WALK 'N' SNIFF: Desert Candles, Post SAS Transitionals and Fall Candles

I dunno about you, but I had kinda been avoiding BBW/WB lately; I hadn't stepped inside one since the first week of SAS. And since finding long lost treasure and 75% goodies are a thing of the past (at least in my experience) and I had already bought what I wanted to buy, I just didn't have a reason to make an appearance. Now that SAS is over and newness is poppin up, I now had a reason. I actually did have to go to pick up a room spray, but I heard thru the grapevine that WB stores were doing fall previews which gave me further incentive. Lo and behold, my WB store did indeed have fall candles; I got to buy a room spray and get my sniff, killing 2 birds with one stone.

Now before I get with the fun stuff, let's get the boring stuff out of the way ie the Desert ish and the miscellaneous transitionals.

Desert Wildflower (9151M8A1D) *sigh I've said it before, I'll say it again - I am NOT a fan of body care inspired candles. In my most humble of opinions, they just alw…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Updated List of Fall 2019 Test Candles

So since I wrote my last post, I was actually on vacation and away from social media. But back to reality I am and discovered that there were even more candles on roster than what I last saw. With that said, here is an updated list of what we'll be seeing for fall fairly soon.

Like I said in my last post, we'll be seeing a collection with all of the classics as well as some relatively new "favs".  The one new scent is..

Pumpkin Clove - Clove Buds, Ground Cinnamon and a Pinch of Nutmeg (from what I've heard, it smells very similar to Pumpkin Carving/Patch but NOT a repackage)

Scents include Leaves, Autumn, Sweater Weather, Marshmallow Fireside, Maple Cinnamon Pancakes, Crisp Morning Air, Mahogany Apple and The Perfect Autumn.

The next collection is grouping of bakery/gourmand scents..plot twice, it's NOT all pumpkin collection like we've seen every single year, thank gawd! All of the candles have really pretty pictures of what each scent represents on the l…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Post SAS Transitionals & Fall 2019 Test Candles

Well gang, by this time next week, SAS will officially be over (not soon enough if you ask me). With SAS out of the way, more interesting things will be heading our way. We'll be seeing some transitional collections but more exciting  than that is it'll be fall test scent season with BBW slowly getting into autumn mode.

Now before we get our fallgasm on, let's quickly talk about the pre-fall test transitional scents.

So we'll be seeing a Southwestern/desert themed bodycare collection called Wild Wonder. There will be matching candles for said bodycare. New scents include...

Freshwater & Aloe - Dewy Waterflowers, Aloe Blossoms, Fresh Ozonic Accord (based off of the previously seen soap)

Desert Wildflower - Pink Lady Apples, White Jasmine Petals, Fresh Violet

Returning scents include Cactus Blossom and Eucalyptus Rain

Yeah, pretty boring right?! Agreed! Why they didn't bring back the original Desert collection is beyond me.

There will be yet another bodycare promot…

RANT OF THE DAY: Mamma Mia ~ The Puzzling Perplexity of Pizzeria

(batch #9144M8A1A)
This candle is BLOWING UP on social media! People are buying this up like crazy; I swear if I see one SAS haul with this candle in it, I'm gonna scream! Now whether or not people are buying this cuz they genuinely like it or buying it simply for the novelty and uniqueness of it or buying it just to show off and be one of the cool kids is anyone's guess. But there's no denying the popularity of this candle and the fact that it has been flying off the shelves since it came out.

Here's what I particularly find annoying about this - people assume this candle is new and just appeared out of nowhere. I have been avoiding reading or watching reviews of this candle because it's irksome how many folks (ie newbies) don't do their homework before they review. A little research would show that this candle ISN'T new and has existed before.

Pizzeria first came out during the Golden Age of BBW. In late spring 2013, there was a collection called the &qu…

WALK N SNIFF: Summer SAS 2019 Candles

So as you know, yesterday was the first day of SAS in stores. I went in first thing as soon as the store opened. There were only a handful of people there so I could walk around and sniff at my leisure. My store didn't have the Backyard Bliss candles or late additions to the Going Places/Destinations collection but otherwise, everything else was there. So without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Ice Cream Shop at the moment is an online exclusive although it has been popping up at random stores.  Just based on what I remember the old one smelling like, take Creamy Nutmeg, mix in a hint of Summer Boardwalk and top it off with a bit of cherry - that ladies and gents is Ice Cream Shop.

Saltwater Taffy (9121M8S1B) - surprisingly this is not Strawberry Picnic/Strawberry Sorbet/Cotton Candy Marshmallow that Saltwater Taffy was in the past. Like I said in my previous post, there were 2 batches of this candle when the collection was testing and I believe this version is close…

DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: History of the American Boardwalk Candles

So as you know, these candles are making an appearance this upcoming SAS and just appeared online this morning...

Most of us ol schoolers in the know knew the story behind these particular candles and were quite excited to see them. Alas, we are a dying breed and are the minority in a league of newbies. People on social media have (wrongly) assumed these candles were new and/or think they were repackages of scents that came out last year, yknow frame of reference being small.  Which brings me to my mini rant of the day.

I vehemently loathe this "ignorance is bliss" attitude that's running rampant in the candle community on social media. No one does due diligence, "reviewers" don't do their homework, everyone seems perfectly content being blissfully unaware about everything. Backintheday, we actually conversed about scents and notes and repackages; can't do that now. You can't ask anyone about notes and what's a repackage of what cuz they have no…

NEWNESS UPDATE: SAS Summer Surprises

Well gang, it's about that time again. By this time next week, Semi Annual Sale time will be in full swing. Personally, summer SAS isn't my jam and hasn't been for awhile but some interesting nostalgic "newness" will be heading our way so there will be some fun things to sniff but probably not buy.

So the first interesting thing we'll be seeing is BBW is bringing back the American Boardwalk collection. So this collection first came out spring of 2012 and was quite popular. It was brought back for summer SAS in 2014 with the same original look and notes. This 2019 version has new updated pretty labels

Returning scents that you newbies would have heard of are Beach Cabana, Sun Tan and Summer Boardwalk

Unfamiliar scents include...

White Sand:Savor the first long days of summer at the beach with sparkling grapefruit, sandalwood, coconut milk and summer jasmine

Beach Grass:Take a stroll on the dunes at sunrise with a blend of dewy greens, palmetto grass and sweet wh…