NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Winter 2020 Candles

I forgot to mention this in my last NEWNESS UPDATE postMore candles are being added to the WB side and these candles are a little different. These candles have the typical colored frosted tumblers we always see BUT these have..wait for it..GLASS LIDS! Sooooo fancy! *eyeroll indifferent shrugAnd of course, because of said glass lids, it warrants these candles being more expensive than usual.I mean I guess the glass lids are cool but as always it annoys me that more emphasis are being put on the looks of the candles and NOT the scents themselves. Like, look at the scent choices were getting for this collection...Vanilla Birch (meh), Vanilla Bean Noel (even bigger meh), Winter Candy Apple (biggest meh of them all), White Gardenia (cuz nothing says Christmastime like friggin White Gardenia).Presumably Twisted Peppermint is probably gonna be added as the other 2 members of the BBW Holiday trifecta are in attendance. And I'm surprised Winter and Fresh Ballsack haven't been thrown i…

NEWNESS UPDATE: More Winter 2020 Candles

So lately more winter/holiday candles have been slowly trickling into stores.  That said, I have something I want to say first...I just want to go on record by saying that I do not advise or recommend you spend all your free time making multiple trips to your nearest BBW store for the sole reason of seeing what newness has popped up. People seem to be forgetting that we are still in a pandemic with outbreak cases recently spiking and has the potential to further increase as we get into the colder months. There's been this push by a few candle enthusiasts on social media telling followers to get to their stores and sniff and buy everything in sight as if things are back to normal and COVID19 is no longer a thing. Now I am relaying information that I've seen/heard about what candles are coming and you can take that information and do with it whatever you want. If you take one lone trip to your nearest store and make a safe masked socially distanced day out of it, fine. If like m…

SCENT EXPOSÉ: The Whimsical Wonder of White Balsam & Vanilla

I did intend on writing and posting this over this past weekend, but I was plagued with nonstop insomnia and I just didn’t have the energy and mental faculties to do it.When I first saw this pop up, I was kind of intrigued. On the one hand, I tend to get turned off by vanilla, but I am an ardent fan balsam and other pine nuts. And, as with any newness, I had to know if it was actually new. I did hear offhand on social media what folks thought of it…and what I heard sounded neither promising or appealing but I kinda did want to sniff for myself. I couldn’t commit to buying a whole 3wick so while taking advantage of the recent $3.25 wallflower sale, I decided to get a wallflower refill. The package arrived last week and I was able to spend some time and sniff it. Alas, it smelled EXACTLY the way people described, much to my disappointment.Before I bit the bullet and bought the wallflower, I had some thoughts and theories on what it could be a repackage of. At first I initially wrote it …

NEWNESS UPDATE: Thanksgiving Transitional Collection & Winter 2020 Candles

Well, the first day of fall was last week, we're barely into the season and BBW has already released a Thanksgiving-ish themed collection, which popped up first thing this morning...
As you can see, the scent selection is... interesting. Moreover, the collection as a whole feels only vaguely Thanksgiving-ish and, in typical BBW fashion, very haphazardly thrown together. Let's get into them
So is pretty almost completely returning scents - Spiced Apple Toddy (Leaves 2.0), Fresh Ballsack (cuz of course), MaBLAHgony Stankwood (eyeroll), Frozen Lake (what is BBW's obsession with this damn scent?!), White Eucalyptus & Sage (already in another collection), Welcome Home (already in another damn collection) and Gather (ALREADY IN ANOTHER A DAMN COLLECTION).
Then there's some renamed selections - Grateful (aka Frosted Cranberry and Thankful (aka Harvest Gathering)
That leaves one "new" scent...
Thanks & Giving - Juicy Red Apple, Gooey Caramel, Praline Pieces (so I…

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Happy First Day of Fall

Well today is the autumn equinox which means it is officially fall! If you're anything like me, you are a rideordie fall lovin basic bitch. That said, with everything going on right now, it might be a little hard to get into the fall spirit. If there was a ever a time to fully engage in some basic bitchery, now is the time - we can all use a pickmeup, amirite?! If you are an ardent autumnophile like myself but are struggling to get into the fall spirit, perhaps this post will help...

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DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Bronzeblogger's Fall Candle Collection

Well my dear readers, the official start of fall is right around the corner!
So as I was going thru my fall decor as I plan on putting on decorating the apartment soon as well as going thru my fall candles to see what I would be in the mood to burn in the coming fall months (yeah, I haven't been burning fall candles yet...honestly, I haven't been burning too much of anything as of late). Backintheday, I would take out and stack up all of my fall candles for an Instagram pic/post in honor of the autumn equinox. Plus I would see firsthand just how many and what candles I actually own. After I did it, I realized just how much of a headache it all was and how even backintheday I hated doing it. So here they are all were stocked up nice and neat and snapped/edited a few pics worthy of the 'gram...

My fall collection (multiples not included)
Well, here they all are, arranged year released (or year purchased in most cases)
Since I'm more active on here than I am on the '…

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Bronzeblogger's Birthday & Top 10 Fallgasmic Candles

Well my dears, today is my birthday! Where my Virgos at?! Even though it won't technically be fall until about 2 weeks from now, I still consider myself a fall baby. I go into full on hardcore full steam ahead ballstothewall basic bitch mode as soon as September hits, regardless of the weather and climate. Even back when I was still living in New Orleans where fall just doesn't exist, I was still getting my basic bitchery on...and I had BBW to thank for it. It was really fall 2012 when my obsession for BBW grew; it was during this time that I really started paying more attention to the candles in the stores in general and realized just how awesome the candles were in the fall. And all of the these amazingly fallgasmic scents more me, for the first time, really appreciate fall for the magical season it is - I've been an ardent autumnophile ever since, thanks to BBW. 

Anyhoo, it's usually around my birthday that starts fall for me - that's usually when I have my first…