NEWNESS UPDATE: Post "SAS" Online Surprises: Summer/Fall Transitional

*I meant to post this Friday/July 3 but wasn't feeling well*

On Thursday morn, quite a surprises popped up online...

Real talk, I haven't had much of anything to say lately and was fully prepared to abandon this blog and completely disappear until I saw these which I believed warranted coming out of retirement and talking about them.

So as I said before, they appeared online first thing Thursday morning with little to no fanfare...I assume. Despite no longer being active on IG, I do occasionally peep my head in to see what's going with BBW in the candleverse. Point is, I haven't seen anyone mention most of these. As none of these are currently online sale, I don't believe they are part of summer "SAS" (if you want to call it that); I've heard whispers that "SAS" might continue on a little bit longer but I assume these will go on sale some time it's over.

Alright, without further ado, let's get into these candles!

So the first group i…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer Boardwalk Online Collection

BBW is just full of surprises, aren't there?!

So a new candle collection popped up online this morning...

By the looks of 'em, it's a summery "American Boardwalk-esque" " Steppin' on the beach" themed collection

All of the summery/boardwalk-y classics are here - Turquoise Waters (meh), Ocean Driftwood (double meh), Coastal Sun (my summer jam), fan favorites Berry Waffle Cone and Summer Boardwalk and a very patriotic looking Warm Apple Pie presumably for the 4th of July

And it looks like we may have some newness; there is one lone scents that could possibly be new or a repackage of something from backintheday...

Sandcastles & Sunshine(Salted Starfruit, Ocean Mist, White Driftwood)

This could possibly be new; there hasn't been a candle with starfruit in the notes since 2011's Starfruit Crush but let's be honest, what's the likelihood that it's not a repackage. I do have some theories...

Sand & Sea?
Seaside Mist?
Nantucket Sails

NEWNESS UPDATE: Online Exclusive Unicorn Candles

Even in the midst of a pandemic crisis, the BBW hype train keeps movin ahead at full speed.

So bright and early Thursday morn, a group of new candles quietly and mysteriously appeared online. As is my habit, the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone and mindlessly look at stuff until I'm awake enough to grab a cup of coffee. Now real talk, I hadn't been on BBW website in ages, probably not since February but something told me to give the website a little looksie. Sure enough, amongst the old news crap, I spied one lone seemingly new looking candle I hadn't seen before; I assumed there were more but were all snatched up other early bird lookie-loos. The next morning, I went on the website at around the same time and lo and behold, they were all there.

As you can see, they're all bakery gourmands scents..cuz, b****es luv bakery, amirite?! Given the kind of scents they are as well as their exclusivity, they're definitely unicorn candles in my mind. The pack…

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Bronzeblogger Update

Greetings my dear fledgeling readers! It's been a minute hasn't it?

Sooo, I have some updates/unfortunate news...
About maybe a week after my last post, I started feeling ill. Based on the symptoms, I assumed it was the start of a chest cold. Then as my symptoms got worse, I thought it was the flu. I did eventually start feeling better and besides a lingering occasional cough, I am still feeling better. Given the circumstances, timing and location (and also because I'm a glass half empty kinda guy), I've resigned myself to the grim realization that I caught COVID-19, albeit an extremely mild case. 
Also, awhile back on the 'gram, I made a public announcement so those of who you followed me may have heard. However for those of you who haven't heard, here's the T. After I came back from abroad back in January, I decided to take a little break. During my hiatus, I found myself having little to no desire to post anything. After much introspective deliberating, …

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Coronavirus Panic...I mean Pandemic

Greetings my dear readers,

I know it's been a hella long time since I last posted, and you were probably all excited for a candle review of sorts but all you're getting is...CORONAVIRUS!

So ummm, yeah, things are getting real!

NYC is pretty much shut down and probably for awhile. Most public spaces where a crapton people can mingle are closed - Broadway theatres, museums, restaurants (no dine in, just takeout), bars, etc. Where I am in nearby Jersey isn't too much better. There have been a handful of people nearby in Jersey City and Hoboken who tested positive for COVID-19 so precautions (and paranoia) are high. In my apartment, the downstairs gym, the lounge and other public spaces are closed until further notice.

The big buzzword lately is self-isolation - keeping your ass at home, limiting your regular social interactions, only going in to work if absolutely necessary but otherwise work remotely (or not at all in some cases). I hear a lot of people grumbling about it on…

WALK N SNIFF: Post SAS/Spring 2020 Candles Round 1

My dear readers, I do humbly apologize for not being so active on here and on social media. Things just got kinda busy for me but also, I was just bored with BBW. Even if I wasn't busy, I still wouldn't have had anything to say. I had zero interest in SAS and let it slip right by me. And now SAS is over, we have a chance to breathe, decompress, wait for BBW's offerings for spring.

So yeah, I kid yall not, yesterday was the first I had stepped foot inside of a BBW/WB since Candle Day! I had no reason to. At the time, I wanted to take advantage of the free wallflower plug/refill coupon and since I'd be there, I thought I might as well get my proverbial sniff on for the sake of a review. Even though I had kinda taken a sabbatical from my Bronzeblogger duties, I did occasionally peep out the oncoming newness on social. And I just recently watched Tinadivalicious' reviews which prompted me to get off my butt and get to smelling things for myself. That all said, without …

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Bronzeblogger's Best New Scents of 2019

As per tradition, right before New Years, I'll post a retrospective looking at my favorite new scents of the past year from SAS/spring to winter. Without further ado, let's get started!

Key Lime Pie - I love anything lime related, including key lime pie which is one of my all time favorite desserts. Naturally, I was excited when BBW finally gave us a key lime inspired (emphasis on "inspired") candle...AND it wasn't a repackage of Tequila Lime Cupcake which would later be repackaged (tested and failed) as Key Lime Pie. Now does the candle actually smell like Key Lime Pie? Mmm, not particularly; BBW has never been the best at actually capturing bakery scents, especially after 2012. That said, I think it is a really nice interpretation. In my most humble of opinions, KLP was the absolute star of the Sweet Shop 2.0 collection!

Cucumber & Lily - not many people talked about this one and I think it was most undeserving of the total indifference it received. Granted i…