yourself feel maam, ain't nobody​ got time for dat! Furthermore if you're some stranger who doesn't know me, doesn't follow me and has never talked to me otherwise, I'm not gonna entertain you or listen to what you have to say. Lastly, I'm gonna need you to be an authority who actually knows their shit to get into a verbal rumble with me; I am not here​ for basic bitches with basic knowledge.

Oh...and I still say Coastal Oak & Seasalt IS Orange Blossom & Driftwood. Perhaps your store has a different batch but I know what I smelled and I know that I'm right. Say my name...BRONZEBLOGGER...I'm out!


WALK 'N' SNIFF: Ribbed for your Pleasure ~ Tropical edition

Because the bf is heading out of town today, yesterday he wanted to run errands. Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by WB to pick up some stuff and sniff around, my first visit since the end of SAS. I feel like I'm one of the last people to sniff the relatively new "ribbed for your pleasure" candles so I'm glad I got to do that finally.

As you know there's round one of the ribbed candles - Tiki Beach, Coconut Sandalwood, Black Pepper & Bergamot and Fresh Bamboo. The only "new" scents were...

Sweet Peach & Nectarine - it's Malibu Citrus Glow from last spring/summer which was a repackage of Peach Bellini; a repackage of a repackage

Cotton & Eucalyptus - straight up Frosty Air from last winter

Now let's get on to the slightly more exciting part, round two - the newest and more tropical additions to the collection (with the exception of Blue Oceans Waves and Ocean Driftwood). Now I'm not usually taken in by packaging, for me the scent is all that matters. By I must admit, the shimmery iridescent look of these new additions are very pretty. Anyway, on with the reviews...

Sugarcane Pineapple - as I'm sure many of you (should) know, BBW  has a very bad habit of repackaging scents that are already in rotation and tricking unsuspecting people into thinking it is something entirely new and this candle is not the exception. That said, this is a repackage of Pineapple Mango. I dunno if it was an oversight or BBW blatantly didn't give a f***, but the notes for both scents are word for word, as my candlebuddy and protege @candleafficianado pointed out

Pink Sands & Petals - I was racking my brain trying to figure out what this was cuz it smells so familiar. And it doesn't help that most heady tropical white floral scents are borderline indistinguishable to me. I thought at first it was failed test scent Bermuda Break from Destinations 2014 which I smelled in those final moments of GSP being a test store and I barely remember how it smelled. Recently on my repackage post , someone commented that PS&P was a repackage of Vanilla Beach Flower but hadn't sniffed PS&P so I couldn't agree or disagree. However after finally sniffing, he is absolutely right - it's a repackage with a twist. VBF is a bit more smooth and drippy while PS&P is less intense, a little more drier and has more added floral notes. Other than that, the two are essentially the same.

ADDENDUM: While in the store, I compared this with Vanilla Flower from the Spa Day/SAS but after smelling VF it smelled different and not at all like Vanilla Beach Flower; It actually smelled like a reworking of Fresh Bamboo

Palm Leaves & Mango - I was really intrigued with this one. At first I thought maybe it was Mango Cilantro/Peach Cilantro Twist's not. I was really hoping it would Mango Beachwood from's similar but I'm almost positive it isn't a straightup repackage. I ended up buying this and when I got home, it hit me - Caribbean ~ Driftwood Surf , which I had at home so I could compare. They are very very similar. They both share the same base - they have a dry "driftwood" note with an ozonic sea air saltiness, a creamy sweet coconut milk note and cedarwood that intensifies the creamy and woodsy aspects. That's where the similarities end. C~DS has a more woody vibe and slightly sweet whereas PL&M is a bit more tart and lush with an added pleasant.  greeniness. C~DS has a more masculine bodycare feel whereas to me PL&M is a little more feminine and has kinduva suntan lotion vibe to it. But enough of the comparisons. 

You get the creamy coconut milk base with a touch of woodiness and salt. The mango is different from the mango based scents you get from BBW in the sense that it's not juicy or candy sweet. It's more like sniffing a fresh mango; imagine peeling the skin to get to the meat..that's what the mango note smells like to me. And there is a greeniness, but I'm hesitant to say it's "palm leaves"; there's something grassy that adds to the citrusiness and tartness of the mango, lemongrass maybe? All in all, this is a very pleasant scent although I have concerns that it may have a light throw.

Coastal Oak & Seasalt - so I am a little pissed off about this. The name totally caught my attention as I love my woody cologney scents and this sounded like a total mandle. I sniffed it and bought it. I was sniffing it at home and it smelled extremely familiar which was bugging the hell out. It smelled like something I sniffed and bought fairly recently. Moreover something in the blend was tickling my nose and upsetting my sinuses and I brought back something to exchange for that same reason. So I'm sniffing and I'm reading the notes then it hit me...ORANGE BLOSSOM & DRIFTWOOD! 

Read the notes and dare to compare!

I very rarely get flim-flammed and bamboozled by BBW but they totally got me this time. It really pisses me when BBW plays these deceptive games with repackaged scents and note descriptions. I really thought just based on the name and notes that this was new and even after sniffing this in the store, I still thought it was new. And I just brought OB&DW back to the store only to friggin buy it again under a new friggin name! Why BBW? Just like with Sugarcane Pineapple, why repackage a scent that is already out in stores in the WB core collection and trick people into thinking it's new?!!! 

So yeah, if you're intrigued with this one, just sniff OB&DW if you haven't already. 

ADDENDUM: for all the smartasses/knowitalls out there, there are indeed 2 different batches of this candle. 7044 smells like OB&DW while 7038/7039/7040 (which are all the same) smells different and more woody like the name suggests

Oh, the store also had those ridiculous Easter candles...

Hippity Hop = Hot Cocoa & Cream
#EASTER = Frosted Cupcake
You Found Me = Strawberry Vanilla, not Cotton Candy Marshmallow
Sugared Candy Bunny = Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts/Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

Doesn't make sense to you, doesn't make sense to me 


So yet another random candle collection has hit test stores recently...and it is with a doubt the most boring, basic, underwhelming, uninspired, unnecessary collection ever. We got a lot of crap this spring but this collection is by far the worst, the crappiest of the crap!

I dunno the name of the collection but it's basically a Freshed Picked-esque collection - an odd and bizarre mix of fruity, herbal and cologney scents. First of all, with the "Refresh" and the "Lattice" collections still in stores, do we need yet another fruits and herbs springtime collection?! That said, you would think despite being similar in theme and execution, this collection would have some really exciting blends and most importantly NEWNESS - y'know, something to make it stand out and be different. Yeah no, not so much! Take a gander what scents  BBW chose...

Peach Bellini, Black Cherry Merlot, Eucalyptus Mint, Farmstand Apple, Indigo Sky and Fresh Cut Lilac

a played out drink scent, cough drop scented soap, an ancient aromatherapy clone, fake apple mixed with gasoline, cologne and a ripoff of a Slatkin classic that we've seen 3 years in a row

Also... hello BBW... Peach Bellini and Fresh Cut Lilacs are already in another f***ing collection!!! Hell, Fresh Cut Lilacs are in 3 collections...3!!! Laso the Lattice collection has Sweet Cherry Pie that basically smells like Black Cherry Merlot...soooo, why do we need Black Cherry Merlot?!

There are (for now), 3 "new" scents thrown in for good measure...

Cucumber Melon - Summer Cantaloupe, Crisp Cucumber, Fresh Honeydew Melon (ok so this is kinda exciting as there hasn't been a candle of this very ancient Signature scent since the 2000s)

Sweet Honey Bee - Honeycomb Nectar, Sweet Lemon, Honeyed Ginger (people are already saying that it smells like Honey Tangerine. If it's not a repackage of that, I'll be highly surprised. And even if it isn't, must there be 2 honey/citrus scents at the same friggin time?!)    

Toasted Coconut - Golden Toasted Coconut, Fresh Vanilla Bean, Soft Caramel (first of all, more f***king coconut, really BBW?! Second of all, this sounds absolutely disgusting! Third I'll be highly surprised if this isn't Slatkin's Toasted Coconut...which we now know as Pumpkin Coconut... although there are reports that this scent has a "smoky" vibe to it, so it may actually be new)

And to add insult to injury, not only are scents themselves boring, but they look boring as well. They have a very ol schools 90's BBW look to them...and not in a good way. Plain lbael with drawn on fruit - these candles are serving Dollar General realness hunties!

And so here we are stuck with yet another collection of randomly thrown together basic ass scents - no thought, no theme, no cohesion. It's painfully obvious that BBW just doesn't give a f*** anymore! They're just coasting along releasing crap and getting by on the money from hapless/clueless housewives and teenyboppers. More thought and attention goes into labels and lids with sparkles and glitter and cutesy girly-girl cartoons to distract the basic bitches of America from how boring the scents are! Seriously why put any thought in scents, whether new or oldiebutgoodie when all yall Basic Bettys buy candles "just for the label/wax/lid"?!

BBW, I know that you know that you're pissing off a lot of your fans; you hear people complaining on social media, you know people haven't been buying much or not buying anything at all since SAS and your sales numbers are down. You are cognizant and aware of all of this but you don't care. Instead of getting your fans back on your side again, you release crap, take away bounceback coupons, send out crappy mailer coupons (to those who spend the most money), have shitty pointless sale,  continue to increase prices and refuse to fix burn/throw issues. But you know what BBW, it's all good in the hood. You just keep on doing what you do. Meanwhile, the bank accounts of many are rejoicing across the land! I leave you this as a prophetic warning - Change is coming and you may very well find yourself left behind in the dust.... 


Just for shits and giggles, I decided to write a comprehensive list all the scents (between 2011-now) that have been repackaged and what they were from repacked from 

*only added scents that were repackaged and marketed as a whole new scent, not scents that were just renamed but are the same scent

= direct repackage
+= repackage with a twist/reformulation
?= possible repackage

#EASTER  = Buttercream Frosting = Sparkle Everyday Confetti Cupcake =Frosted Cupcake

Adobe Sunset = Spiced Citrus Sonoma

Amsterdam = Flower Shop

Apple Flower = Pink Apple Punch += Weekend Apple Picking += Green Apple Orchard +=Green Apple Champagne +=Wasabi Apple +=? Passionflower

Apple Garland = WB Christmas 2012 = Apple Spruce

Autumn Snow = Pinecone

Banana Pumpkin Muffin += Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding

Bangkok = Tropical Spice

Barcelona = Caribbean Salsa

Bergamot & Suede = Ocean Drive = Michigan Avenue = Bergamot Woods = Villa Bergamot

Black Sands += Perfect Waves/EM and Waves = WB Summer = Eucalyptus Mint & Rain

Black Tea Rose += Golden Amber Oak

Black Tie = Sage & Cedar

Blackberry Bramble Tea ?= Blueberry Pumpkin Patch

Blue Sage and Sandalwood =? Magnificent Milan

Blueberry Pumpkin Strudel += Spiced Pumpkin Cider

Blushing Pink Rose Petals = Winter Rose

Bora Bora = Meet me in Tahiti

Bourbon Butterscotch = Hot Buttered Rum

Cactus Lily = Velvet Tuberose

California = Poolside = Suntan 1.0

Capri = Freshwater & Seasalt = Sea to Santorini

Cardamom & Suede = Holly Jolly Christmas = Autumn Night += Autumn Day = Acorn & Fig

Celebrate += Tis the Season

Chestnut & Clove = Winter Cabin

Citron Cedarwood = Sandalwood Citrus

Coastal Sun = Citrus Flower

Cotton & Eucalyptus = Frosty Air = Eucalyptus Cotton

Cotton Candy Marshmallow = Strawberry Sorbet = Strawberry Picnic += Saltwater Taffy

Cozy Cabin = Ski Lodge

Cranberry Sugar Cookie = Cranberry Pumpkin 

Dolce = Vanilla Bean Noel

French Garden = Peach Lavender

Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies = Mother's Day2013/Bright Bouquet = Paris Daydream = Flirt
Sparkling Icicles += Paris Daydream = Oceanside = Buckingham Fountain += Paris Daydream

Go with the flow = Topaz Waters = Turquoise Waters (+= Sea Spray/Beach Grass)

Gold Coast = Flannel  ?= Black Forest Woods

Golden Peach Sparkle = Georgia/Market Peach

Gourmet Espresso = Winter Cafe = Harvest Coffee = Espresso Bar

Hippity Hop & Ohio = Hot Cocoa & Cream

Holiday Sparkle = Bergamot Waters (+= Veranda people say)Master Bath = Lakeside Sunrise = Sapphire Sky

Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort += Caramel Apple

Honey & Tangerine ?= Aromatherapy Optimism

Indigo Sky = Baltic Black Pearl

Island Waters += Sunrise Lagoon

Key Lime Pie += Tequila Lime Cupcake += Coconut Lime Verbena 

Lakeside = Verbena Waters

Lavender Market = Peace

Leather & Agarwood/Den = Havana/Havana Heat = Ski Den

Live in Sunshine = Mother's Day 2015 = Bloom/First Bloom

Mango Coconut Cooler = Dance til Dawn Tropical Tango

Mango Dragonfruit = Sweet Maui Mango = Merry Mango

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Marshmallow Fireside 2.0 = Gather = Trick or Treat (?= Good Natured Christmas) = Summertime Smores += Marshmallow Fireside 1.0

Merry Cookie = Homemade Cookie

North Avenue Beach = Tiki Beach
Fiji White Sands +?= Tiki Beach

Ocean Driftwood & Black Teakwood = Mahogany Teakwood 
Mahogany Balsam/Coconut/Apple/Peach/Cotton 

Party Dress ?= Crimson Velvet

Peach Cilantro Twist = Mango Cilantro

Pina Colada Smoothie = Golden Pineapple Luau

Pomegranate Prosecco Punch = Paris ~ Pink Champagne = Sparkling Berries & Pears += Cranberry Pear Bellini 

Praline Pecan = Candied Pecans = Praline Pecan Cobbler += Pumpkin Pecan Waffles 

Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake = French Caramel Cake = Brown Butter Praline

Pumpkin Coconut = Spiced Madeleine = Toasted Coconut

Pumpkin Fireside += Toasted Vanilla Caramel (+= Vanilla Fireside) (?= Enchanted Woods)

Pumpkin Milkshake = Vanilla Snowflake

Raspberry Citrus Swirl = Sparkling Sugarplum = Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch 

Raspberry Peach Macaron += Gelato

Sangria Berry Fizz = Sparkling Berry Fizz += Champagne Toast
White Pear Champagne = Champagne Toast

Sea Grass = Amazon Falls += Snap Peas

Seasalt & Popcorn += Sweet Home Chicago = American/Summer Boardwalk

Seaside Citrus = Sunshine ~ Bright Verbena Blossoms = Lemon Verbena

Snowflakes & Citrus = Midnight Blue Citrus

Southern Sweet Tea += London Calling

Spiced Apple Toddy & Spring Leaves += Leaves

Spiked Cherry Limesicle += Cherry Blossom Sangria 

Strawberry Mimosa += Pink Sangria

Sugared Peony Petals += Mother's Day 2014 = LOVE = Peony Petals = Tokyo/Electric Petals

Sugarcane Pineapple = Pineapple Mango

Sugared Lemon Zest = Lemon Drops = Sugared Lemons += Limoncello

Sundrenched Vineyard += Cranberry Woods

Sunlit Garden = Happy ~ Sunshine & Green Daisies = Green Grass = Green Daisy

Sunsoaked Sandalwood = Poolside Daydream

Suntan 2.0 = Sunny St Tropez = Beachside

Sweet Clementine = Sicilian Orange

Sweet Peach & Nectarine = Malibu Citrus Glow = Peach Bellini

Texas = Tobacco Flower = Tailgate 2.0 = Mad about Madrid

The Keys = Lakeshore Drive = Renew & Refresh = Seashore = Refresh

Tomato Garden = Heirloom Garden

Vanilla Bean Macaron = Vanilla Bean = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow += Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Waikiki Beach Coconut = Beach Breeze

Warm Caramel Cider += Cider Lane

White Birch = Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods

White Sands = Island Sands

White/Seaside Gardenia = Rainforest Gardenia

Wild Poppies = Poppy Sunshine

Wine Cellar = Smoked Berries & Incense = Wine Cellar

Winter Cedar = The Original = Golden Woods= Fireside Pine

Winter Sun = Pacific Coast Highway

Winter Vanilla Latte = Creamy Nutmeg

Winter Wreath = Merry Mistletoe

If I missed something (YOU KNOW FOR A FACT IT'S REPACKAGE), please tell me so I can add to the list!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Paradise Collection

So I was running errands and I just so happened to be near a BBW so you know I had to stop in. I wasn't expecting to see any newness but lo and behold, much to my surprise, the store had the Paradise candles

I'll skip Mango Maitai, Mahogany Coconut, Island Margarita and Waikiki Beach Coconut cuz you guys all know what these smell like

Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit -  as far as I can tell, this isn't a repackage of anything and is actually new. That said, it does kinda remind me of Pink Passionfruit from 2014 but I'm pretty sure it's not a repackage of that. So AKP is a melange of tropical fruit notes - you do get a dark, sweet yet slightly sharp passionfruit, maybe a hint of guava too. There's a slight hint of pineapple in the background and I dunno if the notes/power of suggestion are playing tricks with me but I totally smelled kiwi which was the only aspect of this blend that I liked. I didn't get coconut at all; if it's there, it's very faint. My issue with this scent is that it smells so typical; it's yet another run of the mill waxy, artificial candy-ish/Starburst-y tropical scent. Overall it's a cute scent for summer but not a standout.

Sea Grass - I was initially very intrigued with this...until I heard what it was a repackage of.  I couldn't believe it, I refused to believe it but alas I smelled it and everyone was right. It's a straightup repackage of Snap!!! It's not as earthy and top-soil smelling and it could be my nose playing tricks on me, but I got a slight ozone/sea air/sea salt vibe but for the most part, it's Snap Peas all the way. How the everlasting f*** does fresh snap peas in a garden become "rippling" grass under the sea?! BBW, y'all are stretching more than Mr Fantastic. I really just can't!

Beach Orchid - if Rainforest/White Gardenia and Vanilla Beach Flower had a love child, it would be Beach Orchid. It's sooo close to RG that they might as well have just released RG instead. That said, there are some differences and they're surprising pleasant. You get the orchid, maybe some gardenia/frangipani action too. And I swear I get a hint of coconut despite it not being in the notes. And there's a warm,bright, sweet Honeysuckle- esque drippiness; amber maybe? And boy, that musk is killer, very intense. If you enjoy very heady indolic white floral scents like Honeysuckle, RG, Vanilla Blossom/Vanilla Beach Flower, Tiare Island Blossom, etc then you'll enjoy this one. It's nice but a little too intense and feminine for me.

Sunsoaked Sandalwood - so I'm almost positive that this repackage/candle-ized version of Poolside Daydream which for whatever reason was released only as a wf bulb last spring. Think Mahogany Coconut without the mahogany with dash of Suntan/Poolside with a hint of Beach Cabana. Despite what the name suggests, you get coconut more than anything else especially sandalwood. The coconut with the sandalwood (and maybe a hit of tonka bean) comes off very creamy and smooth. And  I get a hint of powdery sweet orange blossom and possibly jasmine. As a whole has a tropical suntan lotion or a day at the spa massage oil.  Its a really nice blend albeit wrongly misnamed; it should've mentioned coconut- to me its like a feminine version of Mahogany Coconut...which is why I didn't end up buying cuz it reminded me too much of a scent that I already have plenty of.

So yeah, after sniffing everything, I walked away with just Island Margarita...whomp whomp!

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NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Tropical Candles & Easter


So we got a veritable deluge of candle-y newness today on social media; everytime you turned around, a new candle popped up! So let's start at the beginning...

In case you didn't catch my last NEWNESS UPDATE, 3 more candles were added to the "Paradise" collection
  • Mahogany Coconut (as if BBW would have a tropical collection and not toss this one in. I like MC but really?!)
  • Beach Orchid (word on the street is it smells very similar to Rainforest/Seaside/White Gardenia but not a repackage)
  • Sunsoaked Sandalwood (I think this may be Poolside Daydream, cant confirm just yet)
Also Golden Pineapple and Oahu Coconut Sunset are available as wf bulbs only..maybe

Next, a gang of "new" and really interesting sounding latecomers were added to the "Ribbed for your Pleasure ~Island edition" collection

  • Palm Leaves & Mango - Paradise Mango, Palm Fronds, Creamy Coconut (I'm reeeeeaaaallllly hoping this is Mango Beachwood. It could also be Mango Cilantro)
  • Sugarcane Pineapple - Fresh Pineapple Juice, Mango, Vine Ripened Raspberry ( so, there's 4 pineapple scents all at the same time?! Anyway, I wonder if this is Pineapple Punch?)
  • Pink Sands & Petals - Jasmine Petals, Orange Blossom, Soft White Musk, Banana Flower (So at first I thought it might failed test scent Bermuda Break, but I've heard that it smells floral with a hint of banana so that's out)
  • Coastal Oak & Sea Salt - Oceanside Oak, Sparkling Bergamot, Sea Salt Crystals, Sage ( so this sounds right up my alley! I thought maybe Sparkling Woods and then I got myself giddy and lightheaded thinking maybe it was Oakmoss & Vetiver or even better, Boathouse Row. By all accounts there is a salty watery aspect to the scent so what I think it might be is failed test scent Whitewater Birch)
And for whatever reason, Ocean Driftwood aka watered down Mahogany Stankwood popped up online. And Blue Ocean Waves will eventually be added to the roster, why I don't know

And now finally, the last bit of newness...the new upcoming Easter collection... oh boy. It's a quartet consisting of 1 3wick and 3 minis..and the reaction on social media was mixed - you had those with less discerning taste creaming their panties over the cutesy cutesy labels (which in my opinion, weren't all that cute) and the rest of us were scratching our heads in perpetual puzzlement. The scent choices are just so bad, so uninspired, so un-Easter-y, it's enough to make our Saviour walk back into the cave..but I'll leave it to make your judgement...

  • Hippity Hop - Milk Chocolate, Fresh Cream, Mini Marshmallow Eggs (So you would think it's Hot Cocoa & Cream, makes sense right?! Nope, Chocolate Pistachio!)
  • #EASTER - Homemade Buttercream, Creamy Vanilla, Freshly Baked Cupcake (our good ol friend Frosted Cupcake is back)
  • You Found Me - (ugh it's Cotton Candy Marshmallow again)

for pictures, check out @candleafficianado and @bathandbodyworksdailyfind aka Tess/Lifeinsidethepage on IG