Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid March -

Description: Bright green snap peas with the perfect amount of snap are the centerpieces of this fresh green blend

So I bought this bad boy out of pure curiousity the weekend of the first 2for22. Sooooo many people were putting SP down...

"Why would I want a candle that smells like snap peas?" "Snap peas belong in a salad not a plate!" "Peas are gross, this candle's gonna be gross!"

And so on and so forth.

Because I'm a sucker for the underdog, I defended SP vehemently. I told people to be open-minded...that fresh snap peas actually smell nice as opposed to peas in a can..that folks should make judgement after they've actually gone to the store and smelled it in person..etc etc. So I'm at the store and there's SP right in the front staring me down. So I sniff it....and start gagging - I hated it! Yet I couldn't let it go, I was still intrigued. In between sniffing other things, I would go back to SP to re-sniff. At one point, I held it in my hands and walked around smelling it. Finally I said eff it, I'm just gonna go ahead and buy it. So I did! Fast forward to this past St Patrick's Day weekend, I started burning know, it's St. Paddy's Day...SP is green..yeah I'm a dork! Anyhoo, I'm burning it and the more I sniff it, the more I start to dislike. Finally on the day St. Paddy's day, I burned it only to blow it out a few minutes later cuz it was grossing me away. So despite all of my big mouthing and ardent defending of this candle, in the end I wound up hating like everyone else!

So performance wise, SP was doin alright. The wicks looked kinda scrawny (it looks like all of the Fresh Picked candles all had the same skinny wicks) but they got the job done. The wicks had mini mushroom tops and the flames were slightly high. The wax pool was always even and deep and melted into a nice shade of emerald green.

And now the scent. It's outdoorsy for sure. As soon as take the lid off, you get this immediate strong ass whiff of the outdoors. Now if I were blindfolded and asked what this smelled like, I don't think I'd immediately say snap peas per se; more like fresh cut grass and dirt. It would only be after the sniff test once I was told what it was supposed to smell like snap peas, then and only then would the lightbulb go off and I'd agree. It smells like fresh snap peas still in their pods dangling in vines in freshly watered soil... emphasis on soil!  I think it's the earthiness/dirtiness in the blend that turns so many people off, myself included. And it intensifies the more the candles burns!

If this was more green and fresh like new Provence Garden or green and dewy like Green Grass or Fresh Bamboo, I think I would like it more. But as it stands, it just smells like fistful of wet garden soil.

So umm yeah, back to BBW this goes!


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