WALK N SNIFF: Post SAS/Spring 2020 Candles Round 1

My dear readers, I do humbly apologize for not being so active on here and on social media. Things just got kinda busy for me but also, I was just bored with BBW. Even if I wasn't busy, I still wouldn't have had anything to say. I had zero interest in SAS and let it slip right by me. And now SAS is over, we have a chance to breathe, decompress, wait for BBW's offerings for spring.

So yeah, I kid yall not, yesterday was the first I had stepped foot inside of a BBW/WB since Candle Day! I had no reason to. At the time, I wanted to take advantage of the free wallflower plug/refill coupon and since I'd be there, I thought I might as well get my proverbial sniff on for the sake of a review. Even though I had kinda taken a sabbatical from my Bronzeblogger duties, I did occasionally peep out the oncoming newness on social. And I just recently watched Tinadivalicious' reviews which prompted me to get off my butt and get to smelling things for myself. That all said, without …

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Bronzeblogger's Best New Scents of 2019

As per tradition, right before New Years, I'll post a retrospective looking at my favorite new scents of the past year from SAS/spring to winter. Without further ado, let's get started!

Key Lime Pie - I love anything lime related, including key lime pie which is one of my all time favorite desserts. Naturally, I was excited when BBW finally gave us a key lime inspired (emphasis on "inspired") candle...AND it wasn't a repackage of Tequila Lime Cupcake which would later be repackaged (tested and failed) as Key Lime Pie. Now does the candle actually smell like Key Lime Pie? Mmm, not particularly; BBW has never been the best at actually capturing bakery scents, especially after 2012. That said, I think it is a really nice interpretation. In my most humble of opinions, KLP was the absolute star of the Sweet Shop 2.0 collection!

Cucumber & Lily - not many people talked about this one and I think it was most undeserving of the total indifference it received. Granted i…


= direct repackage
=+ repackage with a twist/added notes
=? possible repackage

Mermaid Wishes =? Blue Bungalow
Wisteria Garden = Merci Paris
Sun-drenched Linen =? Fresh Linen
Sea Salt & Sandalwood =? Sand & Sea
Coastal Morning  = Ocean Mist & Citrus
White Sage & Aloe = Wild Sage & Aloe
Happy Easter ~ Chocolate Bunny =+ Hot Cocoa & Cream
Happy Easter = Casablanca Lily
Beachscape =? Beach Blossom
The Perfect Summer = Suntan
"Love is Here"= Suntan
Firecracker Pop =Cherry Frost 

Nature Walk =? Sandalwood Citrus/Citron Cedarwood
Spiced Chestnut (batch A15) = Evening Hearth

Calm ~ Cedarwood + Orange = Nighttime Tea
Peaceful ~ Tea Tree + Peppermint =? Blue Winter Sky
Chocolate Peppermint Cream = Mint Chip Shake
Cereal Marshmallow Bar =+ Key Lime Pie
Citrus & Spice = Holiday Pomander
Cranberry Peach = Cranberry Peach Prosecco

DOUBLE BOMB.COM: Citrus & Spice and The Perfect Christmas

So, I fully intended on writing two separate reviews as I ended up burning and enjoying both candles. However I've been really busy and getting ready for my upcoming flight to the UK to spend the holidays with the in laws so I just haven't had enough time. I had thought about not writing a review at all however both of this scents warranted and deserved one so for the sake of brevity, I decided to combine both reviews. Without further ado, let's get started!

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: throughout December

This candle has completely overlooked, underappreciated and slept on by the candle community. And I'll admit, the name, notes, and look of this candle didn't initially draw me in. When I saw it in stores, I was prepared to sniff solely for a review and move on however once I did sniff it, my initial indifference immediately became joy and rapture. I immediately recognized as a repackage of a scent that's near and dear to my heart.

DROPPIN' CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Complete Winter 2019 Candle Collection List

Winter Aromatherapy
Thankful ~ Frankincense + Myrrh
Calm ~ Cedarwood + Orange (repackage of Nighttime Tea)
Passion ~ Tuberose + Ylang ylang
Clarity ~ Peppermint + Rosemary
Tranquil ~ Cinnamon + Bergamot
Awake ~ Coffee + Cardamom
Rejuvenate ~ Mandarin + Black Pepper
Peaceful ~ Tea Tree + Peppermint (possible repackage of Blue Winter Sky)
Joyful ~ Black Currant + Pine

"Nordic Home" Collection
Returning scents: Fresh Ballsack
Hot Cocoa & Cream 
Spiced Apple Toddy 
Frosted Cranberry 
Maple Cinnamon Pancakes (repackage of  Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Snowflakes & Citrus (repackage of Midnight Blue Citrus)
Frozen Lake 

New scents: White Winter Woods

Late Additions: Holiday
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
Tree Farm (from failed Woodland Evergreen collection)

? Collection
Returning scents:Black Cherry MerNO
MaBLAHgony STANKwood
Marshmallow Fireside
Iced Cranapple

New scents: Grateful~ Apple Cardamom  & Crisp 
White Eucalyptus & Sage

"Holiday Traditions" Collection

NEWNESS UPDATE: Post Candle Day and Spring 2020 Test Candle Collections

We're barely into December, Candle Day wasn't that long ago, we're still a ways away from both the first day of winter and Christmas and there's already spring newness testing. While on the one hand, it was interesting to see what's possibly heading our way for SAS and spring, it just too early to wrap my brain around it all; it's hard to focus on and get excited about Spring when I'm in full on Christmas mode. So I have to ask dear reader for you to step away from all of the holiday cheer and check out the upcoming newness and then go back to your regular Yuletide schedule.

So there are some new newness that's available now. There's a Christmasy collection with wraparound labels. There's only one new scent

Winter Snowfall - Crisp Blue Sage, Iced Rosemary, Dried Cedarwood (said to be a possible repackage of the 2018 version of Sparkling Woods)

Returning scents include Fresh Ballsack, Fireside, Flannel, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl and Spiced Apple Todd…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Candle Day

* I did mean to write this yesterday but I was absolutely exhausted and just didn't have the energy to write a post.

As you may (or may not know), this past Saturday was the infamous Candle Day - for those of you who don't know what that is, Candle Day is a day always at the beginning of December where candles are sold at their most lowest discounted sale price; it used to be $8.50, then eventually $8.95 and now $9.50...which don't get me started on how unwarranted and undeserving BBW's currant quality of candles are for a price increase but that's a rant for another day.
So all of the stores in my area opened at 7:00. My bf and I planned on getting to the mall at around 8:00 or 9:00; sure the store would be crowded but nothing we couldn't handle. Well we both endured a night unending restlessness (we both get constant insomnia) we were already up at the crack of dawn so we decided to get ourselves together and just go. We arrived at a smaller mall (thing it wo…