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NEWNESS UPDATE: Winter 2019 Winter Candles Part 2

Ok, so I kinda dropped the ball on this one. I try to put out the list of scents ahead of time however the scents that I'll be discussing on this post is already online and should be slowly but surely slipping into stores - so yeah, I'm very tardy to the party. But to be honest, the upcoming collections are so underwhelming to me that I have had little to no motivation to talk about them. After seeing them online today, in  last minute "better late than never" moment, I decided to write about them. We've a lot to discuss to get comfy, wrap yourself in a blanket, heat up a cup of (spiked) hot cocoa or eggnog and let's get into these winter/holiday candles.
So it's not Christmastime at BBW without Holiday Traditions collection and this year is no exception. Most are returning holiday favs but there is one lone new scent...
Chocolate Peppermint Cream - Crushed Peppermint Candies, Creamy Chocolate, White Sugar Crystals (said to be repackage of Peppermint Brow…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Woodland Evergreen Tree Collection

So something interesting has appeared on social - a new collection currently in test stores..actually only 2 test stores.
You remember the infamous and ill-fated Rose collection? What if I told there's a winter version of that with all PINE candles!
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Woodland Evergreen Tree Collection!
The scents is this collection are....
Snowcovered Pine - Douglas Fir, Balsam, Pine (this could also be the obscure and unheard of failed test scent Frosted Pine)
Frosted Pine - Frosted Pine, Peppermint Stick, Vanilla (this absolutely HAS to be Snow Day; if it is, I will lose my proverbial s***)
Evergreen Wreath - Evergreen Branches, Sugared Pinecone, Eucalyptus(I'm gonna guess Holly Wreath on this one)
Nordic Blue Spruce - Pine Needles, Cedarwood, Icy Citrus (Dashing thru the Snow maybe? Maybe Merry Mistletoe?)
Balsam & Birch- Forest Air, Pine Needles, Amber (this could be a rare scent from backintheday called Frost…

WALK N SNIFF: Nordic Home Collection and Miscellaneous

So today I had to go to the mall and since there was a WB there, I thought I might as well step inside and sniff around. Not that I was remotely interested in the latest round of scents but I felt I might as well give them a sniff for the sake of a review. That said, I got to sniff the Nordic Home Collection...



I really don't understand this collection at, at all!

First of all, this collection with its theme and chosen scents is obviously wintery however BBW is marketing it as a fall collection! Why?! Nothing in this collection is fall or even fall transitional but straightup winter.

Secondly, almost every candle in this collection IS ALREADY OUT in another collection. There are 2 that are repackages of another scent in another collection. There is only ONE candle that's new and not currently in another collection

Third, what do any of the candles in this collection have to do with Nordic culture or Nordic winter?! If BBW was really desperate to go…