NEWNESS UPDATE: Slatkin's Homeworx Spring/Summer 2018 Candles

The "King of Home Fragrance" Harry Slatkin is back with a round of new scents for spring and summer on QVC!

There's gonna be 2 separate collections and candles are sold in sets of 2.

The first collection has a tropical island getaway theme

  • Island Palm - Watermelon, Mango, Grapefruit, Red Fruits, Vanilla, Plumeria (papaya, musk, coconut milk, vanilla)  (it's said to be similar to Seaside Escape)
  • Kiwi Margarita - Kiwi, Chilled Melon, Caribbean Lemon, Crushed Mint, Sparkling Sugar Water (lime, eucalyptus, fruity musk, leafy greens) 

  • Bahama Breeze - Kiwi, Mango, Papaya, Tahitian Vanilla, Apple (kiwi, orange, raspberries, vanilla)
  • Guava Sunset - Pink Guava, Juicy Nectarine, Fresh Papaya, Green Melon, Coconut Water, Mango Wood (salted musk) (this one is supposedly similar to Island Nectar)

  • Tiare Sunrise - Tiare Flower, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Vanilla, Gardenia (coconut, musk)
  • White Sangria - Sweet Peach, White Cherry Juice, Pineapple, Coconut Rum, Apricot Nectar, Raspberry (lemon, orange liqueur, sugarcane)

The second collection are gourmand/bakery scents inspired by Slatkin's personal recipes

  • Key Lime Pie - Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Lemons, Sparkling Ginger, Coconut Custard, Pie Crust, Sugar Cane, Vanilla Bean
  • Coconut Cake - Toasted Coconut, Coconut Milk, Whipped Cream, Buttercream Frosting, Baked Cake, Pecan

I was thoughtfully and generously given 2 sets from both collections to try out and review...

  • Sea Breeze - Tropical Jasmine, Italian Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Crisp Watery Greens, Wild Orchid (palm leaves, amber, vetiver)

Imagine Bergamot Waters mixed with Jasmine Waters mixed with Island Waters and that's pretty much Sea Breeze

 As you can expect from Slatkin, this is very complex blend. Its a watery/ozonic type of scent. The ocean air notes are intensified with a little citrus (including a non-cologney bergamot note) yet softened by a melange of heady dewy white florals. And you get the vetiver that gives the blend an earthiness and depth. It totally has a "relaxing at a tropical beach spa resort" vibe to it. The scent wasnt really strong but it spread throughout my apartment and lingered for hours (my bf really liked this one.)

  • Pineapple Colada -Fresh Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Peach, Madagascar Vanilla, Tangerine Juice (papaya, white peach, mango, hibiscus, vanilla, sugared musk)
This one initially unimpressed me as it smelled like candy or gum on cold sniff. However after I lit it, it totally pulled an 180 on me and I found myself really digging it; that candy aspect dissipated as the notes began to melt into a really beautiful and complex tropical fruit blend. So this reminds me a lot of Slatkin's old Island Colada scent (sans the ginger and a bit more boozy) mixed with another of his coconut classics Coconut Leaves. All in all it smells exactly like what the names suggest - a frozen pina colada heavy on the pineapple. The throw on this one was perfect; not too weak, not too strong and traveled far. 

  • Pineapple Mousse - Juicy Pineapple Chunks, Pineapple Juice, Whipped Cream, Sugar Cane, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Cream
I must admit that I really didn't care for this one very much and it's by far my least favorite. There's really not much to say about this one - it smells like Dole Pineapple Whips you get at Disney; very reminiscent of BBW's Pineapple Creampuff though Pineapple Mousse smells more authentic. Honestly I'm just not a big fan of straightup pineapple scents and this just seemed a little too simplistic and lacking the complexity of Slatkin's other scents. I possibly would've enjoyed this more if there was a little extra something to give the scent some uumph - cinnamon perhaps or spiced rum or cherries or almonds. Also out of the 4 candles I tried, this one was definitely the weakest; the throw is shockingly light 

Berry Trifle - Raspberries, Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Vanilla Poundcake, Grand Marnier

This badboi! I was not expecting to like this one at all but it snuck up on me and surprised the hell outta me! This one is by far my favorite and in my opinion the winner and star of this collection.

So if I had to describe this one simply, I would say this smells like Pink Petal Teacake mixed with Gelato. So right of the bat, he first thing I smelled was a sweet berry jam/compote; the berry blend definitely comes across more jammy and pectinous than fresh...which makes sense considering what a "trifle" is.  The main berry I smell is raspberry which has that same odd jammy and cotton candy feel as the raspberry in Gelato and Raspberry Peach Macaron has. And I totally get the Grand Marnier ; it adds a citric tang which accentuates the sweetness of the berries and gives the blend a dark boozy sweetness. Again it makes sense - a dark distilled spirit like brandy or sherry is often used in trifles and orange goes well with berries. And finally there's a hint of warm vanilla cake that hits your nose last. This scent is just GORGEOUS and decadent. For me to gush over a scent like this, you know it has to be good! This mamma-jamma is intense, the throw is a knockout for sure!

Ok so headsup... these Homeworx candles take forever to pool out due to the width of the tumbler. Expect to wait at least 2-3 hours for full pool. BE PATIENT! Don't play it with, leave the wicks alone, don't pull out the aluminum foil or cotton balls. Just leave it alone and it will do it's thing. Once they did pool out, they all burned magnificently with no problems - no tunneling/canyoning, no falling mushroom tops, no wimpy flames, no wax discoloration. All in all, they burn soooo much better than the fall/winter candles did. And don't underestimate the throws; they're instantaneous and they might seem medium or strong or less but they travel insanely far and linger in the air like a delicate mist.

So are these candles worth trying? ABSOLUTELY!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Post SAS Spring 2018 Candles

My bf is sick (hopefully not with the flu) so while I was out getting him some stuff to get better, I peeked in a nearby BBW to sniff some post-SAS spring newness. So without further ado, let's start at the top and werk our our down thru all of the NEW things that are currently in stores

Pomelo Citron (7334M8A1) - straightup Capri Citron without a doubt

Coconut Colada (7348K3A1) - I was really really hoping this would be the now forgotten Bahama Fizz but no such luck..though on the plus side, it's totally new.  So you get a creamy blend of coconut and banana equally followed by a tiny hint of cinnamon sugar spice. The rum smells similar to the rum that's in Vanilla Spiced Pear and Cinnamon Rum Raisin. It's a cute scent and folks who love tropical coconut and/or banana scents, this bud's for you.

Rose ( - *sigh EVERYBODY is getting flimflammed and bamboozled by this scent...and I don't understand why. Everybody on social media are losing their shit strictly based on the name...hello, do you see ANY mention of "rose" in the notes?! NO! Furthermore it's not new, despite what EVERYONE is thinking, cuz we've seen this scent before and it's a repackage of a scent we've seen before. Rose is the SAME  Rose that was in the Elements collection last fall...which was a repackage of Amsterdam ...which was a repackage of Flower Shop. It's a blend of heady floral notes (NO ROSE) with a crisp greenness that smells like freshly cut stems.

Pineapple Crumbcake (7341K3A1) - I'm sure everyone and their grandma is wondering if this is Pineapple Creampuff from Sweet Shop. It's not but it's quite similar. You get the same creamy sweet Dole Pineapple Whip -esque pineapple note that's in PCP but the difference is there's a bakery note; that note smells like less like a crumble or cake and more like a flaky crust - extremely similar to the crust note that's in Warm Apple Pie and Sweet Cherry Pie. And it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I get a little cinnamon sugar. Overall I like this more than PCP..but pineapple plus bakery are just not my thing.

Vanilla Bourbon Peach (7348G3A5) - this scent is just bizarre! So right off the bat, this is NOT Market Peach or especially Peach Meringue but it's equally as gross. The peach smells like straightup candy, like those sour sweet peach gummies. Then there's a gourmand  creamy vanilla note that's reminiscent of Vanilla Spiced Pear. But the note that totally effs it all up is the bourbon which smells EXACTLY like the bourbon in Bowties & Bourbon . It would be fine if it were one or the other but to combine artificial peach, creamy vanilla and dark sweet boozy cologney-ness is just all kinds of wrong!

Pink Pineapple (7339A6A5) - while I applaud BBW for not repackaging Pineapple Mango or Pineapple Palm Grass or any other past pineapple scents, this feels like a wasted effort as it's new but but very basic and not very exciting. You get a pineapple note similar to Sea Salt Pineapple and raspberry and splash of lemon that adds a tartness that accentuates the pineapple's sweetness. Overall it's kinda blah and a little unnecessary.

Woodland (7347M8A1) - this scent totally surprised me in a good way. I was really hoping tt it would be a repackage of Verbena Waters /Lakeside but it isn't; not only is it new but it's actually unique and intriguing. Don't let the name fool you, there's nothing woodsy/foresty about this scent at all. It's more fresh and green, less forest/woods and more open grassy plan or banks of a lake. Woodland bark? I call BS on that; again I get more grass and greenness than wood and bark. Watermint , compared to to its minty brethren, is more mild and doesn't pack the same mentholy punch; it adds a freshness to the blend. And there's a citrusy brightness from the verbena that adds to the greenness. Tinadivalicious said this in one of his recent videos and I totally agree - overall, it smells like green/fresh cut stem note that's in lower Shop. Woodland is a surprise hit and look so many other other surprising niceness in previous WB Core iterations, it's named and marketed horribly and deserves more than be thrown unceremoniously thrown in WB Core.

Pink Prosecco (733K3AB) - you would think this would be a repackage of Pink Apple Punch/Green Apple Champagne but it isn't...however, it's soooo similar that you have to wonder "what's the point?" The difference is that PP lacks PAP's musky perfumy floral-ness and it has a more authentic apple note and a more apparent pear. I personally like PP more...but not enough to actually buy

Palo Santo (7340K3A4) - so this is a repackage of Desert Heat ill-fated Desert collection. So real palo santo (sacred/holy wood) has a citrusy piney aroma similar to frankincense and I get that in the candle; it has a dry sharp citrusy/piney wood note similar to the cedar note in Winter Cedar / The Original. It's also similar to the Frankincense candle. There's a tinge of smokiness with a feminine softness from the musk and warmth from the amber. For those you who would like to try more woodsy/fiery/smoky scents but are scared to, this would be nice scent to experiment with.

White Opal (7348AGA3) - this is not at all would I expected and is seriously throwing me for a loop. Just based on the name and the notes, you would think this would be a soft, powdery, matronly old lady perfume kinda scent but nope; it smells oddly manly with an intense piney/woodsy note. And that pine note has my nose trippin' cuz it smells sooooo familiar. The piney/woodsy basenotes smells like a scent that we saw recently this past winter - Frankincense maybe or Spruce? On top of that is a feminine soft powderiness, a white floralness and musk. Yeah I don't understand this scent at all!

Mint (7346AGA1) - if any of you remember Lavender Market from the Slatkin days, this is sooooo close to it; not a repackage but extremely similar. In a nutshell, this is essentially Eucalyptus Mint mixed with lavender. The notes don't mention eucalyptus but I do get whiffs of it..though it could just be my nose trippin on me. The mint blend smells exactly like "mint" in Eucalyptus Mint. And there is a very apparent crisp and astringent lavender note that adds to the mint...makes sense as lavender is a member of the mint family. It's a really nice blend overall and great for baths or if your feeling icky. If it were in a proper 3wick form, I would have bought it.

Lemon - this is NOT Limoncello or Lemon Drops or Sweet Lemon Zest. It's a straightup tart zesty lemon, similar the old Slatkin/WB Core Lemon candle

Avocado Coconut - I don't really know what I was expecting with this scent. I found it peculiar that BBW was going with avocado as avocado doesn't really have much of a scent. That said, what little aroma you get from actual avocado, you do not get at all in this candle. There is a green aspect but it smells like green tea/matcha. The coconut smells like the coconut in Lavender Coconut and I get a hint of something sharp and citrusy, like lemon zest. This really should've been called Green Tea and Coconut; it may not sound as exotic and intriguing as "Avocado Coconut" but it's truthful. I want to like this scent; I may experiment with the wf bulb.

Carrot Nectarine (7346M8A2) - this ladies and gentlemen is the clear winner in this bunch! Not only is it new (as far as I know) but it's actually good. It smells like legit carrot juice/ detox cleansing drink. You get authentic genuine carrot with an undertone of bright sweet orange. And there's something earthy in the mix not mentioned in the notes, beets maybe or something like that. Anyhoo, it smells absolutely delicious. If it wasn't in a crappy burn inducing low profile form, I would totally buy on board and buy a few.

Yuzu (7352A3A2) - Capri Citron/Pomelo Citron...yawn

Lilac (7354A3A2) - straightup Fresh Cut Lilac. Did a comparison to make sure. Again, yawn

Sweet Tobacco (7347A3A3) -  I thought for sure this would be Havana/Havana Heat/Ski Den  but no. Once again, a new scent that's actually good! Out of all the tobacco scents we've seen in recent years, this actual smells like real tobacco. It reminds me of the cherry pipe tobacco my stepdad used to smoke in his pipe.

Almond Matcha (7348A3A2) - No this isn't Nectarine Green Tea nor is it Green Tea White Pear or White Tea & Pear. And no, this doesn't smells like like Almond/Creamy Nutmeg. This completely new...and a little strange. This smells like legit matcha powder -green, bitter and astringent. And the almond is not sweet and amaretto-ish; it actually smells nutty. I'm picking up other notes that aren't mentioned in the description and are a little hard to describe.

ADDENDUM - I was talking with my buddy Touchthefiretwice and he thinks this is a repackage of the old aromatherapy scent, Lemongrass Cardamom

Iris (7352A3A1) - this scent is straightup bizarre! With a name like "Iris", you would think this would be intensely floral and powdery; I thought for sure it would be a repackage of the failed test scent Mediterranean Iris from 2014's Provence collection, which was a punch to the face of intense powdery perfuminess. Nope, not so much..quite the opposite. This smells...cologney...not just cologney but similar to one of my all time favorite cologney candles...wait for it...BOATHOUSE ROW! How f***king RANDOM is that?!!! It's a watered down, more mild Boathouse Row with the aquatic aspect and that lemon pepper-like note toned down with a white floral jasmine-like note on top. BI-FRIGGIN-ZARE!!!!

NEWNESS UPDATE: More Spring 2018 Candles Part 2


So now it's time to focus on spring

Tthere's a whole lotta WB candles comin our way. BTW these are all online and should be in your stores by now

I have already talked the r&r/spa day with the gurls themed  Art Deco WB candles

As usual there will be random out of place additions to the WB core line, some of which are already online

Rose -  Rosebuds, Sweet Lilac, Pink Freesia & Green Leaves (the same "Rose" from the fall Elements collection aka Flower Shop)

Pink Pineapple - Fresh Pineapple, Sugared Berries, Lemon Zest (not a repackage of any pineapple scent from the past but it's nothing special)

Pineapple Crumbcake -  Golden Pineapple, Buttery Cake, Sugar Streusel Crumb Topping (most are saying that it's quite similar to Pineapple Creampuff)

Mango Coconut - Tropical Mango, Coconut Milk, Mandarin Blossoms (some say it's Mango Coconut Cooler while others say it's Sunset Beach)

Woodland - Woodland Bark, Watermint, Verbena Sprigs (I'm hoping this Verbena Waters or something close to it)

Vanilla Bourbon Peach - Vanilla Bourbon, Lush White Peach, Sugared Musk (what is with this vanilla and brown liquor kick BBW is on lately?!)

Returning scents include Lavender Vanilla, Wild Sage & Aloe, Watermelon Lemonade, Georgia Peach, Bourbon Seasalt Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Fresh Balsam, Endless Weekend and Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

Then there's also the equally random swirly watercolor marble WB candles, which are online and should already be in your stores now

Pink Prosecco - Pink Lady Apple, Sparkling Prosecco, Juicy Pear (surprisingly it's NOT Pink Apple Punch but it's similar enough not get excited for)

Returning scents include Fresh Cut Lilacs and Pure White Cotton

Lastly, there will be a spring/summer edition of the fancy marble lid/chrome tumbler WB candles

Praline Pecan - Southern Pecans, Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar, Warm Caramel (aka Praline Pecan Cobbler/Pumpkin Pecan Waffles)

Returning scents include Copper Coconut, Ma-blah-gony Stankwood and Midnight Blue Citrus

And now we get to the weird stuff...

First off, we're getting some Valentine's Day scents...and the scents have NOTHING to do with Valentine's. But they're both pink and cute so everyone will go nuts for them

XO = Strawberry Mimosa (mini)
Be Mine = Hot Cocoa & Cream (mini) 
I Love You = Cranberry Pear Bellini (3wick)

Next is a spring garden inspired collection that will come in both screw top mason jars and (for whatever reason) squat Homeworx-esque tumblers. Scents include

Almond Matcha - Matcha Green Tea, Toasted Almonds
Lilac - Lilac, Peony Petals, Lush Green Grass
Sweet Tobacco - Tobacco Leaf, Golden Honey, Sweet Cherry(I thought this was Havana but nope) 
Iris - Weathered Leather, Sugared Violet Petals, Cardamom (Mediterranean Iris?)
Yuzu - Sugared Lemons, Mandarin, Dewy Waterfruits (aka Capri Citron)
Avocado Coconut - Sweet Orange and Clove Bud  
Carrot Nectarine - Carrot Seed and Sweet Orange
Mint - Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender
Lemon - Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass
Fresh Cut Lilacs
French Lavender

Lastly, we're getting Zodiac astrological inspired candles in minis...and EVERYBODY is losing their shit over them on social media

These for are in mason jars
Earth = French Lavender
Air = Beach Blossoms
Fire - Fireside
Water =  Ocean Therapy ~ Ocean Mist & Citrus/Clarity Elixir

Each one of these are a mini
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - Palo Santo
Gemini, Aquarius, Libra - Eucalyptus (Mint) Rain
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - Blue Ocean Waves
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn  - Rosewater & Ivy

These are supposed to have a hidden message once the wax melts down

DREAM = COMFORT ~ Soft Cashmere Blanket
INSPIRE = Cactus Blossom
WONDER = Pineapple Mango
BLISS - Eucalyptus Mint
UNWIND = Black Cherry Merlot

RANT OF THE DAY: 2018 ~ No More Candle Drama in my Life

For as long as I have been a part of the candle community, there has always been drama and negativity. Let's be honest, no community is free from the ignorant, the highly-opinionated, the petulant/childish and the straight up cray. That said, I am of the opinion that the amount of negativity and drama has escalated lately for whatever reason. And I am over it! I feel as though 2018 will be the year of changes being made - a year of renewal and rebirth, of personal/spiritual cleansing, of letting go, of doing things differently to be a better you. Starting now, I want our candle community to do and be better, with more positivity and inclusiveness. Here are some things that we as candle enthusiasts (myself included) need to stop doing....

1. Buying candles to show off
With so many candle enthusiasts flooding IG over the past couple of years, there has been an increase of this. We're all guilty of it; what's the first thing we do once we get home from our day of candle shopping? We stack them all up nice and neat and we take a picture to post on IG. There's nothing wrong with showing off your haul to your fellow candle enthusiasts. The problem comes in when you're buying candles (especially candles you don't like) for the sole reason of showing them off. Or the folks who drive who knows how many miles to a test store just so they can be the first person on IG to post about them. Or spending who knows much money buying a candle off eBay or Mercari and posting a pic of it as soon as you take it out of the box and unwrap it. If you're going thru all of this just so you can show it off on social media, that's cray! It just reeks of "I have something, you don't have" and makes your followers annoyed and envious and lacking; it causes FOMO induced candle thirst and prompts people to go thru crazy lengths to get their hands on it as well..and the cycle continues. You also have Thirsty Thelmas buying certain candles just because everyone else is and they don't wanna be left out...why?! What's the point?!

  • buy candles because you like em and they make you happy, not so you can show off and fit in.

2. Being greedy and buying all the candles you see in the store
I believe that anyone who buys more than 10 candles at time (unless it's Candle Day or a $10 Flash Sale during SAS) is cray...particularly when one is buying multiples of ONE scent only. Someone could be at the store looking for a certain candle and can't find any cuz someone's greedy ass bought them all. And it's easy to say "oh, well not my problem; finders keepers, loser weepers" but that attitude just promotes greediness and selfishness. It also goes back to my original first point about showing off cuz what's the firs thing you're gonna do once you get home - stack your haul up and post it on IG to either show off you have the financial means to buy all of this stuff or used whatever scamming trick to get more for less.

  • buy within your means and limit your purchases
  • ask yourself” Do I need all of this?" "Will I use all of this?" "Can I afford all of this?" "Do I have space for all of this?"

3. Promoting addiction and hoarding under the guise of "collecting"
We are all guilty of joking about being "candle addicts" and being "addicted" to BBW and calling ourselves "#candlehoarders". The sad reality is that shopping addiction and hoarding is real and very prevalent in the candle community and it's sugarcoated under the guise of "collecting"; any time I hear the word "collecting" or buying things for their "collection", I get suspicious. I immediately wonder how can they afford to have such a collection and keep adding to it constantly as well as how do they have the space to have such a collection? There's nothing wrong with buying things that make you happy however the problem comes in when you...

a) lack will and succumb to impulse buys or FOMO purchases
b) buy things simply for the adrenaline rush
c) use material objects to fill an emotional void/hole
d) feel the need to show off how you paid for them
e) buy things despite not having space for them

There's a very fine line between collecting and hoarding and many can not see or acknowledge the difference. And many individuals need to sit back and really ask themselves "am I truly "addicted " to BBW?

Furthermore, over the past couple of years, there has been this notion/idea that one should have a certain number of candles (preferably over 100) to be deemed worthy of calling oneself a candle lover/enthusiast/connoisseur etc. We oh-and-ah over folks having 100+ candles and lord knows I was guilty of it but lately I've become more impressed by the actual scents in one's collection (scents I've owned, Slatkin treasures and failed test scents, etc.) and not the sheer number in one's collection. And on social media, I have seen folks with somewhere between 1-20 candles being belittled and looked down upon for having such a paltry collection and are encouraged to buy more thus increasing their collection to a more worthier loftier level. And people actually do it!

I will admit, I am one of those individuals with 100+ candles but it wasn't intentional; over time it just happened. I don't brag about it or show it off cuz I don't believe it's something worth bragging about or showing off; I don't want to rub it in people's face and make them feel ashamed. And I refuse to sponsor/endorse/perpetuate the ridiculous notion that a "collection" like mine is worth having. 

  • know the difference between collecting and hoarding
  • don't feel ashamed of what little you have - less is more
  • be leery of those constantly showing off their "collection"
  • quality over quantity; be more impressed by WHAT is in a person's collection and not HOW MUCH is in it
  • if you can't fit all your candles in one space, you have too many! 
  • decrease your stash before you buy more; burn/gift/sell/exchange scents you don't want or like 

4. Remaining willfully ignorant
*by ignorant, I mean its proper definition of not knowing information and intentionally lacking knowledge of certain subjects

I've seen this allllllll the time...especially from the newbies. I'll give useful info about a scent and they'll retort back with "I wasn't into BBW back then/I just got into BBW so it's all new to me" Really? Or folks not knowing what the original scent of a repackage was or "reviewers" not knowing what a certain fragrance note is and/or what it smells like..or even how to pronounce it. There's an overall"ignorance is bliss" kind of attitude in the candle community, especially amongst the newer set and I don't really understand it.

Hey, we we're all newbies at one point. Not too long ago, I was; I knew nothing about everything and I hated it. So, I educated myself; I watched old reviews of past scents, I learned about fragrance making, I smelled different herbs and flowers and spices when I could. That not only made me a better reviewer but it made me appreciate not just BBW candles but fragrance in general even more.

With the advent and quality of smartphones, there's no excuse to be in the dark as there is a plethora of information right at your fingertips. That old adage is true - knowledge IS power!

  • watch and read reviews of scents that came out before your time
  • smell herbs and flowers and spices at markets and gardens and even perfumes/colognes at the counter
  • don't know what a fragrance note is or what it smells like or how to pronounce it? LOOK IT UP!!! Google, for the most part, is your friend    
  • hello, read thru my blog! It's a veritable cornucopia of information that is here for you!

5. Asking questions easily answered another way
Look, I LOVE answering questions from fellow candle lovers but sometimes it can be a little much if not flat-out annoying. As a society, we lack patience and want everything immediately at that moment; we don't like looking things up and finding answers on our own.  So I'll have folks asking a question that could've easily been answered with a Google search or (and this is extremely annoying) could've been answered if the person took time to read what I wrote thus answering their own question. I do try answer peoples' questions when I can (despite what this blog and IG account may suggest, I do have a life) but some peoples' questions are way too silly for me to waste my time and energy answering.

Also, people need to stop assuming that we reviewers have infinite knowledge about all things BBW. There are times, contrary to popular belief, that we know as little as you! And I'll let you in a secret... unlike another BBW candle personalities, I don't have the inside scoop/info hookup; I don't work at BBW, I don't have SA friends, I've never spoken to any manager anywhere and when I'm actually in a store (which is not as often as you may think), I go in, sniff around, buy what I want to buy and promptly leave. Bottom-line, you wanna know what's a repackage of what or what a scent is or what I think of it or when it came out.. I'm your guy. However I am NOT a candle clairvoyant who knows when a collection comes out nor am I an employee who knows the ends and outs of BBW's policies.

  • before you ask a question to anyone, ask yourself if it could be answered with either common sense, reading comprehension or a Google search

6. Challenging opinions with another opinion
You see this alll time on IG. A person says that they dislike a scent for whatever reason and people will come out of the woodwork to say how much they love if to say, "your opinion is invalid because it is not the same as mine" and "how dare you not like a scent that I love". Or the opposite occurs - a person likes a scent and another person goes on a long diatribe about why they don't like it or that it has bad performance or that they don't care for certain types of scents. Why? You stating your case is not gonna make the other person change their mind so what's the point?! People get very..."passionate" about candles and take remarks about certain scents very personally, as if they came up with the fragrance blend themselves and handpicked the wicks in the comfort of their homes. They take umbrage and end up getting quite butthurt at the very notion of their opinions being challenged. It's just not that serious! It's candle talk, not creating a cure for cancer.

  • if you disagree with someone, ask yourself if it's worth engaging. Sometimes it's best not to waste your time and energy to just scroll by and move on
  • opinions are like farts - you don't need to do it front of people. And two people farting at each other makes for a smelly environment.
  • no one likes a keyboard warrior
  • realize that sometimes your opinion probably isn't going to each anyone's mind and that you're just screaming into the wind

7. Allowing negativity for the sake of being nice
Up until recently, I was of the habit of following anyone and everyone who followed me...which lead to a clusterfuck of either boring or unsavory personalities cluttering up my newsfeed. I grew weary of basic selfies from dry people I didn't know, pretentious inspirational quotes and unfunny memes. I stopped doing that and only followed fellow candle accounts but found myself with the same problem - a cacophony of stupidity, fuckery, narcissism, greediness and arrogance; folks calling themselves "reviewers" but couldn't review anything if a gun was pointed at them, people saying the most silly and absurd things about a candle, folks showing off whatever scam they use to get more for less, arrogant people shouted their opinions of the rooftops but presenting them in an illiterate and uneducated manner and childish petulant assholes "throwing shade" at others in the candle community...but I put up with it for the sake of being "nice". Eventually I got tired of it; I was tired of being hit with a barrage of negativity so I started to slim down the herd. I started unfollowing people left and right and I don't regret it; if anything, I feel better, cleansed and refreshed. Now I actually want to go on my newsfeed and not roll my eyes or facepalm myself based on what I see.

Whether it's IG or Twitter or Facebook, you should ONLY follow people you know and/or like and/or respect. Your newsfeed should be filled with things that distract you in a good way; things you agree with, things that make your smile, that uplifts you, that educates you; what people post should NOT annoy or anger you. And you might not totally agree with what they say but at least they present their case in an either clear, concise, insightful and literate manner, perhaps with some humor or a little bit of shade. Do NOT feel compelled to put up with a person's foolery and fuckery for the sake of being nice. Following negative people (both in real life and on social media) is like holding in a big poo for fear of its stink upsetting yours or other's delicate sensibilities. It's uncomfortable and, most importantly, it's unhealthy with its bacteria and gases and toxins doing all kinds of damage to your body. At some point you must let it all out and you feel so much better once you do.

  • follow candle accounts for their expertise and their insight NOT because of what they own and how much they own
  • be more critical of people you follow; there are a lot of whackadoos in the candle community and wolves in sheep’s' clothing, you'll find yourself with weeds disguised as flowers in your garden
  • the unfollow button and even the block buttons are your friends, use them with extreme prejudice
  • look to see who is following and engaging with said candle account; if more well-known and prominent candle accounts aren't following them, there is a reason
  • clean out your newsfeed and dispose of people who annoy and anger you; would you live in a dirty house full of garbage and trash? Have the same attitude with your newsfeed    

6. Encouraging bullying
Here's a personal tidbit about me...

I was teased relentlessly from grade school up until high school... to the point that I attempted suicide. That said, I do NOT condone bullying or teasing and gossiping of any kind. Over the years we've seen a steady climb of cyber bullying amongst not just with teens but with grown ass adults who should know better. To me, cyber bullying is the worst and is incredibly cowardly; it's done stealthily under the cover of night, protected and guarded by anonymity and from behind safety of a computer screen or smartphone. These same individuals who talk so much cyber shit lack the balls to say the same things in person face to face. And there is quite a bit of cyber bullying in candle community. It has even happened to me - not often but often enough. Folks screenshooting my page and saying really awful things about me, creating little clandestine groups solely to talk shit about me, folks trying to provoke me into a cyber fight via private messages. It's all soooo stupid and childish. But the worst part is that people engage in it and egg it for the sake of entertainment and amusement. People seem to confuse "throwing shade" with bullying and talking shit, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Throwing shade is a craft that requires good observation and timing as well as quick wit and intelligence. Shade has an element of truth to it; it illuminates a fact in need of pointing out and offers a revelation

Bullying and talking shit are acts of deflection from an insecure and cowardly individual whose uses hurtful language to make themselves feel better and superior at another person's expense.

Throwing shade can be funny or insightful while talking shit is cruel and serves no purpose

  • if you see bullying on any social media platform, report it
  • don't fall for after school fight mob mentality; if you watch a person getting hurt then you are no better than the person doing the hurting
  • if you have something to say to someone, ask yourself if it's worth saying and will it help them be a better person. And if you lack the courage to say what you want to say, it's probably best to not say anything at all
  • block individuals who have a penchant for talking shit and cyber bullying; if you continue to follow them, you are complicit and encouraging their behavior

Here's to a better and more positive candle community for 2018



= direct repackage
=+ repackage with a twist/added notes
=? possible repackage

Black Tea Rose = Golden Amber Oak
Spring Leaves =+ Leaves
Spring Balsam =+ Fresh Balsam
Honey & Tangerine =? Aromatherapy Optimism
Tomato Vine = Heirloom Greens
Sugared Lemon Zest = Lemon Drops
Sunlit Garden = Green Grass
Strawberry Mimosa =+ Pink Sangria
Cotton & Eucalyptus = Frosty Air
Sweet Peach & Nectarine = Malibu Citrus Glow = Peach Bellini
Blushing Pink Rose Petals = Winter Rose
Sea Grass =+ Snap Peas
Sunsoaked Sandalwood =? Poolside Daydream
Sugarcane Pineapple = Pineapple Mango
Coastal Oak & Seasalt batch 2.0 = Orange Blossom & Driftwood
Black Pepper & Amber = Texas = Tobacco Flower = Tailgate 2.0 = Magnificent Milan = Mad about Madrid
Creme Caramel =+ Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Coastal Jasmine =? Jasmine Water
Tea & Lemon = London Calling
Vanilla Birch =+ Smoked Berry & Incense = Wine Cellar
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel =? Hot Buttered Rum
Moonlit Lily = Cactus Lily
Succulents & Sandstone = Black Tie = Sage & Cedar
Golden Desert Sands = Desert Heat
Ocean Therapy = Waterfall Oasis

Miscellaneous - Hippity Hop = Chocolate Pistachio
#EASTER = Frosted Cupcake
You Found Me = Cotton Candy Marshmallow = Strawberry Sorbet = Strawberry Picnic =+ Saltwater Taffy
Sugared Candy Bunny = Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla = Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts
New York = Farmstand Apple
Ohio = Hot Cocoa & Cream
Texas = Tobacco Flower = Tailgate 2.0 = Mad about Madrid
California = Poolside = Suntan 1.0
XOXO = Seaside Mist = Whitewater Rush
Happily Ever After = White Driftwood = Wild Cedarwood
Dream Big = Tiki Beach
I love you = (Baja)Cactus Blossom
Thank You = Blue Ocean Waves = Brazilian Blue Waters
Hello Sunshine = Limoncello
Congrats = Peach bellini
 ❤ MOM = Candied Pecans = Pecan Praline Cobbler = Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
I ❤ MOM = Lilac Blossom
❤ DAD = Mahogany Teakwood
Aloha Beaches = Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit
Good Vibes Only = Fiji White Sands =+Tiki Beach
HAPPY BIRTH-YAY = Midnight Blue Citrus
Hooray = Pink Apple Punch/Green Apple Champagne

Cinnamon = Spiced Autumn Wreath
Eucalyptus = Eucalyptus Spearmint
Lavender = French Lavender
Lemongrass = Lemon Verbena
Cypress = Woodland Forest
Rose = Flower Shop
Bergamot = Sparkling Waves
Almond = Creamy Nutmeg
Pomegranate = Wild Huckleberry
Vetiver Sandalwood = Sandalwood & Suede
Bourbon Maple = Sunkissed Maple
Golden Citrus = Autumn Sunshine
Relax ~ Lavender & Cedarwood = French Lavender
Denver = Sweater Weather
Boston = Leaves
Brooklyn = Bowties & Bourbon
Austin = Autumn
Clove =? Cinnamon & Clove Buds or Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Cardamom & Ginger =? Lemongrass Cardamom
Currant =  Tomato Garden
Sweet Fern = Desert Rain
Happy Dust = Ocean Therapy/Ocean Mist & Citrus = Waterfall Oasis
Healing Spell = Incense
Peace Potion = Moonlight Path
Clarity Elixir = Beach Sage & Mint
Love Potion = Rosewater & Ivy

Miscellaneous - If you got it, haunt it = Autumn
Creep it real = Flannel
Treat yo self = Pumpkin Cupcake
Better have my candy = Midnight Blue Citrus
Let's stay home = Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
But first coffee = Paris Cafe
You had me at merlot = Black Cherry Merlot
Eat, drink, be scary = Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel
Thankful = Shit Cinnamon Poopkin

We Whisk You a Merry Christmas = Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Campfire Donut = Chestnut Glazed Croissants
Snowflakes & Citrus = Midnight Blue Citrus
Peppermint = Twisted Peppermint
Spruce =?+ Snow & Slopes (batch 1) Fresh Balsam (batch 2)
Currant = Tomato Garden
Merry Mimosa =+ Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit
Spiced Graham Cracker =? Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut
Blueberry Sugar =+ Blueberry Twist
Peppered Suede =+ Autumn Woods
Golden Amber & Oak = Black Tea Rose = Golden Amber & Oak
Winter Woods = Cashmere & Oak
Love = Pomegranate = Wild Huckleberry
Luck =? Emerald Isles
Serene =? Poolside Daydream
COZY = Hot Cocoa & Cream
CHILL =+ Winter Mint & Spruce
COMFORT =? Sea Island Cotton
INDULGE =+ Vanilla Spiced Pear
Honey Cinnamon Crumbcake  = Sugar & Spice
Strawberry Sorbet = Easter/Cotton Candy Marshmallow = Strawberry Sorbet 1.0 = Strawberry Picnic =+ Saltwater Taffy
Raspberry Peach Macaron = Gelato

Miscellaneous -
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year = Fresh Balsam
Let it Snow = Twisted Peppermint
baby it's cold outside = Fireside
better not pout = Spiced Gingerbread =+Frosted Gingerbread
We Whisk You a Merry Christmas = Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Merry and Bright = Limoncello
But First Champagne = Champagne Toast
New Year's Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses = Merry Mistletoe
Stay Classy = Black Tie = Sage & Cedar
Oh What Fun = Winter Candy Apple
Dear Santa, I want a Unicorn = Peppermint Marshmallow
Dear Santa, Define Naughty  = Spice
Dear Santa, I Blame The Eggnog = Butterrum Eggnog = Eggnog Cheer = Egg Nog
Mazel Tov = Pumpkin Milkshake = Vanilla Snowflakes
Rise and Grind = Paris Cafe
Looking Sharp = (Baja) Cactus Blossom
Save Water, Drink Wine = Black Cherry Merlot
Let's Get Baked/Nutmeg Cupcake = Almond = Winter Vanilla Latte = Creamy Nutmeg
Welcome = Pineapple Mango
Love You More = Black Tea Rose = Golden Amber & Oak
Let's Get Baked  = Nutmeg Cupcake = Almond = Winter Vanilla Latte = Creamy Nutmeg
Goaldigger - Midnight Blue Citrus
Happy Birthday = Cranberry Pear Bellini
Girl Gang = Pink Bubblegum

    WALK 'N' SNIFF: The Grand Return of Sweet Shop 2.0

    As you know, Sweet Shop has made its grand return this year...and everyone, newbies and ol schoolers alike, are going apeshit. My IG newsfeed has been inundated with everyone's Sweet Shop hauls, which made me both annoyed and ever so slightly jealous. Now I must admit something that I'm sure will have an angry mob after me - I wasn't the biggest fan of SS collection backintheday...not that I thought it sucked or poorly executed but I'm just not a big fan of bakery scents. In fact I only bought two candles - Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts and Lavender Marshmallow. As for its grand return all of these years later, I was more happy for everyone else, especially those poor unfortunate souls that only recently started getting into BBW. That said, I was quite elated at the prospect grabbing a few LMs (and possibly burning my old already burned 2014 version with reckless abandon). And I thought for the sake of nostalgia that I would be nice to resniff this collection; I was still living in New Orleans then and only got the basic nationwide releases but when I eventually moved to Jersey (and Garden State Plaza mall was still a test store) I got to sniff the remaining failures. Anyhoo, so none of the stores in my area had any SS candles. Lo and behold, I went to GSP on a whim and there they were; it was definitely a trip down memory lane.

    So I already wrote a review on this collection back in 2014 but I thought it would be nice to write a new review with a fresher perspective. 

    Pineapple Cream Puff (733AGA5) - there's really not much to say about this one as it smells like what the name suggests. You get soft sweet flaky bakery note, think choux pastry (which is what cream puffs are made of). Then you get a vanilla cream flavored with pineapple note that smells like the fruit and more like the juice, think Doles. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of pineapple in BBW's home fragrance as they also smell really artificial and this one is no exception. It's a cute scent and I give it high marks for uniqueness and I can see this being a pleasant guest friendly transitional scent between spring and summer but honestly, it's nothing groundbreaking 

    Honey Cinnamon Crumb Cake (7328K3A2) - Again, there's really not much to say about this either. My opinion of it hasn't changed since I last sniffed it backintheday - it smells like graham crackers..more to the point honey graham crackers. There's a dry bakery note sweetened with cinnamon-sugar and there is drippy sweet glaziness that I suppose could be replicating "honey". People on social media claim to get a hint of floral..I personally don't. Perhaps what they pick up is the honey as real honey picks up floral notes whatever flower has been pollenated by bees. A few have mentioned this and I have to agree..there's an almost BO-like muskiness, like sweaty man ass...which in real life I don't have a problem with (depending on the ass of course) but I'm not sure I want to smell it in home fragrance, particularly in a gourmand/bakery scent. Yeah, this was a no back then and it still is now.   

    ADDENDUM: HCCC is a repackage with a twist of the failed test scent from 2012 Sugar & Spice

    Pink Bubblegum (7332G3A4) - most of you should've smelled this in it's awful quotes "Girl Gang" packaging. If you haven't, again there's really not much to say about smells EXACTLY like bubblegum, particularly Bazooka Joe . Now the notes mention watermelon, vanilla, and sugarcane...I mean, I guess? Maybe those were components in the blend to replicate a gum smell and perhaps out of all of the notes used, those 3 sounded the most appealing. I personally can't pick out those 3 notes at all. Everyone went nuts for this went it was testing backintheday and everyone lost their proverbial shit when it came out as Girl Gang recently; both times I was indifferent. Now don't get me wrong, it's spot on and gets a A for accuracy and authenticity but that's the problem. I agree with those who say that it's awkward because it is so spot on and I just don't know if I want my domicile to smell like a bubblegum.  

    Lemon Drops (7333AGA8) - I know this is becoming an ongoing theme BUUUTTT there's really not much to say about this one. If you've ever had lemon drops, especially Lemonheads, that's what this smells like. It's an intensely tart lemony candy smell. Many wrote this off as just a repackage of is not! This is far more intensely zesty and tart.

    ADDENDUM - I could be wrong but I think Sugared Lemon Zest from back in the spring was a repackage of this 

    Lavender Marshmallow (7326K3A3) - Well gang, it's official...Lavender Marshmallow is no longer a unicorn candle!!!

    Again, this scent is pretty straightforward. You have an astringent herbally French Lavender-esque lavender with a sweet powdery vanilla heavy marshmallow note..straightforward. Back in 2014, people seemed perplexed by this combo - a)lavender marshmallows are indeed a thing and they are delicious and also b.) these same individuals were at confused by Lavender Vanilla..same concept.

    Now I'm sure everyone reading this are all thinking the same question and there has been much debate over this on social Paris ~ Lavender Macaron the same as Lavender Marshmallow and vice versa.


    The basenotes are pretty much the same but there is small but distinct difference.

    Lavender Marshmallow has a distinct dryness and powderiness, as it should since it is supposed to smell like a marshmallow. Lavender Macaron on the other hand does not have that dryness but rather a sweet glaziness that almost reminds me of icing on a petit four. Moreover the lavender note is less crisp and intense than in Lavender Marshmallow. 

    For the sake of argument lets just say that Lavender Macaron is a repackage WITH A TWIST of Lavender Marshmallow and leave it at that. That said, just speaking for myself, I prefer LMarshmallow over LMacaron and will probably burn the ones I have to get rid of them

    Strawberry Sorbet (7331AGA5) - honestly, in my most humble of opinions, this is the worst scent in the bunch. It doesn't smell like sorbet or ice really doesn't smell like a dessert. It just smells like generic strawberry chapstick. It's so artificial and fake smelling with an off-putting waxiness.   

    ADDENDUM - if you remember Easter ~ Cotton Candy Marshmallow, well that is a direct repackage of SS. Futhermore, SS is a repackage of Strawberry Picnic from 2013 and that was a repackage with a twist of Saltwater Taffy

    Raspberry Peach Macaron (7328K3A5) - out of all of the scents in this collection, this was the most complex and the runaway hit out of all of the ones that made the nationwide release backintheday. That said, I never really understood its popularity. So right off the bat, this doesn't smell like a macaron; there's no bakery aspect that my nose can detect as well as no almond which would've made a rather nice addition to the blend. That said, I did get a glaziness similar Lavender Macaron..although I don't think that smells like a macaron either. All I really get is jam - a sweet pectinous  raspberry peach jam. or compote.I'm not a big fan of peach scents from BBW as they all smell like musty armpits to me and I get that in this but luckily the raspberry overpowers it.

    ADDENDUM: RPM  is a repackage of Gelato from 2013

    WARNING: Sooooooooo many people backintheday complained of its horrible craptatic burn after midrange. Moreover, once it got to that point, the scent itself changed into a horrible burnt, waxy, chemical mess. I doubt very seriously that that issue was taken care of so take that into consideration and buy with caution

    Frosted Cupcake - I'm not gonna waste your time or mine talking about this one

    Unfortunately it doesn't like the remaining failed scent, Pink Lemonade Poundcake, is getting released, which is odd. Fingers crossed it makes a late appearance during SAS but I'm not holding my breath. Moreover Red Velvet Cupcake and Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts doesn't look they're getting released either...meh

    CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: History of Pine Candles

    Ahh pine's not Christmastime or wintertime without them. Like eucalyptus or lavender, pine is one of the quintessential and intense notes that is not for pussies; you either love it with a passion or hate it immensely. I myself for the longest time was not a fan of pine scents, they kinda just left me cold; I preferred pine notes that were blended with other palate pleasing notes. But I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give pine and a chance..and I'm glad I did because now I'm hooked.

    So in this post I thought I'd honor my love of pine by talking about all of the pine scents (that I know off) in Slatkin/BBW history. Now you do have you pine blended scents like Merry Mistletoe or Tis the Season or Winter but I choose to leave those out and only focus on scents were either marketed as a pine scent or had pine based top notes. So lets start at the beginning...

    Evergreen and Fresh Balsam (200?)

    So these two have been around FOREVER; they both came out waayyy before my time as a BBW-er. I'm pretty sure Evergreen came first with Fresh Balsam coming in second and the two have been fighting for supremacy ever since..and in recent years, it seems Fresh Balsam has become the more popular one. Personally I prefer Evergreen and think it's far more superior to Fresh Balsam. Despite being pine scents, the two have totally different vibes - Evergreen is more classy and warm and inviting while Fresh Balsam is more intense and crisp. I always describe Evergreen as a Christmas tree inside your home ready to be decorated and Fresh Balsam as a tree outisde still in the ground covered in snow ready to be cut.

    Tree (2009 or 2010)

    I honestly know next to nothing about this scent and what it smelled like. I do know the notes were fresh Douglas fir, sweet musk, warm vanilla and crisp winter air. Other than that, I got nuthin
    Frosted Tree (2010)

    Again another backintheday scent that I'm unfamiliar with. By all accounts that wasn't your typical tree scent. With it's added unorthodox notes of amber, rosemary and patchouli, FT had unique herbal/aromatherapy-ish, old-fasihioned/antique vibe. Touchthefiretwice talked about it briefly in one of his videos  . The candle and wf bulbs are still available on the black market; one of these days I wanna buy it and give it a try.

    Holly Wreath (2010)

    This scent was friggin GORGEOUS! It was like a winter holiday version of Sweater Weather; some juniper actions, a hit of eucalyptus, some citrus to brighten it up and a little bit of cinnamon stick for Christmasy effect. And what was great about Holly Wreath was that you could start burning it the end of fall, keep the HW party going thru Christmastime and take it thru the rest of winter. It was brought back the falling year and after that, it disappeared.

    Sleigh Ride (2011)

    This was one of many holiday one hit wonders from 2011..which was the height/pinnacle/zenith of holiday scents in BBW history. Like it's predecessor Frosted Tree, SR had herbal notes blended in with the pine notes that gave the scent a very antique/old-fashioned/Old World feel to it. To me, on the first initial cold sniff, it kinda smelled like wet lettuce however afterwards you really got a fresh alpine you were out on a sleigh ride  

    Snowed In (2012)

    Since SI's top note is juniper and juniper is a coniferous tree, I'm gonna throw it in the mix. SI, while very unusual and unique, was nice change amongst all of the holiday scents that year. It definitely wasn't a very Christmasy scent but was great for the rest of the post holiday winter season. Crisp and fresh and a little sweet, SI made you feel like you were in cabin in the woods and you opened the door was greet by a blast cold alpine air

    Forest Trail (2013)

    This was a failed test scent in the Lakeside/Summer Lakeside collection. Along with with Lakeside and Boathouse Row, I had my eye on this one but sadly was never able to get my hands on one. This pine had the sole distinction of being a pine scent sold in the summer...which is probably why it didn't go wide as it would've been a hard sell. They even tried to make sound less wintery with notes of red berries and eucalyptus. If you're interested, Touchthefiretwice did a whole video about this entire collection, including this scent. 

    Pinecone/Autumn Snow (2014)

    This poor scent..this is a perfect example of piss poor marketing. So this was first marketed as a fall scent - the only pine scent, besides Fresh Balsam, to be sold in the fall. Alas, it failed and didn't go wide...mainly because of the bland and basic name that didn't quite capture the scent itself. A few months later it came back as a winter scent..yet it was called "Autumn" Snow..and it failed again. It a shame cuz it was a beautiful high end non-typical pine scent (I finally got my hands on Pinecone a few month ago via Evilbay)

    Snow Day (2014)

    Ahh, the infamous and sadly now forgotten SD. Because of it's popularity, many of us assumed it would be back as a winter/holiday staple...nope not so much. Had I known then what I know now, I would've stocked up like crazy. The funny thing about SD is that it's so simplistic and basic - Twisted Peppermint mixed with Fresh Balsam. However that combo worked sooooo well together. It made you feel like a little kid enjoying a day off from school because of the snow.

    Frosted Pine (2014)

    This was quite possbly the most boring, unexciting, basic and runofthemill pine scent ever! It was a weird outdoorsy slightly earthy pine scent a la Fresh Balsam. And the notes mentioned sugar of all things, there was nothing sweet about this scent. This ended up failing and not going wide..which was probably for the best. I happened to find a lone one in a store during SAS and bought it but I found it so boring that I just used as decorations for Christmas and eventually gave it away.

    Alpine Frost (2014)

    So for whatever reason, BBW didn't release the 3wick but did release the mason jar and wf bulb. The candle smelled pleasant like but the wf bulb smelled dirty Pine-Sol mop water

    Alpine Cheer (2015)

    One of many new scents that came out that year/season. While this was supposed to smell piney and give you a sense of the outdoors/winter air, it really didn't. It was soooo sickeningly sweet and fruity, like Merry Mistletoe on a sugar high. And for whatever unexplained reason, it smelled like pineapples! Anyhoo, I bought it but didn't really enjoy it because of the overpowering sweetness!

    Dashing thru the Snow (2015)

    This scent kinda fell thru the cracks with not many people talking about it. Even I didn't pay too much attention it. It was a decent pine scent with a blast of lemon/orange citrusy zest. 
    Noel ~ Silver Pine & Cedar (2015)

    I was reaaalllly hoping this would be a repackage of Sleigh Ride but nope not so much. There's not much to say about this one; to me this smelled like spray you'd use on a fake Christmas tree to make it smell real

    Mahogany Balsam (2015) comment

    Snowflakes & Spruce (2015)

    Blegghhh...this isn't even worth talking about

    Spiced Autumn Wreath/Cinnamon Pinecone/Pumpkin Woods (2015/2016)

    So SAT came out in the Thanksgiving collection; it seemed to be a hit as it was a scent that was long overdue. Essentially in a nutshell, it was a toned down Fresh Balsam with Spiced Wreath-esque almost sticky/syrupy cinnamoniness. Then it came back during test phase a few months later for the holidays only to disappear by Mahogany BS. Then this past fall we got a scent that was similar to SAT - Pumpkin Woods. And then this winter we saw glimpses of Cinnamon Pinecone but for whatever reason, BBW decided not to ever release it.

    Vanilla Balsam (2016)

    I don't really know what was the point of this scent and what it was trying to capture or convey. Let's take Fresh Balsam and mix it with Lavender Vanilla without the lavender. Despite sounding straightup bizarre, it was quite popular..mainly with people with a case of wimpy nose who can't handle straightup pine scents like Fresh Balsam or Evergreen.

    Winter Mint & Spruce (2016) and Calming Lavender Spruce (2017)

    In my opinion this is the most beautiful, gorgeous and high end pine scent that I've ever smelled, besides Pinecone and Evergreen, Folks, myself included, were a little worried that this scent wouldn't go wide but lo and behold it did...and I could not be happier. I mean spruce, spearmint and lavender...what more can you ask for?! It kinda back this year as "CHILL"; same base notes but with a very heavy intense spruce note. 

    Iced Balsam (2016)

    This collection failed but for some reason this candle randomly appeared during SAS but it was a totally different batch from the one that was testing. Not many people talked about the test version and to be honest I don't remember what little was said about it but the SAS version was HORRIFIC - it smelled like the inside of a barn; straightup horse piss and moldy hay.

    Spring Balsam (2017)

    ...moving right along

    Spruce (2017)

    What could've been an interesting scent ended up being unextraordinary and completely eclipsed but all of the other new scents on the scene. There were 2 batches - the first batch smelled soooo similar to a failed test scent called Snow & Slopes which was this lovely herbal blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, mint and citrus. However sooooo many people on social media said that it smelled like Fresh Balsam. I ended up smelling at another store and yep, it smelled like a watered down Fresh Balsam.
    Frozen Lake (2017)

    Take Sweater Weather, mix in Sparkling Icicles and add a dash of Iced Vanilla Woods and you've got Frozen Lake. Intense, manly, a little sweet, a little alpiney - this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. That said, while this kind of scent is totally up my alley, I passed on it...a least the candle as I just couldn't see myself committing to a whole 3wick but I did indeed up getting some wf bulbs. I thought up just getting the candle just to try but by this point, they had all disappeared. 

    RANT OF THE DAY: Candle Scandal 2017 ~ Nook/No Place like...Court?!

    Nook ~ No Place Like Home (7298AGA3) - Vanilla Bean and Cedarwood Essential Oil

    Ok, so I have already spilled the T about this candle but for those who missed it, I'll recap.

    As you know, this candle is the only candle in the Hygge collection that failed. Why? It was a blatant ripoff of another candle company's design - Scandinavisk  . BBW's NOOK looked exactly like Scandinavisk's signature scent KOTO (Finnish for "home) ~THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. While the look of BBW's Hygge collection are eerily similar to Scandinavisk's design, NOOK  was the most obvious offender. In fact..and this is just a theory...but the decision for BBW to make this collection in the first place (and bring back Pink Petal Teacake after all of these years) was probably "inspired" by another of Scandinavisk's scents - HYGGE.. whose notes contain...wait for it.... strawberry cake and rose petals.

    BBW did not have permission to use Scandinavisk's graphic designs. I repeat...BBW DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE SCANDINAVISK'S DESIGNS. How do I know? The founder of the company contacted me himself saying that he was unaware of this, the graphic design is legally his and that he will be taking action.

    At any rate, BBW has been suspiciously quiet about this debacle. Furthermore, this was the ONLY candle in this collection that didn't appear online and the few stores that did indeed have shipments of them were sold for 999.99 in the computer system as a preventive...although SA/managers would still override the price and sell it to those Thirsty Thelmas suffering from a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out").

    ADDENDUM: NOOK has indeed appeared both in stores and online but had to be sold with the labels removed for "legal reasons"...suspicious much?

    So I stopped in a local BBW a few days ago (hoping to catch a sight of Lavender Marshmallow) and what to my wondering eyes should I see but a gaggle of NOOKs. Since it was there, I had to satisfy my curiousity and give it a sniff.

    It's sooooooo NOT what I was expecting...

    Based on the notes, I assumed that it would be a repackage of an old one hit wonder called Vanilla Cedarwood..which totally make sense and fits what this candle is trying to convey. It's ever so slightly close but definitely not a repackage. If it wasn't VC, I assumed this would be a sweet woodsy manly "cologney" scent like Bowties & Bourbon or Ski Lodge...nope, not so much. To quote someone on IG, NOOK smells like "opening to the door to a LUSH store"...that's pretty accurate. Imagine opening the doors to LUSH which sets off a trip wire making every bath bomb explode in your face and that my friends is NOOK. There's a strange unexplained soapiness to it; it reminds of the sea shell shaped non-usable decorative soaps your grandma would put out whenever there's company. Vanilla and cedarwood? I'm gonna have to say no to the vanilla; if it's there, it's faint. And there is a dryness which could be from the cedarwood. But there are definitely notes they aren't mentioning.

    Final verdict?! IT AIN'T ALL THAT!

    I have to laugh at BBW; they went to all the trouble to steal a look from another company only for the candles to sit and collect dust. The only candles from this collection that people are buying is PPTC (and that's only out of pure hype, not because the scent is amazing cuz it isn't) and Cinnamon Rum Raisin. And the stores that actually do have NOOK, the only people buying any of them are again buying them out of social media hype and letting FOMO control their purchasing decisions; everyone else with sense and taste has sniffed them and left them on the shelf.

    Look I can't tell you what to do with your money but what I can say is stop buying candles out of FOMO. NOOK is not worth the intrigue and infamy; it's not a bad scent by any means but it is extremely underwhelming and undeserving of any efforts to search for it and buy it regardless of the price. With Lavender Marshmallow and the other Sweet Shoppe scents making their way to stores as well as Beach Sage and Mint, you shouldn't be wasting your time and attention and money on NOOK. Save your coins and move on!

    As for BBW's design larceny....